The Truth about My Push Button Profits

Short review

Name: My Push Button Profits


Creator: Jack Henderson

Enrolment fee: $77 plus upsells

Rating: 2/100


Thank you for taking the time to find out if it would be beneficial to join My Push Button Profits (MPBP) as a member. It shows that you are willing to perform your due diligence before getting into something nasty because of all sorts of promises of instant riches or becoming a millionaire overnight.

I have based my review on their website content as well as the study of some of the available reviews. Read more and I will explain the truth about MPBP and my very low rating for this system. In the end, I will also provide you with the best scam free program that teaches you how to make money online in an honest way.

What is MPBP exactly?

Well, to give you the short version, it is another one of these DFY (done for you) systems, where it is implied that you just become a member, then sit back and relax (a 3-hour workweek is what I call relaxing) and wait for the money coming to roll in. Jack Henderson claims that he discovered a simple and proven formula, with which anybody can make money from home.

No explanation

Of course, this formula is not explained, but he does reveal that you will receive as much as 10 money-making websites, which practically run themselves. He claims that there is no education or experience required, as you will make money on auto-pilot, earning $13k to $17k a month.

Fastest way

Furthermore, he guarantees that it is the fastest way to earn money from home and claims this opportunity can pay between $300 and $1000 a day, which is not in line with the amounts stated above. If, after all these red flags, you have not yet become skeptical, then I urge you to read on.

A limited number of members

This is another favorite trick of these types of programs, wanting you to believe that it is very popular. Membership has been limited to only 200 lucky ones, as Jack Henderson prefers quality over quantity. This is probably why I am seeing that there is only 1 position left and only guaranteed for 5 more minutes, an announcement that I now have seen for half an hour already. And oh, by the way, yesterday as well.

A ploy?

What does this guy think? That all of us are stupid? I personally do not believe in the limit of 200 members only, nor do I think that there is only 1 position secure for the next five minutes. A ploy like this only strengthens my conviction, that there is something questionable here.

Remark: I just clicked their website again after a few hours and now there are 8 positions still available, sorry down to 7. Oh, now three. You see that is how fast new members sign up!?

How to become a member?

There is a three-step approach in order to enlist for this ‘greatest’ of opportunities and it works as follows. In step 1 you will already be launching your websites and do so within 5 minutes (apparently you would have signed up and paid the $77 already!). You are supposed to log into the special three step approach to becoming a membermembers-only section and create your websites, which are already designed for you. It is stressed again that you do not need any technical skills.

Choose products

In step 2 you are to choose your products from hundreds of profitable and best-selling ones. Here they claim that no selling is required, as it will be done by the websites. Step 3 is where, with the push of a button, you will get thousands of visitors to your website. You will not be asked to do any promotional activities, writing texts, because it has or will be done for you.

Visitors important

If you want to do any business on the internet, getting the right number of visitors is the most important. It will take time and effort to accomplish this as every internet marketer will know. Here one push on a button will do the magic trick? I have a hard time accepting this. It is said that here you will have the possibility to buy a traffic enhancing package, which will not be cheap.

The products

They claim that each of the 10 websites you will receive is unique and ready for selling the products, each paying you $18 – $57 per sale, they offer. Unclear to me is if this is a commission or something else. They are offering e-books, movies, music, videos and more.

I do not believe for one moment that the websites are unique, everybody who signs up is bound to get the same site for a particular product, which means you are in competition. You have no information about the quality of these products, nor do you know how competitive their pricing is, compared to similar stuff from other companies.

If the same products are offered by many, why on earth would they just click your website? I will tell you that chances are you will not make very many sales or even a small amount.


To the left side of their homepage and down they show a number of people testifying to build some credibility for MPBP. At first sight it looks like a very valuable addition to the content. On a closer look, however, none of them tell you exactly how much money they make. There are a lot of nice words, but they do not come to the meat of the matter, which is the money.

No credibility

Moreover, in small print, they have a disclaimer saying that the pictures of the people shown are not the real ones! This begs the question of why they would put those testimonials there in the first place. And why do I not get the possibility to contact these persons anyway? I have never seen any contact details, like an e-mail, with any of these so-called testimonials. My guess is they do this for a very important reason only known to them.

Anyway, this does not contribute in any way to giving credibility to MPBP.

Income disclaimer

Like all of these programs, they have their small print, which is mandatory reading for every individual intending to sign-up with MPBP. First and foremost they do not guarantee you will get any income, especially not the exceptional numbers mentioned on their homepage. Secondly, it is stated that your success in this program is entirely dependent on the amount of work you put into it. This comes after they assure you that you only need to spend a few hours per month because all the work is done by them.

To me, this sounds very contradictory and this is further undermining their credibility.

Final thoughts

A home page with a lot of nice words, promises of high earnings and very little work and otherwise very little real information. The site contradicts itself on possible income, the amount of work involved and how to get traffic, which is the essential part of making any money on the internet.

The testimonials look like a made-up thing, MPBP admitting themselves that the photos are phony.

Little information

Information on products is non-existent, as well as info on training contents. When you should become a member, you will have no idea what you are going to receive, as you would be blinded by their sales pitch. Yes, people, that is all this is, a sales pitch.

Suffice to say that I will never sign-up for MPBP. Instead, I would sign up for a professional, scam-free, honest way of making money online and at a reasonable price.

My recommendation

Why don’t you make a real attempt at becoming an affiliate marketer by joining the best training and guiding program in the world? I have completed a full review of this unique opportunity, which you can access here.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment box and I will reply within 24 hours.


4 thoughts on “The Truth about My Push Button Profits”

  1. Thanks for the warning. Great site and content. By the way, I love all your posts. Do you want to sell me a replicated site? (just kidding) well done. I will visit this site often, and will use as an inspiration on how to build my own. Keep up the great work Jerry.

  2. Wow, I love your unmasking my push button profits. Awesome. Then I got captivated by the drop downs. Great info. This site explained a lot of these scams. Thanks for letting me know before I spend hard earned money whether it is a viable option or not. Really well thought out site.
    Thanks, Laura

    • Unfortunately the internet is still full of these kind of scams, so I will continue helping people and debunk these hoaxes. They all try to blindside you with nice words, big promises and lots of money. But when you really go into the details, or try to, you find a lot of non-information. They all want you to buy a pig in a poke!


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