How to handle a Disgruntled employee

Introduction There is the big question about employee engagement in our companies. The figures do not show a very uplifting picture. Worldwide research  shows that 1 in 5 employees has emotionally dropped out of their own organization. So no involvement, no connection, no development, growth and therefore returns. But there is hope, as we can … Read more

Here is How to avoid a Burnout at work (2) – 6 more Tips

Introduction There are people who say with hindsight that their burnout is the best thing that happened to them. Usually they don’t mean the burnout itself, but the lessons they have learned from it. Because having a burnout is nothing short of terrible. And long-lasting. As an entrepreneur or employee you don’t want to experience … Read more

How to get a promotion at work – 6 Handy tips

Introduction It is very normal to want to progress in your career, but actually doing so can be a bit more difficult. Many people believe that they can only get a better job by working elsewhere. But there are often also opportunities at your current employer, and probably not only in the department where you … Read more

How to make a Career change at 45 – Yes, this is very well possible!

Introduction Changing jobs or choosing a totally other career are always a challenge – at any age. People in their fifties in particular have a hard time on the labor market, because they have to deal with a lot of prejudices (“too expensive”, “not flexible enough”, “almost at the end of a career”). But what … Read more

A Job for life is no More – Neither is your Profession

Introduction To remain relevant and flexible in a changing job market, we must continuously develop our skills. But do people have that in them? And how do you keep doing that? If we have learned one thing from this crisis, it is that nothing is certain. Not your job and not even your entire branch … Read more

What type of Manager do you have and How to deal with them

Introduction Every manager has his own way of leading the team in providing guidance, feedback and compliments. All these bosses have their advantages and disadvantages. But despite all the differences, most employers can be divided into a number of typical groups. Here are four main types of managers and how to deal with them. Which … Read more