You can be more Powerful than you think – Even on the Work floor


Are you envious of your boss and all his power? You have been with a company for a long time, have done well, are quite experienced, but have no say in the decision making process?  Surely, you would like to have more everybody has powerinfluence within your company. The minimum being that the management listens to you and maybe a little bit less to your colleagues. But how do you get that power? Who should you contact and in which way? Here are two step-by-step plans, which you can follow in order to get more power in the workplace. Surprise yourself, as you could be more powerful than you think, even on the work floor.

And by the way, if you do not like all that power play and participating in these games, then for you specifically I am giving a brilliant solution as a way out of the corporate jungle. You will find it under ‘how to make money on the side’ below.

What is power really?

In general, power in this context is the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events. Or as many psychologists and management consultants have expressed it: power is the power to determine the outcome of an action. It often causes negative feelings, but the thing is we all use it regularly.

definition of powerSome people believe power comes from outside. They believe power is handed to a person by someone else. They see power as a position or title, which comes with authority and control, and a belief in the form of supremacy over others.

Others believe that real power comes from the person itself and you are borne that way. They claim that power is the ability of each individual to cultivate by themselves. Real power is enhanced within a person simply by the choices they make, the actions they take, and the thoughts they create.

For the purpose of this article I would like to designate power a little bit differently. I have a firm belief that power rests in each one of us. It doesn’t matter what place you have in your organization. What really matters is that this power is available to everyone of us, notwithstanding your position or title. In the light of this, here are the two step-by-step plans for you to gain more power.

Here is the first one

Step 1: Self-analysis 

The first step you have to take is to ask yourself: how do I actually relate toknow who you are power? What I can recommend you do is: make a biography about power. The first place where you have anything to do with power is your family of origin. Do you know that Woody Allen film in which he is asked who is the boss at home? To which he says: “If mom and dad agree, daddy is the boss and otherwise mom.” And so you have to deal with power in school, work and in a country. Some people are angry with the power, moving away from it. If you analyze what you have with power, then the concept becomes neutral and you can continue, just as you think about the weather. 

Step 2: analyze the power around you 

After that you have to make a good analysis of the power around you, see how the strings are pulled and by whom. Sometimes the power lies with a director, but sometimes, believe it or not, with a certain colleague. Three forms of power can be distinguished: power 1.0 instinctive power, coming to the monkey rock as quickly as possible, power 2.0 the power of the rules and power 3.0 the values ​​being central there. You should take a good look at which forms of power appeal to you. That helps you to gain insight into your environment. 

Step 3: make power negotiable 

The most important lesson according to David is the question: are you able to deal with powermake power negotiable? Power is just like sex: we don’t like to talk about it, but it is very important in our lives and it helps to talk about it. You don’t have to say that literally in the category “I want more power,” but you can ask “Shall we talk about power? You must not have more power than the role you have. You have to use power for serving purposes, but the problem is that power is addictive. 

In this way gaining power is about 90 percent self-understanding and behavior is only decisive for 10 percent. So it is mainly about understanding the situation and acting accordingly.

Now the second one

And here is another plan about how you can influence people. This is also a step-by-step plan to look for that extra bit of power. 

The first step is – and with that it follows the number one’s focus on self-analysis – is to know exactly how you are put together. That you know where your pitfalls are when it comes to power. Are you someone who likes to have power or not?

 A second step according to this philosophy is to have a good idea of ​​what you what do you wantwant to achieve. You cannot gain influence or exercise power without a goal. It can never be a goal in itself to have power. 

The third rule: think big, start small and act intelligently. You may think big, but it is important to keep the authenticity if you go this way. Show what your ambition is and ask many questions, for example. It is important to be nice that you are interested in others. But with the charities in mind. People who are nice and know what they want win the competition.


Make a good analysis, think of what you want, talk about power relations and then act very purposefully while remaining authentic. That is pretty much the advice for people with the ambition to exercise (a little more) power. Two aspects are important: try to enjoy the political game that you have to play in order to achieve your goals and keep an eye on who the people with real power are within an organization. Then you can come a long way, but it has to fit with your personality. 

If you have gone through such a process already, what were your experiences?

My final thoughts

It is easy to say to enjoy playing the political game necessary to achieve your goals, but like me, not every person is geared up for the corporate politics, let alone to playing that game. In fact, may employees are sick and tired of either their boss, colleagues and company or even all three. Then what to do?

make a decisionIn case you do not go along with your boss, you can always choose another job with the same company or another one. Same in the situation with annoying colleagues. But what if you encounter the same issues over and over again? Then, welcome to the club, as there are a lot of people in the same position. For all of you, I would suggest you trying something completely new  and solving all of your corporate problems at the same time: become your own boss! You are going to use the internet to do so, working from home as well. And because you can work at your own pace, you can start this next to your work.

How to earn money on the side?

Only by yourself you would find it hard to survive or even start a business on the internet. Most of us are quite illiterate online, but with the right help everybody can become successful! What do you do when opportunity knocks on the door?

take opportunities

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12 Reasons why You should Want to be your Own Boss


We live in remarkable times, a time of transformation and many changes. You could discover that you are not doing the work you would like to do, or that your job no longer gives you the satisfaction you wish. You are looking for something more meaningful. 

Of course, the majority of people in society work for a boss. Yet it seems that more and more people choose to become independent entrepreneurs. With the current development of the internet and search engines like Google, the possibilities of becoming your own boss are increasing exponentially. So, I am going to give you 12 reasons why you should want to be your own boss. I will conclude this article with the best opportunity available to everybody right now.

Purpose in life

I am going from the fact that every single person is here with a purpose in life. Because we are usually not aware of this goal, we have the challenge to rediscover it. Every person has the right to freedom, to do what he or she wants in this life. The more freedom you experience, the greater your possibilities are to fulfill your purpose in life. In the time in which we now live, you can only follow your heart and do what suits you. That is why it is good to let go of any fears and to find confidence in yourself. It is important to surround yourself with people who support you, and to come together with like-minded people.

So, why not become your own boss? Here are 12 reasons why you should decide to to start for yourself.

