My boss is an Asshole

Introduction Unacceptable behavior in the workplace is something of all times, everybody will encounter it from time to time. But leaders should know that bastards in the workplace can constitute a serious obstacle to success. Loutish behavior can be defined as `the ongoing display of hostile verbal and nonverbal behavior without physical contact`. Development And … Read more

Work from home Jobs – Choosing the right Niche for your own Internet Business!

work from home jobs

Introduction So you want the best chance at working from home? Use the internet! Build your own internet business, the basis of which is having your own website and a niche. Don’t say this is not for you, as both will be taken care of in this article. Everybody can do this! Profitable niche This … Read more

Should you sign-up for Empower Network or not?

Introduction So much has been written about another one of these money making (or not) internet programs, this one is called Empower Network, founded by David Wood in 2011, which wants to empower you as a successful internet entrepreneur. The reviews you can find about them are numerous. Why is it that you read so … Read more

Help, my Manager is a Jerk!

manager is a jerk

Introduction You might have asked yourself these questions: Why are there so many bad bosses? Why do we not get rid of our jerk bosses? To emphasize these points: the harsh verdict of a questionnaire in the Netherlands is that two out of three workers think their boss sucks. According to research by recruitment site … Read more