How to Ask for a Salary Raise – 8 Tips


We all find that we should earn more than we are actually getting. So, it is time for a salary increase. But once you sit at the table with your boss, stress will how best to ask for a salary raiseshow its ugly head. And be aware, requesting a salary increase from your manager is a stressful moment for most employees.

In order to reduce that pressure, you should ensure a good preparation so that you will feel more at ease. Improvise too much and that salary increase can look a remote possibility. I would like to help you here in preparing for this conversation. Read on and I will explain how to ask for a salary raise in 8 tips.

1. Choose the right moment

If you want to receive a higher salary within your current job, timing is of the essence.

The most convenient time for a salary increase is of course if your job changes. And that does not really have to be such a big change. You can also use a small adjustment or additional responsibilities to enter into a salary interview.

Your annual assessment interview can be a suitable moment. Then you’re already sitting around the table to talk about your performance. If your manager is very satisfied, you immediately have a good basis to start on.

Fixed increase

Often there is already a standard increase linked to a certain rating of a few percent, but that does not necessarily prevent you from broadening the conversation.
If you really can not wait for the above moments, you can of course choose a moment yourself. If you find it difficult to invite your manager to a salary interview, call it a discussion about your terms of employment. Then it sounds less like it is just about making money (which it does not always have to be).

2. Know what you want

If you do not know in advance what you want to get, there is little chance that you will receive a salary increase that you are satisfied with. Do not put your destiny in the hands of any other person, but indicate for yourself what you think you are worth. That is much more powerful and convincing.

To make a reasonable estimate of your value, you can compare your salary with others in the same business on the internet You can also ask colleagues with similar positions and work experience what they earn. People are no longer so reluctant to share this nowadays. You can also submit your question very well within your network or at a forum in your field. The more input you have, the better you know what is reasonable.

3. Determine your arguments

determine your argumentsYou do not get a salary because you are so nice, but because you deliver added value to the company. If you want an increase, you will therefore have to prove that your value has increased or in any case why it is not in line with your salary. It is important to clarify these arguments beforehand and put them on paper. Consider the following possibilities.

4. You have been given more responsibilities

Your level of knowledge has improved (through a course or training) so that the quality of your work has improved.
You have not had an increase for a while whilst your work (quality, productivity) has been improved through your experience.

You have noticed that your salary is not in line with the market. This is not the strongest argument, because nothing has actually improved for the employer, but if you have no further points – and if it is indeed the case – you can seize it. Especially if you combine it with a good assessment.

Please note: a new house, a baby coming or a partner who has started working less are no arguments for a salary increase! It is not about you need it, but you deserve it.

5. Also think about objections!

Just as well as you have to collect your arguments, you also have to think about possible objections from your boss. Make sure you already have a good answer to them.

6. Take the correct posture 

Taking the right attitude applies both literally and figuratively. In a literal sense it helps if you do not sit right in front of each other during the conversation, because it can also feel as if you are figuratively opposed to each other. Try to choose your place so that you sit in a ’10 past 2 ‘ position and not in a fighting one like illustrated.having the right attitude helps

Be open

In a figurative sense, it is important to enter the conversation openly and not immediately put the other person on the chopping block. Do not threaten to leave otherwise, because that disturbs the relationship and does not improve your chances. A manager also understands that there is a chance that you will look around when you are not satisfied with a possible outcome. You really do not have to emphasize that.

Furthermore, listeners are the best negotiators. So do not just tell yourself what you want and how good you are, but let the other person tell you. Ask open questions and listen carefully to the answers.

7. Do not be fooled by platitudes

‘We never do interim increases’, ‘an assessment interview is not meant for salary talks’, ‘sorry, I do not decide on this’. Do not be put off by this kind of platitudes and always keep pushing. For example: “You say management decides on this. How do you think we can convince management together? “Or: “You say that the regulations do not allow an interim increase. Since when do those regulations apply and how hard are they? “

… but also be flexible

If a salary increase really does not happen for budget reasons, you can also check whether you can be compensated in another way. Maybe you can get extra vacation days, an afternoon free or a training allowance every two weeks. Be flexible and think about anything else that you can be happy about.

You can also draw up a plan so that in a few months you can get a salary increase or a salary increase in steps whereby you and your manager adjust what you have to achieve in order to get more salary.

8. Practice beforehand

Prepare your conversation well! My second tip was: know what you want. But that alone is not enough! It is also very important that you practice beforehand so that you are prepared for all counter-arguments.

You can end up in a stressful situation, and without good preparation, you lose focus on your goal: wage increase. Practice your arguments in advance in the order in which you want to bring them up. That way you will not forget anything during the conversation.

You can even practice with a friend in the role of employer.

Final thoughts

Remember, there is nothing unusual to request a raise, as it is your right to ask.

Your manager will try to confuse you, but whatever happens, do not forget why you wanted to talk to him/her, keep the focus on your goal.

Do never be tempted to blackmail, and keep your private life out of this conversation.

If it is not a good time for your question because the results of the company are not that good, for example, try to schedule a different date for the discussion. You have to be determined, but also be reasonable!

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