Can you earn Legitimate Money with Inbox Dollars?

Review summary

Program: Inbox Dollarsproduct review: legit

Operated by: Cotter Web Enterprises, Inc

Type of payment: Visa Cash Card, Check

Membership: Free

Minimum Withdrawal: $30

Rating: 70/100

What is Inbox Dollars?

get paidInbox Dollars, founded in 2000 initially started as a service that provided cash payments, typically a few cents per email, to members who opened and read sponsored emails from its partner companies. From then on it developed new features and nowadays you can get paid by completing various, relatively simple tasks on the internet. I will go on to explain the various features below.

If you read on, I will also clear up that joining Inbox Dollars will make you money in a legitimate way, but it will definitely not make you rich. To the website’s credit it does nowhere purport that you will get rich overnight or at all.

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What do they have on offer?

Paid email.

This is the one feature that Inbox Dollars started out with. They will pay you to read up to three sponsored emails per day from Inbox Dollars’ retail partners at a small amount per email. Acknowledging that you received and read the email is done by clicking the acknowledgment link at the bottom of the message body. This will then get you product reviewpayment. Some PaidEmails come with additional earning opportunities, which might include enrolling in a free trial with a retail partner.

Coupons and Groupons.

Through partnerships with and Groupon,  Inbox Dollars offers credits. With Coupon, you will have access to retail and grocery coupons from specific brands. Depending on the coupon and brand, you can either redeem these online or at a physical store. For every redeemed coupon, Inbox Dollars credits a small amount to your account.

Groupon offers location-specific discounts on products and services. For every Groupon you buy through Inbox Dollars, your account is credited by a percentage of its face value.


Dozens of online and offline retailers offer discounts and deals exclusively through Inbox Dollars. A list will be made available.


Here I wish not to enter into details, as I have reviewed Click4Surveys, which stands as a prime example of this type of program, already. If you like to know more about how this works please read my personal review here.


little incomeInbox Dollars has an onsite, proprietary search engine. You can earn up to a maximum of $0.15 per day for qualified searches. As you do not need to do anything with the results you found, the time needed for this activity is minimal. Of course, the earnings are in line with this.


As soon as you sign up, they will offer you referral links and banners. When a new member signs up for an account using your link or banner, you get an ongoing bonus, being a certain percentage of what your referrals earn.


Inbox Dollars offers access to dozens of online games through the GSN Games family. There usually is a 30 day free trial offered to play a certain game. After that you will be asked to pay, however, you will be offered discounts, so this is not a way to earn income.


In order to sign up, you need to provide some basic contact and location information, as many deals are country-specific, and create your username or password. As soon as you create your account, a $5 opening bonus will be put into your to sign up

Once your account is active, you can access the full range of Inbox Dollars’ discount and income opportunities. As you complete income-generating tasks, Inbox Dollars deposits small credits into an account tied to your user account. You can request a payment as soon as your account reaches $30. Payments for non-Gold members usually take about three weeks to receive in the mail, while payments for Gold members typically arrive one or two weeks after your request.

Please pay attention to these points

There are several important limitations/restrictions that could adversely affect your earnings:

One-Time Use Restrictions

Some Inbox Dollars advertisers only let you take advantage of a given discount offer once. Other offers allow you to participate more than once. However, if you have already completed the offer and it’s subsequently discontinued for be carefulany reason, it’s removed from your list of available offers.

Processing Fee.

Every time you ask to be paid, you will be charged $3, regardless of the amount. Only in case you have earned over a certain amount, this charge might be waived.

Inactivity Penalties.

Inbox Dollars requires that you either confirm receipt of a PaidEmail or enter your account and perform a task (such as completing a survey or using a coupon) at least once every 10 days. Failing this, your account will be rendered inactive and you cannot request a payout. After this, you have six months to request that your account be reinstated. If you fail to reinstate your account within this period, you will permanently lose access to the account and lose all unpaid earnings.


