How to make Money with any Hobby


How many of us dream about making extra money for ourselves? How many want to become their own boss? And how many have dreamed about making money with something close to them, like a hobby, interest or passion? You would also like to work from home? Nowadays, with the growing internet possibilities, this has become possible for all of us.

How to do it?

But how many of us know how to do this? Answer: not so many and even if you have an idea, most of us will be scared to undertake such a daring enterprise. The good news is that with the growth of the internet, especially the Google search engine, tons of opportunities have presented themselves. The secret is that there are opportunities for each and every one of us and yes also for you! 

Life-changing option!

In this article I am going to give you the best option available right now, one that combines all of the advantages mentioned above and so much more. And I can assure you it will be scam-free if you would be afraid of losing money. What is the secret here? 

Having your own website

To take away any mystery, this is going to be about creating, owning and operating your own website or even sites. Now you might be thinking, oh dear I might not be able to do that. I can tell you now that with the right support and guidance anybody can do this, but you need to find the right training and support.

Some time ago I started this website from scratch, not knowing too much about the techniques involved and here is the thing: you do not need to know all the website techniques, as it is already there and you would have a website within 30 minutes.

However, your main task will be to build out your website, which means hard work and effort.

Website strategy

It is the law of the land that in order to make money with your website, you will need to have an audience (people who come to visit your site). The underlying sequence is the following process:

Website>niche>blogging>traffic>audience>business>making money.

Finding your niche

The crux of this process is finding a niche, which would be a group of people who you are going to help with a problem. Get this: any niche is good. But is it good for you? Here is what experts in the business suggest: look to yourselfmake your hobby your niche and find out what your personal interests, hobbies and passions are (pet care, beauty products, types of sports, literally anything will do).

Make your choice based on the following assumptions: you need to be able to research, study, talk and most importantly write about your topic on a day-to-day basis. No need to be an authority on the subject, but certainly want to become one. I have written an article about finding a niche that you can find here.


Building out your website means that you will be adding content by way of blogging. Always bear in mind that any article you write should be relevant to your niche, should be helping your potential customer and should be engaging them in order to have them take action, such as ask a question, counter your content (to start a discussion on the topic), or have them go to another of your articles through internal linking. Like I did in former paragraph.

Get traffic

Remember that all of this should be done with the aim to get the all-important traffic to your site. To that purpose, your website will have very effective Search Engine Optimization or SEO. I am talking here about the various search engines present like Google, Bing and Yahoo and where Google is by far the greatest.

Your articles will be written in such a way that they will easily be found and accepted (indexed) by these search engines. By then your website url, which illustrates your niche, will also have been indexed by the search engines (examples: and

Quality content

After indexing your post or blog or article the search engines will rank it, give it a place on one of their pages, we would prefer page 1, position 1 but page 1 is very good. I have published an article of how to best write quality content, which you can click here.


So how do you get a high enough ranking in the search engines? Well, besides SEO there is a mechanism that is working with keywords and phrases. Every one of your articles should have a keyword in its title which should be repeated within the first 100 words of the post. I will explain here what the meaning of this is.

Keyword tool

In search engines, people type in search criteria in order to find answers to their questions such as how to beat my boss? or how to deal with an annoying boss? Both of these search criteria are called keywords and they will give you an idea of how many times a keyword is typed in and what your competition for this keyword will be.

The program I will propose has a separate Free keyword search system that is going to help you find the right keywords! The better the keyword, the higher the rankings and the higher the traffic to your website.

I have described this system in detail here.

Your audience

If you are going to talk to people and help them solve a problem, you better find out who it is you are talking to. For some niches, this might be obvious, like finding a job for men over 50 or stay-at-home moms. For others, this might not be so clear, as in

find out who your visitors are

Your visitors

There are some ways of finding out who the people are that you want to support. One way is to go to the internet and find out what people talk about. Examples of that are, and which are in essence question and answers fora. Visit there and discover who is talking about what, relevant to your niche of course.

During your extensive training, you will be asked to establish a link from your site to Google Analytics, which automatically analyses what people click on your posts, how many, age, gender and location, which is another very useful and Free tool to be used.

But how are you going to do business?

So now you have a website, built out your quality content, are ranked in search engines and there is a rise in people clicking to your content. In any of the niches we choose, there will be products, services and other help you can offer to your audience. Do you need to first buy the goods, services or others? The answer is: you do not and the solution is found in affiliate marketing. For your niche, you will join an affiliate marketing program of the applicable merchant, again for Free, and you will promote their products on your website. Promoting is usually done by reviewing the products.

Your unique link

As their affiliate, you will send people from your site to the merchant’s site via a unique link and when people buy, you will receive a commission. So, no buying or selling, no storage keeping, no logistics involved, you are only involved in the marketing campaign.

How to implement all this?

On the internet there are several programs that offer to teach you all of this, some legitimate, some are not. So why not enlist with the best of them all, Wealthy Affiliate (WA), which is scam-free and completely affordable. As a member of this platform for some years, I have written a personal review on all the ins and outs, pros and cons on WA, which will answer many of your questions. That article has a link through which you can access a one-week free trial, without any commitments from your side.

