Apply successfully for your ideal job. The 12-step plan


Responding to vacancies has become much less effective. In fact, searching for vacancies can reduce your chance of getting a job. Companies are posting fewer jobs online, and competition between applicants is growing. Moreover, candidates respond to positions that are not made for them, because their perfect job is not listed in the vacancy. The chance of a discouraging result is high.apply successfully for a job

But how do you find a job then? Better yet: how do you find the job that really suits you? The short answer: by taking the initiative yourself. When you don’t limit your search for job advertisements, you have much more choice. And then you don’t just find a job, but the ideal job. Because that requires a different approach. But how do you do that? Apply successfully with the 12-step plan.

Best advice? Step 12: Start your own online business, check out my last paragraph.

1. What is aggressive job marketing?

80 percent of applicants focus on responding to job openings, while only 13 percent of people who went to work last year found their job that way. On average, there are about 250 responses to one ad. So you will have to stand out to be invited. So do something creative. Think about which aspect of yourself will be valued most by the organization you would like to work for: your passion or a special skill. Show that in an application video, or send a suitable gift. But it is even better not to apply for a job, but to look for your dream job yourself. This prevents you from twisting the curves of a vacancy that just doesn’t fit.

2. No vacancy, but get invited anyway

It starts with investing time in discovering who you are and what you really want. Here is the example of an accounting student who applied to be a project manager. So he squeezed into a suit for his job application. He should ask himself: “what are you doing to yourself?” You may succeed in getting hired, but you won’t be happy there. That’s a waste of your energy.

favorite companiesYou are advised to be honest about who you are and accept yourself. There are companies that need you just the way you are and not the way you think you should be. Then start networking and gathering information. What kind of organizations do you thrive in? What is your added value there? 

Then make a top 20 of your favorite companies and connect with people who do the work you would love to do there. Make sure they know you. After all, a large proportion of new employees are brought in by people on the shop floor.

Sure, it’s terrifying to call someone you don’t know. But you can also start with a LinkedIn contact request. For example, write: “We don’t know each other, but your profile makes me so excited! I have three questions that I would really like to ask, can I give you a call?”

3. Be smart on self-branding and networking

Make it personal and use humor. Someone who wanted to work for a sustainable organization. He kept everyone informed via Facebook with posts such as “Had a nice network conversation at the company so and so and posted, for example, a photo of a superhero in a green, sustainable costume. A crazy picture attracts attention and makes it light. His updates made his job search a real-life soap opera for those around him. In this way, you ensure that people sympathize with you and help you in your search.

4. Formulate very precisely what is your dream job dream job

The pond will definitely be smaller, but the bait you’re fishing with is much more enticing, making employers more likely to bite. Moreover, if you do not respond to vacancies, there are no other competing applicants. No one fishing for that great job for you either. You just need to find out which company would be interested.

5. Have the right talents to find your dream job 

Sure, but not everyone wants to become an astronaut, DJ, or top model. And you should not underestimate how hard some people had to work for years to make their dream come true. That’s really not just talent. People often underestimate what they can achieve if they work for it and don’t stop along the way. 

6. Contact relevant managers

call managersThey will not always answer your questions, of course. If you call someone at the wrong time, it will not work. But you should not underestimate how much people like to be helpful. And how much they enjoy being in the spotlight. Many people like to take the time to talk about their job with someone who is genuinely interested in it.

Also, high-ranking people. And managers will appreciate it when you take the initiative, show interest in the problems they encounter, and ask which competencies are currently needed within the team.

7. Approach recruitment agencies 

You should not do this by asking them to intercede for you. Then a recruiter immediately tells you to keep an eye on the website for suitable vacancies. Instead, take them out of their normal state by saying, for example, “I may have a silly question, but I hope you’ll help me. Do you have a minute? Would you mind looking at my resume to advise which organizations would suit me best?”

That way you can still make contact and end up on the radar. Ensure that those agencies represent companies you are interested in.

8. The most important thing about a resumeimportance of a resume

Relevance and recognition. Use the same job and task terms as those used within the organization. And remove as much of your resume as possible that doesn’t match the work you want to do. So get all the tasks you never want to do again from your resume right away. With each matching term, recruiters get a greater sense that you fit there. Or incorporate the corporate identity of an organization as a spot color on your resume, for example in the subheadings.

