12 Warning Signs that you will be Fired


Being fired is usually a painful and humiliating experience. In some cases, the dismissal is already imminent for a while, but often enough it comes like a thunderbolt in clear skies. Even when people really notice changes in theirare you being fired? work situation, they tend to ignore them.

This is because nobody likes to think about the dismissal, but I am strongly advising you to consider that occasionally. There are a few clear indications that your job could be at stake and I would like to help you identify them.

If you fear being laid-off in the near future, then I recommend you start preparing your escape route. To do this, check out the last paragraphs of this article.

Read on and I will give 12 warning signs that you will be fired.

1. The company has new management

Employees must be on their guard during a merger or takeover. Since some functions will be double, people have to leave. So it can happen that you are fired without a reason. Often it comes down to what is the most interesting financial option or which employees get the most trust. Even without a far-reaching and publicly announced reorganization or long-kept file on how badly your function and can not improve, you can be fired. For example, because the company wants to sail a new course that you just do not fit in according to the management. Or for other, even more, shadowy reasons, where you can not put your finger on and you never get to hear exactly.

2. You have had a poor performance interview

Experts agree that several factors can cause a snowball effect. But there is one thing that you should never ignore: poor performance reviewa comment from your boss who says you have not done a fantastic job. If you are told that you do not live up to expectations – verbally, on paper or in another way – this may mean that you have to improve your behavior, development and skills. Some people think that formal warnings are never a good sign. Once you have received one, chances are that you will get more bad news in the future.

3. Communication has failed

You may know the importance of communication and that your success as an employee has everything to do with effective communication. Top experts say that the relationship with your colleagues is also very important to gain standing with your boss.


“For a manager, there is nothing more annoying than being told at the very last minute that you are not going to meet a deadline, while you have been calling for weeks that you have everything under control. It is far better to inform your colleagues and manager immediately. ” So, do not be afraid to submit the ‘bad’ news. The reason is quite simple: if you tell your boss in time, you give him the possibility to take some necessary remedial action.

4. You will not be taken into confidence anymore

In the good times before people were all ears when you gave your opinion. But gradually you have the idea that no one is listening to you anymore. A career expert says something is wrong when you are no longer involved in important discussions. As an example: your intern or the new employee with knowledge like yours (and more) is first asked to join a workgroup or meeting and not you.

Several times

That you are not invited to a meeting is not a reason for panic. It is alarming when this happens again and again and you are not included in the mail conversations as well. Or: your colleagues are avoiding you. The conversation falls silent when you walk into a room. Your colleagues will no longer ask you for lunch.

These may be subtle hints that something is going on, more than that someone just hates you.

5. Performing your job has become impossible

Do you have the idea that you suddenly can not handle the work anymore? Maybe you have a terrible manager or the organization is trying to discharge you. In this situation, a boss can give you orders that you cannot possibly performimpossible to do your job or deadlines you are unable to meet or purposely give you vague instructions.


Once an employee was asked to prioritize his work on the criteria of what he liked and did not like (which are your weaknesses). After that, the boss promptly started to focus on employees’ weaknesses ( and not by giving him training!).

You are simply being framed. This is often due to poor leadership, but sometimes a company tries to get rid of you. They only need one valid reason and if you do not do your job well, that’s the ‘proof’ that they need to fire you.

6. The relationship with your boss has deteriorated

Some managers are naturally blunt, but you have to pay attention when the relationship starts to go really rough.

If somebody might be placed in between you and the boss to take over communication with your boss, then it is a sure sign that something is going on.

You meet your boss while you get a cup of coffee and the only thing you get is a nod and minimal eye contact. Is there a certain tension between you? Then again this may be a sign that you will soon be fired. As is commonly known, even the most professional and social people prefer to avoid uncomfortable situations. And yes, firing someone is anything but easy.

7. You will no longer receive a budget

you will not receive budgetSome experts say that a reduction in your budget is always a bad sign.

