What to do when the boss is playing you and succeed!


boss is using youJust before the Corona crisis, companies were prospering, but employees received a smaller and smaller piece of the pie. Isn’t that unfair? Do you feel like your boss is “using” you too? And what is the best thing to do in that case?

Read on and find out what to do when the boss is playing you and succeed. At the end of this article, I will give you the best way out, a perfect escape route!

What the hell is going on?

Together we earn a lot of money annually. That is to say: the working people and the companies that keep our economies going. Things were going well again: there was the start of a new economic boom, but we didn’t notice it much ourselves, on the contrary, our salaries did not rise with the economy. 

In addition, companies also have to pay less tax on their side of the bargain. It is the result of ‘decades of policies that have weakened the position of workers, says a trade union director  According to him, the increase in the number of flex workers makes it more difficult for workers to organize themselves and for companies to get away with lower wages more easily.

A recent survey, among a great number of highly educated people, also shows that the percentage of ‘high earners’  has decreased considerably.

Are you getting played?

There is the feeling that you are being played, that the system is against you. That you have to resist the powers thatbeing played at work be, whatever they may be. On a macro level, it is definitely a thing says a lecturer in organizational communication. He gives advice on how to shape your current job in such a way that it makes you a lot happier. 

The question is how you can make a difference in the area that you do have an influence on because as an individual employee you can do little with such a development. On the other hand, trade union organizations naturally benefit from establishing such contradictions and this news does not automatically mean that you as an employee are fishing behind the net.

Start communicating!

Do you really feel like a victim? Is your boss taking advantage of you and are you really entitled to more? Start the conversation, advise experts. And put your frustration next to a number of colleagues and supervisors. Try to find out if others experience the same and ask around with colleagues. Also, talk to your manager to find out whether there might be a good explanation for the way things are going.

Dissatisfaction colors your judgment, try to keep seeing the nuance. This is because there is a downward spiral and the beginning of it is often not even being angry about your salary, but a lack of motivation or pleasure in your work. Anyone who gets a lot of satisfaction from his or her job is less concerned about how the system works and that there can sometimes be some unfairness. The moment you have a lot on the positive side of your balance sheet, you can also have more on the negative side.

Tinkering with your work

tinkering with jobWhether or not you decide to challenge your earnings, it’s good to know that there are opportunities in other areas of your job as well. You don’t have to be a victim of the situation, even if you can’t earn more. You may not be in charge, but every person has bits of freedom in every job to tinker with the work and the associated tasks. This way you focus on those things that you do have some influence on. 

Look at which activities give you satisfaction and try to take up those tasks, and reject the work that you find less satisfying. That is more useful than focusing on the macro level, the capitalist system over which you have little influence. Moreover, scientific research also shows that, provided you are not really lacking, ultimate satisfaction and happiness cannot be found in even more money. Don’t let your payslip guide your definition of the good life – meanwhile, let the union do what they do best.

More forms of reward

The best medicine for a sour feeling about the organization you work for is talking to someone who has an interest in what you add, says an organization communication expert. So if you’re an account manager at a construction company and you see the top boss making off with the big money, talk to someone who lives in a house you built.

See what your contribution is and how grateful that person is. Of course, you should also talk to your boss about the money if you think you don’t earn enough, but also know that there are more forms of reward for yourself than just financial.

Final thoughts

When you are in the awful situation of feeling used by your boss or bosses, there are things you can do as describedyou hate corporate jungle above. But they only go so far and in some cases, you might not succeed.

Some people might think that heeding the above advice does not fit their profile or they feel unhappy with the corporate world, annoying bosses, and/or colleagues.

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Your escape route

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Affiliate Marketing

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2 thoughts on “What to do when the boss is playing you and succeed!”

  1. This post reminds me of my employment days. Over several years the company I worked for underwent so many changes that it became difficult to keep up. At my low level, I found myself handling more and more. The company had shrunk, but the employer expected us to deliver the same level of work as earlier before the downsizing, to the extent of committing extra hours weekly. For no pay!

    I approached my boss to express my dissatisfaction, but he replied that his hands are tied, which I did not buy. I then decided it was time to jump ship, as I was not going to die for a corporation.

    • Sorry to hear that, but you made the right decision to leave. Anybody in a situation like that should take action, as not doing it will leave you vulnerable and prone the mental and physical problems. Nothing that a company can do to you justifies making employees sick. If your former employer was like that, I am sure they are in deeper shit now.


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