My boss is an Asshole


Unacceptable behavior in the workplace is something of all times, everybody will encounter it from time to time. But leaders should know that bastards in the workplace can constitute a serious obstacle to success. Loutish boss behavior is not acceptablebehavior can be defined as `the ongoing display of hostile verbal and nonverbal behavior without physical contact`.

And what about this development:  Who still says Mr. against his boss? Where does the management still have lunch separately? Working relationships have become more informal. The farewell to the traditional hierarchy has brought many benefits, but it does take firmer executives with more backbone. And not people behaving like ass holes. In this article I will indicate in what case your boss might be an ass hole and the damage they can cause. Furthermore I will give you a tell-all example of what can happen in practice.

When is somebody an ass hole?

asshole bossesThere is a jerk on the premises when the following two questions can be answered affirmative:

(1) do you feel targeted after having spoken with the alleged ass hole and/or humiliated, demoralized or slighted by that person?

(2) does the alleged bastard heavily criticize people who have less power rather than those who are more powerful?

If this is pertinent to your situation then chances are your boss is an ass hole.

What damage do they cause?

Several studies show that the economic damage bastards can achieve is great. For example, it is estimated that 25%damaging the company of the victims of bullying take redundancy, in comparison to a conventional rate of 5%. It turns out that victims of bullying are sick or take leave an average of 20.5 days compared to 6.4 days for non-bullied colleagues.

Some 44 percent of personnel officers said his organisation is engaged in taking measures to control unacceptable behavior among employees. Another quarter claims they will start this shortly. The problem is where exactly lays the limit. When is bullying becoming a joke (see picture)?

Practical example

If you want to weaken the position of a bad manager, honesty and openness will backfire on you. Take the example of Bob, an employee from the food industry. His leader was Joe.

Joe was rarely at work, was much behind his computer, walked constantly to present himself to his superiors, greeted employees sometimes, but not always, in the hallway, was preoccupied with short-term results and gave (by mail, usually shortly before the weekend) constantly ad hoc assignments to achieve that the staff experienced a heavy workload continuously. He fell short in making relationships. Needless to say that everybody in his staff got a mediocre review.

have a conversationBob was fed up after some time. He decided to go and discuss his awkward position. He did consider talking to his colleagues first and then go together to Joe, but after ample considerations he did not pursue this avenue. “I’ll tell him myself, I’m not backing off this time” he told his wife.

In the conversation things seemed to go well. Bob could pretty well tell all that was bothering him, and also said that as far as he felt it was now enough. “But I’ll give you another chance, Joe”. Joe said he was pleased with the feedback. He appreciated Bob’s openness, although for very different reasons than Bob thought.

The next performance review

Shortly after that preliminary discussion an appraisal took place. And oh what a surprise, Joe gave him a bad review. The explanation was: “Your attitude is not very inspiring for your environment. You are very negative”. Bob did not recognize this picture at all. He also told Joe that he could not know this, because he never came close to Bob’s inner circle. “We never see you, so what are you basing this on?”

Joe, however, was blunt: “I do know what’s going on” he said calmly. Bob became angry and told Joe that he performance review helps?disagreed with the assessment. He got up and left the office of his supervisor. The next day he had to appear at Michael’s office, the manager of Joe. Joe was there too. He was told that he had to change his behavior. Otherwise there would be ‘appropriate measures’ be taken.

Bob was furious. He did not like this way of doing things, he said. He had been honest, had spoken openly with Joe, but then there was a bad review. That bad review just came out of nowhere. There are all sorts of things Joe told him that were never there before.

Joe shrugged. “Michael, this is also Bob. Not accountable for his behavior. He is always on the defensive side to defend his negative attitude. And there he goes too far. In this interview he talks about, he came to tell me that I had to be careful. It was 5 minutes before 12. As if he, as an employee can give me a deadline. I missed every respect in that conversation. “


Bob was repeatedly given to understand that he would receive an official warning. He was additionally put in a reprimanding employeesdifferent position in the process. He initially held a somewhat more responsible position than his colleagues and had some more tasks. Now they put him back in a role that was usually filled by people who just came to work there. But of course his attitude was not positive!

Ass holes like this will always use your honest feedback to hit back on you. Bob was someone who indeed could be very firm in his feedback, but he did not take into account how his opinion would be received by his management. He was a man wearing his heart on his sleeve. Joe, on the other hand, was good at expressing criticism, but if you did a good job, you did not hear him. Joe did not understand Bob’s attitude, and he saw him as a threat to his ambitions.


This is a perfect example of how ass holes react to a threatening situation. They will use sincere feedback you give them and let it backfire on you. Of course, Bob never should have put the pressure on his boss by setting an ultimatum, but he was just being honest and completely fed up with the situation.  This gave Joe the opportunity to take advantage, painting a dishonest picture of Bob to his superior, protecting himself.

What could Bob have done?

Obviously, Bob should have followed a different strategy. Maybe he should have explored the weaknesses of the ass hole. What drives him? What are his interests? And how can you make good use of these interests? If you know what is important to him, you know how you can bother him.what to do?

Can Bob go to Joe’s superior? Yes, but it would be Bob’s word against Joe’s and in this case Bob’s credibility has already been severely undermined. Ah, you say, he can go to HR and explain the situation. One thing is for sure, HR is going to listen to him, but will there be any results? Doubtful.

I wonder, dear reader, what you would do or have done in a similar situation. Please share your thoughts.


My suggestion to Bob would be that he has seriously undermined his position with this company, not only short term but also long term. Remember, he has a negative attitude. Therefore, I would recommend him to look for another job, best with another company as well.

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My boss is a Narcissist – How to Recognise and Deal with a Narcissistic Boss


Believe it or not, but we live in the age of narcissism. More and more people just like to show off or like to pose themselves bigger than they really are. Narcissism has become a buzzword, a label that we like to throw at each other rather easily.narcissistic boss

Realizing that this concept might be difficult to accept, how about these examples? Do you like to be in the spotlight? That smacks of narcissism. Do you have a Facebook and/or Instagram account? Narcissistic. And what about the selfie- culture? Pure narcissism. You see, it is all around us. Mind you, not everybody involved in one or more of these activities, automatically is a die-hard narcissist.

For the purpose of this website: what if your boss is narcissistic or has narcissistic tendencies? In order to help you deal with them, I will explain what narcissism is and how to recognize and deal with the kind of behavior that accompanies the type.