1. The lack of a boss

If you ask independent entrepreneurs what they find the biggest advantage, you get different answers. But, remarkably, they often mention the lack of a boss as the biggest advantage. You simply do not have someone who demands everything from you, is always chasing you for deadlines and can sometimes be incredibly unreasonable.

Now you are your own boss and nobody gets to decide what you do and at what time. As an entrepreneur you are the person who makes the decisions.

2. Freedom

Freedom is an important good. This of course applies to a large extent in your private life, but that may just as well apply during your work. As an entrepreneur you have much more freedom than with a boss. Of course, as an entrepreneur you also have agreements that you can best keep to yourself. But you have the freedom to, for example, organise your time as you like or to determine how you work. You no longer have to walk in the beaten track of others, but you can choose your own path!

3. You learn every day!

I myself see life as one big learning process. You can learn in relationships, your personality and your work every day. Unfortunately, this is not always the case with work. When you do the same job for years, it can happen that you have been dulled. As a result, your work can suddenly become a lot less challenging. As an entrepreneur, this will not happen any time soon.

There are new developments every day that you can anticipate and there are countless areas where you can still learn. So you learn every day from your work!

4. Realizing new ideas

On the shop floor you can sometimes become quite frustrated. You think, for room for your own ideasexample, that you have come up with a fantastic idea, but your supervisor or your boss does not see the same benefits at all. If you really believe in your idea and it is pushed into the trash, that is of course very annoying. When you are your own boss and work as an independent entrepreneur, there is room for your own ideas.

The turn is finally yours and you may be bubbling with new ideas. Now it is time to actually implement all these ideas!

5. Appreciation

We are constantly looking for appreciation in our lives. As a human being you want to feel that you matter, that your work is important and that you actually contribute. If you start as an entrepreneur, you are much more driven to achieve success. You believe in your own work.

When it actually appears to work, it can cause a lot of satisfaction. And that does not only have to be the case when properly closing a large project; working a day as an entrepreneur and taking steps in the right direction can already bring a lot of satisfaction!

6. Delegate routine matters

Of course, every job has fun and less fun sides. That is really not suddenly overdelegate routine matters when you decide to become an entrepreneur and start for yourself. However, it is true that the nice sides are much more emphatically present. You do exactly what you want and you try to pursue your dream. As an example, when you are hiring staff, you can delegate the less pleasant aspects of your work to your employees. In this way you only really do what you like!

7. Unlimited growth opportunities

Not every company offers its employees the opportunity to grow and if it would be possible, you can often only grow to a certain position and not higher. As an entrepreneur, there is simply no limit. You can grow indefinitely. When your company is successful, growth is natural. Before you know it, you can hire staff and perhaps also have a business building built. No matter how big you become; there are always opportunities for further growth.

8. Boredom is non-existent!

no more boredomAs an entrepreneur, your work is always exciting, diverse and challenging. You will therefore not easily get bored yourself. Your work with a boss in many cases leads to a nuisance because it is always the same, but you, as an entrepreneur, are faced with numerous challenges that are fun and exciting. Does the boredom still matter? Then you start a new direction or try a new way of working!

9. You make other people happy

As an entrepreneur you naturally work to be able to do something for other people. Of course you want to make money, but you actually help people. Whether with a product or a specific service; an entrepreneur ensures that his or her customers are satisfied and happy. And if you make other people happy, you also become happier much faster!

10. It does not feel like work

Objectively, many entrepreneurs indicate that doing business does not really feel like work. You are busy with chasing your own dream and with an idea that you really like and believe in. Therefore, it does not feel at all like work but more like fulfilling your own goals.

11. Earn good money

Of course it is important to see your own ideas and wishes fulfilled in your company. It is also fantastic to see that your plan works. But in the end, of course, you want to make money. As an independent entrepreneur that is possible. It is possible to earn a lot of money with good ideas as an entrepreneur. And of course everyone wants that. You can make the money yourself and you are not dependent on a salary increase or a certain scale.

12. Make your own decisions

When you decide to become an entrepreneur, the turn is finally yours. You are the one who is in charge, so you make the decisions. This can sometimes be a heavy responsibility, but it is also very nice to know that you have everything in your own hands and that you do not get into trouble because of decisions made by others. You determine the course of your company and you decide how you as a company react and act in certain situations.

Final thoughts and recommendation

I hope that you are now seeing the many advantages of being your own boss. As I mentioned before the internet offers a ton of possibilities to realize exactly that. Right here I would like to focus on an option that is open for everybody and that is becoming an affiliate marketer. And like anybody you would need training and constant guidance, scam free and at a reasonable price. As an affiliate, working from anywhere, you would want a secure website with hosting, find your niche, start blogging, drive traffic and then make money. All of this and many things more are available with Wealthy Affiliate (WA), the world’s best internet business support program.

I have written a full review of the ins and outs, pros and cons of WA and if you are interested, you can read it by clicking here. The review has a link where you can sign-up with WA for one week fro free and experience this wonderful platform yourself. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment box and I will respond within 24 hours.




9 Reasons why Online Marketing is so Important

Emergence of online marketing

Almost simultaneously with the rise of the internet since 1998, online marketing started growing as well. As the use of the internet rose, online marketing became increasingly important. Why is that? Through online internet marketing is importantmarketing reaching a large group of consumers has become easier. The number of active internet users has increased exponentially in recent years. Companies also see more and more sales and investments through online marketing. Online marketing has become important for many companies in recent years. Moreover, individuals can now become internet marketers and reach whatever audience they are targeting.

Read on and I will give you the reasons why online marketing has become so important. Furthermore I will hand you my number 1 recommendation to get in on this action!

Benefits of online marketing

 What advantages does online marketing have over offline marketing.

  • Online marketing is cheaper, has a larger reach or minimum the same with lower costs
  • Online marketing is more measurable, this makes it easy to set goals and optimise your marketing campaign in order to achieve the highest possible result
  • Optimization. Does the online campaign not achieve the desired result or should a different message be transferred? You can adjust this in real time online marketing and optimize the campaign.
  • An online marketing campaign can be much more focused than an offline campaign. Many platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram already have a lot of data with which you can conduct a more targeted campaign
  • The total market is shifting more and more to online and more is being bought online. This also requires more online marketing. 

