Wealthy Affiliate – My Personal View

Product under review: Wealthy AffiliateWA

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Website: https://wealthyaffiliate.com

Price: Starter package: Free Premium package: First month 19$, then $49 per month or $359 yearly, discounts possible

Support: Excellent 24/7 support, within hours or even minutes

Overall Ranking: 98/100

Status: Legit, no scam

Perfect for anybody!

See my paragraph a little further down called who is it for.


Kyle and Carson, two successful internet entrepreneurs, founded Wealthy Affiliate (WA) university in 2005, since then becoming more successful every year. Nowadays WA has hundreds of thousands of members.

WA is an education platform that teaches, helps and supports all people interested  in starting and maintaining their own internet business or businesses with the aim to be profitable for the long term. In order to do so they will give you a solid foundation, your website, on which to work on. They will teach you how to get an WAadequate amount of traffic to your site, because without traffic (an audience), there will be no customers, no customers, no income. There are a lot of ways to monetise your site, as monetising is what all of us want. WA focuses on two main strategies:

Promoting products of your own choosing, based on your personal hobbies, interests and passions, using links to available merchants (as an affiliate). Every time merchants sell through  your links, you will receive a commission. No need to purchase items, hold stock or deliver, as the merchant will do this!

– Promoting WA and earning commission for every referral through your web site link.

How does it Operate?

WA has divided the membership in two packages, one for starters and the premium one with full benefits. Here is how they work:

Starter member package

Usually you will enter as a starter member for a full week for free (and no up sells whatsoever!); just to try out this education program and see for yourself. After setting up your personal account, you will have access to the starter course level 1 of 10 lessons (there are 5 levels), where you can build as much as two websites with available WordPress themes (you can choose from many themes), hosted and completely protected by WA. The training course will consist of video’s (all by Kyle) and some text followed by actions to be taken by the member. For any questions you may have you will have access to the community through your own WA home account by way of notifications and a chat room. WA will suggest you to promote a product or products for a market niche of your own choosing, as it should be suitable and in line with your personal hobbies, passions or interests. At the end of this course you will have one or two working site rubix websites already.

Premium member package

If you have seen it all after 7 days you can just pack it in and leave without any financial commitments. You can still keep the websites and even work on them, but without any guidance from WA.

You can also go premium at any time you like, and if you do this within the first 7 days of your membership through this site’s links, your first month will be discounted to $19. Now you will have access to the full starter course of 5 levels, each consisting of 10 lessons and boot camp where you will be promoting WA through your website, which has 7 levels, each 10 lessons. Most of us take the starter course first.

You will have access to all of the above mentioned features, plus you can send private messages to other members including the owners Kyle and Carson, 24 hours a day. You will be able to follow all tutorials that were ever placed in the WA website and the weekly webinars by WA experts. You can issue support tickets related to website technical issues.

As a premium member you will have the right to as many as 25  own domains. The training course level 2 contains a simple procedure to transfer the site rubix sites you your own domain. WA will be able to host a maximum of 25 of your websites.

Pros and Cons 


You can follow the world’s best internet business training there is at your own convenience and at your own pace.

Replies to your questions come within hours at almost all time of the day.

You will have support from the best in the business.

The cheapest all-in-one education source on-line.WA

As your website host is WA (hosting cost are included in your membership fee)  you will get 24 hours protection of your website against, spam, hackers etc.

WA is spending a lot of money yearly updating and improving its program, so it is always on top of new developments.


For some people that just became a member, the enormous amount of information available may be overwhelming. WA has already recognised this issue and is working on simplifying things, something that has been striven for since the beginning.

Who is it for?

