12 Reasons why You should Want to be your Own Boss


We live in remarkable times, a time of transformation and many changes. You could discover that you are not doing the work you would like to do, or that your job no longer gives you the satisfaction you wish. You are looking for something more meaningful. 

Internet options

Of course, the majority of people in society work for a boss. Yet it seems that more and more people choose to become independent entrepreneurs. With the current development of the internet and search engines like Google, the possibilities of becoming your own boss are increasing exponentially. So, I am going to give you 12 reasons why you should want to be your own boss. I will conclude this article with the best opportunity available to everybody right now.

Purpose in life

I am going from the fact that every single person is here with a purpose in life. Because we are usually not aware of this goal, we have the challenge to rediscover it. Every person has the right to freedom, to do what he or she wants in this life. The more freedom you experience, the greater your possibilities are to fulfill your purpose in life. In the time in which we now live, you can only follow your heart and do what suits you. That is why it is good to let go of any fears and to find confidence in yourself. It is important to surround yourself with people who support you and to come together with like-minded people.

So, why not become your own boss? Here are 12 reasons why you should decide to start for yourself.

1. The lack of a boss

If you ask independent entrepreneurs what they find the biggest advantage, you get different answers. But, remarkably, they often mention the lack of a boss as the biggest advantage. You simply do not have someone who demands everything from you, is always chasing you for deadlines and can sometimes be incredibly unreasonable.

Now you are your own boss and nobody gets to decide what you do and at what time. As an entrepreneur, you are the person who makes the decisions.

2. Freedom

Freedom is an important good. This of course applies to a large extent in your private life, but that may just as well apply during your work. As an entrepreneur, you have much more freedom than with a boss. Of course, you also have agreements that you can best keep to yourself. But you have the freedom to, for example, organize your time as you like or to determine how you work. You no longer have to walk in the beaten track of others, but you can choose your own path!

3. You learn every day!

I myself see life as one big learning process. You can learn in relationships, your personality and your work every day. Unfortunately, this is not always the case with work. When you do the same job for years, it can happen that you have been dulled. As a result, your work can suddenly become a lot less challenging. As an entrepreneur, this will not happen any time soon.

There are new developments every day that you can anticipate and there are countless areas where you can still learn. So you learn every day from your work!

4. Realizing new ideas

On the shop floor, you can sometimes become quite frustrated. You think, for room for your own ideasexample, that you have come up with a fantastic idea, but your supervisor or your boss does not see the same benefits at all. If you really believe in your idea and it is pushed into the trash, that is of course very annoying. When you are your own boss and work as an independent entrepreneur, there is room for your own ideas.

The turn is finally yours and you may be bubbling with new ideas. Now it is time to actually implement all these ideas!

5. Appreciation

We are constantly looking for appreciation in our lives. As a human being, you want to feel that you matter, that your work is important and that you actually contribute. If you start as an entrepreneur, you are much more driven to achieve success. You believe in your own work.

When it actually appears to work, it can cause a lot of satisfaction. And that does not only have to be the case when properly closing a large project; working a day as an entrepreneur and taking steps in the right direction can already bring a lot of satisfaction!

6. Delegate routine matters

Of course, every job has fun and less fun sides. That is really not suddenly overdelegate routine matters when you decide to become an entrepreneur and start for yourself. However, it is true that the nice sides are much more emphatically present. You do exactly what you want and you try to pursue your dream. As an example, when you are hiring staff, you can delegate the less pleasant aspects of your work to your employees. In this way, you only really do what you like!

7. Unlimited growth opportunities

Not every company offers its employees the opportunity to grow and if it would be possible, you can often only grow to a certain position and not higher. As an entrepreneur, there is simply no limit. You can grow indefinitely. When your company is successful, growth is natural. Before you know it, you can hire staff and perhaps also have a business building built. No matter how big you become; there are always opportunities for further growth.

8. Boredom is non-existent!

no more boredomAs an entrepreneur, your work is always exciting, diverse and challenging. You will therefore not easily get bored yourself. Your work with a boss in many cases leads to a nuisance because it is always the same, but you, as an entrepreneur, are faced with numerous challenges that are fun and exciting. Does the boredom still matter? Then you start a new direction or try a new way of working!

9. You make other people happy

You naturally work to be able to do something for other people. Of course, you want to make money, but you actually help people. Whether with a product or a specific service; an entrepreneur ensures that his or her customers are satisfied and happy. And if you make other people happy, you also become happier much faster!

10. It does not feel like work

Objectively, many entrepreneurs indicate that doing business does not really feel like work. You are busy with chasing your own dream and with an idea that you really like and believe in. Therefore, it does not feel at all like work but more like fulfilling your own goals.

11. Earn good money

Of course, it is important to see your own ideas and wishes fulfilled in your company. It is also fantastic to see that your plan works. But in the end, of course, you want to make money. As an independent entrepreneur that is possible. It is possible to earn a lot of money with good ideas as an entrepreneur. And of course, everyone wants that. You can make the money yourself and you are not dependent on a salary increase or a certain scale.

12. Make your own decisions

When you decide to become an entrepreneur, the turn is finally yours. You are the one who is in charge, so you make the decisions. This can sometimes be a heavy responsibility, but it is also very nice to know that you have everything in your own hands and that you do not get into trouble because of decisions made by others. You determine the course of your company and you decide how you as a company react and act in certain situations.

Final thoughts and recommendation

I hope that you are now seeing the many advantages of being your own boss. As I mentioned before the internet offers a ton of possibilities to realize exactly that. Right here I would like to focus on an option that is open for everybody and that is becoming an affiliate marketer. And like anybody you would need training and constant guidance, scam free and at a reasonable price. As an affiliate, working from anywhere, you would want a secure website with hosting, find your niche, start blogging, drive traffic and then make money. All of this and many things more are available with Wealthy Affiliate (WA), the world’s best internet business support program.

Take action now!

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  1. All of these reasons are why I am working towards building my brand and establishing my businesses, particularly the part about making my own decisions. I am very much a natural leader and don’t do well under someone else’s direction for too long.
    This is a great reminder as to why I’m putting all of this hard work into my online presence!


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