Will employee journey mapping create success?


Have you seen this happening in your surroundings? Candidates who enthusiastically go through the application process, employees who still work with great passion within the company after years, or former employees who express their satisfaction to outsiders as ambassadors. What is going on here?

Well, something that we have all been waiting or hoping for, for a long time: The philosophy ‘if your employees are happy, your customers are happier’ is increasingly being discovered by companies. If you maintain satisfaction among your employees, it will only lead to more success and profit.

Moreover, you attract new talents to your company faster because of the good reputation. And the latter is certainly not wrong in this scarcity of talent in the tight labor market. Mapping the employee journey can help maintain employee satisfaction and the company a success.

Employee journey meaning

The employee journey concerns the journey that employees take within an organization; from the first contact moment that someone comes for a job interview until the moment that the person signs a contract and after. All contact moments between the organization and the employees are central to this. The employee journey offers employers insights into the experience of employees. These contact moments are also referred to as the employee journey touchpoints. More about this later.

Why is the employee journey so important?

Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of positive employee experiences. After all, if employees experience their work positively, this results in more success for companies. This is because employees who experience stress or no pleasure in their work also perform less well and cannot deliver the best results. This indicates how important happy employees are to companies and that an employee journey map can contribute to this. 

In a recent poll, more than half of employees said that they’re not really engaged with their work, and 13% said they’re actively disengaged—which means they’re having miserable work experiences and spreading their unhappiness to their colleagues. A well-designed journey map can help you find areas that need improvement and boost the employee experience. Why is employee experience so important? Because a positive experience can increase engagement and lead to higher retention rates, greater productivity, lower recruiting costs, and better customer service.

In practice this means…..

 Your employee journey map can provide a unique way to depict your company’s goals, values, and processes. The best employee experiences bring the company’s values to life and help build a strong culture. A distinctive culture can help a company attract talent that will fit in and thrive within its work environment.

For example, if a company prides itself on automation and technology, then the workplace should use the latest tech for innovative and efficient business processes. This will help employees better relate to customers and strengthen the company’s brand and reputation in the marketplace.

5 Steps to map an employee journey

You can map the entire employee journey or focus on a specific troublesome section. For example, if high turnover is a problem in the first year, you may want to start by mapping the first few stages of the journey.

Here are five steps to building your employee journey map:

  1. Research into your employees. 
  2. Develop individual employee profiles. 
  3. Identify stages/moments that matter to each persona. 
  4. Visualize the journey from the employees’ point of view. 
  5. Smooth out the bumps in the road along the employee’s journey. 

Measuring the Employee Experience Journey

Ask employees how they feel about their experiences. Conduct employee engagement surveys or simply send emails to gauge employee sentiments, especially during moments that matter. For example, you may want to check on new staff members after their first few weeks to see how they are feeling about their new position.

As you collect more quantitative data, you can compare how the employee experience correlates with employee experience key performance indicators (KPIs) such as offer acceptance rates, productivity, engagement, absences, and turnover. And implement changes based on the data and feedback you receive.

Mapping the employee journey map with touchpoints

Simply put, employee journey mapping provides a visual representation of the path that employees take within your organization. It focuses specifically on the most important moments, such as the first meeting between employer and employee, the onboarding process, or the joint celebration of holidays. 

Mapping these important moments in an employer journey map and also testing this with employees helps to understand and improve the employee experience consistently. You can use the employee journey model to map the experience of employees. There is also a standard employee journey template that can be filled in for this. More information about this? Then the employee journey book is definitely recommended for this.

Which points to insert in the employee journey?

Although every employee experiences the employee journey within a company differently, there are a number of important moments that occur in almost all employee journeys. These employee journey touchpoints are as follows:

The first conversation between employer and employee
The first working day
The first conversation with the manager of a company
The first assessment interview
The first progress meeting
An employee’s birthday or other details
A conversation about leaving the company

Do you want to ensure an optimal employee experience within your company? Use an employee journey map to map all touchpoints with your employees. The result? Happy employees, positive stories about your company, and more success!