Where did the term narcissistic come from?

narcissus and his self loveAs a matter of fact its origins lie in Greek mythology; Narcissus, a beautiful but shy boy was unable to make any relationship commitments. Then one day he was thirsty and leaned over a well and saw a beautiful boy in the reflection of the water. He fell so madly in love with his own reflection that he could not tear away himself from this picture and eventually fell over and drowned.

What is the definition of narcissism?

As you could conclude from the Greek myth, narcissism is described as a more than normal absorption in yourself and an excess of self-love. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV), which is considered narcissismthe standard for psychiatric diagnosis, describes the narcissistic personality as a deeply ingrained pattern of greatness, both in behavior and imagination, a boundless need for admiration combined with a serious lack of empathy. The narcissist does everything possible to be confirmed in his grandiosity and uses other people to achieve this. He does not appreciate criticism and will never look at himself, for everything that goes wrong is not his fault. Incidentally narcissism may be seen in a ‘he’ or ‘she’, however, it is more common in men than in women.

How do you recognize a narcissistic person?

Narcissistic personalities show one or more of these characteristics:

  • They have an obsession with beauty, fame, power, success, genius or sexual performance.
  • They find themselves unique and think that only special and unique people like themselves can understand them.
  • They will find themselves very important; exaggerate their accomplishments, talents and contacts. They want to be considered superior even if their performances give little cause.
  • They manipulate and use others to achieve their own goals.
  • They have an underdeveloped empathy and are unable to take into account the views and needs of others.
  • They have a great need for attention, affirmation and admiration.
  • They’re jealous, and that may be associated with anger.
  • They demand preferential treatment and find that they have more rights than others.
  • They feel superior and far above the law.

How does this translate to narcissistic managers?

A narcissistic leader is “nice and charming”, but only to those who are his superiors or those who are “above” him or which he is dependent on. A narcissist will not easily enter into a discussion when he fears he will lose anyway. On how does it work in practice the other hand, he may completely floor the same ‘strong’ personality in an altogether different setting.

A narcissistic leader will always win over people who marshal themselves as too dependent and too vulnerable to him or who admire and praise him. Employees who burst into crying and rely on the manager will almost always be protected by him. Employees who are not like that will be ignored or put aside. The narcissistic leader likes to create dependency relationships.

A narcissist always creates divisions within the team. The yes-men are favored and pulled forward. The rest is completely shunned or put aside, which shows when sometimes people will inexplicably lose their jobs, thus creating an atmosphere of doubts and distrust.

How can you deal with a narcissistic leader?

The best solution is twofold:

  • you keep clearly in mind that it is not up to you
  • make sure you as a team do not get played off one against the otherdeal with narcissistic boss

Whatever you decide to do, it will be tricky. Inside himself your supervisor is feeling particularly uncertain and small. He has a huge need for appreciation, recognition and respect. But unfortunately, he hides behind a mask of megalomania. Discussing this point with him ensures that you go home with a problem and not your supervisor or manager.

When you recognize this, you are in a difficult position. When you turn to someone above his pay grade, it can be interpreted wrong very quickly. You must therefore come very well prepared. As another option you can also use a mediator. But you have to know where to begin.

There is light at the end of the tunnel

Your actinapoleon or narcissuson can also be an inaction, where you wait and see your boss blow himself up. See the two instances below.

Maybe too late, but sooner or later he will be exposed as incompetent. Then it turns out that he cannot fulfill the specified and requested performance at all. Or that he punched far above his weight. But of course it is always another person’s mistake according to the narcissist.

Secondly, because of his charisma, he will talk very nicely to and about his management and the company. He will go at length to accomplish what is asked from him. However, when management, even the highest position, makes a decision which he considers is not in his favour, he will go his own way immediately and start looking for another job. No two ways about it!


Narcissism is here to stay, so you better cope with it. Accept it as the new ADHD or the new autism. It is only natural that we like to label things so that they become nice and orderly. That bully of a boss you encountered? That’s just a narcissist! Because once you bombard him to be a patient, he is a lot less threatening.

But do not delude yourself, especially in a work situation where your dependency is on a boss or bosses. With the help of above explanations, you can now discover a real narcissist, in which case you would need to adapt your strategies. Just realize that, being what they are, it will be very difficult (not impossible) to turn things around. Maybe you praise him, maybe you show vulnerability or that you are dependent on him. Or, if you have the time, you will wait until he falls into his own traps.


But what if you cannot wait? What if you are suffering under unhealthy stress? My personal opinion is that the buck stops, whenever or as soon as your health is in jeopardy. There are other possibilities out there from going to another job to starting your own internet business and being your own boss. I would like to introduce you to latter opportunity, which you can start even during your regular job. Whilst still having the relative security of this job, you will gradually build your own internet business!

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Work from home Jobs – Choosing the right Niche for your own Internet Business!

Introductionbe your own boss

So you want the best chance at working from home? Use the internet! Build your own internet business, the basis of which is having your own website and a niche. Don’t say this is not for you, as both will be taken care of in this article. Everybody can do this!

This article will mainly deal with how to find a profitable niche, as this is the most important part of conducting your business. At the end of this summary, I will give you my number one recommendation for internet business support, a program that will give you a website in minutes and any things more. So read on and discover how to choose the right niche.

So, what is a niche?

Perhaps you have already heard of the term “niche marketing”  and you know that a niche is a sub-market within a larger market. In other words a niche is your audience. Sounds familiar? If it did not, then now it hopefully will! The big advantage of finding and operating in a small market within a larger market will be that there is much less competition. A suitable niche is the foundation for your business and your website.

what is a nicheWith that out of the way, how do you find a good niche and what should you consider? What should you watch for when choosing a niche market?

To make this easier on yourself,  it is wise that you start looking for a niche that you can easily write about. List for yourself what your hobbies, passions and interests are. Take into account that the niche you choose should be the one that you can talk, study, read and especially write about on a day-to-day basis.

People have specific problems / issues and also search for specific solutions in Google. The more specific and direct you connect to that question, the sooner they can find and the easier they make a purchase. 

You will eventually find a good niche on the basis of these questions!

If you think you have found your niche, then test your idea as follows. Take a look at below eight questions and see if you can answer them positively. If so, then you have found your profitable niche!

