Why are Hobbies important next to your Work?


Is your  hobby a bit dopey? If not, it could offer you the opportunity to get rid of hobbies are importantyour work stress and some other adverse factors in your life. Moreover, it ensures that in your job you do not have to meet impossible requirements. Say that again! Yes, a study has revealed how that works and here is how it goes: the more attention you pay to your hobby, the stronger you feel that you are in charge of your own life and feel connected to the world around you.

Do some soul searching

So, you have to ask yourself which are your hobbies or if you have any. And if you have not, I will give you one at the end, one that is going to make you some money as well! Read more and you will learn how important it is to have a hobby or hobbies next to your work. Especially when your hobby # 1 is making money on the side! See how this goes in the last paragraphs.

Do you have any hobbies?

It is almost inevitable that this question will take you straight back to your childhood or teenage years, where you were having poetry albums and cassette tapes, collecting stamps – or where you were just having coffee with your grandmother. But chances are that you don’t even have one, a hobby. Why? Because these days there is this persistent misunderstanding that you have to be busy to be successful. Those who live optimally do not even have free time. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Full week

On the other hand: that your agenda is full all week is precisely because you undertake all kinds of activities in addition to your work. You faithfully go to exercise three times a week and you are regularly in the cinema or at a concert. And then there was that mindfulness course that you had to follow yourself. Great right?

Importance of a hobby

I have read various articles about this subject and they all describe the importance of not always being busy very nicely as: when we take a break, we give ourselves the time to think and the room to breathe, so that we can work hobby importantinvestigate how we make our decisions, and wonder if we want to make new decisions. It reminds us of everything that is good in our lives, that fuels our passions, the people who inspire us and with whom we are connected. It is the space where we can relax, play, discover and where we offer new opportunities to our lives. 

Different perspective

Not all of us have this opportunity, but for myself it was my (business) travel days. You sit somewhere faraway and suddenly you have the chance to look back at what you are doing in your native country. You just start seeing things from a different perspective. That is what this is all about.

Hobby versus burnout

This is exactly why we end up with a hobby: an activity in which you are actively involved in something, without being too performance-oriented. Just for fun. A hobby is one of the few activities where you can get away from it all. That is valuable time, because you get rid of the hectic pace of work, which maybe has happened far too little in recent years. It is even seen that lack of this recovery is the main cause of the burnout epidemic.

Happier persons

It also appears that those who are consciously involved in leisure activities are more satisfied persons. Research conducted  into leisure crafting advises to fill in your leisure time with activities in which you feel strongly involved. Studies, among others, show that the more attention you pay to it, the stronger you feel that you are in charge of your own life and that you also feel more connected to and involve in the world around you.

Organize leisure time

These are some of the mechanisms, which indicate to what extent a person feels good and functions optimally and can also continue to grow. In addition, people who consciously organize their leisure time will find that they experience a higher level of meaning for life.

Benefits of having a hobby

Then of course there are the skills you gain while practicing a hobby, and at benefits of hobbyleast the positive effect of the activity. For example, drawing can improve your memory by up to 29 percent, language learning strengthens your cognitive ability, you increase your vocabulary and intelligence by reading a lot, you cultivate patience when you make something with your hands such as knitting or building a model sailing ship and it relaxes playing an instrument, because it lowers your blood pressure and heart rate.

Find out about yourself

Thanks to a hobby, you can also find out that you had something in you that you didn’t know, but for which you had no room at work to discover it. For example, something like a proactive attitude. In any case, it is good to use a hobby as a supplement to what you do not find in your work, psychologists recommend. With that you will take away the pressure that your job must meet everything you want in your life. Often a little bit of stress disappears, because if everything depends on one thing, the stakes are high and you can run great risks. What if you lose that job? 

Final thoughts

From the above it follows logically that we should take our hobbies more seriously. Also be sure that it is still not problematic that we fall too easily nowadays and switch on the latest Netflix production. Hell no, but in these busy times we can use all the more incentive to spend our leisure time as consciously as possible.

We should start believing that new, more flexible ways of working really are the way to go forward: so that we finally have the space to give our hobbies the place they deserve in our working days. Because let’s be honest, in our overcrowded existence there is rarely “just” time left. So, we need to make time!

Having issues with finding a hobby?