  1. It is free to join and use
  2. You earn real cash
  3. While payments for these tasks are typically quite small, they add up over time and can definitely supplement your income from your day job or other side gigs.
  4. Automatic Bonus for Signing Up
  5. When you sign up, Inbox Dollars immediately credits $5 to your account.
  6. No Need to Pay for Gold Membership
  7. You will be automatically upgraded to Gold Membership once you earn $30 through the site
  8. Lots of ways to earn and save are on offerthere is the good and the bad


  1. You will be charged for every payout request, in order to encourage frequent use.
  2. Its website is not very mobile-friendly
  3. You can only take advantage of offers once
  4. There are strict inactivity penalties
  5. If you go 10 calendar days without acknowledging a PaidEmail or using your Inbox Dollars account, your account becomes inactive and you lose the ability to request a payment.
  6. No charity donations
  7. The Inbox Dollars platform, contrary to competing firms, doesn’t allow you to donate your earnings to charity.
  8. There are geographical restrictions

Verdict and recommendation

Inbox Dollars is a straightforward way to earn discounts and cash online. Inbox Dollars is a legitimate business with more than a decade of positive user feedback, but it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. So, keep your expectations low and know that Inbox Dollars will never replace your day job.

With this in mind, Inbox Dollars clearly offers some value for realistic, clear-minded people who want to earn some additional income to their weekly bottom lines or save on purchases they’d make anyway.

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Feel free to leave your questions and or remarks in the comment box and I will come back to you within 24 hours.

10 thoughts on “Can you earn Legitimate Money with Inbox Dollars?”

  1. I remember this site – completely legit but man did it send me bananas!
    Sites like this and Swagbucks for example are great ways to top up your pocket money but be prepared to get real bored with the work – and I mean REAL bored. Still, when I first started out online these sites served me very well!

    • Hi Chris, there will be a lot of people liking this kind of thing. Let them try this, but know at the same time that earnings will be low. Nothing wrong with that!

  2. Interesting read. You don’t realise that there are so many ways to make money online. Like you said, this way is not a get rich quick way. But then nothing is. However, great for people that like to purchase things and receive discounts. Easy read and to the point. Great unbiased point of view. Like the pros and cons. Always my favourite part to read. Great if you’re short on time and want a quick review. Thank you Jerry.

    • Hi Toni, there is two main points I wanted to make on Inboxdollars for everybody to know. The first one is: it is not a scam. The second one being: it will not make you rich, ever! If somebody goes into this with a little time to spare and make a little extra income and does not expect too much, then you will be ok. Cheers, Jerry

  3. This is great. I’ve been with InboxDollars for a few years. I just do some simple tasks here and there, and when I reach the $30 threshold, I cash out. The area of InboxDollars that has been the most helpful to me is the cash back for shopping. InboxDollars has an agreement with some retailers such that if I shop online and direct my purchase through InboxDollars, I am able to receive cash back on something I need to purchase anyway. All I do is log in to InboxDollars, click the link of the retailer I want to shop with, and then I am at the retailer’s website. I make my purchase and shortly thereafter, InboxDollars adds some money to my account. InboxDollars has offered a great way for me to get some extra cash for doing things that I am already doing. It’s a great program. Thanks for your write up.

    • Hi there, thanks for your reaction. If you are with inboxdollars and you do it the way you do and do not have unrealistic expectations, you will do fine with them. I am glad you caught the two points I wanted to make. The first one is that this is no scam. The second one being: you will not get rich and need to see it as an (small) addition to your income.

  4. First of all, what a site you have here, and it is aptly name how to beat your boss. I really identify with that because I would like to escape the rat race and beat my boss too hehe. Coming back to your review, inbox dollars seems to be legit to me after your comprehensive review. I think I may consider to register myself through your link and become your subaffiliate. Is it fine with you? Would be great if I got somebody to show me the rope. Please do let me know. Thanks!

    • Hi Dominic, I am glad you are so interested in this site. I do appreciate it very much that you are considering to register through my site, however, I am not a member of InboxDollars and the banners in my post thus contain no links. But by all means, if you are really interested, then you can join through their site, being inboxdollars®. I can assure you that the information I collected on this site is from various trustworthy sources. Cheers, Jerry


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