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Many of you have made their presence known on the internet, whether through social media, blogs or even complete websites. In this day and age internet entrepreneurs are beginning to take an important place in the cyber world. Being your own boss, working from home, working in your own time, are now common words in connection with being active on the internet.keyword tool


But how do you become a successful internet entrepreneur? In my opinion, there are two main factors that drive success and they are good support, especially just before and during start-up and the best tools to work with. One of the world’s best support communities in this field of expertise is Wealthy Affiliates (WA), a personal review of which you will find here. Moreover, they will also hand you all the necessary tools for making a profitable business on line, including the best key word research tool that is currently available.

Why a keyword research tool?

Experts agree that having your own web site or sites is a solid foundation for most internet enterprises, but it is still only the first step in the process (WA will provide you with a website in 30 seconds!). Ultimately, everybody wants to sell and earn income, but in order to do that you will need traffic to your site. You attract an audience by adding quality content to your website, quality to be defined here as informative, helpful and engaging. However, all of this will get you nowhere, if you do not have the appropriate rankings of your pages/posts within the search machines keyword tool(Google, Bing, Yahoo).

Search machines

People use these search machines to find information of almost any kind. The more popular the request (or keyword), the more search engine pages will show up, which can be anything from one page to a million or more. People mostly read the information contained in the first 1, 2 or 3 pages. In fact, a lot of them hardly go beyond page one. It thus follows, fellow entrepreneurs, that it is essential to reach page 1 in the search engine rankings for each of our pages/posts.


Search engines mainly rank blogs, articles by words mentioned in their respective headings. Of course they look at many more things, but for this article let us concentrate on this one. You want to write a header with the right (key) words in them. In order to do that you will need information on monthly searches and how many competitive pages there are for a particular search request (or keyword). Right here is where an excellent keyword research tool can work miracles.

How does the keyword research tool work?

Typically, you go to this tool and you type in your search request and the tool should give information on monthly searches, the competition (number of pages with competition), article power and some more. The results you see will be given in numbers, but how to interpret these numbers? An excellent key research tool is to give you an indicationkeyword tool of how good or bad a keyword is. The monthly searches can be in their ten thousands, but what if there is stiff competition? Monthly searches seem low, but so is the competition. What do you do? You rely on a high quality keyword research tool, such as Jaaxy, introduced by the founders of Wealthy Affiliates (WA), is.

How does Jaaxy work?

This outstanding keyword tool that works across all search engines, will give you a good indication of the value of each keyword typed in. What do you see after you type in your search request? You will see the following metrics in columns:

Average               Traffic                  QSR                        KQI                         SEO


Average: the monthly searches for a particular keyword

Traffic: the amount of searches expected when you are already on page 1

QSR: the number of pages with your competition for this exact keyword

KQI: dots that can have three colours; green means the keyword is good enough for use; yellow means very questionable, but may be used; red means you need to stay away from this keyword

SEO: tells you if your keyword is a good candidate for getting SEO rankings on a scale of one to a hundred

keyword tool

Most important indicators

For us, the two most important indicators are the monthly searches and the competition. WA, with their experience and long standing reputation has added two more parameters for Jaaxy users. In order to get the best possible results in search engine rankings, your monthly searches should be at least at 50 (the higher, the better) and the QSR should ideally be under 100 (the closer to zero the better) and you will get a good ranking.

Very high monthly searches might be very tempting, but if your QSR is way over 300, you will probably not be ranked. You should do better to look at QSR first and when this one is ok you check the monthly searches. Furthermore, ensure that your keywords are relevant to the text in your article, post or page. Search engines can detect these mismatches and will rank you lower, if at all.

Apart from this, Jaaxy have the following extra features:

  • finding keywords
  • getting rankings
  • SEO tools
  • determining site rank (where am I ranked in Google)
  • finding affiliate programs

Three keyword parameters

You will likely be successful when you adhere to the following three very important keyword parameters:

QSR: should be below 100, the closer to zero, the better

Monthly searches: should be over 50, the higher, the better

Keyword: should make sense to the content of your article

Interested to see for yourself?

Join Jaaxy now and get 30 keyword searches for free. You can use below banner by clicking it and enlist.

Keyword tool


If you experience any difficulties in your keyword search, then just let me know and I will come back to you within 24  hours.                                                                                

10 thoughts on “The Best Keyword Research Tool”

  1. Great post! I agree, to succeed online you need good support and the right tools. Wealthy Affiliate provides all that, plus more. WA is so unique because it provides everything you need to succeed online in one place and for one low price.

    Jaaxy is an amazing tool. It has helped me come up with different blog post ideas that people are searching for. It’s a tool every online business owner should have.

    Thank you for the helpful information.


  2. Years ago there were keyword tools that were great. That was then. Now Jaaxy is the premier keyword tool available. The 30 free searches give you a test run at how Jaaxy works. It didn’t take me long to upgrade. Whatever you do online today, you need a good keyword tool. In building a website and niches, Jaaxy is where I start first. It’s very easy to use and narrows down your keyword searches.

    • Thanks Rob, that completely confirms my way of thinking for this keyword tool. No one has been able to prove to me that there is a better one anywhere in the world and for this price!

  3. Hi Jerry,

    Great article. On your suggestion I went ahead and upgraded to Pro. I hadn’t been convinced until now but today i thought I have all the facts so why not, I exceeded my 30 free searches a week ago and was unsure as to what step to take. Just out of interest do you know of any Keyword Tool that is geared more towards the UK market?

    • Hi there, congratulations with your upgrade. Jaaxy is a great keyword tool. Here is a tool for the UK market:

      This tool defaults to Google UK since it’s developed by a UK team. The nice thing is that it also has options for several other countries and returns results in language.

      The free version of this tool does limit you to 100 keywords, so while it’s useful for high level ideas, it’s not a keyword research substitute.

  4. Hello there,

    Great article, actually I tried Jaaxy for 1 month on a free membership and I liked it so much, but as the free membership only gives 30 free searches, I upgraded to Pro. I have one question. Sometimes when I check the site rank panel where my article is ranked the results from Jaaxy were different than from the actual Google search. It’s not a big difference only 1 page after or before the Jaaxy search but did you experience this ? I hope to find a solution for this to make the searches in the site ranking more accurate, thanks.

    • Hi, the answer to your question about the difference in results between Jaaxy and Google is the following:

      Jaaxy is 100% accurate. It is based on searches taking place in the USA and what someone would see if it was a new search (an anonymous search). The exact ranking data that you are looking for when determining where your site is ranked.

      Note that if you are logged into Google or have searched for your website before, Google takes that into consideration and ranks your site higher to you. Because of this SiteRank is far more accurate even then your own personal searches.

      Cheers, Jerry

  5. Great article on Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy and in particular you really made utilizing Jaaxy so simple. It is very easy to get tempted to use high traffic keywords that have a lot of competition but you’ve highlighted why that’s not really a good idea.I also like that you mentioned that the keywords have to be relevant for the niche as I had wondered about that. I guess Google doesn’t like “click bait” any more than the rest of us!
    I guess I better sign up for Jaaxy pro.
    All the best,

    • Thanks Allison, sorry, but replying to your message slipped through the cracks. Until now I have made use of WA’s keyword tool, which works fine. But one day I will also upgrade to Jaaxy Pro, when I also can find out about specific pages rankings. Cheers, Jerry


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