Cronyism at the workplace – Can anything be done?

cronyism at work

Introduction Many people work in an environment where there is a lot abuse. Apart from power games that take place, regular arguments and everything being organized behind your back, there is a vary serious one prevailing: cronyism. Sooner or later each one of us will be confronted with this terrible manager’s treat. Dealing with cronyism … Read more

What if Employers spy on Employees? – Big Brother is watching you!

Introduction A Romanian employee was dismissed after his employer had monitored his private conversations, which he held during the boss’s time. The case was disputed between parties and eventually brought in front of the European Court of Human Rights. They ruled that the company was in her rights to do so. But how far can … Read more

No Money for extra Salary, but Shareholders experience Wealth maximization

waiting for bonus

Introduction Sorry for this title, but this can be an issue. Stock exchange listed companies such as Shell and Unilever are flush with money and are buying up their own shares. That is beneficial for the shareholders. Employees grudgingly see, however, that there is no money for more wages. Big companies Shell, IBM, Unilever, Walt … Read more