Monitoring employees at work – Occurs more often than you think!

Introduction Here is another controversial but very up-to-date topic for you, the employees of so many companies. What was at stake? Access to employees’ emails and set up camera surveillance: it was the plan of a director of a certain communications company in the Netherlands, but it could have been anywhere on the planet. It … Read more

You have a nice Job, but something doesn’t Feel right. Here is what you can do!

Introduction You have a nice job that pays well and you have nothing to complain about your colleagues. Yet something is gnawing. Is this it or is this all? Isn’t there anymore? Isn’t there something else that gives you more satisfaction? In short, you suffer from uncertainty and career jitters: the nagging feeling that you … Read more

Impacts of Covid-19 Lockdowns increase stress and diminish Happiness at work

Introduction As I am a Dutchman, I would like to address the amazing results of a questionnaire recently held about the Corona crisis in the Netherlands. I do this as surely these issues will be representative of many other parts of the world. So, please read on and learn about this surprising information. More than … Read more

Are there any advantages of working for a Strict boss?

Introduction In general, employees seem to prefer enthusiastic bosses. Bosses with a great sense of empathy and a good listening ear. Or those who let go of the reins every now and then for a thriving company. “Soft” attributes such as listening, support, enthusiasm and empathy among managers are generally most appreciated. Moreover, when employees … Read more

Popular way-out for all laid-off Workers

Introduction Here is to all laid-off workers, especially the Keystone pipeline construction workers: Guys, I feel for you and your families, as I have been laid-off a couple of times myself. I dearly want to help you finding a new way (through the internet) of making money for yourself, on the side or full time. … Read more