Can you start your own business? Yes, anybody can!


Starting your own business, how do you actually do that? Where do you start? It is a question that many starting entrepreneurs ask themselves. There are so many things to think about and the main goal, of course, is that your business will be successful and achieve the things that you want. start own business

You could say that thinking about how to start your own business boils down to at least some of the following important matters: likelihood of the type of business that will succeed, issues with money and credit, ability to understand all of a company’s responsibilities at the government level , and degree of business acumen / education.

Still everybody can start their own successful business and I will explain here how and give nine tips.

Sure way to success!

How would you feel if I can direct you to a sure way of success that is achievable for everybody who wants to make the efforts? Whilst still being in your job, you start preparing your escape route for later. Minimum start-up cost. Check out how this works in the last three paragraphs! 

1. Believe in yourself!

believe in yourselfWithout a strong belief in yourself, it becomes very difficult to appear convincing. I learned at an early age that in order to be heard, I had to stand firm. The more convincing I was, the more I got done. If not, you are truly not suited for the harsh business life. After all, you will have to be better than the competition, find your own market share, then fight for it. It would be a never ending fight, which will take up all your time, even in the weekends.

2. Know the gap in the market

Strikingly often, starting entrepreneurs know what they are going to do, but they do not yet know sufficiently what problem they are going to solve for their customers. And if you know that: be sure to check whether they also experience the problem you came up with. Too often one comes across entrepreneurs who have a solution for a non-existent problem. Even if you have not started yet, these often fun, exploratory conversations are the start of a valuable network. These contacts can even lead to your first customers!

3. Build a group of trusted partners around you

Entrepreneurs are generally stubborn. That is a great quality, but it is better to test your – obviously great – ideas team upwithin a trusted group of people who want the best for you and who are honest. I know myself that if I had executed all my ideas and test balloons without a “reality check”, I probably would have been shot down already.

Unless of course, you can present the solution to an already existing (local) problem.

4. Start networking

With nowadays social media, networking has never been so accessible. If you used to be admitted to the “old boys network”, nowadays you can go all out on online networks and go to meetings. But beware: it does not by definition become easier. The competition is also fierce, and the goodwill factor is therefore low. Know what you have to offer and remember that everything is “people’s business” these days. Oh yes, and you can never start too early with building a good network. Even if you still have to start, that makes sense. Read here about building and maintaining your network.

5. Dare to make mistakes

dare make mistakesDo not keep improving endlessly, but start and learn entrepreneurship by doing. The disadvantage of starting when you are over thirty and already have certain responsibilities to bear is that you are afraid of failure. But you have to make mistakes, otherwise you will learn nothing and you will not get any further. Your motto should always be that it is better to make something better based on your experience than never start at all!

You should see your mistakes as new challenges, so change your mindset in that direction.

6. Choose a niche or go for volume

My expertise lies in doing business as a self-employed person or a smaller entrepreneur. And there are many around of this type. That is why it is so important for self-employed persons to find a niche, their own place in the market in which they are truly unique and different. Because volume becomes difficult if you earn your money by making hours, and not with products. More income is only possible with a higher hourly rate, and as we learned earlier: scarcity makes it expensive. So make sure that your offer is unique and scarce.

7. Become an expert and share your knowledgebecome an expert

If you know the results of your service or product, and your ultimate goal is to make as many customers happy with it as possible, then they should know why they should be with you. Especially online it is important to blog and ensure that you are found (you cannot escape a good website and use SEO). You have to earn the status as an expert and of course customers who recommend you are the very best. However, you can speed up this process significantly by sharing your knowledge through blogs, becoming a speaker, or sharing your knowledge in other ways.

8. Provide a clear goal

Keeping a course without a clear destination is very difficult. So start with a clear picture of where you want to be in two or three years, for example. Which customers do you have, what does your working day look like, do you employ people and what turnover do you realize? The more concrete the picture, the easier it becomes to take the right steps.

never stop9. Then keep going!

Rome was not built in one day and the road to success is paved with failure… So that means you have to persevere with your goal in mind! With all the previous tips that should work and believe me, success will come to you, eventually. Entrepreneurship is like top sport, you step into that ring every time to show the best of yourself!


My final thoughts + number 1 recommendation

It is a big step from working 9-5 for a company, with guaranteed monthly payments to an uncertain future when starting your own business.

A lot of people are scared away from starting their own company because of this insecurity, existing commitments, unholy hours and more. However, there is a way of decreasing all these risks to an acceptable minimum and that is by starting your business next to your job. You will be preparing for a future exit of the company and be your own boss working from home. This is achievable for every one of you when you use a scam-free internet opportunity.

Affiliate marketingaffiliate marketing

The opportunity that I highly recommend is to become an affiliate marketer. Supported by one of the world’s best programs in the business, you are going to operate your own website. As mentioned in tip 7 you will then blog about one of your favorite hobbies or passions, promoting related products of merchants as their affiliate and when selling, receiving commissions. Hence affiliate marketing in a nutshell.

No need to invest much, no need to buy, so no need to hold storage either. You can initially become a member of this unique opportunity for one full week for FREE.

Your life-changing choice

Of course I realize that this concept of doing business might be new to you. This is why I have made an in-depth review of this program on how it works, it’s fabulous training, the existing community, the number of successful professionals and more, all there to help you become successful yourself. You can access this review by clicking on this link.

The review also contains the link with which you have access to the free week, with no commitments at all, if you later decide to not take part. However, if you dare to take the step and become a premium member within this free week, your next full month will be only $19.

4 thoughts on “Can you start your own business? Yes, anybody can!”

  1. Thank you for these reminders Jerry! I just started my affiliate marketing website and I am already doubting myself. 🙁 I was blog hopping and checking the works of others and feeling bad about myself. And #5 Dare To Make Mistake hits hard because I feel scared that I will make mistakes, so it freezes me to the point of accomplishing nothing!

    I’ll keep on moving and focus on making quality contents for now.

    • An affiliate website is one of the best ways of making money on the side and eventually becoming your own boss. Your dependency on a(ny) job or bad boss will become less and less as you move forward. Imagine when, in the end, you can say goodbye to the corporate jungle and be your own boss!

  2. I am definitely looking to start a business. I’m aware of how hard it is which is kind of off putting but I guess nothing comes easy and if you really want the freedom, you gotta work for it!

    I believe the phrase ‘believe in yourself’ is quite a strong and important mindset to have in the business world. You can’t give up no matter what, patience and dedication are just a few characteristic which you definitely need as well as others.

    Thanks for the article.

    • Way to go Sariyah! Starting your own business definitely is the right thing, if only to have extra income next to your job for a start. It will take time and effort to accomplish this, as with any other new business. But you can work from home and make your own schedule.


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