How to Deal with a Bad workplace: 6 Tips


What do you do if your work pleasure is severely influenced by a bad working atmosphere? And you can believe me when I say this often happens. Even if you love your job and you feel OK about your place within thedeal with a bad workplace organization, sour or angry colleagues can be quite a nuisance to your work. Could you still be a good employee if you suffer from a poor working atmosphere? Can such a thing really hinder you in doing your work?

How to handle?

How do you deal with colleagues who are negative, quarreling or not communicating? Some experts have sorted this out and are giving advice on how to deal with a bad workplace.

Corporate world not for you? At the end I will give you my personal way out of this with a special recommendation: to become your own boss!

1. Don’t hesitate

Here is the example of a department with twelve employees, where three employees are very negative about the work, about their manager and their colleagues. However, these are three very experienced employees, who can’t be sure to actreally be missed within the organization. They always reinforce each other and stick together very closely. One of the other colleagues has already reported sick because of them. She was not very strong and confident, and because of the gossip of those three colleagues she became increasingly uncertain.

Which is where management should step in!

You will need to find out for sure if other colleagues might also be bothered by these three colleagues. Even though you may think that you could improve the situation, you might feel a little hesitation to do something about it. Do not be and talk to these people, not alone but together with like minded persons in the same group. You can take this as a first step.

2. Take the situation seriously

In some cases a bad working atmosphere can actually make you unable to do your job properly. It can impact productivity and can even create dangerous situations. For example, in one case it was discovered that there was a long-running dispute on the work floor, with one colleague bullying the other for years. There was even harassment over and over again. This situation played out in a working environment where dangerous substances were used, so that was not acceptable at all.

Workplace destroyed

The working atmosphere was so destroyed thattake situation seriously both employees were eventually laid off. It was a small company, where the team had to work well together. This was no longer possible because there was too much animosity between these two employees. 

I find it distressing to see that such a situation can last for five years and nothing has been done.

Negativity on the work floor

Negativity on the work floor can be extremely demotivating. It takes employees a lot of energy to master that negativity. In order to achieve a goal together, it is important that all noses stand in the same direction. If the atmosphere is not good, then there is resistance and the goal is not reached or just much later. In addition, negativity often promotes negativity. By this is meant that dissatisfaction of a colleague or a number of colleagues can jump to other colleagues. 

3. Talk about it

Can you do something yourself? Yes, you can always do something for yourself, I even see it as your duty to yourself. If you find that one or more colleagues are also dissatisfied, you may want to, no have to, discuss this. Do not do this immediately after the first time, because everyone can have a bad day. Only if the bad working atmosphere persists for a long time can you make this debatable in a quiet way. Maybe you can involve the other colleagues who are also affected. After all, you are stronger together. Keep the discussions business like, without emotions and directed towards a goal: solving any issues.

4. Avoid making the situation any worse

What should you absolutely not do? This would be going with the flow of this negative atmosphere. Be careful not to put all your energy into discussion do not get angrywith, or persuading, negative colleagues. By just staying positive and not paying too much attention, you probably achieve the most. 

Be cautious

In any case, do not lower yourself to the level of that colleague. So the negative does not conflict with the negative. This worsens the atmosphere. Make sure you don’t get sucked into it either. Nor do you immediately go to a manager. First, try to make the situation self-explanatory in a quiet way. Make sure you have examples, because maybe that colleague doesn’t even realize that he or she is negatively influencing the atmosphere. So keep all options open. 

5. Don’t be distressed

In the meanwhile, try to continue to sail your own course. Try to emphasize the positive and do not let yourself be influenced by colleagues who negatively influence the atmosphere. Employees who have been working at an organization for a long time have already seen many changes. They may tend to make comments like “that’s not going to work, we have done that before, so don’t go there. Such negative reactions can slow down the creative ability. They can ensure that they dare not invent anything anymore, for fear of a negative reaction. If you accept that you will be drawn into their ways and you will go nowhere.

It might not be the easiest thing to do, but it sure beats becoming very frustrated!

6. Seek help if needed

And what if you don’t get out yourself? You can possibly seek advice from a confidential person. If you notice that several colleagues in the department are suffering from this, you could ask your manager to stop in the department consultation. The HR department may also be able to attend and assist with this consultation.

Talking might help

look at other sources

If it doesn’t work out, you try and talk with a manager explaining the situation. There is a reason, or perhaps more than one, why that colleague is negative. Perhaps the supervisor may have cautionary conversations with the colleague in question. In the end, for any supervisor, it’s all about being proud of their department and its results and then being able to laugh again. 

Mind you, contacting another source, manager or HR will have certain risks. The working relationships might be totally destroyed by bringing in other people.

Let us know what your experience in this respect are, by filling in the comment box below.

Final thoughts

Many of us will have to be at their work place for a great part of their time. Therefore, you better spend that time in the best way possible.

The last thing you want to happen is that adverse conditions would be influencing your mood or your health, mentally and physically. This means that will have to meet any issues head-on and as soon as they become really annoying.

do not let them take your energyDo not think that you are strong enough to withstand any situation, it will always eat at you stealthily.

Each day the same

That is the way it will be with a bad working atmosphere. Imagine having to go to work every day and facing these rotten apples. They will take a part of your energy that would otherwise be directed at work. Hence action is required as described above.