Be assured that if you do not use online marketing, the competition will do it. Online marketing is here to stay. It makes it possible to break geographic boundaries and increase your accessibility. Online marketing is everywhere and always present. So here are the reasons that make it so significant.

1. Specific targeting

With online marketing you have the opportunity to reach the target group very specifically and quickly. Online marketing gives you the opportunity to target prospects, a target group that has never before been in contact with your product/service, in different ways. 

Prospecting is intended to generate visibility and new visitors. Often we look at the number of impressions, clicks and click-through ratios. The number of impressions on the web actually indicate how ‘visible’ you have been with your reach your nichetarget group.

Clicks and click-through ratios are the number of times a potential customers clicked on the ad and viewed it.

The great thing about online marketing is that you can retarget. With retargeting we approach people who have already been in contact with your product or service, but have not (yet) bought anything. By re-approaching this group of people, you ensure that they make a purchase sooner, simply because with your product or service you remain ‘top of mind’ with the potential customer.

2. The sky is the limit

When you sell products online, the world is the market – or as far as you are willing to send products. Online marketing gives you the opportunity to approach more people faster and more directly. You can also create your presence at any time and on any device. People use their smartphone when they are on the road, desktop and laptop at work, but when you sit at home on the couch, you use your tablet again. By being present at the right time, with the right message and on the right device, the chance of conversion is greatest.

3. Better Return on Investment

Why? Because you have control yourself! You also see a higher return on the investment when an online marketing strategy is used professionally. You work much more focused and can analyse everything with Google Analytics. This way you can quickly exclude campaigns that do not yield and use your budget efficiently for campaigns that are successful! Create awareness and stay on top of it, this leads to more conversions … or more value for money!

4. Put your website to the test

Online marketing offers the possibility to test initiatives effectively and quickly. Of course there is the possibility to put a promotion code on a flyer or a telephone number in a magazine, but online marketing gives you the opportunity to follow the customer on many more variables. Where did a potential customer start looking, which search terms did he/she use and via which device was that done? Which text works best with which photo? Which benefits to be named have the most effect on the website? What color should the button of your shopping cart be to stand out as much as possible? In short, how does a customer convert the fastest? Online marketing offers you the opportunity to work more responsibly, to map out the customer journey and thus more effectively use your media budget.

5. Response is quickly & instantly

Online marketing is real-time marketing. Press ‘publish’ and your message will be immediately distributed. Did you make a typo? No problem, this can be internet business is very quicksolved immediately! Traditional marketing is often time-consuming in publication and printing errors are difficult to adjust. How annoying is it if your data is, for example, wrong for a year in a magazine, book or guide? Or that the message does not match your target group! With online marketing, campaigns can usually be realized quickly, enabling you to respond immediately to changes in the market.

6. Two-way traffic 

Online marketing has the power to involve your customers. Think of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. Interaction with customers ensures that you create customer loyalty and increase involvement. The feedback that customers leave, both positive and negative, is particularly valuable. Learning from this feedback will give you the opportunity to grow as a company. Also for your NPS (Net Promoter Score), where the customer loyalty of an organisation is measured, it is important to interact with your customer. Various studies have shown that organisations with a high NPS have loyal customers who do faster repeat purchases. These loyal customers, also called ‘promoters’, are the word-of-mouth of your company! The more, the better, right ?!

7. The world from ‘offline’ to ‘online’!

People nowadays orient and read more and more via the internet. You can publish a printed text in a magazine, but many large magazines also have a digital edition/version of it. Traditional media no longer have the exclusive right to publish. A blog can have many more readers today than a newspaper. A YouTube or Facebook video can be watched more often than a television program. For example, YouTube has more than a 30 million visitors per day! Publishing relevant information – also: content marketing – is good when you want to attract more traffic to your website. Content marketing also ensures customer loyalty and authority within your industry, which in turn leads to generating more sales.

8. Available for everyone 

In short, whether you are a large organization or a start-up: online marketing is available to everyone. Because of the generally low investment and the high ROI, online marketing helps both small and medium-sized companies compete with the big boys.

9. Content marketing

In the coming years it is of great importance to draw more attention to content marketing. Many entrepreneurs forget that content marketing is already extremely important, but in the future it will become even more important with a view to internet marketing. Read here how to make the best content. It is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out with your content and this is because a huge amount of content is available. It is important that from now on you are only concerned with high-quality content, including mobile content. The focus on quality content is a plus and that will mean that you will spend more time and money on this, but you will create content that differs from all other content.

My recommendation

I myself am an affiliate marketer on the internet and I use content marketing as my main means of getting traffic to my site. In achieving this by being a member of the best support program in the world, getting me a website and teaching me the ropes of internet marketing. Read my full review of this program here.

In case you have any questions, please leave them in the comment box and I will reply within 24 hours.





Why you Should start Affiliate Marketing right now


There are many ways to bring your web site to the attention of potential customers. In addition to many free ways that are available on the internet, you can also advertise against payment. For example via Google Adwords, lucrative affiliate marketingFacebook advertisements, a banner or advertorial on a website or via affiliate marketing. This article will focus on the lucrative affiliate marketing business, which has benefits for all involved. I am going to explain to you why you should start affiliate marketing right now. I will also give you my number 1 recommendation on how to become a successful internet marketer.

What is Affiliate marketing?

In affiliate marketing you will promote products, services from online companies. These companies will give you a link to their website, which you would put into your blog or product review. If the link or button of affiliates is clicked by a website visitor or when the item is bought, you, the owner of the relevant advertorial website will receive an agreed amount; the commission. Particularly when products are sold, this so-called ‘performance-based marketing’, is currently very well represented in the environment of online advertising.

There are various variants of affiliate marketing to designate. One campaign works per pageview, while the other advertiser is all about generating purchases. And there are also companies that collect contact information by requesting quotations. But the principle remains the same; every successful click or order can potentially earn you money.

Importance of internet cookies in marketing

The affiliate marketing principle is ingenious in its simplicity. Each advertisement, banner or link is provided with a code that provides a referral to the original advertiser. With the help of so-called cookies, the details of the publisher and the visitor of the website are recorded and it keeps track of all follow-up actions. Cookies, depending on the merchant, may have a validity of 30 to even 90 days, within which time a purchase should be made. Once the transaction is completed by this visitor, the commission is paid to the publisher via the embedded data.

