Why you Should start Affiliate Marketing right now


There are many ways to bring your website to the attention of potential customers. In addition to the many free ways that are available on the internet, you can also advertise against payment. For example via Google Adwords, lucrative affiliate marketingFacebook advertisements, a banner or advertorial on a website or via affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing

This article will focus on the lucrative affiliate marketing business, which has benefits for all involved. I am going to explain to you why you should start affiliate marketing right now. I will also give you my number 1 recommendation on how to become a successful internet marketer.

What is Affiliate marketing?

In affiliate marketing, you will promote products, services from online companies. These companies will give you a link to their website, which you would put into your blog or product review. If the link or button of affiliates is clicked by a website visitor or when the item is bought, you, the owner of the relevant advertorial website will receive an agreed amount; the commission.

Particularly when products are sold, this so-called ‘performance-based marketing’, is currently very well represented in the environment of online advertising.


There are variants of affiliate marketing to designate. One campaign works per page view, while the other advertiser is all about generating purchases. And there are also companies that collect contact information by requesting quotations. But the principle remains the same; every successful click or order can potentially earn you money.

Importance of internet cookies in marketing

The affiliate marketing principle is ingenious in its simplicity. Each advertisement, banner or link is provided with a code that provides a referral to the original advertiser. With the help of so-called cookies, the details of the publisher and the visitor of the website are recorded and it keeps track of all follow-up actions. Cookies, depending on the merchant, may have a validity of 30 to even 90 days, within which time purchase should be made. Once the transaction is completed by this visitor, the commission is paid to the publisher via the embedded data.

Easily finding affiliate merchants

All companies can arrange for affiliate marketing themselves. Amazon was the first and is still among the biggest in the world to launch this opportunity, literally offering millions of products. However, it will take the necessary time, knowledge, software, tracking technology, money and contacts with potential affiliate partners. 


Therefore, companies in smaller sizes can rely on professional affiliate marketing networks such as Awin and Commission Junction in order to offer a solution. They mediate between companies and possible publishers, offer various affiliate packages, automatically keep track of the counts of all sales, leads and clicks and take care of the complete financial settlement between both parties. 

Google is a big help searching for these programs, just type in: product name + affiliate programs.

Benefits for companies

Because the revenue model behind affiliate marketing is very transparent, it is seen as a form of marketing with little risk. The affiliate publisher is not paid in advance, but only gets a fee after a successful sale or page view and that makes it attractive for many companies.

Very speedy

This form of marketing is also a low-threshold and quick way to advertise broadly; it offers direct access to a large network of websites, newsgroups, communities, social media partners and companies that often promote through mailings and online campaigns. The affiliates do not have to do more than process the texts, advertising banners, forms and links supplied by the company on its website.

Sometimes these can also be complete data feeds, for example with online price comparisons. Publishing recognizable information is crucial for affiliates; the more visitors the website can attract by promoting a well-known brand, the greater the chance of a successful lead or purchase.

Benefits for affiliates

Affiliate marketing is also an attractive way for the publisher to make money. All he has to do is place ads or dedicate blogs to an article or service on the internet, depending on the agreed affiliate form. The promotion of a well-known brand on the website can also strengthen your own name recognition.

Especially the long tail principle makes this form of marketing lucrative for many. Because if the website is visited frequently and many transactions take place, then the commissions can increase considerably.

Even if the purchase or service is not done immediately, but only after a longer period of time (up to 30-90 days) or if the visitor has visited other providers in the meantime; only the first publisher where the connection between the visitor and the company is made gets paid.

Make money with affiliate marketing

There are various money models based on which the commissions within affiliate marketing are calculated. The payment will only take place if the following of three actions has been successfully carried out by a website visitor:
• Pay per click (PPC): Commission per click on an advertisement or link that refers to the advertiser.
• Pay per sale (PPS): Commission is paid per completed order. Often the earnings through this form are highest. My number one program, as outline below is in this segment!
• Pay per lead (PPL): Commission per submitted tender, test sample or information request. Interesting for companies that mainly provide services. It is a popular way to collect contact information.

How best to get started with affiliate marketing

Large online stores usually have an affiliate program where publishers can participate. In the middle segment, advertisers, publishers and affiliates find each other best via the well-known affiliate networks that take care of administration, mediation and technology. Usually they charge a percentage of turnover and subscription costs monthly.

Why don’t you choose the best affiliate marketing support program in the world?

No worries about building a website or even sites, using your passions to find the right topic to write about, publishing quality content, SEO optimization, free hosting, getting tons of traffic and then making money online!

best choice

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The right publisher, the right affiliate

Many companies like to keep sight of and control their publishers so that they can be sure that the affiliates are providing their promotion on the internet in a positive way. Content that is not correct on a website, carelessly compiled forms, spam-like mail campaigns or bloggers that come into the news negatively, can lead to affiliates being excluded from the program. The quality and reliability of the information on the publisher’s website also has a strong influence on the image of the advertiser.

Read here how to write content like a professional.


Affiliate marketing is an exceptional and interesting way of product promotion. It is interesting for all parties involved, merchants, customers and affiliates. Companies can immediately benefit from a large reach within online and social media and there are only very few risks. B

ecause of the different commission models, not only online stores but also service providers can attract more customers via the internet. An affiliate can earn money on his or her turn. However, it is wise to search online publishers with care or to arrange the selection properly via a reliable affiliate network.

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  1. Affiliate marketing is definitely one of the best ways to make money, because the whole process is very simple. You don’t need to own any products or anything like that. Of course, it’s pretty hard to actually succeed at affiliate marketing, because it takes a lot of time to establish a website before it actually generates enough traffic.

    • Agreed and Wealthy Affiliate definitely provides the ideal support in order for anyone to accomplish this successfully. Yes, with hind side the process is simple, but for starters of the program, the information coming to them may be somewhat overwhelming. The best thing to do is follow the training, perform the actions requested and do so in your own tempo.


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