5 Top reasons why good Employees quit – It is all about Leadership!


In the current labor market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find good staff, making it more important not to lose the good people you already have. To minimize staff turnover, it is useful to know why staff is leaving. Research shows that a high turnover of staff is largely due to poor leadership!bad manager makes good worker quit

New challenge

Moreover, it is a fact that one in two employees is open to a new challenge. The crisis seems to be over, there is a shortage of personnel, the labor market is picking up, so if a good chance comes along, then it is the best employees who are the first to take the plunge. Read on and discover what are the top 5 reasons why your good employees are quitting.

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Changing times

More and more people want to feel happy in their lives. Not only at home, but also in the workplace, and although e.g. Western Europe seems to be a very happy place, still two-thirds of employees are not satisfied with the job they now have. The young generation that is now entering the labor market is used to freedom and diversity, they want to be challenged and involved and feel that they are doing something that makes sense, contributes to a better world.

This group is full of creative and innovative ideas and is separate from the old structures. And that is difficult. Yet, if you want to bring in these times are changingpeople, you will have to give them the space they need and in which they function best. 

Everyone wants to be appreciated

However, it is not only the young generations that expect something different from work than 10 years ago. Even generations that have been working for years see that work is not the most important thing in their lives and go in search of satisfaction and meaning. They want to be appreciated and use their talents. Doing what makes them happy and filling their days with it. 

Staff leaves because of poor leadership

Numerous studies show why staff is leaving: most are departing because of poor leadership. The top five reasons why employees are dissatisfied and look for greener grass:

Employees want to determine how they work. A boss who keeps their eyes on them, is oppressive and leads to stress. In other words: if you hire someone for what he can do, let him do it.

No growth and development opportunities.
Employers must know their employees and know what motivates them. When they get challenging tasks, they will grow. When employees stand still, they lose their involvement with the company.

No empathy.
If an employee has a personal or professional problem, the employer must receiving no empathy from leaderdemonstrate empathy. If he does not do so, the employee will be non-flexible in the future if the employee needs him or her.

No help with the balance between work and private life.
Employees have emotions, feelings and private life, but employers sometimes lose sight of that. Bosses who allow their staff to work long days without compensating them every now and then will find that it does not make employees more loyal.

No appreciation.
One of the biggest annoyances of employees is feeling unappreciated. Everyone wants to hear if he has done something right, especially from the employer. If the boss never gives a compliment, the employees also want to run less fast for him.

More conclusively

If the manager does not involve employees, especially the good ones, in the business and decision-making process, it is not strange that employees do not feel appreciated. If you do not communicate with your employees on a personal basis, then you cannot expect that they will feel loyalty to you and your company. And if you have no idea of ​​what individual employees need, isn’t it strange that these employees are looking for a challenge, where there is attention for the individual? In summary, there is a great chance that good staff will leave because of you, the manager! 

So what do you do as a manager?

You can keep these entrepreneurial professionals in-house by really listening to them, by letting them think along and letting them provide input on existing processes. Often good employees and also less good employees suddenly show respectperform better than ever before.

By inviting these people to show their talents fully, they will achieve better results. Giving them more freedom makes them work more effectively because they do the things that are needed to bring their work to a successful conclusion. They will feel appreciated and seen, so they show better results.
If people feel part of the organization and feel jointly responsible for the end result, they show other talents and they are also enthusiastic about your company to the outside world. And that has purely positive effects on the end result! 

Are you on the verge of going?

Good employees will perform less if you do not give them the space to fully show themselves and use all their talents. Knowing what your employees want, responding actively to this and allowing people to flourish is many times more effective than managing what is not going well. And then it can indeed happen that the best employees leave because they no longer fit within the corporate culture or do not feel connected to the mission of the organization.want to leave your job?
Can I hold up a mirror to you in the form of five questions?

– I actively involve my employees in decisions and processes yes/no
– I regularly talk to my people on a personal basis yes/no
– I know what my staff needs; I put them “in their power” yes/no
– My employees feel that they are doing meaningful work yes/no
– My employees can fully flourish within the company yes/no


If you have answered ‘no’ to one of these questions, it may be that your best people are about to leave. And that you have to look for new employees, while that becomes more difficult and more expensive. If good staff runs away due to poor leadership, then it is time to teach yourself and your supervisors what good leadership means and to make all your employees the best employees! And thereby retain them for your company!

Final thoughts

I have found myself that getting the good staff is difficult, but that bad staff is very easy to find! So why are managers not doing everything to keep their very good employees?

And see this one: one employer said that he did not want to take on more assignments, because he then also had to grow in staff and that seemed to be an impossible task for him. What is now running around freely on the labor market are the leftovers of others, which means that you have to spend too much time on unmotivated personnel, so that your profit does not rise but actually falls. 

There are lots of reasons, as indicated in the above article, that good employees, like you will quit. If you do not find happiness in your current job, you could opt become your own bossfor another job or even for independent entrepreneurship.

Become your own boss

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4 thoughts on “5 Top reasons why good Employees quit – It is all about Leadership!”

  1. Dear Jerry,

    I must say I found your post highly uplifting and educational.

    Managing the human resources and managing people is the difficult task. I believe it’s an art to handle and manage people.

    Recently, I read a book called One minute manager in which the author Kenneth Blanchard talks about the great qualities a manager need to have.

    You are correct, when I worked in a call center lot of my colleagues resigned their job because of the team leaders and managers. As human beings we do have to face some situation which is beyond our control (Personal problems) on those occasions it’s a duty of the team leader and manager to provide support to the employee but many team leaders and managers fail.

    Money motivates many, appreciation and recognition motivates some people. When there is no appreciation and recognition people quit.

    People work for money, people work for people and people work for pride so we need to balance and provide all these three to our employees and they will be loyal.

    I got great insights from your post and you have provided great value in this post.

    Much Success!


    • Hi Paul, thanks for your contribution. If you look at all qualities a great manager or leader should have and then look at reality, you may find yourself bitterly disappointed. As you said you read a book or watch a good movie and you can see how it could have been or should have been. The reality is totally different and just plain worse than sometimes suggested.

      In any case, my website wants to help people become aware of what is happening on the work floor and of their possibilities to do something about it. There is always a way out.

  2. I have heard people comparing employment with slavery, I don’t think I would go that far. But the leadership in most of company are so heartless, no empathy at all, just as you said. They decide according to what suit their interest with no consideration at all to their employees.

    I left a job because the company decided to cut our incentives for transport. I couldn’t do a sales job where I need to go to the clients on my own money, because my pay just couldn’t allow me to spend that much.


    • Have to go and see customers at your own cost? And I thought I heard and saw it all. For the life of me, I cannot understand your boss’s attitude and it will affect productivity in a negative way. Good of you to leave, as you will have no future in that company. Thanks for sharing your experiences.


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