How to earn Money sitting at Home? – Here is How to do it!


The Corona (Covid-19) virus sweeps through the world leaving many people ill or immobile at home. As already enough has been said and written about the virus, this is not about Corona issues. This is about solutions and new opportunities and making money with them.

how to earn money at home

For everyone

My frequent readers will know that this site is for disgruntled employees, people who got fired or quit themselves and for people over 50 years old, who find it difficult to get another job. But now, this virus, which is indiscriminate, is the great equalizer and many people will be at home from work or any other outside activities. 

What to do?

And then what do you do? You finish the jobs you have to do, complete the chores, but still have more time and could become bored easily. So, why not see this as a unique chance to start making money on the side? There is a hell of a lot of challenges out there, you just need to find the right one. Oh, you maybe do not know-how. That is exactly what I am going to explain to you in the rest of this article on making money at home.

Chances for every one of us

I am now going to be addressing every person among you who sits at home and has time to spare and wants to change a more or less bad situation into a perfect opportunity for making extra money or money on the side. Mine and your starting point would be the internet and its enormous possibilities. Internet use has grown exponentially in the last five years, and right now over 3 billion people all over the world have access to it. 

Do you see what I mean here? This is the biggest market there is, where you could reach millions of people in an easy way. If you know how to do it and have the right support to achieve your goals.

Avoid scammers

earning money at home

Of course you will have to navigate around all the hustlers, shysters, scammers, cheaters, frauds and so on. Part of this site contains product reviews of a number of programs offering money overnight, easy income, becoming a millionaire and more of these scams. I can help you avoid losing money unnecessarily, you just ask me when you come across any program that needs vetting and I will study it and inform you quickly.

Your options

You may choose to go your own way or you may accept professional advice, this is totally your choice.

So, here is one way of getting into business, where you do all the research yourself looking at various options available. Such as:

MLM business  in my opinion Multi Leveled Marketing is only suitable for people who already have a very extensive network and have the necessary business acumen.

Selling on E-bay – possible for everybody with a bit of creativity, however, low income.

Selling your own products – possibly the easiest way, as you do not have to buy products.

Do for you (DFY) programs – the owner trying to enlist you with promises of easy money where his “unique” program (that you will have to buy for a lot of money) will do the job for you.

earn money from homeFilling out questionnaires – an easy way to make money, although very little and the number of questionnaires you will receive usually is not guaranteed.

Affiliate Marketing

and many others you may find. If you go this way, that’s fine, but please heed my advice and do not step into all the traps laid out for you there. Do your research and look at reviews or ask me.

Life-changing challenge for you

You will have noticed that I did not elaborate on one of the above-listed options, affiliate marketing. This is because I consider this method by far the best option available right now. And I am going to expand on this one and tell you why.

  1. First of all affiliate marketing is suited for everybody! From starters to professionals. Again this is true if you can find the right program with the right training and support.earn money at home
  2. Secondly, you will be asked to use one or more of your own passions, hobbies or interests to start up your own website/niche and write about it or them.
  3. Thirdly, you will promote other company’s products within your niche, get a link from your site to theirs and when sold you will earn your commission. No need to buy, stock or deliver any products!

This, in short, is affiliate marketing, as you will operate as an affiliate to these companies. You will apply for their affiliate program and in most cases you will be warmly welcomed. They just love affiliate marketers!

Your decision!

Of course there is a lot more to this program than I described above. I did not talk about the excellent training and tools, the community you become part of, where your questions will be answered within hours, the two training programs available, the possibility to chat any time of the day, the outstanding technical support, access to the world’s best affiliate marketers and so on. Being a member of this program since October 2014, I have written a full review of how this organization works in as much detail as I could, without becoming boring.

earn money from home

The full review

In there you will also find a listing of the very reasonable cost of a membership, which can be paid monthly, half-yearly or yearly. There will be customer testimonials, telling you how other people fared. I have also laid out the pros and cons of this program so that you will know exactly what is coming to you. You can access this review by clicking here.