Anyway, I am open to all questions you may have on this truly unique and maybe once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Feel free to put them in the comment boxes below and I will respond within 24 hours.

Beat your boss by joining this program and become your own boss!

12 thoughts on “How to make Money with any Hobby”

  1. A few years ago if you asked me if I’d have my own website and start affiliate marketing, I would’ve said “That’ll never happen, and what is affiliate marketing?” 🙂 Now I have my own website and have learned so much, and it’s fun to share information with my audience on topics that I’m interested in! It has been a great opportunity to learn so much on how to blog and participate in affiliate marketing. Thanks for sharing this with your readers and hopefully they’ll start their own website too!

    • Having your own website, equals being your own boss and working from home (or any place you like). It could be your way to financial independence, which is what many people aspire, yet so few ever accomplish. Wealthy Affiliate is a support program that gives you the maximum chance of achieving just that. It takes hard work and dedication, but success is almost assured.

  2. Hey Jerry

    Love the breakdown you got here. It eases anxiety for people who have a hard time committing all the way to anything. Even my hobbies now consists of guitar, piano, modeling, acting and internet marketing. It’s like I thrive trying to do it all!

    I do give 100% to most my hobbies and yeah I guess I have favorites but I do lean towards what’s easy. Internet and affiliate marketing is exciting yet challenging and I love being a part of a worry scam free community. I can take my time and move at my own pace. 

    I set micro goals and getting better everyday!

    Have a blessed one 


    • Well, you do not yet need to have internet marketing as a niche, as you will use it already to promote one or more of your passions. If you give this your all, as you say, you are sure to be successful sooner or later.

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is an honest scam free opportunity, where nobody is in a hurry, but ready to help anybody struggling.

  3. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and have to agree that it is by far the best training platform anywhere.  I love fishing, I breath fishing and fishing is a great big hobby of mine.However I have not yet started a fishing blog.  One day I will but for now I started two blogs on a couple niches that at this point in my career I thought would do better for me.Thank you for writing this article.  It makes so much sense  And Im sure there will be a lot of interested people.Dale

    • Thanks Dale, it seems a little bit strange that fishing is not at least one of your niches, as you might be an authority on it already. It would certainly be easy for you to write about it. Anyway, I hope you do well with your other sites, which I trust to be some of your passions also. If not, then you know what to do!

  4. I enjoyed reading your article, thanks for sharing it.

    That was my thought before, having your business (website) online is just like owning anything really that comes to your mind.  What is important is you should have a passion for it, that you love doing it – and most likely that will be your hobby!

    Also, i appreciate you recommending for a newbie where they can start doing online business – like joining in the affiliate program you are recommending.

    All the best!

    • You are right in that your niche needs to be your passion, hobby or interest, as you are going to be busy with it every day. Whether it be studying, researching, just talking or writing in particular. Your business needs to become your second nature.

      Joining Wealthy Affiliate is your best bet, everyone’s best bet, to become successful in the online business world.

  5. Years ago I used to wonder how certain people were able to have a hobby and get paid for it. I would sometimes sit and wonder if it was just that they were the lucky ones. Years later, I now look back having realised that we all have our own individual hobbies and if you can create a site to help others with this hobby then you will be rewarded back. I am now in a fortunate position to have various sites my self teaching different hobbies and can say they it was and still is a great learning experience in putting it all together. You just need to have the patience, the ability and will to want to do it.

    This is a great refreshing article that has brought back some great memory’s, Thanks.

    • That’s the idea Rob, to help other people with certain problems. I know there are many like us who want to help others, but do not really know how to get it done. I, for one, find myself very lucky to have found maybe the best program in the world to help me just teaching the right way, Wealthy Affiliate.

      I congratulate you on your success!

  6. I’ve read so many success stories of bloggers coming online and basically quitting their jobs through the results they’ve seen – I would absolutely love to be one of these people and quit the nine to five lifestyle!

    I like the idea of the training you mention in the final paragraph of your article, but what level is it really aimed at? 

    I only ask as I know absolutely nothing about web design or blogging – but I know I would love to give it a go and see if I could be successful at it. 

    Look forward to your response, 


    • Hi Chris, the training is aimed at getting people to a sufficient level to build their own successful website through blogging. You do not need to bother with the technical details of website design, because you can choose already existing and proven website themes. Join the club and you will have a website of your choosing within minutes. The training is mostly directed to attract visitors to your site. Furthermore you will be given all the tools necessary for this trade like a keyword search system, Google Analytics and Google Search Console, which all are Free.

      Starting and following the training, performing the tasks given is the essential part and might seem overwhelming for  newbie at first. However, there is no time constraint and you can set your own pace. There is also no excuse to get stuck as you will become a member of WA’s excellent community, where you will have the chance to ask all kinds of questions and there will always be someone to help you out. Within 24 hours, but probably within a few hours.

      If you put in the effort and dedication you will see results quickly and you can only fail when you quit.


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