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Making money by trading can be a fun activity and many people earn a lot of money in the process. People are how to sell stuff onlinealready trading for a very long time and therefore it is a very important concept in history. Through the marketing of products, people found out that they were not the only ones in the world, so different cultures came into contact with each other.

Big changes

However, in the course of time very much has changed in the way one acts with each other. This is due to new technology, the media, and foremost the internet, which makes it easier for people to communicate with each other. In this way, it is possible for anyone to make money while trading.

Lots of opportunities

On this page, you will find ways to be successful in today’s internet trading and doing this from home (see handy tips for working from home successfully here). Further on I will give you 6 handy tips supporting how to sell stuff online. I will conclude with the world’s best opportunity for starting and maintaining an online business successfully.

How to start trading

If you’re reading this then you are already well underway. It is very important to inform yourself first about trading so that you are going to start right away. By making the right start you will enjoy trading more and become a successful dealer quicker. trade products yourself, start now

In addition to reading this information, it is very important to know what you would like to trade-in and sell. Therefore, ensure that you know the ins and outs of what you are going to trade-in. One of the key things is to know where a good market is for your stuff and what the sales prices in this market are. It is easier to start with the merchandise you know well, for example when it is your hobby/passion or any product that you are very familiar with.

What is good business?

If you cannot think of a product to sell, you can also find out what you’d like to have and what people around you would like to have. So on the internet, you can look for these products to see what is on offer and of course which products are in demand. Make sure you’re well aware of sales prices and whether the products are offered second-hand regularly. In this way, you will know in a short time where you can buy the cheapest product and what the average selling price is.

Make profits

Of course, everybody wants to have profitable trading, but it is not always easy to know what a good business will be and whatnot. By regularly following the online marketplaces, you will quickly see which products sell fastest and where people have the most interest in. If you pay attention to the online marketplaces, you can see who the merchants are. These are often people who sell multiple products and have long been busy on the online marketplaces. By viewing their profile, you will see that they have multiple active advertisements and often have enough products in stock.

Of course it may not be advisable to ‘copy’ other merchants, but you will get a fair idea of what currently is selling well.

Purchasing products

Now that you know what product or products you want to sell it becomes important to buy in cheap. This is very important as you want to make as much profit as possible and to sell your stuff quickly. By using the internet you can buy in worldwide. On websites such you can find major providers of products worldwide. Keep in mind that you buy products that are not fake because you can run into great problems when importing or selling. Also, it is often a lot cheaper to purchase multiple products from a similar kind. Be as sure as possible that there is sufficient demand for these products.

Buying at flea markets/yard/garage sales

In addition to purchasing products over the internet, you can also look closer to home. There are several flea marketswhere to buy across any country. Here you can find products that are cheaper or you can easily negotiate the price. It often helps if you go to the market near its end to pick up bargains, as people prefer to have a minimum of stuff back home.

If you’re looking for a specific product, then the earlier you come, the better. It is advisable to carry an iPhone, so you can quickly do product research on the internet. By looking at what these products cost you can quickly calculate how much you want to pay for the product.

Of course you can also visit yard or garage sales, where you will have the same conditions as at a flea market.

Purchasing from public sales or liquidation sales

Due to the current recession, more and more people are getting into problems. Consequently, there will be many public sales because of bankruptcy. These are also good places to get cheap goods. You might have some reservations about making money from these people, but you are helping them in bidding on their stuff and at least get some money back. A cash amount in their hands can greatly benefit these people. If nobody buys, their misery will be even greater.

How much money do you need to invest?

Actually, you do not need so much money to start trading. Of course, it helps if you can place large orders directly to buy products as cheaply as possible. But if you do not have initial capital or very little, then you can start trading by selling stuff you already have. Walkthrough your house once and look at stuff you never actually used. By selling this you not only earn money but you also know immediately whether there is a market for this stuff.  Another possibility is by advertising on free mediums/shops you have no cost and you will make money when you realize a sale.

In what place are you going to sell?