You could say that any manager should already have seen what happened and taken action accordingly. Reality is, however, that in many cases they are distracted by too many things and simply have to be informed that something is wrong.

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14 thoughts on “How to Deal with a Bad workplace: 6 Tips”

  1. Jerry — This is beautifully written and it’s so helpful. I will definitely be sharing this with my network of survivors andalso some people I’ve known to complain about bad work place. Your words are practical and comforting at the same time, I’ve being working on point 3 before now; I will put the other points into consideration. Thank you for raising this issue! Blessings to you!


    • I am happy to be of help to you and your network. Yes, having a good and businesslike conversation can solve a lot of problems. Never underestimate the power of good talk, as they say nothing ventured, nothing gained. Thanks for distributing this article among your friends.

  2. There are lots of things that caught my eyes while trading this wonderful post. First I must commend you for taking your time to put up this useful post. First taking a situation seriously is one key way handling a bad situation. Most time when we take situations with levity, they then to escalate and that’s one thing we wouldn’t want at work. Also talking to someone about the situation is another. At some points we may be down because of a problem and talking to someone may just be the right way to get it solved, silence isn’t the best answer sometimes. Best regards.

    • Most of the time, keeping silent, will not bring you in a better position, at least not if things are very serious. Actions, which should be taken, need to be well thought of without raising voices or losing self control. If you come in angry and screaming, you will certainly lose. In order to get what you want, you need to do it the smart way. Having a good talk to people will mostly work, as a lot of misunderstanding could exist that will then be taken care of.

  3. This post is so informative and helpful for me because I have quite recently been trying to teach myself and obtain a positive mental attitude, I have been reading articles and watching some youtube clips on the subject to help me, I have been finding it quite helpful, however, I find myself slipping back into my negative moods when I’m at work and it is due to my work colleagues, or at least some of them because they are always so negative and complain about almost everything it makes it very difficult for me to stay positive, however reading your post here has been very helpful for me and given me some positive ideas, thank you for sharing.    

    • I am sorry to read about your issues at work, but admire your conviction to have a positive attitude. Maybe your colleagues see that too and envy you for it and they will have fun when they see they can get to you. Either you accept this and stay above their bullying or leave before your health is affected. As they are complaining about everything, it might make sense to let other people know. At this stage, be careful of going to their boss, as it might work to your disadvantage.

  4. Before I resigned from my Office job, I had so many tough days with utmost anger and frustration, and this was as a result of my colleagues, some can be so unruly to the last end, some are selfish and always negative, you’ll find different personalities in an a office of over 30 workers and they all have to be engaged to each other to achieve success. Assuming I got this post earlier, it would have really helped me deal with these maniacs. This article will really help people having issues regarding bad working environment, on how to tackle the situation and what steps to take when issues happen. This article is really informative and educative, thanks for sharing, I like it.

    • You can say that it is mainly the colleagues that bother you, but should management not have seen it and interfered? If people do not think of (or dare) informing the management the situation will persist to the detriment of productivity of the department or company. I guess you saw no way out other than resign, which is in my opinion the right thing to do. Better to take action than not and let your health be affected adversely.

  5. I would try and put these to work in my place of work and hope it improves the relationship we have. I am constantly irritated by some of my colleagues and it is like I just don’t know how to deal with it. I did plan reporting to management but I felt it might just make the situation worse. I guess I would have to try a different approach.

    • You say by some of your colleagues, so you should find out if there are others suffering as well. If you would be able to find like minded people, your position will become stronger. Surely in talking it over with them, any support you can get is helpful. Ensure that you keep the discussion business like, keep emotions out and focus on a good result for everybody. No need to threaten them going to management if it doesn’t work. You could do that anyway after complete non-cooperation.

  6. Many people have their work as thier life and working there brings joy to their heart on every minute they spend working. However we are all bound to face problems at work and I have been a victim of that. When I was faced with a hard time at work, I had no idea how to go about it and I was just following with it.
    That was a situation I regret till date because not doing anything made me lose interest in my work and my mind was totally disturb, until depression set in and that was it, I had to quit. What I’m saying it no one should be quiet when faced with a bad situation at work but because it is very detrimental to our health and our work. Thanks for sharing

    • Yes Chloe, exactly my point. I am sorry to hear that you even got depressed. But I now what your thinking was at the time. You thought it was temporary and would blow over, that is what a lot of people do. They have to realize that if they do not act now, it will only get worse and they will suffer more. In other words, by not acting, they only damage themselves. You illustrate that perfectly. Thanks for your valuable contribution.

  7. Exactly, you are spot on with this article. To be honest, most people go through hell at their work places and they tend to want to live or endure through it. That is bad. The work we are doing us tiring enough than to have a much more bigger entity of stress to bother us more by being a bad situation at work and as such, all stones must be turned and none left unturned. All these tips you shared here are really great pointers towards ensuring peace and cool atmosphere suitable for working. Thumbs up

    • You said most people go through hell at work. I am not so sure about that, but I do know it is a lot. And quite a few do so unnecessarily, not exactly knowing what to do. This is where this website comes in. I would like to help people in these dire situations by making them aware action is needed and that there always is a way out. One way or the other. Offering them an escape route is the ultimate and definite solution.


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