How to make Money with any Hobby


How many of us dream about making extra money for themselves? How many want to become their own boss? And how many have dreamed about making money with something close to them, like a hobby, interest or passion? You would also like to work from home? Nowadays, with the growing internet possibilities this has become possible for all of us.

But how many of us know how to do this? Answer: not so many and even if you have an idea, most of us will be scared to undertake such a daring enterprise. The good news is that with the growth of the internet, especially the Google search engine, tons of opportunities have presented themselves. The secret is that there are opportunities for each and everyone of us and yes also for you! 

In this article I am going to give you the best option available right now, one that combines all of the advantages mentioned above and so much more. And I can assure you it will be scam free, if you would be afraid of losing money. What is the secret here? 

Having your own website

To take away any mystery, this is going to be about creating, owning and operating your own website or even sites. Now you might be thinking, oh dear I might not be able to do that. I can tell you now that with the right support and guidance anybody can do this, but you need to find the right training and support. Some time ago I started this website from scratch, not knowing too much about the techniques involved and here is the thing: you do not need to know all the website techniques, as it is already there and you would have a website within 30 minutes.

However, your main task will be to build out your website, which means hard work and effort.

Website strategy

It is the law of the land that in order to make money with your website, you will need to have an audience (people who come to visit your site). The underlying sequence is the following process:

Website>niche>blogging>traffic>audience>business>making money.

The crux of this process is finding a niche, which would be a group of people who you are going to help with a problem. Get this: any niche is good. But is it good for you? Here is what experts in the business suggest: look to yourself and find out what your personal interests, hobbies and passions are (pet care, beauty products, types of sports, literally anything will do). Make your choice based on the following assumptions: you need to be able to research, study, talk and most importantly write about your topic on a day to day basis. No need to be an authority on the subject, but certainly wanting to become one. I have written an article about finding a niche that you can find here.


Building out your website means that you will be adding content by way of blogging. Always bear in mind that any article you write should be relevant to your niche, should be helping your potential customer and should be engaging them in order to have them take action, such as ask a question, counter your content (to start a discussion on the topic), or have them go to another of your articles through internal linking. Like I did in former paragraph.

Remember that all of this should be done with the aim to get the all important traffic to your site. To that purpose your website will have very effective Search Engine Optimization or SEO. I am talking here about the various search engines present like Google, Bing and Yahoo and where Google is by far the greatest. Your articles will be written in such a way that they will easily be found and accepted (indexed) by these search engines. By then your website url, which illustrates your niche, will also have been indexed by the search engines (examples: and

After indexing your post or blog or article the search engines will rank it, give it a place on one of their pages, we would prefer page 1, position 1 but page 1 is very good. I have published an article of how to best write quality content, which you can click here.


So how do you get a high enough ranking in the search engines? Well, besides SEO there is a mechanism that is working with keywords and phrases. Everyone of your articles should have a keyword in its title which should be repeated within the first 100 words of the post. I will explain here what the meaning of this is.

In search engines people type in search criteria in order to find answers to their questions such as how to beat my boss? or how to deal with an annoying boss? Both of these search criteria are called keywords and they will give you an idea how many times a keyword is typed in and what your competition for this keyword will be. The program I will propose has a separate Free keyword search system which is going to help you find the right keywords! The better the keyword, the higher the rankings and the higher the traffic to your website.

I have described this system in detail here.

Your audience

If you are going to talk to people and help them solve a problem, you better find out who it is you are talking to. For some niches this might be obvious, like finding a job for men over 50 or stay at home moms. For others this might not be so clear, as in

There are some ways of finding out who the people are that you want to support. One way is to go to the internet and find out what people talk about. Examples of that are, and which are in essence question and answers fora. Visit there and discover who is talking about what, relevant to your niche of course.

During your extensive training you will be asked to establish a link from your site to Google Analytics, which automatically analyses what people click on your posts, how many, age, gender and location, which is another very useful and Free tool to be used.

But how are you going to do business?

So now you have a website, build out your quality content, are ranked in search engines and there is a rise in people clicking to your content. In any of the niches we choose, there will be products, services and other help you can offer to your audience. Do you need to first buy the goods, services or others? The answer is: you do not and the solution is found in affiliate marketing. For your niche you will join an affiliate marketing program of the applicable merchant, again for Free, and you will promote their products on your website. Promoting is usually done by reviewing the products.

As their affiliate, you will send people from your site to merchant’s site via a unique link and when people buy, you will receive a commission. So, no buying or selling, no storage keeping, no logistics involved, you are only involved in the marketing campaign.

How to implement all this?

On the internet there are several programs that offer to teach you all of this, some legitimate, some are not. So why not enlist with the best of them all, Wealthy Affiliate (WA), which is scam free and completely affordable. As a member of this platform for some years, I have written a personal review on all the ins and outs, pros and cons on WA, which will answer many of your questions. That article has a link through which you can access a one week free trial, without any commitments from your side.

Anyway, I am open to all questions you may have on this truly unique and maybe once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Feel free to put them in the comment boxes below and I will respond with 24 hours.

Beat your boss by joining this program and become your own boss!

10 Ways to overcome Negativism on the Work Floor


I have always been on the optimistic side and consider myself lucky to be that way. Things are generally going well with the world, and with you too! You just don’t want to see it. An important part of anybody’s life is work. Recent studies on the work floor found that there are some ten filters causing you to look negatively at your office environment. Well people, there is no need for such negativity. I have listed these filters below and will explain to you how you can overcome those pessimistic barriers. There is of course a sure way of overcoming negativism by becoming your own boss, which I will outline below.

