How to learn and earn for People over 50


learn and earnAs you may have noticed or heard, many people have received additional training or retraining during the corona crisis. But they very strikingly found out that these persons are mainly young people and people of up to 50 years old. The group of people over 50 is less likely to do so. What on earth is the matter here? And why is it important that the elderly employees also continue to develop?

Read on and find the surprising results for how to learn and earn for people over 50. Plus, you have more possibilities than you think, as you may find out at the end of my article. Start working from home and make money on the side!


Sylvia (50) works as an energy-saving advisor at a national government facility and was stimulated to follow a training program for Inclusive Labor organizations. Her employer was even willing to pay for her education. She was allowed to follow it during working hours and she was given the opportunity to work temporarily in another department, in the diversity and inclusion team.

“I noticed though that I was the only older one and nobody else of over 50 was there. I asked around and was told that others of my age had not even be asked. It touches my heart when other people are treated unfairly and not have equal opportunities in the labor market, for whatever reason,” she says. “At first I had no intention of getting any training, but when I was looking for jobs in that field, I noticed that I never qualified because I didn’t have the right papers. So, when I was given the opportunity, I took it with both hands.”

Smart to look at futurelook ahead

Following the above tale, it is smart to look to the future in your early fifties, just like Sylvia did, says a human resource manager at a national University. Not staying up to date with ongoing developments in your professional area, may find you at a disadvantage. And also, you may be very satisfied now, but chances are that your job will be computerized in a few years. “If you get stuck at 58, you will have a big problem. Age discrimination is then much more severe than when you are in your late forties. It is therefore very important to distinguish yourself from other people over 50 by having up-to-date knowledge and skills.

No more ambition

Yet most of the over-50s do not seem to be interested in a course or training. The corona pandemic is stimulating the eagerness to learn among the younger working population, but not among older workers. This is shown by research by some institutes, conducted among a thousand respondents. Almost a quarter of the respondents between the ages of 18 and 67 have received additional training or retraining in the past year. Remarkably: these are mainly respondents aged 18 to 34, followed by the group of 35 to 49-year-olds.

The older respondents (50-67 years) hardly see the need for training. 38 percent of the older respondents who have not taken any action indicate that they do not want it, 21 percent do not believe in its usefulness and 20 percent have no ambitions. It is not the first study to show that people over 50 less often follow an education or training course. Other similar institutes and research agencies previously came to similar conclusions.

Why is this?

perception of timeHow is it possible that people over 50 want to develop less often? One reason can be found in the perception of time. “During the midlife period, many people’s perspective on time changes,” explains another psychologist. “As an eighteen-year-old, you might think: how nice, a language course, that will probably come in handy someday. Older employees want to be able to apply new knowledge and skills directly in their work. And if that doesn’t connect, they don’t see the point. “

The head of the labor market information and advice department has another explanation for why certain groups of people over 50 are less eager to learn: ‘Many workers of that age are satisfied with their job and colleagues, loyal to their employer and they work hard. This may make them feel like they will continue to be needed. They feel safe and consider the chance that they will be declared redundant is small. So they don’t always immediately see why they would be retrained, “he says.

Another factor that could play a role is that older employees find it taboo to ask their employer about training opportunities. The employees think that this is a signal that they want to leave. The fact that they do not ask for training does not mean that they do not want to learn anything new. “If there is a need – due to dismissal or an imminent reorganization, for example – they will take action. More than half of all unemployed workers who follow training are older than 45 years. “

Talk to your boss and or HR

I personally think that a solution to this issue has to begin with the people themselves. Why not think: “I am not too old to learn”. You owe it to yourself to keep looking at your organization, study the changes and discover new possibilities. Sitting back and just relax never is a good idea for anyone, irrespective of age and stage of career.

Talk to your boss and find out what he/she thinks about the future of your job and which skills are going to be required. Talk to HR and find out about other possibilities. They might know something that you are not yet aware of.

But there also is the employer’s side.

Employers, motivate people over 50employers and people over 50

Of course, there is a task for the managers in question as well. They should encourage their 50-plus employees more to continue to develop. That is also in their best interest because otherwise, employees will stagnate and eventually malfunction. Employers prefer to invest in younger employees because they think they can reap the benefits for longer, but that is not the case. The turnover among younger employees is much higher and older employees are therefore much more loyal to their employer. The likelihood of older workers leaving is much smaller. 

My final thoughts

Positions change so quickly that taking courses and continuing to develop yourself has become a necessary condition. For all ages. The days when you followed the training, then practiced a profession, and finally spent time in one and the same position are long gone.

Not only is our life expectancy increased, but also the quality of life. People who have just reached the young age of 50 no longer are seen as old but in the prime of their lives. Therefore it is you to show everybody how eager you still are. Therefore, this is also a perfect moment to change your life completely. Here is how to do it.

Prepare for the way out

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6 thoughts on “How to learn and earn for People over 50”

  1. Hello, Jerry!
    Your post definitely draws my attention once I’m in that age range and also suffering the effects of the corona crisis. It became a problem getting a job and so I’ve decided to join Wealthy Affiliate and I feel very comfortable with it. Still struggling to get my way but very driven in getting a life-changing attitude.
    The way you put things is a great help and you cleared things a lot! Thank you.
    Keep up the great work and stay safe!

    • Glad you found this great program, which is a very welcome addition to your existing job and a nice escape route to having your own business. I am sure there are many people in the same situation as you, so I am offering them a unique and life-changing opportunity.

  2. Your article is an eye opener to both employees over 50 and employers. I have come to realize that most people over 50 are very loyal to their employers and they are very experienced and calm. The younger generation is always looking for new opportunities outside of their current jobs. So I think it’s wise to encourage self improvement to older people in the company. 

    And yes wealthy affiliate is a life changing program for both old and young people. The system there is very easy to follow and anyone can understand easily. 

    • A lot of employers invest in young people, hoping they will stay a long time. However, the reality is that young people tend to be job hoppers. Older people tend to stay longer, so why not invest more in them?

      If you would be bored staying in the corporate jungle, then becoming your own boss with Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best opportunities available.

  3. It is so damn true! Besides the pandemic that revealed everyone no job is safe. If you do not learn something new and resistant to do that, you basically fall behind and somebody else will surpass or even replace you in your current job position, due they can do stuff you cannot do since you never learned. 

    Side hustles has become more popular and is actually encouraged to do so to secure yourself if your current job lets you go. I have done so and keep learning something new while having my own site. It also keeps me discipline and change my mind perspective of an owner of something. 

    Thank you for your informative article and I highly recommend this for anyone.

    • As I was born to keep learning until my last days, I have a big difficulty in understanding why so many people want to sit back and relax. Are they not curious? It keeps the mind busy and going and makes every next day interesting. Especially so at work where you are in competition with others and the business moves forward. Good for you to keep learning.


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