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Did you also search the internet at length for programs to make money? And did you find a ton of programs offering you small investments and quick returns?

Maybe you have heard of Affiliate Programs and even know how they work. Do you think I can join them and start earning money? Oh, but you need a website, no problem, I can make one and start promoting products, selling them and make a profit. After trying for half a year, you know it does not work, but you do not know why.

Wealthy Affiliates (WA)

Out there, in my opinion, you will find only one reliable and trustworthy community to make honest money: the Wealthy Affiliate University. Compared to normal universities and other schools they offer a very cheap way of learning the business. Kyle and Carson, both online entrepreneurs, started WA in 2005. Their aim: to teach, help and support people in starting their own internet business and be successful! They do not promise you the world or getting rich overnight. They do promise you instead: hard work, dedication, and persistence, which will ultimately lead to your success.

Who can join?

Before I get into details about how they work, do not be frightened of the word university and let me stress that this place is for everybody:

  • for students who want to earn something on the side
  • for retired people who want to add to their pension
  • for household moms that have some time to spare and make a few extra bucks
  • for employees who do not like to work a 9 to 5 job any longer
  • for people who want to become financially independent
  • for anyone who wants to start an internet business

WA basics

The foundation of your own business is having your own website. The foundation of revenue is having enough traffic on your website. You get traffic by first getting ranked highly in a search engine, then continue working on your ranking through pages/posts and social networking.

WA will teach you through 5 levels of training, each level containing 10 lessons. Almost every training session is accompanied by a video tutorial, which is done by Kyle himself. But you will have to be active yourself too! The training will ask you to take action!

Among others, the following will be handled:

  • how to build your own website, complete with protection and 24/7 monitoring
  • SEO optimization
  • how to fill it with the right pages/posts and their content
  • how to rank it with the best results
  • how to use social media in getting traffic
  • how to monetize your site with various options

Secondly, there are weekly live training webinars on vitally all topics related to internet marketing and managing your own business.

Thirdly and by no means the least one is the community. When you join WA you automatically join everybody else in the community (currently over 2,000,000 members and quickly rising). We are all in contact with each other through your own WA home page. All you have to do is put in your picture and a small description of yourself. You can look, study, chat but more importantly, ask any business-related questions you have. There is no reason to get stuck, ever! You will find that usually, the answer to your issue will be there within hours. And it does not matter where you are, the community is global and thus 24/7 active.

What does it cost?

Here are WA’s offerings, there are principally two packages:

  • The starter package, duration 7 days, containing the level 1 training course (10 lessons) and giving you access to the community. This is your chance to get the feel of what WA looks like, how the courses are done, what is expected from your side, and make your first website (WA owned).

Cost: Completely free!

  • Premium package, giving you unlimited access to training, tutorials, WA boot camp training (to become a WA ambassador), the weekly webinar sessions, direct access to Kyle and Carson, transferring your WA website to your own website.

Cost per month: $49

Cost per year: $359 (which works out at $30 per month) 

  • If you would go premium within the first 7 days, WA will offer you a discount for the first month of up to 59%.

What is the catch?

You want the short answer? There is none!  In my four months stay with WA, I went premium within 7 days, then went into the yearly membership. When I spoke about no hidden cost, I mean that literally, WA is not forcing you to invest more.

During the first 7 days you will not be liable to any cost whatsoever. Also you will not have any obligations towards WA at all. Nobody is going after you for money when you decide not to pursue this opportunity. Moreover, you can still come back and will be welcomed any time thereafter. Of course they will try and tempt you to go premium, but that decision is yours and yours alone!

Let me give you some examples that I experienced myself.

When you need free images from the net, they will show you the way to find free ones. You can join keyword search machines for a price, but WA has its own, which is free. They warn you that it is not necessary to invest in any of the affiliate programs and advise to stay away from the ones that try.

Your website will be hosted through WA and the cost of this is included in the membership. WA members have concluded from experience that WA’s host service is the best in the business. A host service outside WA that is giving a reliable service might charge you $125 per month.

The only thing I paid above my membership fee until now is the domain name of my website, which is $14 per year. For that money I have a domain name that firstly I fully own and secondly is protected such that nobody else can use it. That is $14 a year for both ownership and exclusive use!

Ask yourself if outside WA you will be able to get a similar and extensive training program for only $498 yearly. If I want I can stop at the end of each year (or if you have a monthly subscription at the end of each month).


In the above summary I have attempted as best as I can to describe what WA is and how it operates. I do appreciate, however, for those of you that became interested, that it is still a huge step even to enlist for a free trial. There are those of you who are completely new to this internet concept or unfortunately hesitant because of previous adverse experiences with making money online. Read my in-depth full review of WA here.

Therefore anyone of you who has a question or questions, it does not matter how many, feel free to contact me through my social media (Facebook, Google+) or through my e-mail and I will be back to you within 24 hours. I am online every single day!  If, as an example of what WA power can make you do, you would like to see the website I have meanwhile built with their support, please visit:  that also has an about me page, so that you can learn a bit more about this author.

Join here for absolutely free!

When you join through the links in this site, I will follow you right away and you will be able to network with me personally. Anyway, if you have any comments, please leave them in the comment box and I will answer within 24 hours.

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    • Many people have meanwhile joined Wealthy Affiliate and all are impressed with the great support this program offers. If you are serious about blogging and make money, then WA is the way to go. Cheers, Jerry

  1. Good post Jerry. Getting started online is on the right foot is really important. I like the part of your post where you say: “They do not promise you the world or getting rich overnight”. I totally agree and that’s why I always recommend WA training because of their realistic approach and not making false promises to anyone. In fact, they have all in one place, i.e. all you need to build an online business and start making money online. Now you need to take action!


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