Will employee journey mapping create success?

Introduction Have you seen this happening in your surroundings? Candidates who enthusiastically go through the application process, employees who still work with great passion within the company after years, or former employees who express their satisfaction to outsiders as ambassadors. What is going on here? Well, something that we have all been waiting or hoping … Read more

Help, my Manager is a Jerk!

manager is a jerk

Introduction You might have asked yourself these questions: Why are there so many bad bosses? Why do we not get rid of our jerk bosses? To emphasize these points: the harsh verdict of a questionnaire in the Netherlands is that two out of three workers think their boss sucks. According to research by recruitment site … Read more

7 Tips on How to Outsmart your Boss

outsmart your boss

Introduction Bosses have a lot of tricks and there are a variety of bad bosses who use them. I have already dedicated articles to all kinds of negative treats, such as bossing, divide and conquer tactics, favoritism, nepotism, bullying and being passed over for promotion. In all these cases I have also indicated ways to … Read more

Why Good Employees get Fired

Introduction Why fire a good employee? Many people have asked themselves why it is that very often the good guys get fired. The reasons will ultimately lie in an imbalance in the relationship between you and your employer. Think about it. When each of you was hired, you were given: Conditions in which to do … Read more

What is Scapegoating? – How to Deal with it in the Workplace

scapegoating at workplace

Introduction Tens of thousands of employees worldwide seek professional help for job stress, and many more attempt to cope through other means like alcohol, drugs, angry outbursts or emotional and social withdrawal. This will result in high workers turnover, absenteeism, substance abuse and stress claims that cost the companies/economy billions of dollars each year. Still … Read more

Passed over for Promotion Unfairly?

passed over for promotion

Introduction Many of us complete our school education, subsequently starting our working careers in the first available company they can find. They have their dreams on working hard, doing overtime, showing how good they are and by doing so fully expecting to be promoted from time to time. In the meantime they will marry, have … Read more