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Hello and welcome to my site for disgruntled employees, the unemployed, and retirees. Maybe you are looking for a way to beat your bad boss or you would be looking at a career change. Others might just be looking for a job or some money on the side. Then this is the site for you!


Your boss is a jerk, psychopath, bully, disaster, narcissist, or anything bad you can think of. You want to beat him at his own games but are desperately in need of direction and help. I am going to give it to you in my website section: how to beat your very bad boss


Then there are a number of companies with bad policies or no policies at all: this section will deal with those: bad company policies.


If you are over 50, retired, and/or unemployed, here is a separate section dedicated to you: people over 50


Thinking about a career switch or even starting your own business, then this section will help you out: career switch and starting a business from home

All posts on this site try to help you in two ways:

  1. beating your boss at his own games
  2. starting your own internet business (thus beating your boss)

As to number 2, almost all of my posts have a link to the world’s best internet business service provider. Of course, there are others as well, but please be aware of the scammers among them. If you would be looking for others, then please check my list: Scam alerts on the internet, where some 30 programs have been reviewed already.