Will employee journey mapping create success?

Introduction Have you seen this happening in your surroundings? Candidates who enthusiastically go through the application process, employees who still work with great passion within the company after years, or former employees who express their satisfaction to outsiders as ambassadors. What is going on here? Well, something that we have all been waiting or hoping … Read more

The power of empathy on the work floor

power of empathy

Introduction It is one of the most frequently heard complaints from employees about their supervisors and colleagues: the lack of empathy they are getting. Being able to empathize with the feelings and experiences of others is a powerful skill that can be extremely valuable, especially in the workplace. Alas, not many people are capable of … Read more

How to overcome the impostor syndrome at work

impostor syndrome

Introduction Do you ever doubt yourself? When you start a new job or land an important assignment, do you ever wonder if you’re good enough? Will you be able to successfully complete this new challenge? Most people will probably answer these questions affirmatively. Logical too. After all, everyone is insecure sometimes. Everyone wonders from time … Read more

Work-related stress and pressure not getting less? Manage your energy, not your time!

Introduction Despite the fact that we are working more and more efficiently, work pressure and stress are not decreasing. That is why we should better manage our energy and not our time. You are busy at work. Too busy. Your manager could suggest a time management course, so you learn to plan and prioritize. You … Read more

The fewer rules at Work, the happier Employees are

fewer rules, happier at work

Introduction Rules provide structure and guidance for employers and employees alike. Unlimited vacation days, a month of paternity leave, and space to work on your physical and mental well-being. It may sound like a utopia, but in some companies, these conditions are simply stated in the collective labor agreement. Employees were allowed to join the negotiations … Read more

Don’t be too Tough on yourself and Success will follow!

trying too hard

Introduction On social media and in real life, we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. The grass always seems greener next door, but in the end, you will be more successful if you are happy with what you have. “We are all victims of reality.” You know the feeling: you had to give a presentation … Read more