The 16 essential causes of Frustration at work

Introduction Frustrations at work, you will have encountered these on many occasions. Little ones and big ones. Your colleagues, your workplace, your boss, the working environment, all can be big sources of frustration. And, if lasting or repeating themselves frequently, they will affect your good mood and even your health. You should not let this … Read more

How to control Frustration at work – 7 Steps that will help you

Introduction We can all suffer from it from time to time: frustrations at work. Where do they originate from? The obvious ones: stress, schedules that are too tight and annoying bosses and/or colleagues. Here are some more in the form of questions. Do you think that your colleagues sometimes work downright inefficiently? Do you have … Read more

Here are your 9 best Rules to use Office Politics effectively

Introduction Gossip, back stabbing, slander, career sabotage and sweet-talking: these are examples of some form of office politics that unfortunately almost everyone will have to deal with on daily basis. It can wear people completely out. Office politics often have a negative connotation, but you could also use office politics positively and consciously so that … Read more

How to handle a Disgruntled employee

Introduction There is the big question about employee engagement in our companies. The figures do not show a very uplifting picture. Worldwide research  shows that 1 in 5 employees has emotionally dropped out of their own organization. So no involvement, no connection, no development, growth and therefore returns. But there is hope, as we can … Read more

Here is How to avoid a Burnout at work (2) – 6 more Tips

Introduction There are people who say with hindsight that their burnout is the best thing that happened to them. Usually they don’t mean the burnout itself, but the lessons they have learned from it. Because having a burnout is nothing short of terrible. And long-lasting. As an entrepreneur or employee you don’t want to experience … Read more

How to get a promotion at work – 6 Handy tips

Introduction It is very normal to want to progress in your career, but actually doing so can be a bit more difficult. Many people believe that they can only get a better job by working elsewhere. But there are often also opportunities at your current employer, and probably not only in the department where you … Read more