Of course you want to put your products for sale to as many people as possible. By making use of the internet this can easily be done. However, you will often have much more competition on the internet, so make sure your prices are on from where to sellthe low side. You can sometimes better choose to keep the profit margins low, in order to realize a lot more sales.

By placing ads on various online marketplaces such as eBay you will reach a large number of people.

Own website

You can also choose to design your own website so as to ensure that more people come back to you to buy your stuff. Your own website also creates more customer confidence and they might come back to buy more. This is probably one of the best methods and which I am doing myself. See my profile here.

Furthermore, you can actually advertise on several large sites that have many visitors, but take care that those visitors have an interest in the products that you sell.

Trading tips!

Try to sell as soon as possible with a profit

Better to sell something at a cheaper price than sit with a product unsold for a long time. This way you can quickly buy new goods. Especially when you have one big lot of certain goods which you want to sell as soon as possible. By lowering the prices you will see that the sales will also go a lot faster.

Take a car with loading space

By taking a car with plenty of cargo space you can pick more items at one time. Also, make sure that it runs on diesel or gas, so you spend less on transportation. A pick-up truck or van would be ideal.

Make sure you always have an internet option

You never know when you can buy up a good trade. Therefore, make sure you always have a phone with an internet connection, so that you can quickly check what the value of a particular product is.

Be known as a merchant

By letting as many people know that you are a dealer, your network will be getting bigger. This can be easy to sell stuff but also to buy. When people have goods to trade, they will first contact you. 

Help fellow traders

Sometimes you can sell your products with a small margin to another trader so that you can sell very quickly. Now you can also buy in larger numbers so the purchase prices will be lower. This merchant might come back to you when he has a big lot of goods or he will think of you when he can buy a bigger lot. By working together in this way both can be better off.

The affiliate way to generate an income onlinebest option

One of the best ways to earn an income or extra income is by promoting any product available in the market. Then you hold no stock, you do not need to buy, you do not need to deliver and you will get commissions for directing customers to their website. This can be done by enlisting for Affiliate Programs, the best basis for which is your own website.

Wealthy Affiliates (WA) will provide you with all the tools, including a website in 30 seconds, necessary to set up and maintain a successful online business for years to come. The product you promote will be entirely your choice, based on your personal interests, hobbies or passions. I have reviewed this unique and fast-growing opportunity here. This review contains a link to become a member for one week for FREE!

If you have any questions or like to add to the above, please feel free to leave them in the comment box and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

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  1. Hi Jerry,

    Great article. I have not heard of trading online before. Obviously a very attractive position to receive new items that you are looking for.

    I thought everything was already thought of on the interweb, but I have gained more information today.

    Thanks again and I will use the information that you provided.


    • Thanks Rob, it is good to know that this article was of help to you. And if you did not know about Wealthy Affiliates before, then this is maybe your good fortune. Becoming a member for one week fro free and with no commitments whatsoever is one of the best propositions ever. Cheers, Jerry

  2. Hi Jerry

    I have landed on your website and found it rather interesting, although I thought there was a lot of information to take in.

    I know that I would definitely not be any good at some of your propositions such as trading, ebay etc. however I completely agree with your last offering of Wealthy Affiliate as being the best place to generate an income online promoting any product.

    Best wishes


    • Hi Victoria, thanks for stepping by, I appreciate your comments. I thought I would cover as many options as I can, so that people have a choice and can decide to do what suits them best. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is probably the world’s best in setting up a website, business and then supporting it to become profitable. I encourage people to list up for the one week free trial to check it out for themselves. Cheers, Jerry

  3. Hello Jerry, you make the idea of selling attractive and lucrative. I must agree that you are just using proven investment principles.
    The best options I like is the flea market purchase and the liquidation sales.
    When we make a purchase from such places, the prices will be lower and we can sell for some immediate profit.
    I will try this one and sell some stuff on ebay then.