Easily finding affiliate merchants

All companies can arrange for affiliate marketing themselves. Amazon was the first and is still among the biggest in the world to launch this opportunity, literally offering millions of products. However, it will take the necessary time, knowledge, software, tracking technology, money and contacts with potential affiliate partners. 

Therefore, companies in smaller sizes can rely on professional affiliate marketing networks such as Awin and Commission Junction in order to offer a solution. They mediate between companies and possible publishers, offer various affiliate packages, automatically keep track of the counts of all sales, leads and clicks and take care of the complete financial settlement between both parties. 

Google is a big help searching for these programs, just type in: product name + affiliate programs.

Benefits for companies

Because the revenue model behind affiliate marketing is very transparent, it is seen as a form of marketing with little risk. The affiliate publisher is not paid in advance, but only gets a fee after a successful sale or pageview and that makes it attractive for many companies.

This form of marketing is also a low-threshold and quick way to advertise broadly; it offers direct access to a large network of websites, newsgroups, communities, social media partners and companies that often promote through mailings and online campaigns. The affiliates do not have to do more than process the texts, advertising banners, forms and links supplied by the company on its website. Sometimes these can also be complete data feeds, for example with online price comparisons. Publishing recognisable information is crucial for affiliates; the more visitors the website can attract by promoting a well-known brand, the greater the chance of a successful lead or purchase.

Benefits for affiliates

Affiliate marketing is also an attractive way for the publisher to make money. All he has to do is place ads or dedicate blogs to an article or service on the internet, depending on the agreed affiliate form. The promotion of a well-known brand on the website can also strengthen your own name recognition.

Especially the long tail principle makes this form of marketing lucrative for many. Because if the website is visited frequently and many transactions take place, then the commissions can increase considerably. Even if the purchase or service is not done immediately, but only after a longer period of time (up to 30-90 days) or if the visitor has visited other providers in the meantime; only the first publisher where the connection between the visitor and the company is made gets paid.

Make money with affiliate marketing

There are various money models based on which the commissions within affiliate marketing are calculated. The payment will only take place if the following of three actions has been successfully carried out by a website visitor:
• Pay per click (PPC): Commission per click on an advertisement or link that refers to the advertiser.
• Pay per sale (PPS): Commission is paid per completed order. Often the earnings through this form are highest. My number one program, as outline below is in this segment!
• Pay per lead (PPL): Commission per submitted tender, test sample or information request. Interesting for companies that mainly provide services. It is a popular way to collect contact information.

How best to get started with affiliate marketing

Large online stores usually have an affiliate program where publishers can participate. In the middle segment, advertisers, publishers and affiliates find each other best via the well-known affiliate networks that take care of administration, mediation and technology. Usually they charge a percentage of turnover and subscription costs monthly.

Why don’t you choose the best affiliate marketing support program in the world? No worries about building a website or even sites, using your passions to find the right topic to write about, publishing quality content, SEO optimization, free hosting, getting tons of traffic and then making money online!

best choice

I am talking about Wealthy Affiliate (WA), established in 2005, of which I am a member since late 2014. You can read all about them in my full review by clicking here.Through my review you will gain access to this scam free, reasonably priced program for free for one week.

The right publisher, the right affiliate

Many companies like to keep sight of and control their publishers so that they can be sure that the affiliates are providing their promotion on the internet in a positive way. Content that is not correct on a website, carelessly compiled forms, spam-like mail campaigns or bloggers that come into the news negatively, can lead to affiliates being excluded from the program. The quality and reliability of the information on the publisher’s website also has a strong influence on the image of the advertiser.

Read here how to wright content like a professional.


Affiliate marketing is an exceptional and interesting way of product promotion. It is interesting for all parties involved, merchants, customers and affiliates. Companies can immediately benefit from a large reach within the online and social media and there are only very few risks. Because of the different commission models, not only online stores, but also service providers can attract more customers via the internet. An affiliate can earn money on his or her turn. However, it is wise to search online publishers with care or to arrange the selection properly via a reliable affiliate network.

Best Ways of writing Quality Website Content


Many people think that if they can write, they will also be able to do that on their website. However, text writing is quite different from web writing, which has its own laws. On your professional website you should assume that your online visitor scans content instead of reading it. It is therefore extremely website content is essentialimportant to optimize your content for the online user. We must also take into account the speed of the online experience. People do not like scrolling, especially not long pieces of text. Another important factor is that the contents of your web text determines how high you score in Google and whether visitors do what you prefer them to do on your site. 

Do you want to know what is important for good content, score high in Google and how to apply this to your professional website? This article will help you on your way writing quality website content!

Online reading behavior

Eye tracking and heat map surveys show us how the online visitor scans your page. Most of the attention is for the upper part. On a (random) online page, your target group scans according to the familiar F-pattern (stands for Fast). Online users spend 80% of their time on a page looking for information above the fold. This is the visible part if you open a page and do not scroll yet. There is therefore less attention for the bottom of the page.

We also know that users have more attention for content on the left, compared to the right. Your user is also more likely to scroll through when the first content he sees attracts attention or satisfies needs.

Put the most important information at the top

Come straight to the point and be short and to the point (long strips of text are killing). What your site visitor needs is structure. If you consider that a visitor only reads 20% of the words on a page, you need to focus attention on the right content. The challenge is to ensure that your reader quickly recognizes which information is important and relevant.

Are you wondering how to build a good text? Use the AIDA model as a red thread. Attention, Interest, Desire & Action are the steps that your candidate goes through to the conversion.

Structure of the text

Make every page easily scannable for the reader by: 

  • using an informative header and intermediate headers;
  • use paragraphs and structure; 
  • apply lists with bullet points; 
  • alignment links (header, subheadings and text); 
  • one topic per paragraph;
  • do not use to many words; 
  • key concepts can be shown in bold.

Keep the AIDA model in mind.

Target group oriented

The question you need to ask yourself when writing a web text is: ‘What information is my site visitor looking for?’ On a professional website, for example, this could be information about the atmosphere of an organisation, the employment conditions, the projects or people who work there. Try to constantly move in the target group of your site and only give the information relevant to them. The challenge is to connect to their experience and to respond to the information needs.

