Impacts of Covid-19 Lockdowns increase stress and diminish Happiness at work

covid impact

Introduction As I am a Dutchman, I would like to address the amazing results of a questionnaire recently held about the Corona crisis in the Netherlands. I do this as surely these issues will be representative of many other parts of the world. So, please read on and learn about this surprising information. More than … Read more

Can you start your own business? Yes, anybody can!

start your own business

Introduction Starting your own business, how do you actually do that? Where do you start? It is a question that many starting entrepreneurs ask themselves. There are so many things to think about and the main goal, of course, is that your business will be successful and achieve the things that you want. You could … Read more

How to earn Money sitting at Home? – Here is How to do it!

earn money sitting at home

Introduction The Corona (Covid-19) virus sweeps through the world leaving many people ill or immobile at home. As already enough has been said and written about the virus, this is not about Corona issues. This is about solutions and new opportunities and making money with them. For everyone My frequent readers will know that this … Read more

How to make Money with any Hobby

make money with hobby

Introduction How many of us dream about making extra money for ourselves? How many want to become their own boss? And how many have dreamed about making money with something close to them, like a hobby, interest or passion? You would also like to work from home? Nowadays, with the growing internet possibilities, this has … Read more

9 Reasons why You should start Working from Home today

working from home

Introduction Working from home is getting more and more popular. It is made possible by all the technology like internet, laptops, cloud storage and smartphones. This way of working allows both employees and individuals to work in a comfortable and familiar environment without sacrificing productivity. Teleworking An increasing number of companies are convinced of the … Read more