1. Our categorising mindset

Instinctively we divide the world into two camps: we and them; the poor and the rich; highly and lowly educated; the management and the wage slaves; coffee drinkers and tea licks. Handy when we were still post-neanderthals who had to decide in one second whether we were running into a bear (danger) or a deer (food). But reality is much more complicated. You should realise that the middle group is usually much larger than the two extremes. So if you hate those pretentious Nespresso drinkers in the office, remember that they also drink instant coffee or a cup of tea on holiday and that most colleagues use the same coffee machine. Older colleagues who shoot all your innovation proposals? Often they also have fresh ideas, if you ask them you might be able to bridge the gap.

2. Our pessimism

The sea level is rising, the over-fishing is worrying, terrorism is increasing, house prices are exploding, the head office is releasing middle management and your speech at that work-group meeting was completely dead. We tend to think that everything is going worse. Here is why: (a) we tend to romanticise the past (it was always better in the past), (b) bad news gets more attention in the media / WhatsApp groups while everything that goes well is not noticed, and (c) we’re more on emotions than on facts . Yes, bad news is always there, but that does not mean that it can not go well at the same time. Beware of your rosy past (was it better in the past?). Train yourself to recognise good news, because yes there is enough good news, just be actively looking for it.

3. Life is not a straight line

When we take a bike, we constantly estimate how other traffic users will behave. Usually they move in a straight line, which leads to our straight-line intuition. Unfortunately, reality is more complicated. The world population is not growing in a straight line. Your salary does not increase every year, your weight does not decrease by 1 kilo every month. Usually we see curves in the shape of an S, a slide or a curvature. Losing weight starts very quickly in the beginning, after that the results slow down. Your salary makes all sorts of strange jumps (from executor, to management to CFO). Remember that nature rarely offers straight lines, so why would your coffee use or salary growth meet that pattern?

4. Being afraid

Critical thinking is always difficult, but when you are afraid it is virtually impossible. If your brain is overcome by fear, there is no room for facts. Strangely enough, we are most afraid of snakes, spiders, heights and prisoners in a small space. Not really something you run into every day. Also present: fear of terrorist acts. But remember that the risk of a bomb attack in the parking garage of your office is minimal. Facebook and all other media choose stories that they know will stimulate your fear instinct. If you get a panic attack, take as few decisions as possible, calm down and calculate how much risk you are really running. 

Just know that there are a lot of fearmongers out there (usually for financial gain). The best example for that I think is the HIV hype. Have sex with somebody and you will get it, was somewhat out of proportion.

5. Number fear

You will be presented with a list of policy objectives that you and your department must strive for. They all sound equally important, but the 120,000 euro increase in turnover within a year sounds ambitious and most important. We are inclined to hang back from large numbers and it is hard not to feel deflated, how are we going to do this? To bypass your size instinct, you have to put that 120,000 into context. If your branch has a turnover of 4 million, then the 120,000 turnover looks already small. Apply the 80/20 rule accordingly. The two, three parts that cover 80 percent of your budget together offer the most chance of improvement. Ignore the rest. That’s how you turn a giant into a dwarf.

6. Generalising

Because of the sinus movement we divide the world into two categories: we and them. Because we can not immerse ourselves in everything and everyone, we like to generalise about ‘them’. We work in a hip office, our clients live in the countryside. Every generalisation about ‘the province’ hampers our view on commercial opportunities. “The majority have a gas cooker in the house.” But a majority only has to be 51 percent, so that would still offer a 49 percent chance for electric cooker pots. Do not consider yourself ‘normal’ and the rest as deviant. Beware of speaking examples, which you remember easily but are perhaps the exception! Generalising is part of life, but beware of the categories you use.

7. One sided thinking

A dime is never a quarter. Someone who has done college can never get an academic way of thinking. Young mothers will never be as ambitious and energetic at work as childless ladies. The world is as it is and does not change: instinctively we think that people / peoples do not change, ‘because that is their fate’. But slow change is also change. Some young mothers are part-time world champions, but if the company arranges particularly good childcare and is flexible in terms of working hours, that will change quickly. Many college graduates only discover their true academic passion after having earned their college diploma. The world is and will keep moving, so be prepared to update your current knowledge and talk to your oldest colleague: then you will see how everything really changes.

8. The all-encompassing idea

We find simple ideas very attractive. We enjoy that moment when we really understand something. Delicious when one idea explains all sorts of other things. In business, the idea is that you can better leave everything to the free market, because that automatically comes with the best solution. The more mail suppliers, train operators, coffee roasters, the better. It saves a lot of time to apply your favourite idea to everything. But it does limit your imagination. Instead use creativity. Realise that nobody is the perfect expert, that even their knowledge is limited. There are no explanatory solutions.

9. Scapegoating

You have written a paper, but it has not been printed in an edition of 100 but of 1,000. How did that happen? Because of our scapegoat instinct we go looking for a clear simple reason why something bad happened. You knew you needed a hundred copies, so it is not up to you. Your secretary? The trainee at the print shop who carried out the assignment? We are looking for a scapegoat that fits our beliefs, so if you find trainees overestimating redundant workers, you look for it in that direction. If you prefer to keep everything in your own hands and do not want a department secretary, then the solution is clear. For all kinds of issues we look at the media, foreigners, shareholders, computers etc. Too easy. Look for the causes of the problem, not for villains. If you have found that cause, you will feel a lot better.

