You had burnout – Do not make these 5 awful mistakes

after burnout

Introduction Employees coming back from burnout face an uphill struggle. Their road to recovery can be long and full of stumbling blocks. Blunders made during a reintegration process can cause many problems, produce additional costs, and can result in even more tension. What are the most common mistakes and more importantly, how can they be … Read more

11 Awesome tips on how to be more Visible at work

be more visible at work

Introduction You are working for your favorite company, are enjoying your work, and do very well. Only one thing is missing, you do not get the appreciation for your accomplishments. What can you do about it? How do you highlight your qualities and achievements? The short answer is: You brag about your results without appearing … Read more

Change is a constant, so you better not fight it

change is the only constant

Introduction Many of us have asked these questions under the current pandemic. When can we go back to normal again, please? When can we attend festivals, during this sunny summer? So much has changed in the past year and a half that you sometimes crave the predictability of before. But change is what makes life … Read more

You applied for a Job, yet received no reply! 8 Best tips

applied but no response

Introduction You just applied for a job. What is the normal term within which you can expect a reply to your cover letter? What should you do if it takes longer than that? Do companies have to confirm receipt of your application? What rights do applicants have anyway? Below some experts have made an attempt … Read more