What to Do when your Boss hates you?


Many employees have a boss that hates them and they do not even know it, let alone realize why. Have you ever considered that your boss also finds some of your habits insufferable? when your boss hates you It turns out that bosses get annoyed too. Especially by you. Curious about what they find annoying about your behavior? I am going to summarize it for you below.


Avoid below actions and or attitudes and your relationship with your boss becomes much better. In each of these actions, it will become clear what to do when your boss hates you.

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You come in with prejudices

Enter the conversation with your boss without any emotional baggage or prejudice. The first hours and days after you have asked the question to your boss may be a little uncomfortable, but this is also the case for your boss. After that things will smooth out.

You tend to think of the worst

Most people want to hear the worst, that’s the way we are. It confirms what we ‘knew’ and shows that we were right: my boss are you a pessimist?hates me heartily! It takes courage, but please switch off those negative voices. There is even a chance that your boss does not hate you at all and you misinterpreted things. You can only find out by talking and confronting.

You respond defensively

When you get feedback from your boss, do not react defensively. When you begin to defend yourself and try out things from the past, you can not make the conversation with your boss possible. Even if you are certain that your boss is wrong, let go of the past and look at what could be better in the future.

You drink coffee or smoke a cigarette

Avoid caffeine and nicotine in the run-up to the crucial conversation avoid being on edgewith your boss. Being over-stimulated will not help you. This sounds like a small thing, but in talking to your boss you need to be constructive, calm, listen well and be attentive. Being on edge or showing emotions will definitely not help you.

You use e-mail

If the communication really should be meaningful, then mailing is not the right way to start communicating about a (possible) conflict. Telephoning is possible, but it is best to do it face-to-face: your body language will tell your boss that you really want to do something about the problem. Of course this works two ways and you will be able to observe him.

You are late on a regular basis

Of course it is possible that your train is delayed, the basement is don't be lateunderwater, or your alarm clock service is deteriorating. But it becomes a problem when this happens a couple of days per week. The boss might think that you have no respect for the company or him.

Lack of initiative

Bosses hate it when you constantly harass them with things that you could have solved yourself. They certainly do not require updates every half hour and you do not have to cc them in every mail. It helps if you can find out what really interests him and where his alliance lies so that you can home in on that.

Concentration on one task

If your boss asks you to urgently prepare a meeting about a certain topic, then you are not supposed to show him a comprehensive concentration is essentialreport the next day with a lot of unnecessary flow charts. Certainly not if it turns out that you were so busy with the report that your other duties suffered as a consequence of it. I have seen this myself many times: the boss gives somebody order and the person immediately concentrates all the efforts on this task. Prioritizing is ok, but it does not mean you only work on priority number one! If you are uncertain, you can always ask your boss to prioritize. He will gladly do so.

You are complaining

Would you like it if you take your friends out for dinner and the next day only hear that the restaurant was a wrong choice, the food was no good and the money was better spent on something else? Neither does your boss. Managers often feel responsible for their staff, but if the staff does not answer that feeling, something is wrong. Lack of loyalty is a problem for every boss. You should rather concentrate on solving matters at hand.

Lack of passion

Maybe you have not often thought about it, but your boss also has a life outside of work. He also finds it difficult to get up in the morning.you show a lack of passion And he finds the speeches of the big boss as annoying as you are. But he must remain motivated because he is the boss. You fall asleep during meetings, forget the names of your accounts and tell them it does not matter if that mail leaves today or tomorrow, remind your boss that you do not think this is important, but that it is his job to keep you involved. All of this will greatly annoy him.

Too much information.

Your boss does not want you in the cafe. He does not want to know what you think of his boss. And he does not want to know what happened between you and Joe at the staff party. So keep your private feelings and experiences out of the equation. Even when asked by him, be a little businesslike about it and try to avoid the trivial.

You are using these little lies.

white liesBosses hate lies like: ‘I did not get that email’, ‘just when I wanted to forward that report, my mail crashed’, ‘I have to go to a funeral, the dentist, the doctor, the marriage from my best friend’s niece … “And do you know what your boss thinks is the worst? That you think he believes you. They will add up and suddenly you become not trustworthy anymore.

Out for his job.

Your boss spends all of his time shielding you from senior management. You spend all your energy complaining to that management. And then are you looking to take over his job? This will bring you exactly nowhere. Imagine what higher management must think of you, not being a team player being the least of your worries.


I have shown you above how to avoid unnecessary conflicts with your boss. If you still experience trouble then you should be aware look for feedbackthat your boss is – wrongly or not – in a stronger position. Unless you can prove major errors or discrimination, avoid being negative to him. If it concerns small conflicts, you mainly benefit from solving it and taking the first step. Therefore ask your boss the question: ‘What can I do better?’. In this way you take responsibility for yourself and your work, and for your relationship with him or her.

Prepare for worst

The answer can be tough. Prepare yourself for the worst, which is that you will be out of a job within a short period of time. Then ask yourself which is better: take a little bit of pain by losing your job or have the day-by-day intimidation by your manager at work? When you are risking your job, I am showing you the best ways to handle that situation here.

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2 thoughts on “What to Do when your Boss hates you?”

  1. I can certainly relate to the examples you gave. I’ve seen almost all of them and I can assure you that that kind of attitude is really disturbing to any boss.

    Someone that acts like that should really consider the possibility that he/she is not cut out to be an employee.

    Working as an Internet Marketer or a Blogger can be the perfect solution. This kind of work has its perks. Besides being their own boss, there’s the flexibility of time and location.

    Nevertheless, a professional should always act with ethics and be trustworthy whether working online or offline. Therefore – in my opinion – the employee from your examples would have to rethink his/her attitude in order to have success in the online business.

    There are lots of opportunities for anyone willing to learn the necessary skill set and start a new online business. Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform to do so.

    • Great comment and a very useful addition to my article. Thanks for that. You are exactly right in that when somebody is not suited for a company job or does not take kindly to authority, should seek something else like becoming their own boss. And I agree that Wealthy Affiliate gives you this unique opportunity to start a successful internet business. You can read all about them by clicking here.


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