Can I lose my passion with this niche of expertise?
Can I go deeper into this market?
Can I solve a problem within this market?
Can I earn enough profit in this niche market?
Can I grow with this niche in the future?
Can I score easily in the search engines?
Can I find a supplier for this niche?
Can I, when I have to, switch between different suppliers?

Of course, finding a niche market is important, but the development of the concept is actually more important.

Here are some tips to make your search easier.

What is the purpose of your niche for your target audience?

Internet entrepreneurs often say something like the following:

I want to teach people how to be happy
I want to teach people how to become financially independent
I want to teach people how to be healthy
I want to teach people how they can get more out of their lives and so on

Admittedly, these are fine goals for those people, however, you should realize that these people have to decide for customer servicethemselves how they are going to achieve these goals and determine what this means for them. It is not so much up to you to teach them the above because it depends on the person. But it is up to you to be the solution to the problem of these people, or offering the bridge from A to B(etter).


First you choose your audience, like “people who want to be financially independent”. You can replace this aspect “financially independent” with what you have in mind.

Those people are in a (current) situation where they are not financially independent. They want a situation where they have to be (desired situation). The desired outcomes are not achieved by these people by one (or more often) obstacles. You offer a solution to this obstacle and thus a path to the desired situation.

Dare to choose!

We are all like entrepreneurs who tend to choose too broad an audience and that’s because of our innate loss aversion. We often do not dare to choose a market segment because we are afraid that we will leave something else on the table. That’s a big trap on the internet, for it is within that large ecosystem of distractions that you should make a choicemake clear within a few seconds, why people should be with you on your website. 

You must choose to be elected …

A beautiful statement I think is “you have to choose to be selected,” and this emits a very clear message.  Successful entrepreneurs dare to choose and specialize. A true specialist usually has more prestige, higher prices, reduced customers (quantity) but more satisfied customers (quality) and more revenue per sale.

Specific website = faster to the top in Google!

The more specific your website, the sooner you can score in Google. For specific terms there is in fact always less competition than for very broad / general terms. Stay away from general terms as competition will be strong and professional.

Specific niche market = high conversion

The more specific you are, the greater also is your conversion. Conversion stands for the conversion of a visitor to high conversionresult such as, for example, making a sale. This is logical because when your offer one on one meet the demand it is much more logical for someone to buy. Often, people with a specific need for a higher budget than if you remain in general. That’s because people know what they need and are looking for a specific solution. They made the decision there to pay the necessary steps taken unconscious before they come to you. In an overall market you must first convince your visitors that they need your product.

Where do entrepreneurs go wrong?

Many business owners make the mistake of not focusing on the main obstacle to their target but rather on the desired situation. As financially independent or healthy and happy. How people see their own desired situation, experience, how they feel and then how they would deal with it in principle, this is not to up to you as a business owner to determine. Again and this is so important: it’s up to you to provide a concrete solution to get from A to B. If you have a solution to go from A to B, then you have a good product.


Keep your ears and eyes open and always look around you for perhaps a good niche. It may that you will discover a whole new market segment, where nobody has thought of before. These niches can become profitable very quickly on the internet.professional support

I would like to keep my promise to clear-up any obstacles in getting your own website. The world’s best platform to support your own internet business is Wealthy Affiliate (WA). Join them (as I did two years ago) and you will have your own website within minutes. How to get enough traffic to your website? WA will teach you by having the right content with the right keywords. You can try this unique program out for one week for absolutely FREE!

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CB Passive Income System is the Perfect Way to make Income for Who?


When I first learned about this internet opportunity I was just amazed. Earning money and you do not need to do passive incomeanything? Ok, of course you have to buy the CB PIS Licence, but then there you go! Training is free, web site design is free, you do not need to write content!? The e-mail system is free and will be handled by founder and owner Patric Chan. In other words, we can sit back and relax and just watch the money flowing in. Sounds like the ultimate job to me.

Anyway, this is what Patric wants us to believe in his video just when entering his website homepage. Isn’t this a beautiful story? Read on and I will elaborate on why this is a perfect income stream, oh uh for the owner.

So, this is CB PIS

I am quoting Patric: 

“I’ve developed a powerful marketing software tool to make money from the internet and created a new membership. But instead of selling them to customers, the software and training course are given away for free via a “secret web page” that I’ve created (not available from any of my official websites)scammy internet business
Now, when they requested for the software and became my new subscribers, I’ll continue to send them valuable reports for free. But found in each of the emails sent, there will be a promotion of an affiliate program where I’ll be able to make affiliate commission. And some times, I’ll send them product recommendations to buy too.
The products promoted are from (hence the CB in the name), mainly because nowadays, Clickbank only approves legitimate products into their affiliate program marketplace. This way, I know I’m promoting only GOOD PRODUCTS and adding value to my subscribers. Secondly, the typical commission percentage for a Clickbank product is around 50%!”

What you will receive

When you choose to use the CB PIS license, you will get an exact clone of his proven, successful business with the potential to generate a passive income through it. The package will contain:

Over 50 traffic video traininginternet business
Paid advertising guide
Social media marketing training
Step-by-step getting started tutorial
Free update and support
Automated monetizing system
Automated Prospect follow up system
Secret Clone Webpage
The Back office software system
Here he repeats that you don’t need to do anything except for one simple task (see next paragraph)! But I am asking myself, if I do not need to do anything, why all the training, tutorials and guides?

This is how it works

internet businessYou are going to invest in his very unique software system that allows you to make money from using his valuable content and promotions. His software will create a unique link for you that will send you to a secret web page. Now you will be able to get an affiliate commission linked to a certain product promotion every time an e-mail is sent out by the system. He says that every e-mail sent has the potential to make you money. 
The one simple task you have is this: you just give away the free software through your unique link; you’re not even required to sell anything to anyone, as this will be done by him.

My take on this:

So, you subscribe and then he will take care of all e-mails, promotions, products of Clickbank. Passive, because you do not need to do anything, he will do it all for you. 
I do not know about you, but when I read that he is going to do all the work and I can sit back, yet make commissionsclickbank I am getting suspicious and not a little. But think of this, in effect it means that he will remain in total control of your web page and you cannot do anything about it. Furthermore, what if he promotes products that do not have your specific affiliate link? Your site is going to build an e-mail list of followers, who is going to control that? I bet it is CB PIS. I conclude that he is after your (membership) money and once he has it, it is entirely up to him what to do with your website page.
Potential to make money? Everything you do might have the potential to make money, but what if more than 90% does not? Yes, you will end up with next to nothing.

