How do you Deal with an Angry boss?


What do you do with a boss yelling at you and making fun of you? Stay quiet and let things subside? Report him to HR? Scientists have sorted it out and come up with a surprising answer. According to research, it seems best to repay angry bosses with the same measure. Why? You will feel less of a victim and you are happier with your work.angry boss

Surprising results

Before the outcome of this research, I didn’t think it would be beneficial for employees to repay evil with evil, but that’s what was discovered. It is of course better if there is no hostility at all, but if your boss is hostile, in some cases it seems best to act hostile too. 
I will go on to discuss the surprising results of this questionnaire and explain how you could deal with an angry boss.

In the end, I will discuss a unique escape route to end conflicts with bosses and colleagues altogether, which will change your life completely and for the better.

Sending questionnaires to employees

Especially in a working environment you would be cautious with an angry boss sending queriesand certainly not repay evil with evil. However, that exactly is the conclusion experts drew after they sent a questionnaire to some 170 people. In the questionnaire the test subjects were asked about their boss and in particular how often that boss made fun of them or shouted at them. The test subjects were also asked how often they returned evil with evil.


For example, by throwing it back right in their face or simply ignoring them. Nine months later, the test subjects again filled out a questionnaire asking how satisfied they were with their job, how loyal they were to their employer and how they were mentally doing.

The surprise results

The research shows that test subjects who were dealing with a hostile boss and did not object to it much experienced more stress and were less satisfied with their job. This comes as no surprise to me, as I always advise taking some form of action in case of any conflict on the work floor. Let conflicts, outcome not expectedissues or anything adverse fester and they will come back to bite you. Burying your head in the sand and thinking that things will be solved just like that, will definitely not help!

Not afraid of the boss

And nowhere is a big surprise. As I said action will be necessary and there are many ways but paying evil with evil paid off: the test subjects who had a hostile boss and returned this hostility did not experience those negative effects. You see they had handled the issue head-on. I know it takes courage to deal with a boss like that and the outcome will not always be positive for the employee, but it can be a successful method of dealing with a particular boss.

Further investigation

But why didn’t those test subjects experience those negative consequences? The second part of the investigation provided the answer. From that research it appeared that test subjects who treated their hostile boss evenly were less employees oklikely to feel a victim of the boss’s whims than the test subjects who did nothing. Surprisingly, these “angry” test subjects also thought that their hostile attitude toward their boss did not adversely affect their career.

No repercussions?

I guess they sent out a very clear and powerful signal to their respective bosses that something was really wrong and received some kind of a reaction. Maybe the boss became somewhat milder or stopped completely with the abuse.

I would like to make one remark here and that is the time factor of the 9 months mentioned. Who is to say that in that time a resentful boss is not stealthily building a case against the overly angry employee to just dismiss him or her within a year or year and a half? But anyway, most of the test subjects appeared ok.

Satisfied with work

Moreover, the first part of the investigation showed that test subjects who repaid their hostile boss with the same coin were more satisfied with their jobs and more loyal to the boss than subjects with a hostile boss who kept to themselves. The researchers think they can explain that also. Employees who give their hostile boss a good fight back at work could count on the admiration and respect of their colleagues. They think that they could never do that themselves, but yet you did. You grow in their esteem and this will give you more satisfaction in your job.
Now I will take a short look at the manager’s side of this anger issue, just to give you the difference.

The boss’s anger side

As we have seen above, becoming evil could be an effective means of control and sincere anger urges the employee to take action. In this changing world, it is also common knowledge, that managers have had to use their soft skills en shouting bossmass in recent years, and there is more: a good manager shows his feelings. This has been concluded in another study. But the same study also concluded that it can be effective for managers to be angry with employees – on the condition that they actually feel that anger.

Fake bosses

In other words, if a manager only fakes anger, his staff will immediately know and judge it for what it really is. A phony case of showing who is in power, which will work adversely for the boss and on the group.

Anger is motivating

For example, during crises and in reorganizations, intense emotions often arise. There are good reasons for this, they have a strong function. Of course bosses should prevent tantrums, but that ‘normal’ anger towards employees can actually be motivating. Employees often wait until something happens, they tend to look at how far they can go. A really angry boss will create clarity, this is accepted by his staff.


Here I can also refer to experiments in which actors played managers. If an actor was pissed off, it was often interpreted as ‘I want action’ and the subordinates immediately grabbed their agendas and went to work. If the actor was lukewarm, the employees took the same message with a grain of salt and went on the way they had started, it will be fine, it was thought.

So, I hope you can see how the other side works as well. Share with us your experiences with angry bosses and your reactions to them.

Final thoughts

The moral of the story? Angry bosses must be repaid in kind? No, not always. I am afraid this depends on the specific situation that you are in. There are other ways that a boss can be dealt with. Have a good conversation with him in a controlled environment, pure businesslike and without emotions. Talk with HR, however, know where they stand (mostly on the management side).

happy employees

No angry bosses

The best scenario is still a scenario in which there is no angry boss at all. Sounds like utopia? To me, it does, as I have never experienced a fully harmonized working place. After all, we are interacting with other people, each one of us having our own flaws.

Want to try it?

Therefore the reality is that we all will be confronted with angry bosses, sooner or later and you better prepare for it. If you really want to go for it, then shout at him in his office (make sure others can hear, but not see it). You must be sure that you stand in your right. Each and every one of you can start preparing for such an occasion and feel comfortable at the same time because you have an escape route!

