Sitting at Home and still Fed up with your Boss? Time to take Action!


Imagine this. It is the first job you ever had, your boss felt it necessary that you always be in at nine o’clock. When you were five minutes later, you were called to his office. Or even worse, when you were on your bike to work and he passed you in his BMW, he shouted out the window that you had to cycle harder to be able to be in at nine. Pffff.fed up with the boss

First job?

So, this was your first serious job and you had very little to no experience with bosses. You couldn’t know that this wasn’t really normal behavior. But he did ruin the fun you had in your job. I guess you probably didn’t work there for very long.

Excessive attention to punctuality may be annoying, but it’s only one reason to be fed up. Here are the top 10 reasons employees say they are fed up with their boss. I have also added some comments as to what you could or should do, as action will be necessary. See also my perfect way out at the end of this article.

1. Your boss takes the credit for your job

The worst thing that can happen to you as an employee. You perform well and your boss runs away with it. Employees aged 45 and older are particularly annoyed by this. What makes this so frustrating is that when they have done something, people want to move on to a next, better project. If someone else then takes the honors, they are inhibited in their ambitions. After all, if no one ever sees how good you are, you will never get ahead.

If this is what you encountered then you are definitely working for the wrong boss. A good discussion with him or her to clear up any misunderstandings is superfluous. It might help short time, but not in the long term. My urgent advice would be not to waste your talents for a company like that.

2. Your boss doesn’t trust you 

Trust is important in a working relationship. If you feel that your boss does not no trust from bosstrust you to know what you are doing, it is disastrous for a working relationship. Managers who don’t trust their staff tend to take their time for everything. As a result, employees become defensive and lose confidence in their own ability to make decisions. This leads to a vicious circle, if employees do not trust themselves, their boss will certainly not and it will only get worse.

This is a very good reason to ask for a one on one with your boss. Prepare well and keep emotions out. In other words, be businesslike. Make sure he understands your point and try to find out out what is bothering him or her. If you reach an understanding, then good for you. If not, you better look for something else.

3. Your boss doesn’t care that you work too hard 

Ok, you have finished your work and you are doing well. You sit at your desk until late at night and systematically take home work that has to be finished. If you indicate that you are tired, and the reply is that you are doing a very good job and your boss is very satisfied with you, then there is a misunderstanding. Working hard is fine, working too hard is the recipe for a burnout. If employees feel that their boss is not taking them seriously, this can only worsen the complaints.

You can tell your boss that you like the work and that you like to work hard, but that you are feeling that it is becoming too much. You are afraid, that you might come done with some health issues, which certainly would not be in the interests of the company. I think, in normal cases, the boss will then understand the situation, apologize for not seeing your predicament and will take positive action.

4. Your boss doesn’t support you when it comes to salary increase 

This falls somewhat in the same category as the boss who runs off with other people’s work. Employees want to feel that they are progressing in their careers, the reward for their work is an important part of that. If a boss is not committed to that, people do not feel recognized.boss does not give salary raise

You will have to understand that bosses have a budget for their department, which they have to stick to. If you are doing a good job and are entitled to a raise, this should be within the budget. Sadly there are a lot of managers, who want to show off to their management how well they are controlling their budget, mostly to the detriment of their staff. The important thing is to find out if this is the case or not. If it is, then you have a reason to confront him. If he is not budging, then tell him you will go to his boss.

5. Your boss takes to the wrong people

Your colleague who actually always is a little bit lazy still gets a prestigious project thrown into his lap. Your new colleague is a smooth talker but with little substance. If your boss takes to people like this, it will certainly not benefit you, in any respect.

If this is going on for some time, then your boss might be a person like that and it will not be easy to convince him otherwise. One way out for you, is to go and talk this over with HR, only to see if they concur or if they see it totally different. If they concur, then you could work something out. If not, then you are on your way out, which should not deter you in any way what so ever.

6. Your boss does not support you if you have a difference of opinion with a customer 

no support from bossPeople need to be able to trust that their boss supports them. A good boss is clear and gives confidence. A bad boss is unpredictable. This unpredictability creates uncertainty and creates an atmosphere of inactivity.

To me, any and all companies, should show unity and teamwork towards their customers. If two colleagues disagree in front of the client is bad enough, but if a boss is involved, it might look very bad. How can you trust the seller, if they do not even agree among themselves? It would not give me much confidence.

7. The boss does not give clear instructions

Knowing what is expected of you at work is nice. Knowing what the rest of your team has to do and who is responsible for what will also improve team performance. If uncertainty arises about this, employees will hide and everyone looks at each other.

No boss in his right mind will deliberately cause confusion about who is doing what, however, in some cases this still happens. What to think of this one. A boss receives an order from the higher ups, but does not feel comfortable and secure about its solution. He will then cover his ass by giving unclear instructions to his workers and later blame his staff for doing a very bad job at it. So, he stays out of the firing line.