Your situation might be different

So, dear reader, do you recognize this happening in any sort of form in your organization? Or is it simply not there or you do not care at all? Maybe you are expecting too much from your employer, as it will cost some effort to do this. Not by your boss but by HR of course, for whom this should already be a given and one of their better personnel tools.

However, I know that in many cases, HR is not picking this up. In such a case, what are you going to do? You can ask them, but when it is not within their tasks, getting them to do it might be impossible to accomplish.

Change your career?

For some of us, it would be easy to look and find another job, but for most of the rest, this is not that simple. Of course, you can stay with your company, if your situation is ok or not that bad. I am going to give strong advice to the people who feel unhappy with their current work and do not really know what to do about it. Become an internet marketer, simultaneously with your job or full-time! Here is my description of a unique and possibly life-changing proposal.

Affiliate Marketing

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You will find these products on the net with various merchants and you will look for the ones with affiliate programs. You apply for their program and as soon as accepted, they will give you a link to their products for you to be promoted. Your audience will then be directed to the merchant’s website through the link on your site and when sold, you will receive the commission. No need to buy, store or deliver anything! The investment for this program will be minimal.

Here is the program I recommend as number 1.

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8 thoughts on “Will employee journey mapping create success?”

  1. Interesting view. Reasons abound for these unhappiness; low pay, monotony, low esteem, underachievment, though if you analyze this from the employer’s position it’ll begin to be clearer. You’ll understand many employers attemps to get rid of lazy staff, or poorly behaved staff. So, to effectively “beat your boss,” you must first have worked on getting the right work ethics into your daily routine. It’s that, or you end up ruining whichever business you build when you do meet with the same challenges. Doing your own thing, being an entrepreneur is great. It’ll teach you how to be responsible for the work you do for your clients/customers. Wealthy Affiliate is a really solid block to stand on when going solo as an affiliate marketer. Thanks for sharing

    • Fully agree with your opinion. Being your own boss, although not for everybody, is a great way of earning your money. Becoming an internet marketer maybe is the best way of starting for yourself. After all, the investment and thus the risk is minimal and the rewards, in the long run, can be considerable.

  2. Hi Jerry,

    it’s a great way to helping dissatisfied employees giving them an outlet. Focusing on one’s hobby provides relief from dis-satisfaction at workplace.

    I too strongly advocate developing and working on these hobbies and live a life. Surely, a huge population live a dis-satisfied life in the corporate world.

    And Wealthy Affilates is a great platform if Blogging is your hobby. I am a member and have learned a lot on this platform.

    So, all dis-satified with office life people, do give a serious try to Wealthy Affiliates.

    • Thanks for this comment and your strong advice to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate (WA). During creating and building out this website, I have been constantly amazed at how many people are unhappy with the work floor. Furthermore, it is disheartening to see the number of people who just bear with it, with all the negative consequences of it.

      To all of them, I say: there are ways out for every one of you and WA is one of the best!

  3. THis is a fascinating read on how to map an employee’s journey. It has been several years since I was last an employee in a company, but I can recognise numerous factors in an employee journey here. So although the phrase of an employee journey mapping is new for me, the journey has been made by many. 

    Knowing what an employee is looking for when joining a company, can certainly help the employer to manage expectations and provide them with certain touchpoints to help them. 

    • Believe it or not, but this was also brand new to me, never heard of it, let alone seen one. It is only through the research I did, that I came across it. Makes you wonder how many people really are in the know. It would certainly help if HR would be aware of this great tool.

  4. After I left my job in the finance sector, I discovered that one of my reasons was a lack of motivation. And this was sole because I could not see career growth for myself within the organisation. Now, I look out for companies with employees’ interests at heart. I agree with you that an employee journey map will result in positive stories. These stories will help any organization attract and retain the best hands.

    • That is right, and if not it will at least show the employee that the time has come to look for something better. As such, this map can also give a clear warning signal.


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