“Extensive research is rarely initiated by the finance department,” says Dilenschneide. “The boss probably has the idea that you are wasting time or spending too much money. It does not matter if you are innocent, your boss already has a certain image of you. Try to find out if you are the only one being examined. “

8. Your work is becoming less

This is an important signal. When your boss is intending to fire you there is a chance that he will try to avoid big gaps in your work package if you leave. Do you have less to do and do you not get more work when you ask for it? Then it may be that your manager prefers to give the tasks to someone else who does better, or that the end of this job is in sight for you.

It must be said though that a quieter office can also be a sign of fewer orders coming in, which hopefully is temporary.

9. You have a new boss

A lot of industry experts claim that changing the guard at the top is extremely risky for one type of employee: the new boss in townmanager at the middle level.

“When a new board chairman or important manager is adopted from the outside, it is usually because it has to bring about change. So are you part of a team of managers and do you just have a new boss? Then prepare for possible dismissal.

10. You have to train someone else

Other people warn that you have to look around carefully for possible replacements when you are afraid of dismissal. Do they suddenly want your manager to train a subordinate person? It could mean that management is thinking of firing you. They want to learn as much as possible from you before they show you the door.

11. Your gut feeling says something is not right

Always trust your feeling. “Do you think you really did your best, but are you still afraid of being dismissed? Then you better start looking for a new job “, says a business coach. “You may be a top employee, but you will be better off somewhere else. Look for other functions that suit your personality. “

Another specialist also says it’s important to listen to your instinct:

“Sometimes such a sign is nothing more than a vague feeling. Whether this is due to a change in the company, your tasks or the contact with your colleagues. But it can also be an indication that you have to leave soon. “

12. Teamwork is an important factor

teamwork is essentialIt is important to fit into the culture of the company. This also means that you sometimes have to do something for the team. If they ask you to go to a meeting, that is not really a question. A ‘no’ without a legitimate reason can already mean the end of your job.

Conclusion + Recommendation

Without becoming paranoid immediately, it is important to take these kinds of signals seriously and to talk to someone outside your company, or with a colleague you trust, about what you see happening and what you are afraid of. If you consider the chance of being dismissed real, do not wait for a possible departure scheme, but immediately look for something else. You have the best papers for a new job if you are still at work and there are no rumors that you have to ‘get out’. Read here what you can do when you become unemployed.

Prepare for an escape route

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In any case, when you have any questions, please feel free to fill the comment box and I will be back to you within 24 hours.

4 thoughts on “12 Warning Signs that you will be Fired”

  1. #13- A provocative female is hired with similar duties to yours (and perhaps less skill or experience).
    This happened to me several years ago. Although I did not have to train her, management did. Suddenly she got all the plum assignments and my work flow became fragmented and eventually dried up. About three weeks after she was hired, I got fired- with no notice, no severance, no evaluation, no contacts, nothing. Simply dumped in the street to starve. I was even denied unemployment benefits due to some BS reason (which was upheld by NYS). I tried to sue for reverse sex discrimination but I was told I did not have a case.
    The moral of the story: If a sexually provocative female is hired with a similar function to yours, GET ANOTHER JOB ASAP.
    Note: this goes for male and female employees, who can fall victim to this. My fault was I did not react in time and the job market was very tight (it was shortly after 9/11).
    I wish nothing but the worst for this former boss.

    • Thanks for your addition to my article. I am sorry this happened to you, but this sometimes happens. I trust that you meanwhile found other employment.

  2. This is really cool. A lot of people go to work every day and don’t even have a clue that they’re on the verge of getting fired.
    Happen to me once. Worked at this job for 6 months, was cool with management and good at my job. They end up firing me because of pay cuts.
    I am currently working on stating my own online business, do you know where I can learn the ropes of internet marketing? Great article, definitely sharing this one on Facebook.

    • When you really want the best internet support business in the world, you should sign-up with Wealthy Affiliate. They will offer you a unique opportunity to learn anything there is to learn about internet marketing. The price of a membership is relatively low and moreover you can start up for one week completely free, without any commitments. All details of the WA program you need can be read in this article. If you would still have any questions, just leave them in the comment box and I will reply shortly.


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