Investment cost

Patric wants us to believe that if you have to work your way through normal channels and buy all this, you might have to spend as much as $25,000. He then goes on to say that he has seen such a program offered for $1,997 and internet businessadds that it would be awesome, if IB PIS would be offered for $1,497! You would think, well there is something to it, but no, he is offering it for $37 a month or a one-time fee of $97. There also is a 60 days money back guarantee.

My view on this proposition?

I am really sorry, but here I am totally lost and I cannot follow him anymore. He is really offering a program that might set you back $25,000 for $97 only!? Seriously? This looks pretty desperate to me. What kind of a businessman does that? And what about the 60 day money back guarantee. I think his website program would be more trustworthy, if you would get a free trial during such a period.

I am also confused, because somewhere near the top of the site he says you can start for $47 a month and not the $37 as indicated before. So I am asking which is it going to be?

Why is he doing this?

Why is he making available a complete profitable software system that he developed himself over a long period of time, for next to  nothing? Well somewhere in his text he is making an attempt to make his offer better internet business scam alertunderstandable. A bit embarrassed he confesses that he is here to help us! How altruistic is that! Then he goes on to admit that of course he will also benefit from your site. After all, he is doing the work.

So, the question is who will benefit most from the system that he is in total control of. I know the answer to that one.

My conclusion

After reading his website page, listening to and watching his video, I do not feel any inclination to join CB PIS. I have to admit though that the story sounds good, sometimes very good. Where he goes wrong, in my opinion, is claiming that his subscribers will not need to do anything (but one simple task); that he will do all the work and that you will still be collecting your commissions from this systems. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually isn’t.

My number 1 recommendation

I realize that by visiting this page, you are looking for legal, honest and scam free internet opportunities to make money online. I am sorry that maybe I disappointed you, based on my article above. However, if you really want to become a profitable internet business entrepreneur, then I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate (WA). WA is the world’s best internet business support program, which I was lucky enough to run into some two years ago. Everybody can join. You will have your own website in no time.

great option for training

WA does not tell you about instant riches and easy jobs. Instead they promise you dedication and hard work. I can certainly testify to that. Their support is incredible.

In any case, I have summed up all the ins and outs of this unique program in my personal review here. Through my link there, you could join them for a Free one week trial!

If you would have questions after reading my review, you can use the comment boxes to leave them and I reply to you within 24 hours.

Should you sign-up for Empower Network or not?


So much has been written about another one of these money making (or not) internet programs, this one is called Empower Network, founded by David Wood in 2011, which wants to empower you as a successful internet entrepreneur. The reviews you can find about them are numerous. Why is it that you read so many controversial meanings about this system?internet business scam alert

Is this because you can make (a lot of) money with this system? Is it because it is a rather expensive program? Is it because of the many up-sells?

I have collected below information from their website and hope that at the end of this article you will have a better impression about Empower Network. You will be able to make a decision yourself whether to sign-up or not.

So, what is this Empower Network program?

I am quoting their home page: “Empower Network hosts one of the largest blogging communities and publishing platforms online in addition to providing educational training products and services to online marketers and start-up, home-based and small businesses. Empower Network offers six business and marketing software products and tools, including its signature blogging system, video hosting, training and several coaching packages for start-up, home-based, small and medium businesses.”

In their heading they are further indicating that you can make money by following the simple three step approach that they have perfected for you. Here is an outline of the six business and marketing software products that they are offering internet businessnowadays. Mind you, these offerings have changed frequently in recent years.

  1. The Kalatu Blogging System: for $25 a month you can buy this system, which I think is a website, for blogging on your particular topic, niche or product. They say it is professional looking and is designed by marketers. The cost include website design, hosting, possibility of various themes, Search Engine Optimisation tools, commenting system and others. It does not mention, who is going to write the blogs (my guess is it will be you) and it fails to mention, whether you will/can be the owner of this website.
  2. Inner Circle membership: a mindset training, consisting of collection of audios that aim to put some positivism in your brain. This is all about strengthening your confidence, listening to success stories, even entertainment. They should be listened to in your leisure time. I was not able to find anything about cost involved, nor was their any indication about the number of audios and their specific contents.
  3. Top Producer Formula: a program that will show you how to become a top producer in your area of business. There is a nice picture of computer, laptop and mobile, but I think they are just a bunch of hardware study guides. They sell it as a must have, but again no mention of any pricing, how many or the contents. Should you not be told what you are going to pay for?
  4. Team Building Formula: shares with you the actual laws of team building, and how you can apply those fundamental team building laws to your business. Another of their up-sells and the information on this one isinternet business even more sketchier. I could not find the price and any other detailed information of what I am exactly buying here. And why is team building necessary when you are operating a one-person business?
  5. Mass Influence Formula: shows you how to win the respect of others, and influence them to take the action that you want them to. My take is that they could be talking the correct approach to sales funnels here, however, that is not made clear on their site. You would have to buy this option for an unnamed amount.
  6. I could not find number 6 information.

My observations

They make it clear in the video, however, that you will not be guaranteed any income. Now that one I can respect and believe.

I have tried to find out the cost for the various up-sells, but in clicking the applicable button to sign-up they then ask you how you learned of them. After filling that in, they require your e-mail and a box pops up telling you how much you could be earning even this month, although I see no basis for it. To me this looks too good to be true and I do not like the way they want to get your details, before they give any way of customer needed information.

empower network under scrutinyWhat I do like to know is that when I sign-up, what exactly am I getting, for what price and what I need to do for that. All these questions remain unanswered! But one thing is very clear: they want my money, yet you do not know how much at the beginning stage.

I have no personal experience with Empower Network, yet I find that their website does not contain much information to go on. Their simple three step system that they perfected for you, has not been followed up with any explanation. Sure, the site looks nice, they sound good, the promises are great, but when reading through the site, I find their good expectations are not substantiated at all. It is all a matter of: it could be true ( possibly for some chosen ones, for most of us probably not).

In short, there are too many question marks. Where I come from they would conclude that they have something to hide and consequently take certainty over uncertainty.

And where are their comment boxes? Any self respecting marketer would offer their potential customers the possibility to pose important questions, before signing-up. Even better, in answering these questions, it would give Empower the chance to better profile themselves.

