How to Work Online from Home Successfully


Working from home has become very popular and there are more and more different ways in which this is possible. It no longer means that you just take the office to home, but it has developed in many different ways and methods to make money. It is possible to do freelance work, sell stuff (whether your own or other products), but also to sell services such as renting out your home or work as a taxi driver. See here my guide on how to sell stuff on line from home.

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No big investments!

The great advantage of working on line is that you do not need much start-up capital in most cases. On line work has just become so popular, because people can use what they already have and there is little else you have to buy or work from homeregulate or invest in. In addition, most websites facilitate contact between client and worker considerably and avoid cumbersome paperwork. It takes little time, effort and money to create a profile and get started.

Work the hours you like

With the flexibility and control of own work it is possible to work just as easily 10 hours a month or 40 hours or more per week. You can do it alongside your current job or create a full-time job. You’re the boss.

But how can you make it a successful enterprise? Many businesses survive or get better, because they handle their mistakes and drawbacks better. Furthermore people need specific characteristics in order to become successful. Read on and find out how to work on line from home successfully.

Successful work requires courage to go on after making mistakes

Making mistakes is not bad. The most decisive factor is what we actually do after we make errors. Managers know that making mistakes is part of the process of successful work. They make a conscious choice; do I let this scare me off or do I pick myself up, learn and go on?

Here are six tips:

  1. Accept your mistakes. There is no life or work without mistakes, so why would you think that you cannot succeed. Of course there are people who pretend that they never make mistakes. Those people will therefore never learn from their mistakes. It is up to you to gather the courage to face your errors and learn from them.
  2. Do not get discouraged. Be guided by your enthusiasm. Successful people think in possibilities, not impossibilities. How many times do you think Steve Jobs encountered failures? Just as often as everyone from home The difference is that if they failed, they do not sit back and cry but they continue immediately. They are guided by what they have in mind.
  3. Learn from your mistakes. What better school as the face of your mistakes. Look aware of what is and is not working. Grab any time to repair the defects and lifting so your success to the next level.
  4. Do not be a victim. Be a winner. Be glad you’re the owner of the process where you can come out stronger. Be proud of yourself. Keep learning all you encounter. Be proud of the success that you’ve carved out for yourself.
  5. Consider failure as a priceless basis for doing better. It’s very simple, the faster you learn from your mistakes the sooner you know to turn them into opportunities. Know how to create your success.
  6. Success is not an end. Success achieved does not mean you can now relax. Do not underestimate your surroundings; do not underestimate the changing context. Based on current insight the basis for success is constantly changing. Today’s success is the outdated understanding of tomorrow. Stay informed of the latest developments.

Home Habits

A further measure of success is what personal features you will bring to the work floor, whether in a company or at home.

Do you recognize these habits as part of your success? The below mentioned habits all have a positive and/or negative impact on your success. Do you recognize yourself in the following characteristics?

  • You are not well enough aware of what your core business is;
  • There is an inefficient handling of your time (procrastination, double action …);
  • Often you are annoyed because you are too much disturbed;
  • Never make known your expectations so that you never can go over your limit;
  • Too late you hear that you’re not on the right track;
  • You always come too late.

go for itOr is it the next scenario that appeals to you more:

  • You have a clear knowledge of what your core business is;
  • You know how to deal efficiently with your time;
  • You are not unnecessarily disturbed;
  • You exactly know your limits, because you are clear in what you do and do not like;
  • You can tune up in the interim and so can adjust when necessary;
  • You’re always on time for important appointments.

If you’re more inclined to the first row, then you will never achieve the maximum success. However, if your personality is mainly in the second row then your chances of success will be considerably better.

Other factors that contribute to success

1 Have your own from home in own space

You’ve heard this one before, but it’s a crucial one. Carve out a dedicated space at home that you only use for work. Preferably, you need natural light and a door, so that you can separate your work from your home life when the workday is done.