Some people might get a little bit frightened of the word university, but let me stress that this place is for everybody with a laptop and an internet connection. It does not matter if you are a beginner, first to internet (marketing), professional or expert, there is something for everybody:

  • for disgruntled employees
  • for students who want to earn something on the side
  • for retired people who want to add to their pension
  • for stay-at-home moms that have some time to spare and make a few extra bucks
  • for employees who do not like to work a 9 to 5 job any longer
  • for people who want to become financially independent
  • for anyone who wants to start a successful internet business
  • for anyone who loves working from home
  • for anyone who wants to become their own boss

Training/tools overview

At WA the training offered comes in all kinds of formats:

  • Live Weekly Training Classes, replays available
  • Question and Answer Periods
  • Organized Classrooms (on specific topics)
  • Interactive Discussions
  • Video Training, Tutorial Training (a lot of them by Kyle)
  • Task Based Courses: it is mandatory to perform each of the tasks requested in order to move forward

WAThe following tools will be available to you as a member:

  • Keyword & Competition Research Tool ( a very important and free tool within WA!)
  • WordPress Express (4 click website builder)
  • Low Competition, Cherry Picked Keyword Lists
  • State of the Art, Unlimited Cloud Hosting (Premium Members)
  • Access to over 2,400 website templates/themes (Premium Members)
  • Ability to add over 30,000 different “features” to your website
  • Rapid Writer, your content “friend”


The support structure is such that you will have replies 24/7 and even the owners Kyle and Carson can be contacted. You will have answers to your questions within hours, sometimes earlier. You can engage in chats, discussions and notifications and you can send private messages. Even if you are not active in them you can still learn by reading through them. As you progress you will learn more every single day, which should not frighten you. You should welcome it.


The shortest chapter of them all!WA

The starter package: Cost $0, no further up sells, no other commitments.

The premium package: First month $19, then $49 per month or $359 yearly. Your own domain name, if you decide to buy it, will cost you $14 per year through WA, but you are free to buy it anywhere. No further up sells, nor hidden cost!

Final opinion/verdict

I have been a member since October 2014 and I have never before or after seen a better legitimate possibility on the internet, where you can start your own business so easily, have some fun and make money in the process. If you dream about becoming rich overnight, then this in not for you. But if you want to be your own boss and work from home, this is an opportunity of a lifetime! If you want to put in enough hard work, dedication and persistence and to slowly but surely build a foundation for your business for the long term, then WA is the way to go.

Having been around for so many years since its foundation in 2005, Kyle and Carson have vowed to make WA better every year. You can be assured that WA is here to stay for many more years to come. Make sure you will be a part in this wonderful community by enlisting in the starter package for one week for free! No other organisation in the world will offer you such a great opportunity! When you join through the links in this site, I will follow you right away and you will be able to network with me personally. You will need to Click here and find out the easy way to join.

Bonus and how to claim it

When you join the free starter membership, I am going to offer you a bonus if you do decide to become a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days (including a 59% discount).  When you create your account at Wealthy Affiliate, I will be personally welcoming you on your profile and giving some more information about WA, how to get help from me, and how to claim your bonus.  

Please contact me, if you have any questions or leave a comment and I will be back to you within 24 hours.

40 Replies to “Wealthy Affiliate – My Personal View”

  1. Great review of the Wealthy Affiliate!

    I joined WA 9 months ago after reading several reviews, pros and cons but what really prompted me to join in the end was a review of WA comparing it with another affiliate online training program.

    But what motivated me first of all to look for an online training program that teaches you how to make money online was my desire to quit my job. I do not hate my job but I hate the feeling of having to work when I don’t feel like working at all. Does that make sense? He he!

    I haven’t quit my job yet, I’m still working full time but I hope to be able to do that within this year.

    So you have been a premium member at WA for more than 3 years, when did you start making money online? Are you now a full-time internet marketer?

    1. I operate two websites, supported by WA and started making some money two years ago, although in moderate quantity. At the moment I am intensely following the super affiliate program which will last one year and with which I would hope to boost my income. I am a full time internet marketer, as I have officially retired a year ago after 37 years of a professional career.

  2. hi Jerry
    Great article.
    I have not quite gotten to the point of firing my boss yet but I am feeling hopeful that I can do that by the end of this year.
    Not having a boss is a different mind set. It means setting your own agenda which can be good or bad depending on how motivated you are. I enjoy working from my home but sometimes it can be easy to be lazy. some people need a boss because they cant keep them selves organized and motivated.
    I think a big part of it is loving what you do.
    Life is to short to not do what you love.
    I wish you success

    1. I hope you can manage the situation with your boss by the end of this year. I fully agree that being your own boss demands a totally different mindset. Setting your own schedules will support that and having the right support will contribute greatly to your online success. Wealthy Affiliate is such a program and this is why I recommend it to everyone interested in having their own internet business.