Recommendation for the world’s best possible program

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Good Boss versus Bad Boss; Five Qualities of a Good Leader


Think back about your career with a company or companies and the numerous managers you might have encountered. Then try to establish who has been a real leader for you. What made this person a true leader to you? If you answer this question for yourself, you could find one or more of the following characteristics:

– Is inspiring and a visionary

– Knows what is going on inside and outside the organisation

– Gives space and trust

– Has strong communication skills

– Is focused on change

– Manages to win people and motivategood boss vs bad boss

– Pays attention, is a good listener

– Focuses on results and lets others share in this result

– Has honesty, integrity and is trustworthy. 

These are of course all wonderful features. These properties reflect the core elements of real leaders. So what qualifies someone as a bad boss? They show some of the less positive characteristics as mentioned below:

– Is quirky

– Is convinced of himself

– Is floating his own vision and not listening to others ideas

– Is fickle

– Is power hungry

– Is impatient

– Is vain

Chances are however, that even good leaders may show a bit of both sides of the coin. Leaders have many sides, and are certainly not angels with only good qualities. Good leaders distinguish themselves from bad leaders because they are open to opinions on their work and are always looking for honest feedback with which they can improve their performance. 

May I ask you some questions? 

How often do you allow yourself to dwell on your bad qualities and how often do you ask for active feedback to others with the intent to improve yourself? 

ask some questionsHow open are you to developments in your area, you are in conversation with customers, you embarking on unfamiliar terrain and you enter new cultures?

How can you shorten the distance between you, your colleagues and your employees? What do you really know about them? How open and accessible are you and how much time you take to manage unexpected calls? How often do you give positive feedback to others?

How much rest and time you take to analyse difficult situations and how you do you take into account other perspectives. How awkward is it to analyse all angles?

How much time do you spend on the careful collection and formulation on why a change is needed? And how much time you take to formulate a vision for the future? How do you make a choice for a change strategy and appropriate interventions and how you involve others in the change process?

Good leaders are always aware of these questions and even consider them natural. So what do they really look like or how do you recognize them?

The five essential qualities of good leaders

There are those who argue that the world of today’s leaders is more complicated and confusing than before. To make sense of this complexity, it is imperative for the leader to handle five perspectives.

1 The first is a global look. Be open to what is going on in your direct environment and in the world with an eye for the many events and variations therein. And it is not enough to just be aware of what is happening globally and locally. They need to have an eye for differences in order to respond properly to them. This global view should be combined with situational awareness. The aim is to highlight the truly unique events, especially the local ones, and develop specific actions. To put forward the resultant vision is clearly of utmost importance. It gives people a clear common purpose and a certain motivation to persevere. Without this vision you are not going anywhere. good boss bad boss

2 Second is to have an eye for relations and cooperation. In the current practical organisation, cooperation is increasingly important. It is not only about the cooperation between leaders and followers or between professionals in departments. It is also about cooperation between organisations, collaboration in alliances and networks. These new forms of cooperation involve integrity, collegiality, and the ability to deal with difference. Trust in yourself and others is essential. 

3 The third perspective is an analytical perspective on complex issues, in effect to understand the dynamics and to explore how these dynamics can be addressed by unraveling these complexities. A good analysis of the problem is usually half of the solution. By sharing the results of your analysis, it creates certain tranquility and you create a common understanding and a starting point to address problems. These are hard data and soft events that are difficult to interpret. 

4 Careful analysis is also the basis of the fourth perspective: a perspective on change processes. A conscious look at processes of change does not mean the unfocused mobilizing of motivations and aspirations of all people in careful analysisthe organisation. It involves placing the deliberate initiation of a change. This view relates to the formulation of the occasion and the ambition to change the assessment of the nature and impact of the change in the desired direction, the most appropriate strategy for change, the necessary interventions and the people needed for the change to a to make success. It is about changing consciousness. Change awareness helps people moving to sensitivity and commitment and self-assurance. 

5 The fifth approach is a reflective look at what is going on and your role in it. It involves taking rest and distance to look back on your experiences and your own behavior. Thoughtful reflection means that you look at continuous experiences and patterns that occur therein. Here the question fits how it is that you ended up in a certain situation. Or what is the force in the successes you have achieved? A reflective look about self-knowledge will contribute to confidence and learning ability.

Leaders should provide the right tools so that their team can perform optimally. A competent leader is someone who can influence others positively and persuade. 

Conclusions + recommendation

Nowadays leadership is more complicated than ever before, but it is still possible to be a good leader. It would berecommendation heaven like when staff would have leaders who resemble anything like this:

  • One who possesses integrity and thus commands respect
  • One who can be relied on at all times
  • One who makes regular decisions and then sticks to them and even when there is uncertainty he still makes a choice and takes responsibility
  • One who judges his team members on equal terms
  • One who does not allow smooth talking 

I think these are the ones who will be able to increase performance, satisfaction and commitment of their employees.  Isn’t this the greatest way of getting the best out of your staff? Isn’t this the best way of getting the results the company wants?

be your own bossSo here it is, good boss or bad boss, it is entirely up to you. Self reflection and listening to others will give you the answer. Do not be afraid to discover that you are not cut out for this difficult task and the enormous responsibility.

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How to Recognise a Bad Boss? 9 Common Shortcomings of Bad Bosses!


Do you sometimes feel like this: you have too much work on your plate, you are sitting in the wrong place, nobody listens to you, you do not enjoy your work? In many of these cases the boss is to be blamed. This is simply because leadership is an art and there are few bosses who really understand he a bad boss?

Be aware that in good times, a bad boss can hide some of his blunders, but in bad economic times bad leadership is a recipe for accidents. You might want to change their behavior, but the thing is that poor leaders are hardly aware of their under-performance. And even worse, the worst bosses give themselves good marks.

To save yourself from future bad situations, read on and I will give you 9 shortcomings by which you recognize a bad boss!

Leadership studies

Many studies have been performed into management and leadership. As a consequence of most studies the researchers agree that there are about 9 biggest shortcomings of leaders. Every bad leader has at least one such feature, usually they have several of these treats at the same time. So here we go.

The 9 most common shortcomings of bad bosses

  1. Poor management/personnel policy

This bad boss is characterized by primarily thinking for himself and not for his staff. It does not matter to him who does what and when, as long as the job gets done. In focusing on themselves only, they consequently do not succeed in developing others, with all its adverse consequences. Let’s agree on this, nobody wants to be in this situation.

