How to Deal with a Bullying Boss

bullying boss

Introduction Believe it or not, one in six workers is a victim of ‘bossing’, being bullied by the boss, according to research in various areas. Even more remarkably, it is chiefly productive employees that are the subject of bullying. I am trying to find out why this is and will come back to this at … Read more

How to Deal with a Difficult Boss?

Introduction We have all seen it, many have experienced it. Unfortunately there are some bosses out there whose behavior can be questioned from time to time. Right here I am giving you five points that need attention. Did your boss once again not keep his word? Are you insulted by him? Passed over for promotion?  … Read more

Will Click 4 Surveys Make You Rich?

Short Review Name: Click 4 Surveys Website: Price: free entry Owner: Daniel Cooper Overall Rank: 30 out of 100 Introduction Many of you may have heard about earning money just by filling out surveys. This is true! However, does it make you rich? The answer is no, not really. In the business community and the government, there … Read more

Passed over for Promotion Unfairly?

passed over for promotion

Introduction Many of us complete our school education, subsequently starting our working careers in the first available company they can find. They have their dreams on working hard, doing overtime, showing how good they are and by doing so fully expecting to be promoted from time to time. In the meantime they will marry, have … Read more

Online Riches University Scam -Ouch

Short Review Name: Online riches University Website: Price: $97 with likely upsells Owner: “Mary Johnson” Overall Rank: 0 out of 100 Online Riches University I have visited this program’s website through the above URL and saw it was their home page, which I found also to be the only page, which is already fishy. But wait until you … Read more

Performance Appraisals – Why People Hate Them

performance appraisals

Introduction My assertion here is: We should get rid of performance appraisals! And I am going to prove why. Nowhere does negative or constructive criticism appear more frequently than in performance reviews of employees. The prevailing theory is that criticism, which invariably is part of the performance review, will improve the employee’s performance, and in … Read more

Wealthy Affiliate – My full Review

Review of a Top Product Owners: Kyle and Carson Website: Price:  Starter package: Free, no financial commitments Premium package: First month 19$ through this site, then $49 per month or  $495 yearly, a discount of $93 possible, free domain (value $14) Premium Plus Package: $99 per month Support: Excellent 24/7 support, within hours or … Read more