8. Your boss micromanages you 

Every email that goes to a customer has to go to your boss. Every memo you write is checked and after a meeting you will be told what you should have boss is a micro managerdone differently. Your boss doesn’t focus on the big picture, but can’t let go of control. Bad for performance, bad for employee motivation.

Once I prepared for a meeting on a client issue, initiated by my boss and his, a director no less. As I knew the outcome of this to my mind fully unnecessary meeting, I had prepared the reply to customer already. But those two had to show off their competence and intelligence and talked and talked. Then they concluded the meeting, with ordering me to make the reply they engineered. At that point I handed them my e-mail with exactly that. Going by the startled and unbelieving look in their faces, I knew they were not happy. How could a miserly underling (Commercial Contract Manager of multi-million dollar contracts) be capable of answering that by himself?

See, folks, when you are in that situation, you better look for another job.

9. Your boss focuses mainly on your bad sides 

A bad boss is someone who constantly points out what went wrong. If someone does this, he mainly does this to get the better of you in his own interest. If someone continuously shows problems, he or she wants his superiors to see that he is in control.

Sometimes, these kind of bosses create the problems themselves, just to show their bosses how they had solved them in a timely manner, so that a big issue for the company had been prevented. What a manager that is!

Needles to say, that this is no place where you will advance yourself in any way and you better leave such a boss immediately.

10. Your boss does not create clear expectations 

boss is not clearOnly during your performance interview does your boss say that you did not meet expectations, but what were those expectations? If a boss doesn’t say what he wants his staff to meet, he can’t expect them to perform properly.

Even when expectations were clear, he can still say you did not meet them, but why would he wait for one year to tell you? If you do not perform well enough you should be told immediately. If he doesn’t, he just does not want to give you due credit and keep your salary as low as possible.

Immediately distance yourself from this type of cowards and look for a better option.

Final thoughts

There are many reasons that you can get fed up with your boss and then what are you going to do? One thing is for sure, you are not going to wait for better times as they might never come. Action is required at all times.

Some people have the possibility to find another job, for others that might not be so easy. In any case, all of you could prepare for worse times. How? By starting to make money on the side by means of your own website. You want to know the most popular, scam free internet support program in the world? Read all ins and outs in my full review by clicking here.

8 thoughts on “Sitting at Home and still Fed up with your Boss? Time to take Action!”

  1. Hi Jerry,

    To be honest, that situation exactly happened to me. Sadly I am not riding on my bike instead I was walking and my boss’s car crossed me, he was shaking his head and looking at his watch. I was standing for 30 minutes in front of his office room for late coming.

    Every one of us struggled with any of the 10 reasons you shared. Things will not change and we need to change it. That’s the main reason I started my Affiliate Marketing career. Being our own boss is a big blessing. Instead of working for others without satisfaction working on our own business is the wise thing to do.

    You not only discussed the problems but provided with the solution as well.

    • To set things completely right: all this would not be necessary if you would have a boss you could respect. I have had such a boss once, but unfortunately there are not many of them. You have started your own affiliate marketing career, which is a good example for many of us.

  2. HI Jerry. I have been having a bad experience at work. I went through your list and I could link my boss to a couple of things you mentioned here. But I am afraid of quitting my job because I don’t know how to substitute my income. I have heard that there are good possibilities working online. I’ll go over and check what you recommended us at the end of this post. Thanks!

    • I know it is not consolation, but many people are in the same situation as you. The beauty of the alternative I am offering is that you do not yet have to quit your job. You can start building your own business in your free time and work on your financial independence gradually, whilst still having an income from your job. The joy you will feel when in the end, you can say goodbye to the assholes.

  3. True! I agree with you that in so many ways, a boss can make life a living hell for us and the best possible way for us to get back our life and truly fulfill potentials is if we decided to take charge and fight off living of the boss. It is simple, just realise that we get nothing from being the good employee, so we can as well just build ourselves so that we can employ others.  Taking action is the goal and getting started to do the right thing. Thank you for sharing here

    • That is correct. You cannot begin to imagine what I have experienced in my 37 year career in that corporate jungle. Many people do not leave their job, but leave their boss! As you say, being good at your job will not help you if a boss does not (want to) see it. The alternative I offer gives people the chance to built something for themselves.

  4. This is a very important post. The truth is that a lot of people do not like their current jobs but they do not have a choice. Up there, they know that their boss is really annoying. The past job I quit was because if the way my boss treated me badly. I could not continue living that kind of life so I had to drop it. Your reasons are very realistic. I really want to check out your alternative though.

    • The thing is that many people are in a job they do not really like, most of the times because of a bad boss. They should realize that at the least they will have a bad time and at worst it will affect their health. Action needs to be taken in all cases. Checking out my alternative is a really good idea. It can be started next to your job as well and thus form a nice escape route.


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