10. Now or never!

You have to decide whether you need to buy those new laptops for the department. Your colleagues complain about the old mess with which they work. The seller calls that you have to decide now, otherwise the offer will expire and ‘you will miss your chance for good’. The urgency instinct ensures that we immediately want to take action as soon as we see a danger looming. Handy with that lion hidden in the grass. But for that computer acquisition it does not help that this tendency to act quickly prevents you from thinking analytically and encourages you to take drastic, ill-considered measures. The urgency almost always comes along. Take a deep breath. Require the seller’s data on the laptops to be purchased. Beware of jubilant predictions: how often does ICT make its promises? Do not take drastic action, you keep a better mood and you will reap respect with your colleagues.

Final thoughts

If the above sounds good to you, then you are going to be ok. But what if all of this does not work out for you? You still have this annoying boss, lousy colleagues and noisy work environment. Then you should take other action like changing jobs or start working from home and be your own boss. Google will give you all the possibilities available, but how to take the right one?  Read here my full review of the world’s best internet opportunity for making money from home.


The best Training on Affiliate Marketing – 7 Tips on How to Start


Chances are that if you visit Google frequently, you have read about affiliate marketing. You may be interested in it, but you have no idea what it is, let alone where to start. If you are a novice to this matter, I am going to explain below how you can make a start with an affiliate website. I will lead you through the process, give 7 essential tips on how to start and will introduce you to the best training program on affiliate marketing. But first of all an explanation of what affiliate marketing is exactly?

Affiliate marketing explained

Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing where merchants – often web shops for example – collaborate with partners (affiliates) on a performance-based earning model. They give the affiliate a link to their products, which affiliates then can advertise. The aim is to attract customers that go to the merchants website through this link. This is a no-cure-no-pay construction, where the merchants only pay out on results. The affiliates will receive a commission on the sale that they have effectuated. By means of affiliate marketing, companies can reach a much larger audience, at no extra cost, and only pay when selling products or services.

In the normal situation there are three parties involved:

1. Merchants with their own affiliate program or affiliate networks
This is often the web shop, they offer products or services. Aim: want to generate extra traffic and sales and make promotional material available for that purpose and link a committee to the results. An affiliate network is the link between the merchant and the affiliates. They ensure a correct measurement of the results and see where the reward is paid or not. 

2. Affiliates
These are the advertisers of merchant’s products on their websites. Merchants can support the advertisers in informing affiliates about special offers. Does this lead to conversion? Then they get a certain commission for that.

3. Customers

The purpose of all advertising is to attract an audience who clicks on your site and then goes on to purchase some products or services.

How to start with affiliate marketing?

In order to start a website, you need to pick a niche, preferably one based on your passions, hobbies or interests. From the you will choose your domain name. I found my interest in the wine business and choose domain name It should be easy to remember, brandable, relevant and recognisable. Read here how to best choose a niche.

Here are the four steps to follow: 

1. Website

In order to build a website it is good to make use of the WordPress software. WordPress is an open source software for Content Management System (CMS), which has evolved rapidly in recent years. An additional advantage: it is constantly updated. Google prefers it. It is also very user-friendly and can be obtained free of charge. Another important point: WordPress has a lot of support available through the open source system, useful if you get stuck. 

2. Theme

You can choose one of the many free themes that WordPress offers, but sometimes you can quickly run into some limitations. It is most important to find a theme that matches your preferred niche. Also pay attention to the responsiveness of a theme. WordPress automatically adjusts itself on all screens. The site then comes out on the smartphone, laptop, tablet and desk-top computer.

3. Plug-ins

Almost all themes have extensive documentation that can help you further. If Visual Composer is not integrated in the theme, this is really a plug-in that is worth buying. This is a drag-and-drop builder, so you do not need html knowledge at the beginning. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to look into this.

4. Yoast & Akismet

These are two plug-ins that also come in handy. With Akismet you protect your website against spam. With Yoast you have a tool that helps you with the analysis of search engine marketing (SEO). The Yoast plug-in helps you to clarify what you should look for when it becomes visible in Google and actually helps you to get the hang of part of search engine optimisation. You can link the Yoast plug-in to webmaster tools (more below) for further insights into where you can improve in terms of content.

Analytics, webmaster tools & plug-ins

Has your website been indexed in the search machines? Then it is interesting to integrate Google Analytics. Create a Google Analytics account and link the GA code to your website.  Then it is still a matter of installing and activating. Slowly but surely, the results will become visible when you log into Analytics.

You can then link your website to webmaster tools (also called Google Search Console). With webmaster tools, you can indicate, among other things, which country you are targeting, what your preference settings should be, and so on. In webmaster tools you can also submit a sitemap, making it easier for Google to crawl your site and the indexation goes faster. Creating a sitemap can be done quite simply with the help of the aforementioned Yoast plug-in. Using webmaster tools and Google Analytics you gain insight into a lot of data, with which you can continue to improve your site: measuring is knowing.

Content is king

Work for a number of months on content, minimum 3 articles per week, that you think will add value or interest to people. After a couple of weeks you dive deeper into Google Analytics to see how people come to your site. Which content is relevant? On which pages of your website do people click? And how long do they stay?

Quality content leads to visitors clicking, then to an audience and then to business.If everything starts to run a little and you have some traction on your domain, it is good to sign up with different merchants or affiliate networks. Read here how to write the best content.

Pr, SEO & link building

For indexation and your rankings within Google it is important that impulses, for example in the form of incoming links, go to your website. The more authority the sites have, the more interesting. This can be achieved through good PR, but SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimisation, can also play an important role in this. 

Social and community building

Nowadays it is quickly possible to build a strong following through social media. From there you can direct more visitors to your website. This is something for when you have some content on your website already. Think of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram fans, social followers, or newsletter members. 