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16 thoughts on “How do you Deal with an Angry boss?”

  1. Thank you so much for providing such a beautiful information.I used to work in a private company.There I was, very angry.We all worked under him and we were all overwhelmed by the anger.If we were to make the slightest mistake in the work, we would have been very nervous.So the next time I quit that job I am not doing the job yet.I learned a lot about how to master the boss from your article, which will be useful to me in the future.So thank you again for sharing such a wonderful article with us.

    • The trouble is that sooner or later in our career, we all will encounter an asshole boss. We need to learn how to deal with them, because not dealing with them will cause us problems in the end. So, i hope that many people will learn from this website.

  2. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your article on dealing with an angry boss. It is easy I will become my own boss by working online with affiliate marketing as suggested by you. You are doing an awesome work by sharing such an important info for new members. I am very lucky to find such useful info to deal with my boss. Keep this grate work up.

    • Becoming your own boss by being an affiliate marketer is a great way of beating your bosses, avoiding annoying colleagues and in general leaving the corporate jungle. You made the perfect decision to go into this opportunity as this means a booming business. The recent growth of the internet produces immense possibilities and challenges if you can find the right and scam free ones. The one I am proposing is an almost guaranteed success!

  3. I read a psychology book a while back and it said the same thing that you said that you have to confront the bully. Psychologically speaking, the bully (mean boss) behave this way is because he was bullies as a kid or he/she sees the result when he/she acts mean. Which is not acceptable, we are adults, we should be handling our business adult like in my opinion. If I was mistreated, I would wait for the opportunity to confront the boss personally first. I would give that person 3 chances and then I will do some drastic action. 

    • I agree that there are various ways of being angry. If your boss is a bully, then by definition it means that he is a coward too. I think especially these kind of guys need to be spoken to harshly and you have a great chance of winning that one. Oh, I wish everybody would handle themselves as an adult, but alas we are mere humans and we all make mistakes.

      It sounds noble of you to give somebody three chances, but what good will it do to you? This might go on for a long time during which a potential problem is festering. Believe me, you do not want to be frustrated all the time, as this will go to your health.

  4. Just remember bosses have shortcoming. Maybe he/she has a personal problem going on in their life and letting it impact their performance at work or in the office, so try not to take it personal. Also when you know your boss trigger it’s okay to avoid when necessary(if possible) most times it’s not always easy because you might have a meeting which requires face to face. Great article 

    • You are correct that a boss might have a personal problem, but wouldn’t it be much better if everybody realize that? This would mean confronting the boss with your issue, but doing so in a relaxed way, as you do not yet know what is the matter. I always advise to keep such a conversation businesslike and emotions out.

  5. hello, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. i had an angry boss and it made me feel uncomfortable when ever he was around. there is nothing you do that seem right to him. i have learnt a lot from this article

    • So, try and find out why that boss is always angry, talk to your colleagues and maybe others. You will have a point if many people see the same issue. Then go to the boss, point out what is bothering you and hand him a solution that will make everybody happy and more productive.

  6. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us. Being a working woman, I deal with the boss tactically .Because working with an angry boss is so difficult and I have quit my job before .And later on I was able to share some strategies with my boss and change my life for the better. I think that satisfying my work has a lot to do with dealing with an angry boss .At the same time, I was very outspoken and strong, as well as my self-esteem .

    Lastly, I hope your article is a great pleasure for employers like me and they will definitely follow the tips you give them on dealing with their angry boss and share their new experiences with you.

    • That is exactly what I meant in this article. Sometimes you have to be very direct, straightforward and outspoken with your boss. In doing so, always accept the consequences, which means realizing what can happen beforehand. Never talk to your boss in front of other staff as he might feel losing face.

  7. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I work in a company where my boss is so angry I can’t do any kind of heart with him.Besides, when I get bored of working a lot of times, the mind wants to have some fun but I never dare to discuss anything interesting with it.That’s why I hate my work and I don’t have the desire to work.After reading your registration, I learned how to delete and please an Angry Boss, and I will share new experiences with you by applying it in my real life.

    • I wish you good luck in your endeavors, but bear in mind not only to please your boss by talking kindly. Some bosses need talking to harshly, lest they understand you have a real problem. This is one way. The other way is, as you have never tried, to have a real conversation with him in his office. You should ensure not to be exited or angry, but pure businesslike and make him understand how you feel (not necessarily tell him you hate your job). You might indicate to him that you can do a better job when things change and you have to mention how this can be done. He might be more receptive at the promise of better work.

  8. This is such an amazing article and very useful. I have a nervous boss and I mean that every day I try to deal with it. I mean, I like my boss because that means getting so involved. Yet with this nerve he manages to overcome the crisis and stress and motivate us as employees. In my opinion, a boss must always be imposing, do what he knows best and lead the company to success. I like your article because you have highlighted all these tips and especially that anger is motivating, this is truly a real fact. Thanks for this and wish you all the best in the future! 

    • A boss must lead his staff in such a way that he will maximize the results that come out of their work efforts. You do this by giving the right attention to the various individuals. Some need monitoring, some need challenging, some need to be spoken to harshly. If all of his staff realize that everybody is treated fairly, no exceptions made, work pleasure will increase and consequently production.


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