Apply these 3 Golden tips to prove Leading people is like Riding a horse

Introduction Does your manager have a bossy attitude? Then, like when being bossy with a horse, he/she can forget about being a good leader and achieve the right results. Leadership and horse riding have a lot in common. You only steer with the reins. But if you pull them too tight, you’ll get rearing up … Read more

The 4 best Ways to survive a Performance appraisal

Introduction The yearly performance appraisal. A recurring nightmare for employees and managers alike. A kind of exam fear hangs around the assessment interview. Nobody likes to be criticized. Learn how to prepare with the 4 best ways to survive a performance appraisal. I will show you how to get rid of this unwanted interview once … Read more

Increase productivity by Focusing on 3 basic Human needs

Introduction How do you increase employee productivity? It’s a question that has been asked by companies for over 70 years. According to experts, the answer to that question is related to three basic needs of all employees: autonomy, connection, and competence. “Productivity must go up” This was reported in all newspapers in 1950. The Western … Read more

Growing old and getting better – Late bloomers show us the Way

Introduction Young people in particular experience a lot of pressure to perform as well as possible as quickly as possible. But what’s wrong with taking a little more time? Philosopher Immanuel Kant and writer J.K. Rowling proved that you can still be very successful at a later age. What lessons can we learn from late … Read more

Monitoring employees at work – Occurs more often than you think!

Introduction Here is another controversial but very up-to-date topic for you, the employees of so many companies. What was at stake? Access to employees’ emails and set up camera surveillance: it was the plan of a director of a certain communications company in the Netherlands, but it could have been anywhere on the planet. It … Read more