7 essential tips to start with affiliate marketing

  1. First go for quality content with added value. 
  2. Start with WordPress or another free CMS. As a starting affiliate, it is not at all necessary to invest in a completely custom-made system. Almost everything you need is  free of charge. Invest first in knowledge, only then in more professional sites.
  3. It does not matter which niche you choose, as long as it is in your interest.
  4. Analyse and improve your content through Google Analytics and webmaster tools.
  5. You will need to have patience. The beginning is a learning process and in that period there will also be little financial income. A boon is that there are hardly any costs.
  6. Invest directly in a strong relevant domain name.
  7. Also try doing some things about SEO, link building and pr. This can boost your site in the Google rankings.

Do you have any tips to start with affiliate marketing? Let me know in a comment.

Best training program

Overwhelmed by the above but still very much interested to get into this action? Join the best training program in the world and you can do things at your own pace under constant guidance and support. You do not need to worry about:

  • how to build a website with WordPress
  • finding a niche and strong domain name
  • finding the right keywords
  • making quality content
  • security and hosting of your website
  • plug-ins
  • SEO will be included automatically
  • including social media
  • Google Analytics and webmaster tools

All of this is already part of the (training) program I am proposing. The name of this unique program: Wealthy Affiliate (WA), established in 2005, scam free and reasonably priced. You can read my full review on WA by clicking here. Through my review you can join the program for one week FOR FREE and experience this community by yourself.

If you have any questions, please put them in the comment box and I will respond within 24 hours.






9 Reasons why You should start Working from Home today


Working from home is getting more and more popular. It is made possible by all the technology like internet, laptops, cloud storage and smartphones. This way of working allows both employees and individuals to work in a comfortable and familiar environment without sacrificing productivity.

An increasing number of companies are convinced of the advantage that teleworking offers; partly because a large number of flex workers are convinced of the positive impact of working from home on productivity and employee retention. And let’s not forget the numerous internet marketers, like myself, that have joined the internet world.

Regardless of the business model, there are many reasons that make working online exciting. Avoid having to ask yourself why you did not join this unique opportunity. Here are the 9 reasons why you should start working from home immediately.

1. You will become your own boss

Have you ever encountered somebody who has never had a jerk for a boss? If you have trouble accepting authority, it might be an issue to follow the orders from even a good boss.

By working online you are going to do away with this problem forever. Yes, you’ll still have customers, readers and advertisers who will demand your attention, but the level of stress in dealing with those is significantly lower than when compared to having a boss.

2. No waist on commutes

By working at home, employees do not waste time on work-related matters such as travelling to the workplace. Oh, the traffic jams. Let us say that a lot of people spend at least half an hour on the road to arrive at their workplace. This adds up to 5 hours of commuting time per week, which could be more than 200 hours a year. You can do the maths with your journey times. This time can of course be better spent by homeworkers doing fun things with family or friends! Or you can learn something new in that time.

3. Less distraction, less noise 

Many home workers have experienced that they are less distracted when they work from home. This would have everything to do with not having to answer constant calls, a stream of e-mails or customers coming in. You will no longer be in a big room, with a lot of noise from telephones going off, colleagues chatting and bosses calling you in. As a result, a controlled work environment at home gives you more time to concentrate on work tasks.

Mind you, you need to take care of that yourself. I have described here how to create the perfect home work environment.

4. Higher productivity 

Research from various western style countries shows that employees who work from home are far more effective and are also much more satisfied with their jobs than colleagues who work in the office. Individuals find that working from home they can do the same work in half an hour that took them two hours in the office. This shows that homework actually produces more and better results.

5. You can work from anywhere

We talk about work from home here, but in reality your ‘home’ can be anywhere, and this is great freedom. The only requirement is a reliable internet connection, but you can get one virtually anywhere these days. You could work from your favourite cafes, sit on a bench ina park, and even from the beach if you have a wireless modem.

By the same token, when I am travelling to other countries, I can still work on my websites as you would do if you were sitting in your home office (and many people do just that).

6. You can work your own schedule

You can start working any time you want and the need to set the alarm clock might not be there anymore. 9-5 schedules need not be adhered to and are a thing of the past. If you work on the internet you can work any time you want. If you feel like working at night, you can do that also. Is next Friday a sports day, then you can work your way around this, without having to ask your annoying boss.

You can take a break any time you need it, wear the clothes you want and not a business suit or uniform.

7. Balance between work and private life

The absolute number 1 reason why people find home work ideal is the perfect balance between work and a private life. Working from home makes it possible to bring the children to school, to have a cup of coffee with friends and all the while you are rewarded both financially and personally.

8. It might grow into a big business

Most websites start as a hobby. If your idea is good and you put enough work on it, however, it might grow into a big business.  And you don’t need to go to the very top to see this pattern. There are hundreds of web design, affiliate marketing and consulting firms that were started as a hobby and turned into profitable businesses over time.

9. Your efforts will go into your own business

I think there is no way to be rich overnight. Whether you work for a company or have your own small business, if you want to succeed you’ll need to work hard and take time.

The difference of the two scenarios above is quite a big one, however. On the first one you’ll be putting all your efforts and hard work in someone else’s business. Sure you might get a good salary in exchange for that, but the fact that someone else owns the whole thing and will collect most of the profits will never change.

If you have your own online business, on the other hand, all your sweat will go into something that you actually own. If you hit a home run, you’ll collect all the profits, and you can also decide to sell the whole business in the future.