Thanks for attention

Finally I would like to thank you for your attention and taking the time reading this post. My review has a link through which you can become a member for one full week for Free. In that way you can experience this very popular community firsthand yourself. No further commitment at all when you would like to stop within that week, which you can do at any time. 

Final thoughts

So, there it is, my number 1 recommendation to you, becoming your own boss by creating your own website(s). You are one small decision away from an opportunity that might change your life for the better.

Will you join over 2 million other people in this fast growing community, existing since 2005?

Let me know if you have any questions by filling out the comment box below and I will come back to you within 24 hours.

10 thoughts on “How to earn Money sitting at Home? – Here is How to do it!”

  1. the effect of corona virus on us as humans and the entire environment is devastating and measures need to be put in place to prevent further spread but as the case may be, the ideas and opportunities you talk about will make us at ease as we can work from our homes. thank you for this great post

    • People should see this as a giant opportunity to start making money on the side. Instead of sitting idly at home, you can do something meaningful.

  2. Dropping by this article just made me realized something that can finally end my 5-9 stressful job and could help me work at home while with my loved ones and will be able to make money freely, peacefully and stress-free!

    But before anything else, I would really appreciate if you could honestly answer the following, based on your personal experienxe:

    1. How long or how many months would it really take to start making consistent money if I would choose to join Wealthy Affiliate?

    2. How many well-written and SEO ready articles could usually guarantee the success of a chosen niche? 

    Thanks a lot!

    • Reply to question 1: Depending on your niche, your efforts and the time spent (min 40 hours a week), you could begin to see results within half a year. When you keep going, you could make a full decent income within two years.

      Reply to question 2: Well over 200 articles, although there always might be one article that draws attention earlier.

      Remember, you will start your own business and as with any new start-up it will take time before success kicks in.

  3. First of all, many thanks to you for giving us such a wonderful article .Coronavirus has a very severe form at present and I live in Bangladesh now invaded Bangladesh too .So I don’t feel safe working outside of the present. And personally I am working in Affiliate Marketing in the online world through the wealthy affiliate website and I am a successful Affiliate Marketer .This is a small decision that has made my life better .At present, I think of this place as the best place to make money at home because of coronavirus .And the Wealthy Affiliate website has provided plenty of videos to learn how to work in this place. It also provided many tools to take my website to a good level .Internet usage has grown significantly in recent times .

    You must be grateful for your wonderful advice. And my friend is currently in Italy and I will definitely get your article out to her and she will be able to work from home and share her new experiences with you. Can I share your article on my social media?

    • Yes, of course you can, it is public anyway. You have just delivered a very useful addition to my article, for which I thank you. Wealthy Affiliates is indeed the program I am recommending, mainly because it is so very accessible for everybody. Congratulations you have made it to be a successful affiliate marketer, I hope many others will follow.

  4. Hello Jerry, thank you for putting my fears about Covid -19 away as you mentioned in your blog: This is about solutions and new opportunities. I agree and it is true that every problem in life comes with opportunities. Instead of idling at home when isolating from this illness, why not work from home. I have been working from home for years now and I don’t think of doing anything else apart from my lab top lifestyle.

    • Thank you  for your very applicable and positive contribution. Sometimes people need to be shown a way out, as not everybody sees challenges in every problem that comes to them. Turn something which is initially perceived as bad in something positive and people will flourish.

  5. The outbreak of the corona virus has really incapacipated a lot of people and a lot more are getting to stay at home to avoid it. Hence, getting a meaningful way to earn a decent living like this is really great and I’m delighted you shared this out. Well! There are so many options online but getting the most important and right one would really go a long way to ensuring success for anyone. I’d look into the offer you presented and would come back to share my experiences

    • You’ve got that right. You know there are people who always see problems and then there are some who see challenges and opportunities. I would like to give people a nice option to earn some money instead of sitting idly at home.


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