  1. Bad communication/lack of social skills

Maybe you have heard something along these lines: “We need to create support ‘and ‘ We’re going to establish benchmarks’. Haha, not enthusiastic? This is not surprising, as most employees will have a misty look in their eyes at bad communicationthis kind of jargon. The bad boss has elevated bad and/or vague communication to an art. Or he simply does not communicate at all and lets everybody just mess around. It does not mean that he condones what is going on. He will wait until evaluation time and then throw the book at you. A bad boss does not understand that a good performance of his staff is depending on regular feedback. You need to understand, though, that a compliment from such a boss will not be forthcoming, ever.

Everything you tell a bad boss seems to fall on deaf ears. You can talk what you want, your good ideas and criticism are not understood, whether on purpose or not, does not matter. You’re not the only one who suffers from this: more than two-thirds of the workers have little or no contact with management. The irony is that this type of boss often swears by good communication. 

  1. Poor cooperation

A bad boss is not apt or focused at teamwork. He sees other employees and fellow bosses as competitors and prefers to do and keep everything for himself. This bad boss is like the death for other people’s ideas. They outright reject suggestions from fellow bosses and subordinates. They could be even better than his!  Result: good ideas will not be implemented. 

He wants to hold his ground and accepts no other views. With him you really have nothing to say, which is too bad for him, because two heads are better than one.

Not surprisingly, this will be at the expense of the company and possibly you, if you are sensitive to this kind of behavior. 

  1. Poor work-life balance

With this particular kind of a bad boss, you will have no privacy. Well, maybe a little. But any time he calls, you havetoo much work to be ready to act. In the evenings, on weekends, even sometimes on holidays (nothing is holy to this guy), and you are bound to do it because you are loyal to the company. Do not expect him to return any favors! When was the last time that he allowed you to leave a little bit early to meet a good friend at the airport? A good boss will always return your favors in one way or the other. And he finds the right balance between work and private life is important. If this is not present, then you better watch out. Don’t turn into his slave.

  1. Poor leadership

A bad boss cannot make decisions easily or any decisions at all, as he suffers from anxiety. A cowardly boss always tries to keep everyone happy. He sets temporary goals that almost anyone can achieve. Later he pretends that he has run the marathon in getting to that goal. Or they exaggerate the difficulty to achieve those goals. Whenever they do reach their goals, it seems quite an achievement. Their motto: do not promise too much and you can deliver more or better. Either way, he will take the credit.

  1. Poor accountant

A bad boss is a financial disaster and a magician with numbers. If profits for this year threaten not to be met, he will push costs for the next year to boost earnings this year. Conversely, he books costs from the coming year to this year, so that it seems more profitable next year. In short, he will do everything that will give business a most favorable impression. Please know that when they abandon your company they will leave it in complete disarray.

  1. Bad loser

bad loser?A bad boss makes stupid mistakes and taking responsibility for them is not his forte. He will try to hide them, cover them up. And apologize? Forget it! Everything and everyone, but himself will be blamed for the failure. He does not learn from his mistakes and therefore the situation will not improve.

  1. Lack of energy and enthusiasm

They see new initiatives as a burden and are afraid of being overwhelmed by them. Or very nicely said: “they suck all the energy out of any room.” Very bad motivational behavior.

  1. They are not bound by the rules they impose on others

The workers accuse them of a lack of integrity. The standards and expectations that they impose on others are not necessarily applicable to themselves. They will be handled loosely as suits them best in a particular work situation.


Recognizable? Or are you just one of the exceptions where employees thrive? Either way, just let me know!

You might have noticed that in the above article I am not indicating any solutions on how to handle a bad boss, as this has been done elsewhere on this website. When you access the homepage of this site, you will already see some articles to that affect. Access all the guidance and advice posts by clicking the heading “boss’s tricks”. Believe me, there is not a boss in the world, which cannot be beat!

The ultimate revenge for you might be to leave that company and start for yourself. Yes, you can start your own internet business, like I did, and even work from home doing so.

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How to deal with a Difficult Boss – Treat him like a Toddler!


You have a difficult boss and at times he is acting like a child. How to treat him? So what do you do when a toddler is boring or being a nuisance? You will probably treat him like a toddler. It works the same way with your “horrible boss” when he behaves in toddler-like manner. A good way to get the adult man back is to apply certain techniques, which I am going to explain below.difficult boss, treat him like toddler

Bosses, managers, CEOs, whatever the name: their behavior can be assertive, childish or even toddler-like. How do you recognize toddler-like behavior in the person who manages you on a day to day basis? Just look at the following symptoms:

You can get a passive-aggressive sneer thrown at your head, swank (“look how good I am”) , teasing, unrealistic demands ( “I want it and I want it now!”), impulsive and capricious actions ( “Let’s just agree on this course of action ‘), stubbornness and does not listen to reason, aggressive territorial behavior ( “This is my customer” or “That’s your problem”), unpredictable rages, expectation of miracles, asking constant attention and confirmation or just a lot of whining and complaining.

These are all ways that your boss (suddenly) can manifest himself as a toddler.

Or maybe you even have to deal with much worse and more extreme situations and they are dealt with elsewhere on this website.

Where does this behavior come from?

bosses are humans tooAlthough your boss’ actions can look extreme or even absurd, they are unfortunately not unique. A boss who can suddenly change from a normal adult to an unreasonable toddler is more common than you think. And this can be psychologically explained. They often are under great pressure and are constantly on edge and therefore easily triggered.

The trigger is, as with toddlers, mostly stress and lack of control. When they lose control over a situation, very normal-looking bosses can suddenly transform and act very irresponsibly.

They are accustomed to getting what they want, based on their dominance and past experiences. Sometimes they act different, but if there is also a lot of pressure and stress involved, it could all very easily get out of hand. Then the toddler should be sent upstairs.

How do I get my boss to act normal again?

Nobody will say this is easy, but it still can be done: if toddler like behavior is rampant in your office then it is time to get your boss back to normal. And you’re the only one that can change the situation. Your boss is most probably not going to change by himself, or can at all understand his own behavior – unless you act.give him an icecream

Experts have concluded that:  “It is impossible to keep the actions of your boss under control, but you can at least change how you react to it.”

What should that response then look like? By applying a technique developed by workplace experts specializing in the relationship between employee and employer. An easy to remember method consisting of four things you can do (combined) in order to get the toddler out of the door.