My recommendation number 1

There it is! All the reasons why you could start your own business working from home (or anywhere as you have seen). Sure, this will not be for anyone, but nothing stops you from going with the immense opportunities in the internet. The beauty is that when you already have a job, whether you like it or not, you can always start working your website or blog. Imagine working a full time job at the same time creating the chance to leave your position in order to work online full time.

So how do you start? Well, the same like me, you join the best internet business support program there currently is. Its name is Wealthy Affiliate, established in 2005, and this platform will teach you everything you need in order to become a successful internet entrepreneur. I have published a detailed review about its workings and you can access it by clicking here. Through my review you can join for free for one week and have the first month for only $19!

Have any questions, please leave them in the comment box and I will reply within 24 hours.



How to Work from Home for Stay at home Moms


Many mothers opt for home work because they have more flexibility in organising their own time and less need to call on a babysitter or childcare. More and more employers offer the possibility to carry out (part of the work) from home.

But what if your current job does not allow this, or if you currently have no work? Then you will find valuable information in this article. There are various ways to make money from home and if you take this seriously, it is quite possible to provide your family partially or even fully with an income at home. Below is an overview of opportunities to make money from home, especially for mothers. You will also find my number one recommendation for starting your own business.

Which homework suits you?

Which form of home work suits you best is of course dependent on your knowledge and interests, but this also depends on the age of your children. For example, if you have two children under 5 years of age walking around, it is better not to do homework by phone during the day. Chances are that you will often have to interrupt your telephone calls. Of course you can do this kind of work at times when a partner or a nice babysitter can watch your children so that you can work undisturbed.

Ask yourself the following questions

It is useful to get an idea of what is possible for you right now by means of the questions below:

  • Are you looking for an additional income or a full income?
  • How much time do you actually have for working from home?
  • Which days / day parts are you available and which parts are not?
  • How much money do you want to earn from home work?
  • Does the work require that you regularly have to work undisturbed for a certain period of time and are you able to realize enough of these moments on a daily / weekly basis?
  • Do you have to leave the house regularly for work and if so, is there someone who can take care of your children at those times?

By answering the above questions yourself, you can check which form of home work is most suitable for you and whether it is possible to achieve your goal with the amount of time you currently have at your disposal. 

Types of homework

There are various types of homework that are suitable for mothers. Do not limit yourself to the existing jobs on offer, but also try to look at ways to create an income yourself. This is often easier than you think! Read my recommendation number one later.

Existing vacancies

Most popular among mothers are vacancies where you do homework with the computer. You can think of, for example, translation work, looking up information or correcting texts. Less known, but also very popular among mothers is chatting against payment. With all these types of work you can grab your computer or laptop at any time and work when it suits you.

When working from home, always check whether the benefits offered are realistic. As soon as it sounds too good to be true and you also have to pay money first, you can assume that something is not right.

Create your own homework

But the possibilities are much greater than that. You can also create your own home work. What do you like to do, people often ask you for advice, what do you get many thank you’s for? This can be anything. Think of things like baking cakes, giving relationship advice, helping with the computer, organising parties, advice on the design of someone’s house, help in the garden, help with choosing the right clothes and accessories.

Write down everything and think about how you could turn these skills of yourself into a service where you help others and make money yourself. This can be in your own neighborhood, for example baking theme cakes for birthdays, but also in a larger area. For example by means of a website or telephone information line. In addition, you can also see what is needed in your environment.


To give you an idea of how great the possibilities are, find below a few examples:

  • Start Bed & Breakfast
  • Tutoring / homework guidance
  • Organize and guide children’s parties
  • Childcare
  • Organize cooking workshops
  • Taking care of animals
  • Ironing
  • Baking cakes
  • Outlet service for dogs
  • Start webshop
  • Create websites

Start a blog

Nice and easy to work from home when it suits you, with only your laptop or smartphone? You can do it with your own blog. Nowadays, virtually no technical knowledge is required. Within a few clicks you can start writing and often earn your first euro within a week.

Posting messages on your blog is as easy as posting a message on Facebook. How to create your own blog and earn money with it, you can read on blogging for beginners.

Distinguish yourself

If you are the umpteenth photographer or the umpteenth web shop starts, you have to deal with a lot of competition. Distinguish yourself and make sure that you are the person they are looking for. For example, because you are specialised in maternity photography and have your own website with examples of photos of mothers who have been photographed at their best with their pregnant belly.

Try to be original so you stand out and choose people especially for your services. For example, if you offer bed & breakfast, you can opt for a specific theme. 

Follow a course to increase your chances

Home hairdresser, copywriter, masseuse, translator, weight consultant (e), wedding planner … these are all possibilities to make money from home. Just find some overview of courses with which you can earn your own income within a very short time. In these courses you will also learn how to set up your own business.

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Still there are a number of pitfalls that you have to keep an eye on when you work from home.


Try to schedule your work at fixed times so that you do not have a pile of work at the end of the day. If you work at fixed times then this also provides clarity for (older) family members. You can work at fixed times, but also at certain fixed times. For example, after dinner or during the afternoon dinners.

Healthy split between work and private

You will be less easily disturbed by your family members in your own place. You also become less easily distracted by household chores that still have to happen. Conversely, you should also try to avoid having your work in your head on “family time”. Try to clearly separate working time and family time. If necessary, put down a notepad so that you can write down any issues that come to mind so that your head is “empty” again.


Set clear boundaries (also for yourself) in terms of working time, place where you work (do not want to be disturbed) and attention so that you can focus on your work. This will get you done more in less time. That gives you a nice feeling because you can work efficiently. And there is more time left for your family.

