The Expectations of the Boss

Introduction When starting a new job we would like to fulfill the new manager’s expectations.  We know that employees can influence their manager and you as a newcomer will also have ideas and objectives. It is time to look further at how we put this into action. An important first step is to know the expectations of … Read more

Help! My boss is Mean

Introduction Is your manager predictable, mean and eager for power? Thousands of employees are groaning under a terrible boss. Some reader said it this way: “Indeed, my boss is a disaster: crap, without vision, no support, nothing. I always feel that I am losing weight, that I have to make a terrible effort and do not … Read more

How (not) to talk to the Boss

Introduction Do you want have a good and lasting relationship with your boss? How do you keep your boss in a good mood?  Much is written  about the do’s and dont’s. I would like to especially concentrate here on the dont’s. You certainly do not want to give him any reason to think that you do … Read more

12 Warning Signs that you will be Fired

Introduction Being fired is usually a painful and humiliating experience. In some cases the dismissal is already imminent for a while, but often enough it comes like a thunderbolt in clear skies. Even when people really notice changes in their work situation, they tend to ignore them. This is because nobody likes to think about dismissal, … Read more

Sexual Harassment by Boss and What can be Done

Introduction It is said that worldwide one in ten workers occasionally suffer from some form of sexual harassment. Yes, you read that right. Moreover,  even a seemingly innocent sexually tinted remark may have a much greater impact than expected. Especially young women, single women and women with a temporary contract are at risk of becoming … Read more

My boss is an Asshole

Introduction Unacceptable behavior in the workplace is something of all times, everybody will encounter it from time to time. But leaders should know that bastards in the workplace can constitute a serious obstacle to success. Loutish behavior can be defined as `the ongoing display of hostile verbal and nonverbal behavior without physical contact`. Development And … Read more

Work from home Jobs – Choosing the right Niche for your own Internet Business!

Introduction So you want the best chance at working from home? Use the internet! Build your own internet business, the basis of which is having your own website and a niche. Don’t say this is not for you, as both will be taken care of in this article. Everybody can do this! Profitable niche This article … Read more