These are the four techniques:


Manage the case. Take yourself in control and make yourself heard. Manage expectations of your boss and set your own boundaries clearly. Do it all assertively and in a diplomatic way exactly as you expect your boss to behave. Be the better person.

“I suggest that I will put some pressure on the customer – and you can then level with them or discover if they have a different approach. We then look at how the final deal could be negotiated. “


Keep the lines between you and your boss always open. You could join him and his toddler behavior, but keep the interaction going right. Stay open, honest and sincere. Acknowledge that you hear what he says, or want to share.

“Okay, you now want to take a completely different approach. I understand what you mean.”


Instead of going quiet, you will jump in. Not to stoke the fire, but to come up with solutions. Act immediately if you smell a rat, approach your boss, stay assertive and come up with solutions to the problem behaviors that you see.

“I understand what you mean. But I do not think that such a fickle approach is the right thing here. I am convinced that it is better for this customer to stick to our original plan, even if it upsets him initially. “

humor is goodLaugh

Humor is always a good diversion. Especially when tensions run high, this is the key to defuse the situation. A joke takes the pressure off and breaks down walls between you and your boss. It will form the basis for (recovered) assertive communication. I have personally seen that this really works in many situations.

Conclusion and recommendation

Your boss may at times be an annoying toddler, even a horrible boss, but he is and remains a man with behavioral and communication problems that can occur under high pressure. You should never personally floor him, however tempting and easy it could seem to be in certain situations.

Most bosses are simply individuals who have been promoted because they were good at the function they exercised previously. But that does not mean that they have the skills to be a good and effective leader.

If there is a lack of proper leadership-skills and toddler behavior arises, there is a problem that needs solving by your boss himself, but where you can make a difference is by approaching him using the four techniques given and open his eyes where possible about his own behavior. If you are not successful, then in any case you have done the best you can in order to remedy the situation.

In this case you might want to leave this position or even this company and find other employment, however, always having the chance to experience the same type of boss again.

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Help, my Manager is a Jerk!


You might have asked yourself these questions: Why are there so many bad bosses? Why do we not get rid of our bosses?

To emphasize these points: the harsh verdict of a questionnaire in the Netherlands is that two out of three workers think their boss sucks. According to research by recruitment site Monster, Dutch are much more critical of theirmy manager is a jerk leadership than employees in other countries. In countries around Holland or indeed outside Europe, apparently “only” half of the people are having trouble with their boss.  As if that is a good situation.

Well, it does not matter how you look at these figures, but the sheer numbers mentioned here are just staggering: some 68% of Dutch people and 50% of people outside Netherlands borders think their boss is a jerk! Actually, by experience, I am a sound skeptic of bosses, but this still blows my mind.

Here is another fact that speaks for itself: two out of three workers will sometimes play with the thought of getting rid of their manager. So it seems that there are very few people out there that are really satisfied with their immediate supervisor.

Why then is this so and what can you do about this? Just read on to find out and also see my number 1 recommendation below.

Reasons for boss’s bad behavior

A representative of Monster has a clear explanation: managers excel in a lack of empathy. According to this person, leaders miss quite a few social and communication skills to really drive a team of people. While that is precisely what lack of empathytheir jobs are all about.

Their ‘jerk’ like behavior can greatly affect employees, as many experts in the business very well know. Consider these adverse consequences: demotivated employees, loss of energy, low job satisfaction, lower productivity, absenteeism, or even quitting the job. Experts see it happens regularly in practice. “ You need employees with sufficient space in their work and that feel confident that their bosses make the right decisions. And not being in the habit of wanting to decide everything. No worker will be waiting for such a situation”. What are the worker’s needs? A manager who inspires, listens, minds and has knowledge of their colleagues seriously facilitates his own work.

And moreover, the more managers there are, the more they will want to manage. “Thus they want above all to prove their existence, ” says another expert. To be a good manager, you should be open to feedback and criticism from workers and in this way you can really connect people with each other.

Boss’s situation

Is it really all bad about bosses? In judging our bosses we should not be too severe in the managers and should take into account the circumstances. Sometimes they are in quite a difficult situation, with all the change processes which they have to control. First, they need to assess the performance of employees, on the other hand they want to bosses have stress toomaintain a good relationship. The latter sometimes calls for balancing on a thin rope; if the manager, at the annual assessment, unexpectedly comes up with all sorts of judgments and blame, a breach of trust is lurking. ,, Possible consequence is that the employee will feel angry, or have a decreased motivation and he or she will fail. “

However great the aversion to the manager may be, many employees still do not envy his position. Although a third thinks that they should do better than their boss, the majority recognizes that it is difficult to excel as a good manager.

Open to criticism

Many HR sources think that the key to good cooperation between the manager and employee is in open communication. ,, To be a good manager, you have to connect and be open to feedback and criticism from workers and then you have people together. “” But this is not as easy as it sounds.  “It requires self-understanding of managers and in many cases a cultural change within the company. ” As if that ever is going to happen!

Bad for you

A bad boss can ruin your life. Last year, the American magazine The Atlantic reported that bad leadership can lead to what about your healthpoorer health among others, stresses in your family, and an increased risk of heart problems. Recently management consultancy Hay Group reported that 55 percent of managers, based on global research, create a demoralizing work environment. Netherlands is an exception with an even higher score of 68 percent (as mentioned above) of the people having demotivating supervisors. For many people, their immediate boss is one of the major stress factors in their lives.

Unfortunately, poor leadership comes in all shapes and sizes. In her book Bad Leadership Barbara Kellerman sorts them into seven categories: incompetent, rigid, intemperate, indifferent, corrupt, aloof and evil.

What to do?

All well and good, but what can you do? Changing people’s behavior is complex especially if someone is not willing to cooperate. Yes, of course you can try to talk to your boss. Or complain to the boss of your boss or HR. But you are in need of a real change. Therefore, here are three different approaches for when something really needs to change for the better.

1. Conditioning ignore behavior

You ignore your boss’s annoying behavior, react stoically to his bursts and smile silently when he is speaking to you in a raised voice. You only respond when you hear a normal tone and content. This approach can be very effective, but requires a lot of self-control. Especially since you ignoring him the first times will most likely lead to more aggressive behavior from your boss.

2. He (or she) should be fired.

Sounds impossible to you? I have described some success stories of how to do this here.

