You can be more Powerful than you think – Even on the Work floor


Are you envious of your boss and all his power? You have been with a company for a long time, have done well, are quite experienced, but have no say in the decision-making process?  Surely, you would like to have more everybody has powerinfluence within your company. The minimum is that the management listens to you and maybe a little bit less to your colleagues. But how do you get that power? Who should you contact and in which way?

You can be more powerful than you ever thought.

Step-by-step plans

Here are two step-by-step plans, which you can follow in order to get more power in the workplace. Surprise yourself, as you could be more powerful than you think, even on the work floor.

And by the way, if you do not like all that power play and participating in these games, then for you specifically I am giving a brilliant solution as a way out of the corporate jungle. You will find it under ‘how to make money on the side’ below.

What is power really?

In general, power in this context is the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events. Or as many psychologists and management consultants have expressed: it is the power to determine the outcome of an action. It often causes negative feelings, but the thing is we all use it regularly.

definition of power

Power from outside?

Some people believe power comes from outside. They believe power is handed to a person by someone else. They see power as a position or title, which comes with authority and control, and a belief in the form of supremacy over others.

Real power from oneself

Others believe that real power comes from the person itself and you are borne that way. They claim that power is the ability of each individual to cultivate by themselves. Real power is enhanced within a person simply by the choices they make, the actions they take, and the thoughts they create.

Each one of us has power!

For the purpose of this article, I would like to designate power a little bit differently. I have a firm belief that power rests in each one of us. It doesn’t matter what place you have in your organization. What really matters is that this power is available to every one of us, notwithstanding your position or title. In light of this, here are the two step-by-step plans for you to gain more power.

Here is the first one

Step 1: Self-analysis 

The first step you have to take is to ask yourself: how do I actually relate toknow who you are power? What I can recommend you do is: make a biography about power. The first place where you have anything to do with power is your family of origin. Do you know that Woody Allen film in which he is asked who is the boss at home?

To which he says: “If mom and dad agree, daddy is the boss and otherwise mom.” And so you have to deal with power in school, work and in a country. Some people are angry with the power, moving away from it. If you analyze what you have with power, then the concept becomes neutral and you can continue, just as you think about the weather. 

Step 2: analyze the power around you 

After that you have to make a good analysis of the power around you, see how the strings are pulled and by whom. Sometimes the power lies with a director, but sometimes, believe it or not, with a certain colleague. Three forms of power can be distinguished: power 1.0 instinctive power, coming to the monkey rock as quickly as possible, power 2.0 the power of the rules, and power 3.0 the values ​​being central there. You should take a good look at which forms of power appeal to you. That helps you to gain insight into your environment. 

Step 3: make power negotiable 

The most important lesson according to David is the question: are you able to deal with powermake power negotiable? Power is just like sex: we don’t like to talk about it, but it is very important in our lives and it helps to talk about it. You don’t have to say that literally in the category “I want more power,” but you can ask “Shall we talk about power? You must not have more power than the role you have. You have to use power for serving purposes, but the problem is that power is addictive. 

In this way gaining power is about 90 percent self-understanding and behavior is only decisive for 10 percent. So it is mainly about understanding the situation and acting accordingly.

Now the second one

And here is another plan about how you can influence people. This is also a step-by-step plan to look for that extra bit of power. 

The first step is – and with that, it follows the number one’s focus on self-analysis – is to know exactly how you are put together. That you know where your pitfalls are when it comes to power. Are you someone who likes to have power or not?

A second step according to this philosophy is to have a good idea of ​​what you what do you wantwant to achieve. You cannot gain influence or exercise power without a goal. It can never be a goal in itself to have power. 

The third rule: think big, start small and act intelligently. You may think big, but it is important to keep the authenticity if you go this way. Show what your ambition is and ask many questions, for example. It is important to be nice that you are interested in others. But with the charities in mind. People who are nice and know what they want to win the competition.


Make a good analysis, think of what you want, talk about power relations, and then act very purposefully while remaining authentic. That is pretty much the advice for people with the ambition to exercise (a little more) power. Two aspects are important: try to enjoy the political game that you have to play in order to achieve your goals and keep an eye on who the people with real power are within an organization. Then you can come a long way, but it has to fit with your personality. 