Always write content for an intended target group and live up to it. Always think from the reader.

The right (persuasive) information

With the right target group in mind, you will fulfill their information need. Offer an ‘About us’ section where you e.g. tell what kind of organisation you are, what you do and possibly more of your products or services. Do not stray too much towards less relevant information such as the entire history of your organisation. Give a concise summary briefly. It is also advisable to put a tagline on the homepage that summarizes what your company stands for. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of the page?
  • Do I want to sell? Provide information or inspire?
  • For whom do you write the page?
  • Is your target audience young or do you just write for an older audience? Always pay attention to your tone of voice. What do you hope the reader does afterwards?
  • Book a trip, click through or is your goal that the customer comes back more often?

Scannable and findable

You do not write a text for nothing. Visitors must be able to easily find your page and benefit from it. Did you know that 98% of internet users use search engines to find information? Just think about how often you google something ‘just’ every day. Nice and easy! And tell me honestly, do you look beyond the first page? Exactly, most of the time you do not And that is precisely why online findability is so important!

Through the correct structure and layout, you make your web page scannable for the reader. But before anyone can start scanning, your page must first be found. By applying SEO to texts, you increase the findability for search machines like Google.

Google is crazy about well-structured texts and, like the site visitor, will scan the page. Important places that  the Google algorithm is checking are:

URL of the page
Title-tag / SEO-title (which you see in the ‘roof of your browser’)
Title and headings (H1, H2 etc.)
Current text (especially attention for the first 100 words and text in summaries)

The right keywords

It is important to get the right keywords back in these places: the words people look for. This gives Google the possibility to index your page well. Here you put the most important keywords at the forefront and helps to make bold concepts.

What are the right keywords for your content? You can search for that by using the Keyword Planner from Google Adwords. You use the keywords with the most search volume for your text. Vacancies, place of employment, job title and company name are often important keywords for vacancies. For more variety in your texts you can also use synonyms ( Google recognizes this). One of the best keyword tools in the business is Jaaxy, you can read my full review by clicking here.

Writing content actively

Now that you know the most important keywords, you can really get started. You only write good content when you stay within your own field and you can share knowledge. This is easy for you to write and that yields texts that appeal to the visitor. And that’s why it’s easy to find. Tip; write in layman’s terms and do not use too much jargon. This way every visitor understands what the text is about and you will have less to do with dropouts.

This is how you write web texts like a pro

Below is a checklist to write step-by-step professional text for your website:

  • Adjust the tone of the text to your target group: for example, use laymans’s terms to make it user-friendly.
  • Does the text contain a title? And do keywords appear here?  Try to put the keyword (s) in the heading.
  • Provide headers above the paragraphs and include keywords here.
  • The first paragraph or introduction is a summary of the entire text. The other paragraphs are used to explain a topic or aspect.  Make sure that each paragraph contains at least one keyword. Create a paragraph no longer than a maximum of 5 lines.
  • Read the text again. Does it read easily? And is it clear which message is mentioned?
  • Update the text regularly. This ensures that the website is active and becomes and remains interesting for visitors.

Final thoughts

Quality website content is the key to your success in the internet business. Write as much relevant, engaging and informative content as you possibly can. It will greatly help when you, in choosing your niche, you take it from one of your passions, interest or hobbies. Click here on how to find the right niche!

Would you like to become an internet entrepreneur? Many have preceded you, however, it is also possible for you with the right support. Join Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and start your own successful online business. The first week is completely free. Read here my full review on WA.

In case you have any questions, please leave them in the comment box and I will be back to you within 24 hours.

No more Mistakes in Building a Website for Free


Another very essential element of having your own online business is building your own website. However, creating them and hosting them costs money and for people with a low budget this might be a big obstacle. In other words, the less it costs, the better. Free would be the best option and I can tell you right now that there are possibilities to do that, without damaging the quality.

building a website for freeAnd sometimes we really want a website for free, for example for the club, team or an association. Or for a project at school or during the study. But the question is: How do you make a website that is completely free?

When you search on the internet for possibilities to make a free website, you will encounter everything. Good things, but obviously bad ones too. And also services where you can make a website for free, but where you have to start paying for your website as soon as you have finished it. So where do you go?

I am going to give you two great possibilities to build a free website and follow-up with a third and best option combining all advantages in one!

Create a website for free with Google

If you have a Google account, or use Gmail from Google, you can easily create a website via Google Sites. To do this go to: You then enter your Gmail address and password and you can start immediately. You will be able to collaboratively create engaging, high-quality sites for your team, project or event. The sites look great on every screen, from desktop to smartphone. All without learning design or programming.

Creation and editing is extremely simple: just click, drag or drop. The design will rearrange automatically with a grid layout. Everything fits into the best place, and is simple to move, resize, or rearrange. Sites makes collaborating easy with real time co-editing and the same powerful sharing controls you’re used to. Just like in Docs, you can work together and see each other’s changes in real-time as you type.

Users can easily manage sharing permissions and ownership in Sites with only a few clicks, like they would a Doc. Embedded content retains its original permissions for reliable, fine-grained control.

At first glance it may seem that making something beautiful via Google Sites is more difficult than others. But also with Google Sites it is absolutely possible with a little time and dedication to make something beautiful. With Google sites it is even possible to create multiple websites on different topics. 

How do I create a website with WordPress?

When you have installed WordPress, you immediately have the ‘skeleton’ of a website plus all the tools to transform the website to your taste. But the chance is pretty big that the ‘skeleton’ is not enough. The question then is, how do you adjust everything?

How do you build the WordPress website that you want? The answer is, with themes and a limited number of plugins.

A theme is basically the design of the website. What the website looks like. A theme is a kind of coat that you pull over your basic website. Most themes also have additional functions, such as a theme builder or social media buttons. You can select, download and activate a completely new theme within minutes and WP has quite a number of them. Can I make the website that I have in mind?
There are thousands of free WordPress themes available, however, not all are suited to your goal. But these themes have been put together by professional web designers and programmers. 

Serious money

If you want a seriously professional website, then chances are very high that there are hundreds of themes that suit you well. Albeit, such a theme may cost about 70-100 dollars.

