You can be more Powerful than you think – Even on the Work floor

Introduction Are you envious of your boss and all his power? You have been with a company for a long time, have done well, are quite experienced, but have no say in the decision-making process?  Surely, you would like to have more influence within your company. The minimum is that the management listens to you … Read more

12 Reasons why You should Want to be your Own Boss

be your own boss

Introduction We live in remarkable times, a time of transformation and many changes. You could discover that you are not doing the work you would like to do, or that your job no longer gives you the satisfaction you wish. You are looking for something more meaningful.  Internet options Of course, the majority of people in … Read more

9 Reasons why Online Marketing is so Important

online marketing

The emergence of online marketing Almost simultaneously with the rise of the internet since 1998, online marketing started growing as well. As the use of the internet rose, online marketing became increasingly important. Why is that? Through online marketing reaching a large group of consumers has become easier. The number of active internet users has … Read more

Why you Should start Affiliate Marketing right now

why start affiliate marketing

Introduction There are many ways to bring your website to the attention of potential customers. In addition to the many free ways that are available on the internet, you can also advertise against payment. For example via Google Adwords, Facebook advertisements, a banner or advertorial on a website or via affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing This … Read more

No more Mistakes in Building a Website for Free

building a website

Introduction Another very essential element of having your own online business is building your own website. However, creating them and hosting them costs money and for people with a low budget, this might be a big obstacle. In other words, the less it costs, the better. Free would be the best option and I can … Read more

How to Work from Home on the Internet – Any Disadvantages can be Overcome!

Introduction I am here writing an article on how and where you could start setting up your own e-commerce business. But I thought it might be a good idea to first look if it actually is a good thing for you to be an entrepreneur on the World Wide Web and in that way earn … Read more