People over 50, the unemployed and retirees

There is hope for all of you!

To all of you, I say, as I did to myself, that you are very valuable. Whatever others have to say about you, it will be you who knows you best. You only need to find out for whom you can be valuable and in which way. In this section, I have collected a lot of posts pertaining to this subject. I have indicated below some of the issues, like finding work or starting your own business, but there are more.

Why people over 50 should keep learning!people over 50

How to learn and earn for people over 50.

Age discrimination

What do you do when you become unemployed?

This is because I felt sorry for all the laid-off workers of the Keystone Pipeline project.

In this day and age, it has become increasingly easy to start your own business. Reason: the internet and its incredible number of opportunities.

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