About 1% of those paid WordPress themes also have a theme builder. With such a builder you can use a drag-and-drop system to design entire pages according to your wishes.

And if you want a website completely customized, you can pick up a web designer or web design agency. 90% of all web designers work with WordPress. The customization of a website costs between 1,300 and 5,500 dollars (for large companies it can cost between 12,000 to 40,000).

Free websites and their limitations

Web services that offer making a website for free will impose some limitations. For example, it may be that you can only make a limited number of pages. Or just publish a limited amount of images. You may also be limited in the possibilities in which you can determine the design of your website.

Moreover, maybe you do not have your own domain name. Both Google Sites and WP also give you the opportunity to buy your own domain name or to link your own domain name to your free website.

If you do not want that, then a web address will be assigned by both Google and WP. But something like: is not immediately an easy to remember web address. In other words, branding your site, which is a necessity in internet marketing, is not easily done with a url like that.

A free website is less suitable for business applications. The possibilities are generally a bit too limited to have a website to be used commercially, or one that radiates the professionalism that a company desperately needs.

Mind you, you may have a free website, but you will still need to find a hosting service, which you will have to pay for. A good hosting provider might be in the range of $100 per month.

How to Really build a website for Free

We have now established that we need a website, which we could get for free, but it might not entirely be to your liking or not very suited for your business. However, tailoring it to your wishes might be (very) costly and you would still have to pay for monthly hosting.

What if I tell you that there is a third and best option that combines all favorable features and will cost you a fraction of the ones above plus you will have all the training and support that anyone can ask for? It will have the following features that no program elsewhere will give you:

  • a free website or even sites using WordPress, own your domain name
  • WP themes available at no cost
  • tailored to your own (business) needs
  • free hosting
  • the best Search Engine Optimization functions
  • best protection from hackers and other undesirable traffic
  • unlimited training and support

then I recommend you joining Wealthy Affiliate (WA), established in 2005, the world’s best internet business support program. To join this program for a week is FREE, the membership for the first month is $19. For that you will get all of the above! WA’s main objective is to teach and help you becoming a successful internet entrepreneur. They will give you any and all tools necessary to do so.

If you have become interested, then I would invite you to read my personal review of WA, in which I exactly describe from personal experience, how they work. Click here for the review.

Any way, should you have any questions on this article or WA, please fill in the comment box and I will reply by 24 hours.



The Top 20 Working from Home Ideas


Working from home is great. Making money from home can be very pleasant for many reasons. But sometimes it also seems very difficult. Because how do you get work done at home? Through the internet you will find many different ‘companies’ that offer home work. Usually you will encounter the following type of work:

Packing work
Telephone work from homework from home ideas
Administrative homework
Assembly and assembly work
Test products
Participate in surveys

Throughout the years I have come to look at all of them. I had to register myself, sometimes pay money and then it was all kinds of work that was not fun at all. In addition, the earnings were not great either. I thought, “There must be a better way?”

And there is! If you are a bit creative you can also work from home, but in ways that you really like. To help you on your way, I have made a list of ideas to make money from home. Most ideas require a bit of entrepreneurship, but I believe everyone can learn that. Here are 20 of the top working from home ideas.

1. Selling homemade products

If you are creative and handy then you can sell your own creations. For example in a web shop or on websites like E bay. These can be drawings or paintings, but also homemade jewelry or clothing, wine etc. or anything you can create yourself.

2. Start blogging

With your own blog you write about topics that interest you. You can decide for yourself when you work on your blog. There are some websites that pay you for blogging, just find the one suited for you.

3. Accountant

Supporting self-employed people with their finances. Because you work from home and work independently, you can ask lower prices than a bookkeeper who works for a company.

4. Virtual assistant

Agenda management, correspondence, tracking of social media channels. These are just a few activities that a Virtual Assistant could perform. You support entrepreneurs and take on a number of tasks so that they can concentrate on the work they are good at. 

5. Professional photographer

Is your hobby making photo’s, then why not make money with them? With this you can really go in all directions. For example, you can think of:

wedding photos
pregnancy shoots
festivals / events
selling nature photos on photo websites

6. PC repair

Helping people by doing small jobs on their computer. Such as removing superfluous programs / malware or replacing parts. Many people have a computer, but have little understanding. And not everyone has a handy neighbor who can solve the problem just as quickly for them.

7. Hairdresser at home

This can be as luxurious as you want. You can have a special place built at your house, but you can also just cut your customers at your kitchen table. You can also go to people’s homes who can not or do not want to come to the hairdresser’s shop. Think of older people or mothers with young children.

8. Nail studio

Treat your clients with a complete range of nail and hand care

9. Making cakes / cupcakes

For birthdays or other special occasions (such as weddings / births) people find it wonderful to be able to serve a special cake made for them. There is always a demand for tasty and personalized cakes. Offer something unique that suits you. If you want to make money with this, word of mouth is very important. So make sure that your customers tell the good news about your arts!

10. Freelance writer

If you are a good writer and thus love it, write articles for magazines or websites.

11. Write a business plan

More and more people want to start for themselves. Help people realize their dream by supporting them with writing a business plan for their own business.

12. Write and sell e-books

If you have so much to say that it can fill an entire book you can of course also write an e-book. Make sure you write something that people would like to pay for. Think of problems that you have solutions for. You can sell your e-book via your website or via If you have written a great e-book, you can also set up a program where others sell your book on their website. For that you give a little commission.

13. Become a childminder

If you love children, childminder is the ideal way to work at home. A childminder is someone who receives children for an hourly rate. A kind of shelter at home. It is important that you have enough space and that you have the right diplomas. You need to find out what is required in your area.

14. Purchase products and sell at a profit

You can do this via a web shop or via other websites such as E-bay and Amazon. Buy things cheaply through abroad in large quantities and then sell it with profit. Think for example of hobby stuff, fabrics, etc.

15. Consultant

Do you have the expertise? For example, do you know a lot about marketing or education? Use your knowledge as a consultant and earn money from home with consultations. Create advertising in the neighborhood and via your own website.

provide cooking workshops16. Provide cooking workshops

One of the nicest ways (I think) to make money from home. Of course you have to leave the house to give the workshops, but you can do all the other work at home. Do you make a party out of cooking?  Then this is for you.