  3. Excellent article and fair review. I think you are completely transparent here- for some reason I was never overwhelmed by the information in WA. It was presented at a good pace but I did start in 2018, so the information may be a little more streamlined than ever before.

    1. I am three years in so I know WA fairly well. I must say that the whole experience has been awesome and I will remain a member for years to come.

  4. Well written article on wealthy affiliate. I have joined this program for almost a year and I am delighted with this program.

    I have no idea about affiliate marketing until I chance upon this program. Learnt a lot with this program.

    Quite hard to find similar progress these days.

    Kevin Lim

    1. I think that Wealthy Affiliate is the world’s best internet business support program. The support is amazing, 24 hours a day. You will quickly find somebody who can help you on a particular issue. Kyle and Carson keep improving this platform continuously. I keep telling people to not miss out on this awesome, once in a lifetime opportunity.

  5. Hello Jerry,
    thank you for this detailed review. I have to say I love Wealthy Affiliate. I have joined WA two months ago and I have to say that the training, the tools and the support provided makes it unique. It is truly a university and I wouldn’t change it for any other online program.


    1. Hi Francesco, I take it that you read my review, because you wanted some confirmation that you made the right decision in joining Wealthy Affiliate (WA). I am now two years in and I must say that I am getting quite successful here. I have never regretted becoming part of this unique platform.

  6. Hi Jerry, Thanks for an honest review of WA. I joined in very hesitantly after having burned much of my money on several other platforms. I must say WA is a great university to learn all about online entrepreneurship. I never understood how anyone made money online through blogs and never understood SEO or monetization until I joined WA. If anything, the knowledge gained is worth it all.

    1. Thanks Santosh, I am glad to hear that you too have such positive experiences with WA. I think this platform might be the word’s best in internet business support. It is a breath of fresh air among so many of these internet scams, promising you the world, overnight riches etc.

  7. As a user of the program, in my opinion, it suits all people who take a genuine interest in internet business and have a basic feeling for marketing when it comes to making money online. Wealthy affiliate really builds you from the ground up into a capable online marketer. As it stands, I agree with your article a 100% and would recommend this program to anybody interested. Although it is relatively cheap, it offers the best value for money and the best support ever.
    Thanks for sharing your impression!

    1. I think that virtually anybody with commitment can sign-up with Wealthy Affiliate and be successful in internet marketing. Beginners can indeed learn all the ins and outs and more experienced persons, can even learn more and share their knowledge. In this unique way, there is something for everybody here at WA.

  8. Hello there! I just finished reading your review of Wealthy Affiliate and thought I would drop you a comment to say how much I enjoyed reading it. I joined Wealthy Affiliate some time ago and I can thoroughly recommend the membership.

    I have seen a few reviews on WA and a few of them have mentioned that people can find the amount of information a bit overwhelming. Personally I think its great that there is so much information and that its growing on a daily basis. There is always somewhere to go or someone to ask on just about every subject imaginable. Although I can understand people thinking that they will never get through it all, there really is no need to.

    One thing that I think surprises a lot of people is the fact that there are no overnight riches or hype about how much money you are going to make. I like that and think it makes a welcome change! One thing that I learned is that you can build a great business online and WA can help you get there, but you need to work hard for it!

    1. WA is there for virtually everybody from beginners to more experienced people. I can understand that for beginners the information might seem overwhelming, however, the beauty is that you can do it in your own time, there are no deadlines, unless set by yourself or your circumstances. Especially for beginners, the support here is awesome! The community replies within hours or even sooner. Thanks for your positive contribution.

  9. Through the years I have seen many different systems and checked into their pricing packages. Many of the other systems have many up sells. Wealthy Affiliate as you mentioned is using just two options, free and Premium. With all the benefits you receive with WA as you indicated you are entirely correct in saying there is nothing else like it around.

    I also appreciate the fact that you stated that this does take work and you’ll not make large sums of money right away. Too many other systems mislead people just to deliver broken promises. Therefore I am seriously considering becoming a member.