Be a professional

Have you created your own homework? Then you can be proud of that! Talk about it, hand out business cards. Make sure you keep abreast of new developments by following courses and visiting events related to your field. Promote yourself at trade fairs and advertise in local newspapers or by hanging up flyers at suitable locations. Find contact with other entrepreneurs in your area with similar customers so that you can recommend each other.

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The 6 most Effective Strategies on How to Build a Niche


Becoming your own boss by operating your own website is many people’s wish. Building your website is one thing, but choosing the right niche is another, which is vital to building your business.

Every entrepreneur without focus is like a soldier armed with a shotgun in the front line. You just keep shooting pellets hoping to hit something. That this strategy is not the most effective will be clear. The same goes for marketing. You can aim for the masses and just hope to reach a few, but it will not have the desired results. Therefore there is a thing called a niche, its marketing and its advantages, which I am going to explain below as well as give you 6  effective ways to build your niche.

What does a niche mean?

A niche market, often referred to as just the word niche, is a specific, often small, defined and editable part of a market. Niche markets have less competition than the main market; some niche markets even have only one provider (you would hold a monopoly). There are many niche markets to think of. The deeper you go, the more specific and smaller your audience, which is what you really want. One of my websites is wine>white>chardonnay>best producing countries.

The advantages of niche marketing

Here are some of the big advantages of niche marketing:

You will be able to spend a great deal of time on your customers, thus increasing their loyalty.

You will have fewer competitors, which you can check on Google for every niche and see how many pages of competitors are listed.

As you dedicate your efforts on a specific number of customers and not on the masses, your marketing cost will be lower.

It is easier to define exactly who your customers are.

It is no problem if you have chosen your niche already Just use the knowledge below to start blogging and write seo texts for your effective internet marketing strategies! Here we go:

1. Choose a niche in an existing market

You can try to sell your product in an entirely new market, which is a possibility. This can even turn out to be very successful when there is a demand for your product or service. But why don’t you look for an existing market with sure demands first?

It is a good idea to find a niche in a market that has already proven its success. For example, a product such as “losing weight by stopping to drink beer”. Losing weight is a successful niche, but with a lot of competition. By reducing your target group to beer drinkers you have just narrowed down and determined your niche market.

2. Choose your niche products

A market will only become successful if you can sell multiple products to the same customers. If you have a specific niche product, for example “losing weight after pregnancy” your sales will be limited. You can not sell the same product or a related product to the “new mother” several times. Therefore always choose a niche where you can sell multiple products to the same customers so e.g the beer drinkers segment.

3. Study your niche market 

Your niche market must be a market for which people are willing to pay. If you focus on “how to paint my house”, chances are that people will not buy your product. Why not? The need for a solution is not such that people want to pay for it. If you focus on “how do I get my ex back” you will realize faster sales as the need is greater.

This step is more important than you think. In practice, we see that the determination of the need is often skipped. We entrepreneurs tend to think that our customers need our products and not the result that these products deliver. 

4. Finding the right phase for your niche market

Every (online) consumer goes through several phases before he buys something. There are questions at each stage. The further in the process, the more specific the questions and the greater the opportunity.

Phase 1 Problem recognition
Most companies join this phase, where the consumer has just determined that he has a question or need. Think for example of someone who is no longer satisfied with his boat. Since he does not yet know whether he wants to sell, rent or trade the car, he looks for the search term “boat”. With more than 300 thousand searches per month, you will find every company that deals with boats on this keyword! Not very feasible when the customer is still far from buying.

Also do not forget that the broader your keyword, the broader your audience. Make sure you’re smarter with keywords to outsmart your competitors.

Phase 2 Collecting Information
The consumer who was eagerly looking for information about his boat is gathering more and more information and is gradually preparing to go to the next phase. He has collected the information, now knows where his needs lie and is ready to make a choice.

Phase 3 Compare and Make Choice
At this stage, the consumer determines whether he needs a new boat and then either goes to the next phase or abandons without buying anything.

Phase 4 Finding Providers
The previous phase has given our customer so much clarity. He now knows what he wants and goes looking for a particular boat. The broad keywords, with the most searches per month, have changed into long tail keywords. Boat has become 2-engine speed boat for a particular price and 3-year guarantee.

Phase 5 Buy or Do not Buy
Every consumer seems to fall back to phase 3 after phase 4. The advantages and disadvantages are compared and it is again determined whether the product or service really serves the needs. In this phase you as a provider are compared with other providers. This is your last chance to convince the consumer that he or she needs your product or service.

5. Dominate your niche market

What many people forget is that almost every form of marketing (if you do it right) is a form of niche marketing. If you focus on a specific target group with your marketing, you effectively use a niche (market). What the majority of companies do, however, is to focus on the widest possible audience. If you are limited in your marketing budget or the resources that you can use, why do you like to reach them all?

The lowest threshold for choosing a consumer is the price, if there is nothing else to enter into the comparison, the majority will go for the cheapest alternative. Fighting against the cutthroat competition does not make any sense, certainly not if you do it for the price!

Smart niche marketing increases your rates! The more unique and focused your company is, the lower your competition. The lower your competition, the more specific and unique you become. And the more unique you are, the less important the price becomes.

Your niche market may have competition. If you do not have competitors, chances are there is no demand in that market, or I have to congratulate you on finding a gap in the market. 

6. Choose your niche customer instead of your target group

The hardest part of niche marketing is the beginning. Of course you are afraid that you will miss out on customers, your target group will eventually become smaller. Where you used to have the whole market to storm, you now only have a small part. Focusing on a niche market means specifying the needs in your market. It means the difference between customer and target group. And however annoying, not everyone is your customer. Get to know your customer, know which people buy your product, know what your niche is!

