Will Click 4 Surveys Make You Rich?

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Name: Click 4 Surveys
Website: click4surveys.com
Price: free entry
Owner: Daniel Cooper
Overall Rank: 30 out of 100


Many of you may have heard about earning money just by filling out surveys. This is true! However, does it make you rich? The answer is no, not really.

In the business community and the government, there is great demand for research: surveys of consumer opinions fill in surveyswhich must often be made quickly. Currently, this is for the most part done by having people fill in surveys online.  Consultants use this to their advantage by recruiting people who are willing to participate in these kinds of surveys. If a company wants to launch a study, such an agency can comply quickly. Some of these agencies will even pay you for your cooperation.

A lot of agencies

Across the world, there are a lot of these agencies and click 4 surveys is one of them, which I am going to review below. Although this is a review of one of these programs only, I think it is fair to say that a lot of them more or less work according to these rules and conditions. In other words, if you have seen one, you have seen them all.

In the end, I will suggest to you a perfect way of making some real money from home with your own internet business. Check out how to prepare your escape route at the bottom!

Click 4 Surveys

One of the entities mentioned above is Click 4 Surveys, which you can find at click4surveys.com. It is a survey portal website that has links to other third-party survey websites, which may pay you rewards points to take surveys and try offers. Payment may be in cash or as vouchers/coupons for presents.

You do not pay any fee to enlist. The only thing you need to do is qualify for the survey and then fill it out. Personally, I feel there is nothing wrong with this. Now let us take a view of how Click 4 Surveys present themselves.

How they work

The agencies mentioned will offer you to participate in surveys or product trials. You will be able to choose surveys how they (not) workfrom various market research companies that advertise on Click 4 Surveys in return for points, gift cards, etc., paid out by the partners.

When entering the Click 4 Surveys website a big headline immediately catches the eye: learn the secret of how I am raking in $500-$3,500 a month! A little bit lower there is a second one: there are a lot of companies that want to pay you $5-$75 per survey.

This could be true, however, if it really was, then 70% of the people I know would fill in surveys or start doing it the minute you hear of it.

Here is the first catch

All prospective participants, before being able to fill in the survey, have to meet certain requirements. These criteria may include demographics, annual income, age, sex and many other conditions that must be met for eligibility on any given study. I have heard that most of these programs run in the US, so if you are outside it, then has pitfallsyour possibilities might already be limited.

On the website, there is a nice screenshot of a list of available surveys including pay-outs for completing the respective survey. This is done to give you an impression of how many surveys are there, as well as of the nice amounts that could be earned.

What this definitely does not tells you is if you can qualify for all or any of them.

The second catch

What you also do not know is how many of these surveys will be offered to you on a daily basis. So you have no guarantee for income.

The third catch

Surveys offered on Click 4 Surveys may take anywhere between to 15 to 30 minutes to complete and the notices of the invitation usually come to your email. There is, however, no guarantee you will finish some or all surveys you take, as they can deem you not qualified at any point during the survey. If this occurs near the end of a survey, they might already have all the information they wanted, but do not need to pay participants. This is definitely not ok!

The fourth catchfilled out survey, no check

You finally have filled out the survey and you are waiting for the check. What if it is not coming? I have no idea what basis I have in demanding payment from one of these mostly not well-known agencies. Threaten with a lawyer? Not likely with the amounts we are talking about here. Just keep this in mind as well.


You might be asking yourself, hey but what about all the people showing their enthusiasm for this program in the testimonials. I believe they are genuine but may have completely different needs and backgrounds in terms of money. Note also that nobody speaks about what they actually earned!

How do Click 4 Surveys survive?

how to surviveYou might wonder how these agencies survive. First of all, they will get a commission from their principals. Also, when you enlist you will be obliged to hand them your personal information. Most online survey companies and portals will sell this to third-party clients for extra revenue, revenue which, by the way, is not shared with you. This may be why an entrance fee is not necessary.



You will earn money in an easy way.

Anybody can do it.

In general, it does not need to cost much time.

Consthe good and the bad

The number of surveys on offer is limited.

Payments are relatively low and may take considerable time to receive.

Surveys often take longer than originally indicated.

Qualifying for all surveys is impossible.

Even after qualifying, you still might become unqualified during the process.

There will be minimum pay-outs terms and many different agencies to deal with.

People easily get bored with filling out the same details over and over again.

Frequently you may be required to pay a nominal fee for the products you test on trial offers, which you will be charged for entirely if you don’t return the products before the return deadline.


The Click 4 Surveys website paints a very rosy picture of the business they are offering. Although nothing of what they are promising is impossible to reach, people will find it highly unlikely to achieve the income mentioned.