The best way is to build up evidence of your boss’s behavior and assemble a file. Save embarrassing emails. Even better: If you are a participant in a call it is legally allowed to record it. For example, use your smart phone to record a meeting. And you do not need to tell this to the other attendees. So, if someone threatens you or says all kinds of gross things, you can always use the recording (it is even admissible in court).

you just leave3. You take the decision to leave.

No appetite for the somewhat nerve-racking solutions above? But your immediate supervisor has a very big impact on your job satisfaction and career. If this attitude influences both issues negatively, then it will be better to look for something else. “A quick flight was more honorable than to bow to the yoke of the occupier,” Homer wrote.

Conclusion + recommendation

Having a jerk of a boss can result in many adverse consequences, even going to the point of reducing one’s own health. We should never let this happen!

Do not just sit back and hope for the better as this will not be the case. Take some of the actions as described above and read my article about how to fire your boss. See some other articles on this site about bossing, bullying bosses and what to do about them.

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How to get your Boss Fired? Here are 5 Success Stories plus Lessons Learned.


If you like a challenge and want to succeed against all odds, then this is for you.

Employers want to get rid of bad personnel and more often than not attribute their bankruptcy to failure of their staff. This can be the case, but the experience of many people and also of me it is often the employers themselves who have spread the fleas. They have and are getting paid to be responsible or not?get your boss fired

Your employers are the boss, which does not automatically mean that they are the best workers in the workplace. Quite often the opposite is true! Often the bosses are the bad apples in the basket, for example, because they are using double standards, sexually harass, give a bad example, engage in nepotism, are inconsistent, are not pure to the bone, just make bad decisions and/or do have no leadership and do not know how to deal with people (employees are in fact people!). So many companies have to deal with a sick atmosphere caused by the boss because the boss failed to act or failed to act properly.

Therefore, countless workers fantasize about getting their boss fired, but few succeed. So how to get your boss fired? I will follow up with some success stories and then indicate what you can do in order to have the biggest chance in succeeding against the odds.

It is not an easy thing to do, but not impossible!

 I have researched a lot of stories on the internet and although I gathered a handful of success stories, they all have one big warning in common: think many times over before you try it, because you will likely fail.

everything is possibleOrganisations are power hierarchies, and your boss is automatically one level up from you. All of these situations come down to one thing: what is the leverage you have. If you declare war on your boss, 90% of the time you’re going to lose, because your boss has more leverage than you do. Think of what leverage you might have or be able to get.

So, here are some success stories.

Success story 1

There was a lady, who came in as the new director of a university office with 20 employees. She was following in the footsteps of a much-loved boss and quickly developed a reputation as a very difficult manager. People in the department soon started quitting. Four left, and others became disgruntled and wrote letters to senior officers at the university. Taken to task by the university, the boss ended up taking a leave and then not returning to her job.

Success story 2

A forceful salesman was promoted to serve as a Director for the top sales group at his chemical company. He opted to perform the job by tagging along with team members on sales calls and then constantly critiquing their performance. He made people really annoyed at him.

The aggravated employees started calling the new boss’s boss to complain. But they didn’t just say they were unhappy. They spelled out how he was interfering with their work. The group’s approach was effective, because taken together, each of the five employees’ strong track records gave them the leverage they needed. They also made a convincing business case: the manager was driving down sales. The management let him go.

Success story 3fire your boss

A major insurance company with its headquarters in one place and a human resources office in another that ran by its own rules. The main office wanted the branch to get in line with corporate practices but its head preferred to do things his own way. The department’s number two started charming himself with his superiors in the main office and modified his own work to be in line with the central office. How he could do that without aggravating his boss, the story did not tell. When the company had to cut costs, it laid off the head of the division and kept the number two, who had proved he could do a better job at running the department.

Success story 4

The new head at a mid-sized technology company was a technical genius but totally lacking in management skills. He turned everyone off, including customers. Morale started plunging and employees began to grumble. But they did not let this happen without a fight and they reached out to members of the company’s board, laying out how the guy dampened motivation, wrought havoc with teamwork, and drove customers away. It took a long time, some three years, but the board finally let this person go.

Success story 5

An experienced math and statistics professor at a junior college felt he was being “persecuted” by a new dean, despite having job security and being well-liked by students. The professor collected evidence carefully, documented the dean’s attacks on him and others in his 12-member department, and approached the college’s chancellor and members of its board. Three of the professor’s colleagues felt so berated by the new department head that they had emotional breakdowns and sought psychiatric help. The professor prepared a report that laid out the extent to which the department head was costing the college money. One of the colleagues filed a harassment suit, and students were becoming discouraged. The college let the department head go. 

how to win, boss exitSo, how to be a winner?

Story 1:

Don’t hand the management or even human resources a fist full of scribbled cocktail napkins and Post-It notes. Transfer your written notes into a typed, neatly prepared report. If you have receipts or other DVD or photographic evidence, present them in a binder or folder. Making a professional presentation will send a message that this is serious and goes well beyond your boss just having a bad day.

Story 2:

Strength in numbers, take the divide and conquer approach because two heads (or more) are better than one. For example, if you’ve been the butt of numerous sexist jokes, confide in a trusted same sex colleague to see if he/she has experienced something similar.

Story 3:

Look for alliances where your boss is weak. Of course, when you cannot find these or when your boss has covered all his options, this will be an uphill task.

Story 4:  

Persistence and patience can pay off, but it may take years. Even in a slam-dunk situation where the boss has been blatantly violating numerous codes or violations, your manager may not go away over night–or even at all. The boss may know what you’ve been up to (or may suspect) so he/she may have already tried to cover evidence or cook up a story that would prove you wrong. In the event that it looks like your manager may not get fired, consider if you can continue to work at the company or if you would be better off working elsewhere.

Story 5:fire the boss

Keep your emotions in check, and lay out a case that details how the boss is costing the company money. Try to leave emotion at the door when you meet with human resources. Especially if your boss has been abusive or hurling racial slurs your way, try to divorce yourself from the situation and approach it as if you are presenting the material on behalf of someone else.

Don’t name call. During the meeting, be as professional as possible. Never say that your manager is simply a “bad person” or “evil,” but instead lay out the facts and your report in a calm, confident manner. Let them draw the conclusions themselves.


Contrary to common belief (the boss is always right), there are several possibilities to beat your boss. Above examples illustrate this abundantly. However, what if none of the above will work in your case? If you can’t think of a business case against your boss, then you probably just have a personality case, and you’d better get over it or you better find another job!

Or you are simply fed up with working for bosses.

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