Final thoughts

I hope I have now clarified sufficiently to you the importance of choosing the right niche, its advantages and the ways to do so effectively. The thing is, if you start in the right niche, you have solved/prevented a lot of your issues already and you will make the best start of your successful internet business.

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Work from home Jobs – Choosing the right Niche for your own Internet Business!

Introductionbe your own boss

So you want the best chance at working from home? Use the internet! Build your own internet business, the basis of which is having your own website and a niche. Don’t say this is not for you, as both will be taken care of in this article. Everybody can do this!

This article will mainly deal with how to find a profitable niche, as this is the most important part of conducting your business. At the end of this summary, I will give you my number one recommendation for internet business support, a program that will give you a website in minutes and any things more. So read on and discover how to choose the right niche.

So, what is a niche?

Perhaps you have already heard of the term “niche marketing”  and you know that a niche is a sub-market within a larger market. In other words a niche is your audience. Sounds familiar? If it did not, then now it hopefully will! The big advantage of finding and operating in a small market within a larger market will be that there is much less competition. A suitable niche is the foundation for your business and your website.

working fromhomeWith that out of the way, how do you find a good niche and what should you consider? What should you watch for when choosing a niche market?

To make this easier on yourself,  it is wise that you start looking for a niche that you can easily write about. List for yourself what your hobbies, passions and interests are. Take into account that the niche you choose should be the one that you can talk, study, read and especially write about on a day-to-day basis.

People have specific problems / issues and also search for specific solutions in Google. The more specific and direct you connect to that question, the sooner they can find and the easier they make a purchase. 

You will eventually find a good niche on the basis of these questions!

If you think you have found your niche, then test your idea as follows. Take a look at below eight questions and see if you can answer them positively. If so, then you have found your profitable niche!

Can I lose my passion with this niche of expertise?
Can I go deeper into this market?
Can I solve a problem within this market?
Can I earn enough profit in this niche market?
Can I grow with this niche in the future?
Can I score easily in the search engines?
Can I find a supplier for this niche?
Can I, when I have to, switch between different suppliers?

Of course, finding a niche market is important, but the development of the concept is actually more important.

Here are some tips to make your search easier.

What is the purpose of your niche for your target audience?

Internet entrepreneurs often say something like the following:

I want to teach people how to be happy
I want to teach people how to become financially independent
I want to teach people how to be healthy
I want to teach people how they can get more out of their lives and so on

Admittedly, these are fine goals for those people, however, you should realise that these people have to decide for customer servicethemselves how they are going to achieve these goals and determine what this means for them. It is not so much up to you to teach them the above because it depends on the person. But it is up to you to be the solution to the problem of these people, or offering the bridge from A to B(etter).


First you choose your audience, like “people who want to be financially independent”. You can replace this aspect “financially independent” with what you have in mind.

Those people are in a (current) situation where they are not financially independent. They want a situation where they have to be (desired situation). The desired outcomes are not achieved by these people by one (or more often) obstacles. You offer a solution to this obstacle and thus a path to the desired situation.

Dare to choose!

We are all like entrepreneurs who tend to choose too broad an audience and that’s because of our innate loss aversion. We often do not dare to choose a market segment because we are afraid that we will leave something else on the table. That’s a big trap on the internet, for it is within that large ecosystem of distractions that you should target audiencemake clear within a few seconds, why people should be with you on your website. 

You must choose to be elected …

A beautiful statement I think is “you have to choose to be selected,” and this emits a very clear message.  Successful entrepreneurs dare to choose and specialise. A true specialist usually has more prestige, higher prices, reduced customers (quantity) but more satisfied customers (quality) and more revenue per sale.

Specific website = faster to the top in Google!

The more specific your website, the sooner you can score in Google. For specific terms there is in fact always less competition than for very broad / general terms. Stay away from general terms as competition will be strong and professional.

Specific niche market = high conversion

The more specific you are, the greater also is your conversion. Conversion stands for the conversion of a visitor to target audienceresult such as, for example, making a sale. This is logical because when your offer one on one meet the demand it is much more logical for someone to buy. Often, people with a specific need for a higher budget than if you remain in general. That’s because people know what they need and are looking for a specific solution. They made the decision there to pay the necessary steps taken unconscious before they come to you. In an overall market you must first convince your visitors that they need your product.

Where do entrepreneurs go wrong?

Many business owners make the mistake of not focusing on the main obstacle to their target but rather on the desired situation. As financially independent or healthy and happy. How people see their own desired situation, experience, how they feel and then how they would deal with it in principle, this is not to up to you as a business owner to determine. Again and this is so important: it’s up to you to provide a concrete solution to get from A to B. If you have a solution to go from A to B, then you have a good product.


Keep your ears and eyes open and always look around you for perhaps a good niche. It may that you will discover a whole new market segment, where nobody has thought of before. These niches can become profitable very quickly on the internet.professional support

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How To Sell Stuff Online – The Best Way


Making money by trading can be a fun activity and many people earn a lot of money in the process. People are how to sell stuff onlinealready trading for very long time and therefore it is a very important concept in history. Through the marketing of products, people found out that they were not the only ones in the world, so different cultures came into contact with each other.

However, in the course of time very much has changed in the way one acts with each other. This is due to new technology, the media, and foremost the internet, which makes it easier for people to communicate with each other. In this way it is possible for anyone to make money while trading. On this page you will find ways to be successful in today’s internet trading and doing this from home (see handy tips for working from home successfully here). Further on I will give you 6 handy tips supporting how to sell stuff online. I will conclude with the world’s best opportunity for starting and maintaining an online business successfully.