17. Music lessons

Music lessons in a center is often very expensive. Perhaps you can offer this at a competitive price?

18. Party or wedding plannerorganizing a party

Organizing a party is not easy. Offer your services as a party planner and show people how easy you can make them. Also consider organizing children’s parties. Or give someone an unforgettable wedding!

19. YouTube

Earn money with videos on YouTube. Create fun, funny, handy videos that people want to see. Then you can make money with the advertising YouTube puts on your video.

20. Own a website

Do you like to write? Within 10 steps you start your own website and you can write articles about all kinds of subjects. Making money with a blog is really possible. The easiest way to earn money in this way is through advertising and offering other people’s products. Earning money with a blog does require some patience and perseverance. Keep on writing useful and interesting things regularly, then the visitors come naturally. The more visitors, the more money you can earn.

My recommendation

I have tried to collect a number of working from home ideas as diverse as possible, so that many people can find the right option or options. It depends on each one of you to make them work properly. If you have any additional work from home opportunities, then please let me your own website

But f you really want to make a living and a full decent income working from home than option 20 is the one to go for. Why? Because there is a community out there who will teach you step by step how to make money having an affiliate marketing business on the internet. Find out how they work by clicking here.

This one worked for me, as it is scam free, very reasonably priced and a sure way to success! Let me know if you have any questions and I will reply within  24 hours.




How to Work from Home on the Internet – Any Disadvantages can be Overcome!


I am here writing an article on how and where you could start setting up your own e-commerce business. But I thought it might be a good idea to first look if it actually is a good thing for you to be an entrepreneur on the World Wide Web and in that way earn money from your from home online

Most people probably only see the good sides and listen to the cliche statements like “my freedom is the most important thing for me “, “I can do what I want” and “I want to be my own boss” that are the first arguments you hear when you ask why people like to start their own business.

Why is it that certain people work from home on line and earn income and others do not? Here are some of the main pros and cons that each of us have to be aware of before taking a decision to do one or the other. At the end I will give you the best available option on how to work from home on the internet. It is the best one as it diminishes most or all of the disadvantages mentioned. So, here we go.

Disadvantages of being an “own boss”


If you work for someone you will usually have to work within an organization with a certain structure. Someone is always there to tell you what to do and when. You will have to meet the company’s requirements, procedures, timelines and more. Everything will be in place already and you just have to adhere to the rules of your particular home alone the bestwork place.

Now your work place is at home where you have no one who urges you on and you yourself need to get your things organized and preferably in the most efficient manner possible. It means that you will have to think of, plan and structure everything yourself. You cannot leave anything out or forget something important. You need to come up with your own working schedules, ethics etc.


Believe me, there are a 1001 things that can keep you from your work at home; your family members, your domestic responsibilities, visitors to your house, the telephone, people cleaning the house, all kinds of noises from outside your living place and many things more. There are also your social media, where you keep getting phone messages, tweets, facebook alerts, etc. that can cost half an hour or more at the time. Then there are other things like the weather, the “heavy” evening you had yesterday and the TV show you wanted to see. If you’re tempted by all this you will easily lose a few hours per day, which most of us cannot afford!


If you work at home, you will always sit in the same environment, the same room, the same view. Depending on the work you have to do, this can become quite boring very quickly. There will be no driving to and from work, no change of bored of same place?scenery nor will you have colleagues with whom you can get involved with and socialize. On the other hand, you obviously have no colleagues that can irritate you at home. But some people just need to relate to “other people” around them, especially at work. In such a case a lonely existence in your home is not really the right choice. In some cases it might do a lot of good to get out of your “trusted” environment to move somewhere to rent a small office so that your work and home can be kept separated.


Besides a good structure to accomplish your day to day tasks successfully, discipline is probably the most important factor to bring your work to a successful completion. At work you are told what to do, whether it is nice/less nice work, you’re doing it because you are told so. If you’re sitting at home, there is no one except you who will push yourself then and believe me there are a lot less pleasant aspects of being your own boss. Think about the daily routine and the administrative side. Ok, you can outsource but 1) if you are just starting out, this can be a heavy financial costs and b) if you do not know the financial side of your business how can you go and run it optimally? You and only you can take the action to solve problems, because no one else will do it for you.

And now the Benefits

The Freedom

working at home onlineYou do what you want, wherever and whenever you want it. In the mornings you can start working whatever you look like, unwashed, in you pajamas, hey who is going to stop you or say you cannot?  The time you woke up with an alarm clock (god, how I hated that) has gone passed; now you do not think every day to have to go to sleep. Say you get up somewhere around 7:30 to 8:00 during the week, unless you’ve been working until late in the morning. You will then get up later and do not worry about an angry boss. You still had an urgent errand to run; you can just go, as nobody is stopping you. And, no traffic jams on the way to work.

No Boss

If you are self-employed then you really have no boss, other than your customers (after all they are the ones that pay you the money!). Nobody tells you what, when and where you MUST do something; you arrange your own work schedule. Let it be only your clients that put a certain pressure on you because many of us only then will “perform”. You should be able to impose deadlines on yourself and then stick to them.

No location Boundarieswork from anywhere

Although most of us work from home, as an Internet entrepreneur you do not really need to be in one place. As long as you have a laptop and a telephone, you will be able to work from almost any place. You can do most of your work from any location on the globe long as you have an internet connection. If you decide to stay somewhere else for a few weeks (maybe on the beach with a cocktail in your hand), then when you move, your business moves with you. All of this does have its limitations or problems if you sell physical products, but even then it is not impossible, having one person at “base station”.

My Conclusion

A long time ago, I came to the conclusion, that working for myself, being my own boss, would be the best alternative for me. I just did not have the ideas to accomplish this. Why go to the internet and be liable to the enormous amounts of scammers there? Can I overcome most of the disadvantages of working at home and earn a reasonable living? Can I get enough support and guidance to start my own profitable business?

And then, about a year ago, I came across Wealthy Affiliate and all of my questions above were answered. A scam free on line education platform for everybody who wants to start their own internet business. Want to set up a website in a couple of minutes? Want to know how to fill it with the correct content? How to attract traffic to your site? How to monetize your site?

best ever training

In a matter of weeks all these questions will be answered by the many training modules, tutorials, chats, Q&A forum, private messaging and more. I see you asking, what would this have to cost? Nothing at all for the first full week of joining! After that it will be a monthly or yearly fee that is probably the lowest in the world for this kind of education. If you are interested, you can read all about this unique opportunity in my personal review here.