Filling out online surveys is not a way to get rich quickly or get rich at all. This is because you usually only earn a few dollars per survey, and more importantly, there is never an unlimited amount of surveys available to fill in. It is mainly a very easy way to earn some money online. Are you with all agencies? Then you quickly earn a few hundred dollars a year in cash and gifts. This is considerably different than the possible $3,500 per month as advertised on the website.

Unfortunately completing an online survey sounds better than it actually is. It’s boring, you get poorly paid and sometimes you are also ripped off!

Do not want to be ripped off?

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Have experience with Click 4 Surveys, just let me know. Feel free to ask any questions or make a comment and I will respond within 24 hours.

14 thoughts on “Will Click 4 Surveys Make You Rich?”

  1. Oh dear. I had thought click4surveys had sounded like a pretty good place to make some money online… I’m so glad I found this! It would have been crap to waste so much time on a program that really isn’t that effective. Thanks for the heads up, I don’t know where I’d be without it!

  2. Hi Jerry,
    I have been a member of a different survey company for the past few weeks. In that time I’ve actually managed to earn absolutely nothing! Yip, not a single dime! I have filled in numerous “pre-qualifying” questionnaires but lo and behold haven’t qualified for a single survey. That may be because I’m based in the UK and not in the US but in each survey I am asked to provide my primary email address. I can’t help but think that it’s some clever way of building an email database. Do you think I could be right?

    • Hi Boyo, what these kind of companies, like click4surveys, neglect to tell you is that you have to qualify for filling out these surveys. Moreover, the number of surveys offered is not guaranteed. As a lot of these schemes are geographically based and in the US, qualification for them outside the US may be very limited. Then you have age, gender etc. I agree, they sure like to get your address and then bombard you with all kinds of sales opportunities. Cheers, Jerry

  3. Thank you for posting this…

    I’m so sick of seeing the fill out this survey for cash and money making scams out there… I’m sorry but if people are legitimately replacing their full time income by filling out survey’s then they don’t have the time to spend the money their making because they are constantly filling them out night and day…

    Survey’s are crap and people should stop falling for the fact that they think they will make good money doing it..It’s not going to happen.

    Ex. You make .05 cents for a survey that took you 10 minutes to fill out… Ok, so in an hour you’ve made .30 cents. Now multiply that by 8 hours and you’ve made $2.40 cents….

    Go get a real job or start your own business…If you’re trying to make money, well time is your most valuable possession… Don’t waste it filling out surveys looking for a big paycheck, it’s not going to happen..

    • Thanks Chris, you might be filling out surveys all day, earning very little income, but that is also supposing you can qualify for enough surveys to do. Some of these programs offer no more than 4 surveys a day! I fully agree with you that these surveys will never give you big money. Cheers, Jerry

  4. Hi Jerry, You are absolutely right. Yes it’s very possible to earn some extra money by completing surveys, reading e-mails, but it’s very hard to survive by just doing it. Creating a website requires a lot of time and energy by maintaining it but at the end it pays off. Of course its not a getting rich quickly thing but you can survive by doing it. Thank you for sharing. Charlotte

    • Hi Charlotte, you got it exactly right. You will spend some time filling out these surveys, reading e-mails, but you will only add to your income a little bit of money. This is precisely the point I was making. If people are serious about making money on line, then they better not join InboxDollars. It would be far better to chose the number one option: Wealthy Affiliate. Cheers, Jerry

  5. Great review! I love how you dispelled the universality of surveys, and that they have demographic requirements. It isn’t particularly surprising that this ‘survey bank’ can change the demographic terms of any particular survey, regardless of how far along you are. Any personal experiences with a survey bank? Keep up the great work!

    • Hi Neal, thanks for your reaction. I have no personal experience with click4surveys or similar scheme, but read enough about them. Cheers, Jerry

  6. Hi Jerry,
    This is a very good review. It is quite comprehensive and gives the reader a clear understanding of Click4Survey and its platform.
    The pros and cons list at the end was a great finish to the post.
    You didn’t quite call it a scam but you gave the readers enough information to possibly come to that conclusion.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Duncan, you read well between the lines! Some people would like to earn some money on the side, which is possible, and I did not want to dis-encourage them. But they also should know it will never be big bucks! Cheers, Jerry

  7. I used to do online surveys every day for hours and never made more than 100.00 in a month.

    Click 4 survey doesn’t sound anymore promising to me than the ones I tried years ago.

    All of the survey companies I ever used only pay when you reach a curtain amount which can take weeks or even months.

    Does click 4 survey have an amount you have to reach before you get paid?

    • Hi David, just to emphasize that click4surveys is a kind of middleman between you and its survey partners. Yes, most of their survey partners will have a minimum amount to be reached, before they pay out. Cheers, Jerry


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