The power of empathy on the work floor

power of empathy

Introduction It is one of the most frequently heard complaints from employees about their supervisors and colleagues: the lack of empathy they are getting. Being able to empathize with the feelings and experiences of others is a powerful skill that can be extremely valuable, especially in the workplace. Alas, not many people are capable of … Read more

Increase productivity by Focusing on 3 basic Human needs

increase productivity

Introduction How do you increase employee productivity? It’s a question that has been asked by companies for over 70 years. According to experts, the answer to that question is related to three basic needs of all employees: autonomy, connection, and competence. “Productivity must go up” This was reported in all newspapers in 1950. The Western … Read more

5 Top reasons why good Employees quit – It is all about Leadership!

why good employees quit

Introduction In the current labor market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find good staff, making it more important not to lose the good people you already have. To minimize staff turnover, it is useful to know why staff is leaving. Research shows that a high turnover of staff is largely due to poor leadership! … Read more