    1. I see you have done some elaborate checking on available internet business support programs. As a two-year member myself of WA, I can attest first hand that from the very beginning they painted a true picture of things to come. Yes, it is hard work and you will definitely not get rich overnight. But what business does? None, and when some programs promise you get rich quick schedules, you know for sure they are not for real. I also have described and reviewed many of them, see the tab reviews. When you are looking for an honest and absolutely scam free program, then join WA.

  10. A very good review and I am also a member of WA. I can attest to the quality of the training and interaction of the entire community. My only small comment is that you cannot own a standard domain website under the free trial. If they changed this then it would be nearly perfect. I would encourage anyone who wants to begin making money through affiliate marketing to join WA!

    1. I am not sure why it is critical to own your own domain during the free trial of one week. You get already two free websites! Go premium within this trial week and through my review links you will get your first whole month for $19. Following the training, you will then very soon be asked to change your WA owned domain(s) to your own. Other than this, I agree that WA offer the world’s best training for money and the chances of success are high!

  11. Hi!
    Whenever thinking of Wealthy Affiliate it fascinates me again and again!
    What they have done is incredible!
    They take even people that have nothing to do with internet, online, affiliate marketing, and they turn them over to experts.
    When I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I knew nothing about Affiliate Marketing, and they taught me everything in a very short amount of time!
    I do suggest for everybody that would like to make money through Affiliate Marketing, to join Wealthy Affiliate!
    Thanks for your great review!!

    1. Hello Chanan, thank you for your very true words about your experiences with Wealthy Affiliate (WA), which underline my review’s conclusions. As a member myself, I can fully relate to what you are saying. WA is there for virtually everybody with an interest in starting an internet business from home. I have yet to come across a better opportunity to do so and I am pretty sure there is no better alternative. For many of us WA has been the chance of a lifetime.

  12. I really appreciate you sharing your experience with Wealthy Affiliate. So my question is, do I need to become a premium member to make money?

    And what actually is it? How do you make money with Wealthy Affiliate? Write articles and post them within Wealthy Affiliate or just get other people to sign up?

    I’m really interested in finding a real way to earn extra income that will give me options and more freedom in life.

    Many thanks.

    1. Thanks for your interest in Wealthy Affiliate (WA). It is WA’s philosophy that having a website with quality content is the basis any successful internet business. Why? Because you cannot do business without having a large audience, which means attracting enough traffic to your site. Therefore WA teaches you:

      – how to start a website (in minutes)

      – how to fill it with quality content (posts/blogs and pages)

      – how to find the right keywords for your blogs

      There are many ways to make money on the internet, but the main two, as taught by WA, are: 1) promoting products of your own passions and interest as an affiliate, receiving commissions when somebody buys through your site and 2) promoting WA and attracting people to also sign-up (referrals), where every referral means a commission. In both cases, your website with content will be the basis.

      Usually, people start with the former and when they have gained some experience they will start on the latter as well.

      All the teaching is done by video’s from Kyle, who is one of the two founders. They are easy to follow and you can ask any questions you have. Not only Kyle, but experience people in the community, will answer these within a short time.

      If you are interested in a free trial for one week, just sign up here. You will have access to the first (of five) training modules of 10 courses each. I will be there to help you on your way!

      Do you have to become a premium member to earn money? Not when you are fully versed in internet marketing and already know how to monetize your site (even then you might learn a few new things), but if you are not it is highly advisable! Good luck with your decision and please let me know if you need more information.

  13. Wealthy Affiliate is awesome because not only do they teach you, but they also guide you and MENTOR you along the way. Kyle (the founder) always looks out for us, especially when I ask a lot of stuff, he’s always there to answer my questions.

    I strongly believe that this program will go a long way and I will be there when it happens.

    1. If you consider that Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005, they have certainly come a long way. I agree with you that they also will go a long way as they keep improving their program every year, sometimes at the cost of millions of dollars. The fact that you can still be in contact with its founders Kyle and Carson just shows you how much effort they make. And they have fun in the process! I am also in for the long run.

  14. I always wanted to have a way to get rid of my bully boss. Actually, I am always scolded at work and even if I do my best in every project that I do, he still finds a way to shout and yell at me.
    With that reason, I know that the only way I can do this is to build my own business. I started with MLM before but I can’t stand the monthly quota that they require. Do you have any other suggestion on what can I start with?

