What type of Manager do you have and How to deal with them

Introduction Every manager has his own way of leading the team in providing guidance, feedback and compliments. All these bosses have their advantages and disadvantages. But despite all the differences, most employers can be divided into a number of typical groups. Here are four main types of managers and how to deal with them. Which … Read more

Can you start your own business? Yes, anybody can!

Introduction Starting your own business, how do you actually do that? Where do you start? It is a question that many starting entrepreneurs ask themselves. There are so many things to think about and the main goal, of course, is that your company will be successful and achieve the things that you want. You could say … Read more

10 Very good Reasons to start your own Business

Introduction Ever more people are starting their own business and most of them do so with the aid of the internet. They will also work from home. And they are right! Some people are just not built for the corporate jungle, a nine to five job, the daily routine, annoying bosses or colleagues, daily commuting … Read more

Why so many pissed off Employees? – No Empathy on the work floor

Introduction It is one of the most frequently heard complaints from employees about their supervisor and/or colleagues: the lack of empathy. Being able to empathize with the feelings and experiences of others is a powerful skill that can be extremely valuable in the workplace and anywhere else in your life. Unfortunately, the cliche of the … Read more

Why we Complain so much about Work – This is what helps!

Introduction A colleague who is always late, a boss who does not respond to emails, noise from the factory, cramped offices and more of these irritating things. Everyone is almost always annoyed by something at work. This is the way of the world. But it won’t help you if you are only complaining and keep … Read more