9. The most important thing about a LinkedIn profile

The photo. Make sure that in that photo you radiate the image that is standard for the position for which you are applying. You can go to the photographer on the corner of your street for that. Just go at a quiet moment and explain clearly how you want to come across. The more professional the photo on your profile, the more professional people will think you are.

The quality of the photo reflects on you. In addition, you should include as many keywords as possible in your profile that recruiters could search for. People should also get the feeling in your text that they get to know you personally and know what your passion is.

over 50s10. Advice for the over-50s

Don’t let the negative news stop you from looking for your dream job. If you think it’s going to be very difficult, then you have a hard time moving and such a news item becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Ageism is especially prevalent if you are one of many on the pile. Go for your dream job and don’t let anyone tell you that no one is waiting for you. There are many positions that can be envisaged where life experience is a big plus.

11. Dealing with setbacks

Surround yourself with like-minded people who motivate you and want to move forward just like you. And accept in advance that you may be rejected. Notice that many people are not willing to take on that potential pain. But if you are, use your passion as an engine – and not some external image of success – and keep going one step at a time, then you can eventually go further than you ever thought possible.

12. Become self-employedbecome self employed

Start making money on the side and you shouldn’t see that as something complicated. Many people eventually become self-employed. It can take some time for your business to run smoothly, but the practical matters that often scare people off, such as registering with the Chamber of Commerce, hiring an accountant, and taking out insurance, can be arranged in a day.

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6 thoughts on “Apply successfully for your ideal job. The 12-step plan”

  1. Your 12-Step plan for applying for a job includes some great advice. Most importantly is being honest about yourself. It is usual for an employer to be well experienced and see through false advice given during an interview.

    I have had experience with family members having great difficulty getting employment despite their qualifications. The perpetual advice of failure to be employed was the cause, I believe, of a complete personality change.

    Turning up to work every day because it is the only job available can be soul-destroying. Even with the right talents, a particular position may not be perfect for reasons such as co-workers, bosses and the overall environment.

    The ideal job in my mind is the one of being self-employed. With self-employment, you make decisions on the type of service you provide. Then set rules for yourself and others who you choose to employ, if necessary. Anyone can turn their life around by creating their own business. And, my preference now is the same as you recommend, Jerry, Affiliate Marketing. I can work any time of the day or night I choose with no obstacles at all.

    • It is so good to see you have found your destiny, Affiliate Marketing, where a lot of people make money on the side and even better, make a full decent income. It is a very good alternative to working for a boss and you can do so in your own time and at your own pace. It will take an effort, but the results can be very satisfying. And as you said, this is possible for anybody with the right support: Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. Hi Jerry. Thank you for very interesting article. I am working in corporation for years now and to be fair Im starting to be tired with this type of work. I was thinking what would be my dream job, and to be fair self employment sounds perfect. Im starting to develop my own blog and Im going to go in digital marketing area, but Im well aware that it will also be hard work and I will need lot of time to  succeed. But its better to do what we love and being your own boss also change perspective.

    • You are very right. To stay too long in a job that you do not like or even hate, can be detrimental to your health. That is the last thing you want. I finding another job or your ideal job is not very likely, becoming your own boss is a realistic alternative. The internet offers many possibilities and I am helping people to find the right scam-free program where anyone can be successful. Affiliate marketing is the most popular one and Wealthy Affiliate the best.

  3. Hi Jerry. I found your article very interesting. The ideas you mention around aggressively marketing yourself brought a smile to my face. When I was a young man this was exactly the way you would approach job hunting. Those were the days before resumes, We didn’t have online or phone applications but we did have door to door. For the first ten years of my working life U would decide what it was I wanted to do , check out the companies I felt were compatible with me, and then U would go to their offices and ask for an interview. I started a Career in Banking that way and then later in Accounting. It seems we have gone the full circle. I agree with you that you would definitely place yourself at an advantage by being an agressive marketeer rather then applying for the same job as dozens of others. Jim

    • Ha, nice to read about your past, it sort of opens my eyes. This shows that maybe we have become too lazy, without any ideas, and adapting too much to current times. Well, people need a wake-up call now and then and this is the one. Your contribution will definitely help and is a valuable addition to my article.


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