It sounds like a strange problem, yet there are some people who do not have a hobby. The bottom line is that people who are looking for a hobby often do not have an activity that they can use to constructively find relaxation and finding no hobby inspiration. As a hobby-less person, you are often doomed to watch television or just surf the web. Or is it just lazy?

Making money with a hobby?

Losing a hobby is another thing that can be partly due to the fact that you have turned your hobby into your work. It sounds fantastic and it is. Yet in this case a feeling shift takes place. In the past you could not get enough of your hobby and it consumed a lot of free time. Now and then you just have to distance yourself from your hobby because it has become your job. This is what I like to talk about next.

Hobby #1, making extra money for yourself

Notwithstanding what I have written above, I am a bit skeptical about people not having a hobby. It is my opinion that each one of us has some hobby, passion, interest or something we prefer to do above all else. You just need to become aware of it. And what if, like I did, you make some money with one of your passions?

hobby and making money

I am saying that whatever your passion, you can make money with it on the side and even next to your job. It is the enormous internet growth that makes this possible for everyone of us. My passion is wine and by writing about it to a certain audience, I can sell wine and make commissions from my own home, not buying anything, not holding store.

Take action here!

The way to do it  is to become an Affiliate Marketer, operating your own website and being your own boss. In order to do so, you will need training and support and I am going to refer you to the world’s best internet business support program. Read how they work in my personal review by clicking here. Thanks for your attention.

12 thoughts on “Why are Hobbies important next to your Work?”

  1. Thanks Jerry for this wonderful article because by this article I have got to know how important a hobby is in our daily lives for example you have said that a hobby helps one to become more stronger and he or she feels like he or she is in charge of his or her life and liked connected to the world which is something special and thanks for advising people with out hobbies to look for them thanks for this article once again keep sharing 

    • You are welcome and yes, I will keep publishing these articles to help people becoming aware of certain issues and what they can do about it.

  2. This is something that I never really gave a thought before but I feel that it is a very good thing to start out or make some side money with ones hobby. Not so many people understand what their hobby is though. I will like to know if you can expatiate on how a person can really see what their hobby is.

    • It would be another way of looking into yourself, your character, personality, your beliefs. When confronted with this same question some five years ago I did just that and listed all the hobbies, passions and interests I had. Bearing in mind that I would be busy with it on a daily basis, it became easier to make a choice. Writing down your thoughts on anything always helps me enormously. Especially when you write for a specific audience, you will be forced to formulate clearly, thus think comprehensively.

  3. Hobbies are great ways of maximizing one’s potential. Our hobbies shouldn’t be stuffs that tend to waste our time like watching movies etc but should be something that contribute to our lives mentally, financially, academically and emotionally. That’s me for you. My hobbies have contributed a lot of good stuffs to my life.

  4. The truth is that many people enjoy their hobbies more than they enjoy the work that they do anytime. I am a believer of the fact that when the a person does what they enjoy, income potential goes high so what I am trying yo explain in essence is that making your hobbies a make money stream will give you more chances of actually making good money. I also use my hobbies to make money online. Nice post.

    • I agree that when one can do what one enjoys best, even a job, then happiness is not far away. If you love what you are doing, you will be more effective, productive and thus successful.

  5. Hello Jerry. It’s really nice knowing more about why hobbies important next to my work. Wow! Hobbies have lots and lots of positive impacts and effects on us, our brain, thinking and mentality, strength etc. As a matter of fact, one finds it difficult to get tired of what he is doing is his hobby. People don’t get tired at their hobbies.

    • As a matter of fact, whilst research this topic, I was amazed at the number of benefits listed for having hobbies. It was an eye-opener for me, although I knew that hobbying is fun. There are those of us saying that when you make your hobby your job, you will never have to work!

  6. Hi Jerry, I enjoyed your article on why hobbies are important next to work and how to find your hobby. I agree with a lot of what you said. In fact, I am combining my hobbies with making a living online and turning all three of my main hobbies into websites based on those hobbies. I haven’t made any money yet because the sites are brand new, but I have high hopes and so the fact I am actually genuinely interested in my online business’ theme/topic I will be able to work hard at it and not mentally check out or give up. Anywho, thanks for the tips on finding your hobby, appreciate it.

    • Turning a hobby into a job and make money is everybody’s dream, it certainly was mine. In this sense I wished that these internet opportunities had come somewhat sooner. As it is, they are now here and we should make full use of what it has to offer. I wish you good luck with your enterprises.


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