If you have gone through such a process already, what were your experiences?

My final thoughts

It is easy to say to enjoy playing the political game necessary to achieve your goals, but like me, not every person is geared up for corporate politics, let alone to playing that game. In fact, many employees are sick and tired of either their boss, colleagues, and company or even all three. Then what to do?

make a decision

Leave the job

In case you do not go along with your boss, you can always choose another job with the same company or another one. Same in the situation with annoying colleagues. But what if you encounter the same issues over and over again? Then, welcome to the club, as there are a lot of people in the same position. For all of you, I would suggest you try something completely new and solve all of your corporate problems at the same time: become your own boss! You are going to use the internet to do so, working from home as well. And because you can work at your own pace, you can start this next to your work.

How to earn money on the side?

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take opportunities


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14 thoughts on “You can be more Powerful than you think – Even on the Work floor”

  1. I believe every action has it own consequences and there will always be a kind of price to be paid to gain power, it gives you a feeling of authority and it makes you discover even bounds that you are yet to discover in your life. Power can get you so many thing like respect, wealth and lots more, what I think matters the most is how you use the power you have. 

    • Agreed, power should be handled sparingly, with dignity, honesty and with integrity. Power in the hands of those people will only add to the productiveness of any organization.

  2. To be realistic, everyone of us wants to be on that sit of power and control things but to my best understanding, not everyone can handle the requirements for the change over to a higher level, that’s why it’s always hard foe some people to keep up with their responsibilities. Having power exposes you to so many opportunities and it also comes with more reliability. These tips are gonna be very helpful.

    • I am not sure that power always is on a higher level. Yes, with a manager’s position comes more power, but the article I wrote says that in principle some form of power is available to everyone who aspires to yield it. I would also add that power will come with more responsibilities, especially since it concerns people.

  3. Hey Jerry! It’s one of my dreams that someday I will become powerful. Well, I don’t have a boss here. In many cases I have seen, especially in a family, power = wealth. Wealth controls a lot of things, so a wealthy man I sort of wealthy.

    The internet has made it very easy to make wealth. I have seen many become wealthy doing affiliate marketing. I love affiliate marketing.

    • There you have it. The combination of power and making money is everywhere in this world. And yes, the internet gives us a lot of opportunities to make money and for some to become wealthy. Affiliate marketing is one of the better, safe and honest options to make your dreams come true. Hence my mentioning it.

  4. Hi… Thanks for letting me know I can be more Powerful than I think even on the Work floor. I learnt so much about power here. Power is the ability to influence actions, behaviours, and just about anything.

    The definition of power in my country is MONEY! 😄

    So, Jerry, I want to earn on the side and I want to do it as full time in times to come.

    • Earning money on the side is a dream for many of us. The program I am proposing will give you the opportunity to do so.Through the link to the review of it, you can sign-up and get a full week introduction to the system for Free. This is an ideal platform to follow because you can do so in your own time and at your own pace.

  5. Wow well maintained website. I have been in this situation for some time, so I am very glad to have come across this article. I asked myself how I can get more influence in my company, what with not being a manager. This post answers all of my questions and I will immediately start using your very handy tips on getting more power.

  6. Great post here because you have just broken down the most disturbing question I have for more than some years. I really want to know how to get power and be among the bosses at work and surely, your explanation has brought understanding to me. I like the fact that I can just read some bits here and try to replicate it out at work. Influencing others does not necessarily have to do with being a boss but by doing the needful and commanding the respect.

    • You are quite right that influencing people is not only the prerogative of the boss, but is for everyone among us with the right perception. I am glad I could be of help here and sincerely hope you can find your way with my suggestions in the article. I am sure you will go a long way when you keep trying to implement and test the ideas given.

  7. I like to be very connected with anyting that has to do with power. I want to wield it and be the one calling the shots. However, I have not been lucky enough to be directly involved with it but reading this post, I have realised that I was the one who have not paid enough attention to power since all these days and this is simply okay to me and surely worthy of it all. Thanks so much for your enlightenment here and the things to do to get the power at my workplace.

    • It looks to me that you are already very much aware of the power you can have. It is good that this article has stressed this even more for you. It is there for the taking for the persons with the right attitude.


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