How to start trading

If you’re reading this then you are already well under way. It is very important to inform yourself first about trading so that you are going to start the right away. By making the right start you will enjoy trading more and become a successful dealer quicker. how to sell stuff online

In addition to reading this information it is very important to know what you would like to trade in and sell. Therefore, ensure that you know the ins and outs of what you are going to trade in. One of the key things is to know where a good market is for your stuff and what the sales prices in this market are. It is easier to start with merchandise you know well, for example when it is your hobby/passion or any product that you are very familiar with.

What is good business

If you cannot think of a product to sell, you can also find out what you’d like to have and what people around you would like to have. So on the internet you can look for these products to see what is on offer and of course which products are in demand. Make sure you’re well aware of sales prices and whether the products are offered second how to sell stuff onlinehand regularly. In this way you will know in a short time where you can buy the cheapest product and what the average selling price is.

Of course everybody wants to have a profitable trading, but it is not always easy to know what a good business will be and what not. By regularly following the online marketplaces, you will quickly see which products sell fastest and where people have the most interest in. If you pay attention to the online market places, you can see who the merchants are. These are often people who sell multiple products and have long been busy on the online marketplaces. By viewing their profile, you will see that they have multiple active advertisements and often have enough products in stock.

Of course it may not be advisable to ‘copy’ other merchants, but you will get a fair idea of what currently is selling well.

Purchasing products

Now that you know what product or products you want to sell it becomes important to buy-in cheap. This is very important as you want to make as much profit as possible and to sell your stuff quickly. By using the internet you can buy-in worldwide. On websites such you can find major providers of products worldwide. Keep in mind that you buy products that are not fake, because you can run into great problems when importing or selling. Also, it is often a lot cheaper to purchase multiple products from a similar kind. Be as sure as possible that there is sufficient demand for these products.

Buying at flea markets/yard/garage sales

In addition to purchasing products over the internet, you can also look closer to home. There are several flea marketshow to sell stuff online across any country. Here you can find products that are cheaper or you can easily negotiate the price. It often helps if you go to the market near its end to pick up bargains, as people prefer to have a minimum of stuff back home. If you’re looking for a specific product, then the earlier you come, the better. It is advisable to carry an Iphone, so you can quickly do a product research on the internet. By looking at what these products cost you can quickly calculate how much you want to pay for the product.

Of course you can also visit yard or garage sales, where you will have the same conditions as at a flea market.

Purchasing from public sales or liquidation sales

Due to the current recession, more and more people are getting into problems. Consequently there will be many public sales because of bankruptcy. These are also good places to get cheap goods. You might have some reservations about making money from these people, but you are helping them in bidding on their stuff and at least get some money back. A cash amount in their hands can greatly benefit these people. If nobody buys, their misery will be even greater.

How much money do you need to invest?

Actually you do not need so much money to start trading. Of course it helps if you can place large orders directly to buy products as cheaply as possible. But if you do not have initial capital or very little, then you can start trading by selling stuff you already have. Walk through your house once and look at stuff you never actually used. By selling this you not only earn money but you also know immediately whether there is a market for this stuff.  Another possibility is by advertising on free mediums/shops you have no cost and you will make money when you realize a sale.

In what place are you going to sell?

Of course you want to put your products for sale to as many people as possible. By making use of the internet this can easily be done. However, you will often have much more competition on the internet, so make sure your prices are on how to sell stuff onlinethe low side. You can sometimes better choose to keep the profit margins low, in order to realize a lot more sales.

By placing ads on various online marketplaces such as Ebay you will reach a large number of people.

You can also choose to design your own website so as to ensure that more people come back to you to buy your stuff. Your own website also creates more customer confidence and they might come back to buy more. This is probably one of the best methods and which I am doing myself. See my profile here.

Furthermore, you can actually advertise on several large sites that have many visitors, but take care that those visitors have an interest in the products that you sell.

Trading tips!

Try to sell as soon as possible with a profit

Better to sell something at a cheaper price than sit with a product unsold for a long time. This way you can quickly buy new goods. Especially when you have one big lot of certain goods which you want to sell as soon as possible. By lowering the prices you will see that the sales will also go a lot faster.

Take a car with loading space

By taking a car with plenty of cargo space you can pick more items in one time. Also make sure that it runs on diesel or gas, so you spend less on transportation. A pick-up truck or van would be ideal.

Make sure you always have an internet option

You never know when you can buy up good trade. Therefore, make sure you always have a phone with internet connection, so that you can quickly check what the value of a particular product is.

Be known as a merchant

By letting as many people know that you are a dealer, your network will be getting bigger. This can be easy to sell stuff but also to buy. When people have goods to trade, they will firstly contact you. 

Help fellow traders

Sometimes you can sell your products with a small margin to another trader, so that you can sell very quickly. Now you can also buy in larger numbers so the purchase prices will be lower. This merchant might come back to you when he has a big lot of goods or he will think of you when he can buy a bigger lot. By working together in this way both can be better off.

The best way to generate an income onlinehow to sell stuff online

One of the best ways to earn an income or extra income is by promoting any product available in the market. Then you hold no stock, you do not need to buy, you do not need to deliver and you will get commissions for directing customers to their website. This can be done by enlisting for Affiliate Programs, the best basis for which is your own website.

Wealthy Affiliates University will provide you with all the tools, including a website in 30 seconds, necessary to set up and maintain a successful online business for years to come. The product you promote will be entirely your choice, based on your personal interests, hobbies or passions. I have reviewed this unique and fast growing opportunity here.

If you have any questions or like to add to the above, please feel free to leave them in the comment box and I will get back to you within 24 hours.