    • Hi Emmanuel, yes garage sales and flea markets are an excellent way to buy stuff for selling it later. I am glad I could be of help. Cheers, Jerry

  4. Good article on how to get started selling products online. There are a number of ways to get products as you mention, I like to find drop shippers, meaning you advertise the items they sell, and when you get orders the drop shipper fulfills the orders.

    In today’s world, this is easy to do and fulfilling an order can be automated depending on the software and set up. You can now leverage the power of the internet to have a real store with varied products without investing the money in a bricks and mortar operaiion and all the investment that entails.

    Of course as you get more experienced, you can branch out and do other things such as branding your own products, do whie labeling, and etc. This all is very legitimate way to make money online and often much more effective than all the scams out there promising you the world, but of course only after you use your credit card to pay them lots of money!!

    Your last reference, the Wealthy Affiliate site, is a way to diversify streams of income…This is more a passive method to generate income through realizing commissions from products that you link to on your blog site…

    This is a valid and tried method of creating residual iincome for yourself…The conpcept there is over time you build a site with authority that people will want to come to visit, and buy things that you recommend…

    Another good thing using this affiliate method is over time you will buuild a leads list…That is money in the bank, because when you do have something of value to offer to that list, you can use emails to garner their attention, and make money when they do buy.

    This method has been around for a number of years, but it still is a very efficable manner of making money online – it works! Thanks for the article, it was an interesting read and lots of good info included here. Congrats and wishing you great success at marketing/sales!

    • Hi Dave, thanks for taking the time to read this article and to comment on it. It is very much appreciated. Greetings, Jerry

  5. Great article Jerry! I had no idea people could actually trade their items for other things online.. not to mention, a profit! I guess we learn something new everyday. The strategies you listed sound like a great way for anyone to start earning online and especially like how you incorporated this with a way to create your own website. Very cool 🙂

    • Hi Peter, yes there are a wide range of opportunities to sell stuff online, as there are lots of options to buy things. The internet possibilities are virtually endless. Cheers, Jerry

  6. Trading online is really a good way of beating your boss ,doing internet marketing will help anyone fire their boss in no time ,with so much opportunities out there there is no excuses for failures only the lazy to learn and try new things will fail.I love the idea of trading online and it’s great ,hope the new people will find this information helpful keep it going

  7. Thanks for all this great information. I like what you said about affiliate marketing. There is a lot of opportunity there and no need to hold any stock whatsoever. All you need is a good website and some training and off you go.
    I love the idea of being able to do that, in my own time and at home.

    • Hi Lynne, if you would like to set up an internet business, then affiliate marketing is an outstanding opportunity to do so. Of course you will need some experience, however, as a newbie, either in marketing or internet business, you can join a unique program, like Wealthy Affiliates is, that will support you all the way. Cheers, Jerry

  8. Hi Siam,
    I am not good at Trading, but upon reading your website, my attention was caught in what you said about starting it right. I believe i did not do the right thing. I am so thankful that you are have provided the right kind of information in trading business.
    Great article and information! two thumbs up for you! cheers!

    • Hi Leonard, thanks for your reaction and I am glad I could be of help to you. If there is anything you want to know, just leave a message! Cheers, Jerry

  9. so do i go for all the stuff about selling stuff or do i go for online marketing with WA or do I just do everything you say?? Or what order should I do what you suggest in??…There’s a lot of suggestions and recommendations here…. where is the best place to start??

    • Hi Steve, initially you can choose between two options: either you sell your own products (whether in your possession or bought on internet/flea markets/garage sales etc.) or you sell products of others (through affiliate programs). For the first option you can follow the suggestions given in this article. For the second option the way to go is having a website, preferably your own. If you are a newbie to internet marketing, then the WA program is the perfect solution for you. You sign up and you will have a 7 day free trial and you will be able to open two WA owned websites. If you go premium within this week you will get a first month membership for $19 and you will transfer the WA websites to your own. To find out more just click the link to my personal WA review in above article. I trust this answers your questions, however, feel free to ask anything you like to know or are not sure of and I will be happy to reply soonest. Cheers, Jerry


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