How to be a Rebel, quit your Job and start for Yourself


Frustrated by the old-fashioned and uninspired corporate world, Derek quit his job. His mission: to discover whether things can be done differently, with room for autonomy and creativity and above all, without bosses. He discovered that it is certainly possible. Maybe it is time for you too and do something for yourself.

Working from home

be a rebelEspecially now that we all work from home, we find out how obsolete that old-fashioned approach full of rules, protocols and control actually is. At the age of 34, he himself left his job as a logistics manager at a logistics multinational company. He found it frustrating to work in corporate business, so he left the corporate jungle. See the whole story below.

The thing is that each one of us has the possibility to do so and be that rebel and start for ourselves! Read on and I will have a very popular and winning opportunity for you.

The terrible routine

Take those status meetings on Monday morning. You are in a meeting room with too many people and everyone gives an update on the project she or he is working on, which nobody else is interested in but the manager. That is such a tedious and inefficient start to the week, one hardly anybody looks forward to. The fact that you have to be there promptly at nine and clock out at five is another one. As if your added value only lies in your mere presence. Derek laughs: “You’re not a toddler, are you? So, we should not have to be babysat.”

Managers the best?

Also something that you can be annoyed with, but that simply seems to terrible routine at workbelong: managers who think that they automatically have the best ideas because of their higher position. Nonsense, of course. But that does not prevent them from mainly implementing their own plans. And you don’t seem to be able to escape being micromanaged in the office either.


Of course we all know that we would rather see things differently, Derek continues. But is that possible? “We massively accept that work is just like that. We think it’s part of it. “He pauses, then,” Well, that’s nonsense. There are an incredible number of alternatives within which there is room for creativity and own initiative. You could say that we are now presented with the best example on a silver platter: even people with professions that were said to be impossible at high and low levels are now working from home. So it is still possible.

Structural changes

find work alternativesDerek is hopeful that this current situation will lead to structural changes. For example, that you can indeed work from home one or two days a week when everything will be back to normal. “It is of course terrible what is going on, but every crisis also offers an opportunity to do things differently.

You often see that in companies too: only when they really get into trouble do they dare to do things radically different. “But also with regard to ourselves, he thinks. The air is less polluted because of fewer cars on the road, and we may also start to get ideas about how things could be done differently.

What Derek did

“It started out as a selfish quest, but soon I discovered that so many people are struggling with the same thing. How many people cheer when its is midweek again every Wednesday? Gradually I realized that we also wanted to help all those people. It is such a shame that so much motivation is lost, and also something we spend so much time on. What if we can make a real change? Make the world a bit more beautiful that way? “

So corporate hippies? He laughs: “I wouldn’t call it that myself. But you do notice that there is a great fear of change. The thought often prevails: we have been doing this for a long time and that has always yielded something good. Fortunately, more and more companies also understand that it is necessary to want to take care of employees as well as possible. It is a way to attract and retain talents and motivate people to do even better. “

A perfect example

He continues: “Now of course you can think, that is all nice and well, but I have zero power, so if I want to change something within my company, it will not work. Of course you have less influence, but as with any revolution, you canchange way of work bring about change from within by looking for like-minded people. The more people, the more impact you can make. “As an example, he mentions a team of twenty employees at an IT company who experimented on their own with other ways of working.

“Without any support from above. They wrote blogs about it and got more and more people involved, and now 80 percent of the organization works in a different, much better way. That happened purely because there were a few who believed in something and dared to turn it into action. “

You can make a difference too

Of course everybody, at some point in time, will have the opportunity to make changes in their life, job, relationships. Just going by routine, live from day to day, week to week, year to year and all over again: what kind of life is that? Sounds to me very boring, with no new challenges and new situations, not meeting new people, not doing different things.

I agree that all changes are not for the better, but sometimes you will be much better off and a lot of times very much better. At least for some time to come. But when things would happen to go pear-shaped again, you would more easily adapt again. Remember, you did it before.

Derek’s advice

be a rebelWhy not be a bit of a rebel, Derek would say. “Forget the beaten track. Don’t be blind about that career path you laid out for yourself when you joined the company. The fastest way to the top, so to speak. That usually has to do with money and status, or because you think it should be.

But all of these are extrinsic motivations, such as money, fame, grades and praise. Instead ask yourself: what do I like? What do I like to read about? What kind of projects do I enjoy picking up? In short: time for a personal revolution.

My thoughts

Like Derek and a lot of other people, I am of the same mindset. Working for a boss is one thing and do the things you want is another. Usually the two do not mix.

Finding out about yourself is doable and advisable for each one of us, but how to convert those values and ideas into real opportunities? What if after a long search those alternatives do not present themselves to you? Yes, job-hopping is a possibility, but only for a few persons. Many of us like to start our own business, but do not know what kind of business or have other constraints.

This is why I would like to present one world-class internet opportunity as my recommendation number one.

My recommendation #1, no more a slave!

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6 thoughts on “How to be a Rebel, quit your Job and start for Yourself”

  1. I like the title of your website. You have described anear perfect corporate world with typical bosses.

    Dance with the corporate wind or leave.

    WA is a successful platform as an alternative. Like any other business, it needs hard work, education via training to be successful.

    You learn everyday with a million people and through step by step training.

    Most importantly, you can tryout the platform for free.

    • I fully agree and I hope that through these troubling times many people will get to know WA as one of the best platforms to build your own online business. In the past five years I have not come across a better program and community than Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. Derek does seem like the typical guy trying to make it in a 9 to 5 job and looking for a way to escape that lifestyle. This pandemic currently ravaging the world has opened the eyes of a lot of people who depend on their jobs for an income without building a side hustle. 

    It really has and a lot of people are not looking into the internet for opportunities in trying to see if they can make a living for themselves and hope to one day quit their day time job. It is very possible to achieve this with work and consistency anything is possible.

    • Sorry, it is not this virus that is ravaging the world, but governments are. So many people without work because of complete lock downs, which may not be necessary at all. Let healthy people go and do the work, let them have income. And indeed, if you need to be staying at home, then I am giving these persons a real chance at making money on the side. As you said, with commitment and effort success is not far away.

  3. Hi Derek, congrats on going out of the rat race and building something of your own on the internet! Not a lot of people have the guts to do that. I really enjoyed reading on your journey of leaving your full time job to living the life that you’re more content with!

    I myself just recently quit my 9-5 to go full time freelancing and earning money online. Though it’s something that I’ve been wanting to do, I find it a bit hard to keep focus at home and building this business alone.

    Do you have any tips on how to stay productive after leaving 9-5? Looking forward to more articles from you!


    • Yes, it takes some guts to leave a steady job with regular income, however, the rewards can be great. In order to stay productive I set goals and then will follow them. What helps me is setting a routine of times that I want to work, ensure there is minimal noise around me and at times that visits are not expected. I do the social media first, but never longer than half an hour a day or you might get stuck there for too long. Then it is over to research for new blogs, then writing and re-writing and publishing.


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