    1. If you want out of your company and even not work for a boss anymore, then one of the possibilities is becoming your own boss. Better yet, start working from home. Building your own profitable internet business is an option that is available to literally everyone. The internet gives you many possibilities, however you need to find a way to make honest money and a good support platform to do so. Probably the best such community in the world is Wealthy Affiliate (WA). Start a website in a few minutes, with WA you can do it. Fill your website with valuable content, WA will teach you the best methods. Find the right keywords to get the most traffic on your site, WA has it. You can try and see for yourself for free for one week! You can get started here.

  15. With the way that most bosses treat their staff, it’s not surprising that people want to find ways to earn money away from those conventional methods.
    Same goes for online training programs. If the members are being treated with respect they will be vocal and loyal.
    I’ve seen what the Wealthy Affiliate members say about their community and leaders. It’s almost always positive.
    How refreshing.

    1. Finding other ways to make money besides having a regular job, should become the norm. Dependency on one income from a company may be enough for some people, but certainly not for all. What if there was a very good opportunity to earn additional income? Wealthy Affiliate offer the chance to start your own internet business while still having a steady (or not so steady) job. It takes time to build your own business, but would it not be nice to someday to tell your boss that you will be going your own way? Wealthy Affiliate will show you a sure way!

  16. Hi, Jerry and thanks for reminding me that I am on my right path.
    Everything you write in your post is absolutely true as I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate Programme or University, sounds cooler, isn’t it. I have about six years experience with Internet Marketing but do not consider myself as a guru. I still learning and WA is the best I have found.
    It is little more than a year as I follow Wealthy Affiliate track and already making more in one month to cover yearly subscription cost.

    1. Thanks Andrej, it is good to read that you found your success at Wealthy Affiliate and within a year already. Keep working on your website and from now on your sales will only go up. You are prove of the tremendous potential of Wealthy Affiliate!

  17. I agree with the other comments that you lay out the information clearly and concisely. I feel like I can trust your opinion on Wealthy Affiliates. From what I have heard on WA, I can say that you represent the information fairly and accurately, which leads to my trust even more. I am thinking about being a member of WA myself.

    All in all, I’m very appreciative that you are writing this review for interested people, and I hope that many people will follow your advice. I will come back to you if I have any more questions.

    1. Thanks Jessica, yes, please do come back if you still have any doubts, as I now have some two years of experience with Wealthy Affiliate. This is definitely not a scam and probably the best internet business support program out there. The beauty is that anyone with enough ambition, hard work and dedication can do it and will become successful!

  18. Very thoroughly explained review of wealthy affiliate. As a member of wealthy affiliate, I know how easy it could be for beginners to give up at first die to the overwhelming information, and the longterm reward. It is very important to have patience and persistence to be successful with this platform. Great review of a great platform. Cheers!

    1. Agreed, anyone who thinks they will be successful overnight, think again. Starting your own internet business is very well doable, especially with WA. However, becoming profitable or earning a steady income with any business just will take time. Again WA would be the world’s best community with the best support in order to achieve this.

  19. Hi Jerry,

    To be honest, out of all the searching of on line businesses that I have come across, yours is the first that provided transparency and honesty from the start up costs right at from the start. That is usually what I find hard to look for and then is what has made me doubt on line businesses, because most go straight into what I could earn or am missing out from earning.

    Thank you for your honesty!


    1. You are right, I tend to not beat around the bush and tell it as it really is. The thing with Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is that it is relatively easy to sum up the positives and still be straightforward. Oh and if you want to have a “negative” side, there are some people who complain that they have an information overload. And I agree that in the beginning, as a newbie, the training, chats, q and a and videos coming to you are massive, but believe me, do not stop, move forward, ask questions and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  20. I am very interested in this Wealthy Affiliate program. That is why I am happy that I came across this really well written post that explains everything about Wealthy Affiliate simply and concisely. So much information, and all honestly put too. I will study more about them and will come back to ask you questions as they arise.

    1. Thanks Jyl, that was entirely my purpose. And it was rather easy too, as I have already a lot of positive experience with Wealthy Affiliate. You are welcome to ask me anything about this super program and I will be replying to you within 24 hours. Cheers, Jerry

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