2 Project professionalism.

Some people advise dressing as if you were still working in someone else’s office. I think that’s unnecessary, and maybe even a bit crazy, but you do need to come across as professional and reliable when dealing with clients. Here’s an example: If you’re doing video calls, consider having a clean dedicated area for them, or at least hanging a backdrop so people aren’t distracted by home-office clutter.

3 Keep networking.

use social mediaWorking at home can become isolating, unless you make an effort to build your network and maintain relationships. This might be easier in a major metropolitan area with lots of networking opportunities and industry meetings. However even if you have to travel and use lots of virtual tools, maintaining your network should be on your to-do list every day.

4 Manage your distractions.

This is easier said than done, but another danger in working from home is that it’s so easy not to work. One winning strategy is simply to accept that you’ll never be 100 percent productive. That makes it easier to be in control of your “mind-wandering” time at work.

5 Manage your day.

If you find yourself working early, take time for yourself and your family later. At the same time, it’s great to do errands during low-demand hours. I have made very good arrangements with my wife, which she honors. The work has to come first (but do not forget the family)!manage your time

6 Manage your week.

If you liked the idea of owning your day, just wait until you own your week.  It is just a matter of organizing it well. In fact, the only drawback is that friends and family probably don’t have the same flexibility. Once you get to the point where you own the week, however, you’ll find yourself longing a lot less for the weekend.


Working from home has many advantages, such as:

  • Being the master of your own time
  • You can be your own boss
  • No time losses for daily commuting
  • Relatively quite environment
  • You will be free from the company working jungles
  • You can even become financially independent

To work from home on line and doing so successfully requires a certain mindset and personality as described above. You should also adhere to some basic principles.

best option

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  1. Hi there! I really wanted to work at home but I don’t know if I will be successful in it. I have tried several programs that I bought online but nothing seems to work. Actually I wanted to work at home because I want to quit my day time job. I am already fed up with the constant problem I have at work with my boss. So is this wealthy affiliate really worth it? I mean I dont want to fall for scams again.

    • Hi John,

      Kyle and Carson, two successful internet entrepreneurs, founded this WA university in 2005, becoming more successful every year. Nowadays WA has hundreds of thousands of members. If you are serious about leaving your job and start for yourself from home, you will need all the assistance you can get. Whether it is a website, hosting of it, building it out, attracting the audience you need, using the right keywords to do so, it is all being taught through WA. When signing up, you will start training immediately, having the awesome support of the entire community. I have been a member for over a year now and my results have been great. Right now I have built a solid foundation for two websites, one of which you have seen here. You will need such a foundation as the basis for your business. From my experience and hundreds of thousands of others, this is definitely not a scam! I have meanwhile signed up for another year and plan to be here for the next 20 years or so. If you still have some doubts, which I can understand, I know I had them, you should read my in-depth review of WA here. Note that you can sign-up for free for one week, without any commitment, and experience this unique community for yourself. If you do not like it, you sign-off and that is it. Your only investment would have been your working time! If you have any specific questions, please let me know.

  2. Hi Jerry, It is hard to say, but nothing in life comes easy. Everything needs to be acquired by effort and it takes time. Working without supervision means that you need to be disciplined and learn to manage time. It could be a little harder if you do not have some help or guidance to do it. Franchesca

    • Hi Franchesca, yes I agree it needs hard work, discipline and dedication. And as with anything, you will make mistakes, but you only fail when you stop! Cheers, Jerry

  3. Nice post. I especially liked the section on picking yourself up and trying again after making a mistake. When starting any kind of new business it’s unavoidable you’ll make a lot of mistakes as you try and test limits. It can be so discouraging to make mistakes but you have to treat them as learning opportunities, like your post says. I’ve made lots of mistakes on my affiliate marketing journey but hopefully I’ll come out stronger on the other side.

    • Way to go SC and thanks for your reaction. Making mistakes does not mean that you fail. You only fail when you quit! Cheers, Jerry


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