How to be self-confident at Work, 10 Tips that will help


Healthy self-confidence is nice to have, especially in the workplace. Unfortunately, having good self-confidence is not for everyone. There are many people who can use a little extra self-confidence at work.

Healthy self-confidence means that you rely on yourself, on your own knowledge and skills without suffering from overrating them. You are not afraid to make mistakes, self-confidence at workbecause you know that there is a good balance between what you can and cannot do (yet). 

Another side?

The other side of the medal? You do not know what to do or how to do it. After you have done a job, you are not certain that you did it well enough. You cringe under criticism, even when well-meant. You will struggle from day today. In this article, I will give you 10 tips that will increase your self-confidence at work.

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What is self-confidence?

If you have a healthy dose of self-confidence, this can often be seen in your behavior. You know your own qualities and weaknesses and use them consciously or avoid them. You are not afraid to stand up for your opinion and do not be easily discouraged if others show resistance.

You recognize for yourself that you have had successes rather than thinking that it may have been a coincidence or that others have helped you.

self confident
Moreover, if you radiate self-confidence, it will have a positive influence on your work. Not only because you perform better. Also because, thanks to your self-conscious appearance, you will receive positive feedback more often and can also accept it as a success of your own efforts.

Why are we uncertain?

Uncertainty is often fueled by our concern for what others think of us: “Does my neighbor like me?”, “Will my manager not judge me for my mistakes?” or “Maybe I say something stupid in a work meeting.”

And we ourselves are our biggest critic: “Did I do this right?”, Why can’t I? ” or “Now I have not finished my work.”


Your self-esteem plays an important role in this. A healthy dose of self-confidence makes you look at yourself and others more gently. You are not easily afraid to make mistakes and therefore dare to work more easily on your personal development and professional growth. It is also a pleasant feeling, you are nicer to yourself and you feel less dependent on the opinion of others about your behavior and performance.

This will give you more confidence

becoming more self confidentDo you belong to a group of people who are unsure about their own qualities at work? This will mean that you miss a lot of job satisfaction. A shame, because that gives you more energy. The 10 tips below will help you increase your self-confidence at work.

1. Complete the task

Some tasks are being postponed again and again. Procrastinating is a very human habit, but you need to realize that it brings you nowhere. You will be a disappointment to your management and/or to yourself. You will not get the boost you need to do things right now.

Complete the task and you will immediately feel better. Just do it, then you’re done. By completing, I mean you should do it a hundred percent and not think that 70 or 80% is enough.

2. Share your opinion

A lack of confidence often prevents you from sharing your opinion. It is good to do this correctly. It gives you the feeling that you belong and you also have the chance that people agree with you. This will give you more confidence. This could be done in a meeting that you organize or by floating an idea and seeing what the reactions are. This might better be done in writing so that nobody else can take your idea and present it as coming from themselves.

3. Give compliments

By complimenting others you make them feel better. Because you ensure that give complimentsothers feel better, you immediately feel better. So give a compliment more often. You will therefore automatically receive them more often.

This sounds like a vicious circle, but it can really work as a positive. Although people like to get compliments, they are not naturally given. So, be the one that does give real compliments.

4. Take good care of yourself

Taking good care of your appearance is very important for your confidence. Do you have to wear a suit as a man or wear make-up as a woman? No, you certainly don’t have to if you don’t want to. Dress neatly, brush your teeth and comb your hair. Make sure you can look good, even if you don’t feel like it at all. This is of course very subjective, but I hope you get the gist of this.

5. Accept your mistakes

Of course you can feel bad for a while if you have made a mistake, but do not linger in this feeling. Remember that everyone makes mistakes, so allow yourself to do something wrong every now and then.

Making a mistake is normal. It makes you human. And chances are that if you will admit the mistake, not dwindle too long about it, promise to do better, nobody is going to make a real big thing out of it.

6. Let go of perfectionism

perfectionThis tip is in line with the previous tip. Remember that not everything you do has to be perfect. This is simply not possible. Perfectionism can quickly get in your way, especially at work. Try to let it go and be satisfied with a simple good result.

This is easy for some, but not so easy for everybody. Look at your own principles and the standards you set for the quality of the work. Then compare them with the general standards of the company, other colleagues and see if they set them as high. You might come to the conclusion that you could ease off a little.

7. Use humor and laugh more

We all know that laughing is healthy! But we often forget to use humor at the workplace Do it more often and you will see that you feel better. Even the smallest smile can help boost your confidence.

You generally always get a smile back. And yes, you could be in an environment, where humor is just not accepted, as they might think you are not serious. It is your duty to find out if it works or not.

8. Analyze your talents

Everyone has talents that come in handy at work, including you. Analyze what talents are needed in your particular kind of work. Discover what your talents are, if they match and then think how you can better use them in your job. Your results will improve and you will feel a lot happier yourself.

9. Work with the right colleagues

The mood of others affects your mood to a greater or lesser degree, right colleaguesdepending on the person you are. If you need positivism in your working environment to feel good you will need to work with positive people around you.

So, if possible focus to work with happy colleagues instead of colleagues who prefer to give you a good dose of criticism every hour.

10. Do something new

New tasks are not easily taken up by people who lack confidence. You’ve never done it before and so it won’t turn out as well as you want, right? Try looking at a new task differently.

It is also the ideal opportunity to show yourself and others that you can do it. See it as a new challenge and find out out what it brings you or does to you.

Final thoughts

Being self-confident or having more self-confidence automatically creates more energy, you will dare to do more and take on new challenges. They tend to be more successful in work and in life in general.

So, if you are struggling with lower self-esteem, try all of the tips above and see what happens. Does it change your life? Yes, then ok. If not? Try something else altogether, like becoming your own boss through the internet. Get rid of bosses and start your own business, which is possible for everyone when you follow the right support program. Go to my review of this program here and find out all about it.

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6 thoughts on “How to be self-confident at Work, 10 Tips that will help”

  1. Confidence in the workplace is a crucial advantage, and a huge factor in career development. I think a good way to boost confidence is to focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses. Accept what you already do well, and make an effort to refine your better qualities. It’s a great confidence boost to do something excellently rather than adequately.

  2. helllooo dear, wow what nice content you have here, thank you for these post, i learnt alot very much, amd it has been valuable to me alot,  i really appreciate your tips,  i believe these is exactly what i need to take my business to the next level so as to get more people on my channel thanks alot for the info ill surely do some recommendations, thanks for the info, i already saved these post so as to come back for future referencing.

  3. I’m a 21 year old and though I’m not yet working and still studying my degree in really concerned about this working thing and if I’m ever going to adapt to it. Well just 3 more months and I’ll be on attachment I guess I’ll have to learn and implement these great tips here. I do try to use humour and laugh more but sometimes I usually find myself too quiet and it makes me feel real uncomfortable and lose all that confidence.

    • To show a sense of humor is almost always good, the question is a good timing. Especially at work, test the waters first and when ok you can go ahead. Showing some self-confidence will really help you in your first job.


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