Furthermore you can come back to me with any questions you have about this topic and I will take care to reply within 24 hours.

How to Work Online from Home Successfully


Working from home has become very popular and there are more and more different ways in which this is possible. It no longer means that you just take the office to home, but it has developed in many different ways and methods to make money. It is possible to do freelance work, sell stuff (whether your own or other products), but also to sell services such as renting out your home or work as a taxi driver. See here my guide on how to sell stuff on line from home.

The great advantage of working on line is that you do not need much start-up capital in most cases. On line work has just become so popular, because people can use what they already have and there is little else you have to buy or work from homeregulate or invest in. In addition, most websites facilitate contact between client and worker considerably and avoid cumbersome paperwork. It takes little time, effort and money to create a profile and get started.

With the flexibility and control of own work it is possible to work just as easily 10 hours a month or 40 hours or more per week. You can do it alongside your current job or create a full-time job. You’re the boss.

But how can you make it a successful enterprise? Many businesses survive or get better, because they handle their mistakes and drawbacks better. Furthermore people need specific characteristics in order to become successful. Read on and find out how to work on line from home successfully.

Successful work requires courage to go on after making mistakes

Making mistakes is not bad. The most decisive factor is what we actually do after we make errors. Managers know that making mistakes is part of the process of successful work. They make a conscious choice; do I let this scare me off or do I pick myself up, learn and go on?

Here are six tips:

  1. Accept your mistakes. There is no life or work without mistakes, so why would you think that you cannot succeed. Of course there are people who pretend that they never make mistakes. Those people will therefore never learn from their mistakes. It is up to you to gather the courage to face your errors and learn from them.
  2. Do not get discouraged. Be guided by your enthusiasm. Successful people think in possibilities, not impossibilities. How many times do you think Steve Jobs encountered failures? Just as often as everyone from home The difference is that if they failed, they do not sit back and cry but they continue immediately. They are guided by what they have in mind.
  3. Learn from your mistakes. What better school as the face of your mistakes. Look aware of what is and is not working. Grab any time to repair the defects and lifting so your success to the next level.
  4. Do not be a victim. Be a winner. Be glad you’re the owner of the process where you can come out stronger. Be proud of yourself. Keep learning all you encounter. Be proud of the success that you’ve carved out for yourself.
  5. Consider failure as a priceless basis for doing better. It’s very simple, the faster you learn from your mistakes the sooner you know to turn them into opportunities. Know how to create your success.
  6. Success is not an end. Success achieved does not mean you can now relax. Do not underestimate your surroundings; do not underestimate the changing context. Based on current insight the basis for success is constantly changing. Today’s success is the outdated understanding of tomorrow. Stay informed of the latest developments.

Home Habits

A further measure of success is what personal features you will bring to the work floor, whether in a company or at home.

Do you recognize these habits as part of your success? The below mentioned habits all have a positive and/or negative impact on your success. Do you recognize yourself in the following characteristics?

  • You are not well enough aware of what your core business is;
  • There is an inefficient handling of your time (procrastination, double action …);
  • Often you are annoyed because you are too much disturbed;
  • Never make known your expectations so that you never can go over your limit;
  • Too late you hear that you’re not on the right track;
  • You always come too late.

go for itOr is it the next scenario that appeals to you more:

  • You have a clear knowledge of what your core business is;
  • You know how to deal efficiently with your time;
  • You are not unnecessarily disturbed;
  • You exactly know your limits, because you are clear in what you do and do not like;
  • You can tune up in the interim and so can adjust when necessary;
  • You’re always on time for important appointments.

If you’re more inclined to the first row, then you will never achieve the maximum success. However, if your personality is mainly in the second row then your chances of success will be considerably better.

Other factors that contribute to success

1 Have your own from home in own space

You’ve heard this one before, but it’s a crucial one. Carve out a dedicated space at home that you only use for work. Preferably, you need natural light and a door, so that you can separate your work from your home life when the workday is done.

2 Project professionalism.

Some people advise dressing as if you were still working in someone else’s office. I think that’s unnecessary, and maybe even a bit crazy, but you do need to come across as professional and reliable when dealing with clients. Here’s an example: If you’re doing video calls, consider having a clean dedicated area for them, or at least hanging a backdrop so people aren’t distracted by home-office clutter.

3 Keep networking.

use social mediaWorking at home can become isolating, unless you make an effort to build your network and maintain relationships. This might be easier in a major metropolitan area with lots of networking opportunities and industry meetings. However even if you have to travel and use lots of virtual tools, maintaining your network should be on your to-do list every day.

4 Manage your distractions.

This is easier said than done, but another danger in working from home is that it’s so easy not to work. One winning strategy is simply to accept that you’ll never be 100 percent productive. That makes it easier to be in control of your “mind-wandering” time at work.

5 Manage your day.

If you find yourself working early, take time for yourself and your family later. At the same time, it’s great to do errands during low-demand hours. I have made very good arrangements with my wife, which she honors. The work has to come first (but do not forget the family)!manage your time

6 Manage your week.

If you liked the idea of owning your day, just wait until you own your week.  It is just a matter of organizing it well. In fact, the only drawback is that friends and family probably don’t have the same flexibility. Once you get to the point where you own the week, however, you’ll find yourself longing a lot less for the weekend.


Working from home has many advantages, such as:

  • Being the master of your own time
  • You can be your own boss
  • No time losses for daily commuting
  • Relatively quite environment
  • You will be free from the company working jungles
  • You can even become financially independent

To work from home on line and doing so successfully requires a certain mindset and personality as described above. You should also adhere to some basic principles.

best option

Having said all this, you would still need to determine how you are going to do it. One almost sure way of achieving success is to become a member of Wealthy Affiliates (WA). You will sell products through affiliate programs, through your own website! WA and its unique community will support and train you all the way. You can start by doing a free one week trial without any commitment. You do not need to be afraid of being scammed, as you can read in my personal review here.