Change is a constant, so you better not fight it


Many of us have asked these questions under the current pandemic. When can we go back to normal again, please? When can we attend festivals, during this sunny summer? So much has changed in the past year and a half that you sometimes crave the predictability of before. But change is what makes life beautiful and special, argue some sociologists. Also in the workplace.change is a constant

Change, it’s one of the things in life that can give us perhaps the most mixed feelings. On the one hand, we do our best to avoid as much routine as possible, on the other hand, we like things as we know them. The past year and a half have played a lot with us in that regard.

Change is a constant, so you better not fight it. Why don’t you make a change for the better and start your own internet business? Check out the end of this article for a unique opportunity!

Life is about change

So, in the end, life is about change. Everything changes, continuously. Every second that passes is a moment that will life is changenever come back exactly the same. With every breath, cells in your own body are renewed and every new experience makes you a wiser person. It’s really not that everything that happens makes things better, but that things change, that’s for sure.

Nobody knows what the future will look like. That was already the case, but since the pandemic, it is completely clear that we cannot influence everything. So we’d better learn to accept that change is a given, instead of endlessly searching for that fantasy idea of ​​back to normal.

Formerly a reflex

And if that is what most people want, then exactly what is normal. A sociologist explains how, for example, choosing your place in an elevator was never really a decision, but rather a reflex. You didn’t think about it, but subconsciously you did have the knowledge that it would be uncomfortable, for example, if you were standing with your face very close to someone else’s. 

They are norms that keep our lives in order. That’s why it was so shocking when a lot of standards changed at the start of the corona pandemic. We were forced to think about the new normal. Suddenly it was terrifying to get into an elevator, join a line or pass people on the sidewalk. We no longer naturally sensed where to go. What we used to do automatically now became a dilemma for all of us.sitting in comfort zone

At the same time, we used to travel, at least in the past, to other countries with different cultures, where they held very different standards, and we accepted them indiscriminately – because that’s just the way it goes there. So it doesn’t have to be that difficult to do things in a completely different way.

Buddhist view

In Buddhism, the basic idea is that the world and everything that’s in or on there is in a state of constant change. People in their comfort zone start liking it. Therefore, our “suffering” is largely caused by this attachment: our attachment to what is. We attach to friends, clubs, family, and more. And we are sad when a relationship is over or when somebody passes away or when you lose a job. As soon as you realize that nothing is permanent, you will be able to prepare or brace yourself.

Because even though we very often have very little to complain about, especially not when we compare ourselves to other people who are a lot worse off, things rarely go the way we imagined; as we had seen before us. They proceed differently because nothing is permanent. 

And with that, there is a gap between what we want and what is there: a discrepancy. Having to bridge that takes a lot of mental energy and disappointment. But what if you now ensure that there is no expectation at all? That you accept that things will always turn out differently than you imagined? Then there is no gap and therefore a lot less dissatisfaction or suffering.

Experiencing sadness

bored or happyAbove all, the change enables us to experience so much in our lives. Have you lost your job? Apart from the sadness that you may experience: what a gift it is too. You get the opportunity to gain so many new experiences and knowledge and to get to know new people who can inspire you or for whom you can mean something.

What do you prefer when you, as an oldie, sit slumped down in a chair and look back? A perfectly ordered life where everything went exactly as you planned, or one where you were surprised every now and then?

Moreover, that ‘normal’ that you sometimes long for is nothing more than a set of rules of thumb that you have once learned. It is behavior that feels normal, but of which we should ask ourselves more often whether it really is.

A sociologist writes: “By the 1950s it felt just as natural for most Americans to have separate water taps for black and white citizens. And before the #MeToo movement, it felt normal for many men to pinch female colleagues and make sexual innuendos. Just because something feels normal doesn’t mean it’s normal.’

My thoughts on this

It is in people’s character to be in the comfort zone and this is especially true in a work situation. Why is this the wrong idea? Simply because, apart from ourselves, all other things around us constantly change. By not being aware or by not fully accepting this very important basic rule of life, people are going to suffer.

This suffering is mainly caused by the fact that we attach to persons or things. Therefore, if you can understand change and fully embrace it, your life will become much easier.

For working-class people change is a given. Companies must adapt to outside changes, the government, the economy, the competition, and more. If you are not up to the challenge, maybe you should start your own business on the internet.

Starting your own internet businessstart your own online business

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Affiliate Marketing

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4 thoughts on “Change is a constant, so you better not fight it”

  1. Change is a broad topic that everyone needs to embrace. Holding onto things has a way of harming us in the end. I try to picture the anguish of people who’ve experienced peace all their lives, only to be upended by war! Not a great thing to adapt to, but life has to go on regardless. Thanks for sharing this. It gives a good perspective on the topic.

    • Yes, nobody likes to be in a war, but revelling in the same circumstances for many years can also be distressing. Change will give you new perspectives and new energy and you might find that you have formerly unknown qualities. I see around me that people who live their lives routinely, age very quickly. Some routine is ok, but you also need new ventures.

  2. Thank you for writing this inspiring article. In my younger days, I really don’t like changes because I want everything to stick to my plan. However, as I grow up and enter the working age, I realized it’s impossible to have everything going according to my plan. I was even ‘fired’ (forced to file resignation) in my previous company, just because the new boss didn’t like me and my team, even though I have contributed a lot to the company. Now I’m starting to learn that change can be a blessing, although it may be somewhat sad when experiencing the change.

    • Changes can be sad for the good things you leave behind and insecure because you do not know what lies ahead. But if you have done it one time, the next time will be easier. I once my sports club for another, then my company and then even my country. It was always for the better.

      Nevertheless, if you are very comfortable already in a certain situation and you realize change is coming, it will indeed not be easy. The people that are accepting most things that comes to them, will be the happiest.


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