Men want to have a career, Women want content

Introduction Women and men care about several things regarding the employer image. With that knowledge, employers can get to work in a much more targeted way. What employer image do you appeal to? An employer with fantastic primary and secondary employment conditions and wonderful career opportunities? Or an employer for which you do not have … Read more

Why are employees not Speaking up at work?

Introduction There are regular reports about fear cultures in companies, but within the organizations themselves, there is hardly any talk about it. Nobody speaks up. School professors who run a reign of terror, a hospital manager who, according to doctors, behaves like a ‘whimsical tyrant’, shop workers who feel ‘belittled and intimidated’ and do not … Read more

Apply successfully for your ideal job. The 12-step plan

Introduction Responding to vacancies has become much less effective. In fact, searching for vacancies can reduce your chance of getting a job. Companies are posting fewer jobs online, and competition between applicants is growing. Moreover, candidates respond to positions that are not made for them, because their perfect job is not listed in the vacancy. … Read more

12 Helpful tips on how to Deal with involuntary dismissal

Introduction Being forced to leave can be a traumatic event. How do you get over that again? A few career coaches advise. The consequences of dismissal should not be underestimated. The period prior to your termination of employment is not always harmonious. There may have been conflicts, the atmosphere may have been bad or you … Read more

You had burnout – Do not make these 5 awful mistakes

after burnout

Introduction Employees coming back from burnout face an uphill struggle. Their road to recovery can be long and full of stumbling blocks. Blunders made during a reintegration process can cause many problems, produce additional costs, and can result in even more tension. What are the most common mistakes and more importantly, how can they be … Read more