How you can Become the boss! 8 Tips


It is my contention that aside from cronyism and nepotism, only the very best managers will ever become directors or CEO. With these eight tips you can reserve a place at the top on your to become the boss

There are line managers who take charge of a department at the age of thirty-five. Thirty years later, on the eve of their farewell drink, they look back on their careers to conclude that a few additional responsibilities and characteristics have since been added. No problem, says one. Another disaster scenario, says another.

Do you sometimes wonder why some managers manage to grow where other colleagues get stuck at their current level? Then read the list below. These success tips may provide the answer to that pressing question.

Number eight might give you the answer to a lot of questions, so please check it out!

1. Radiate leadership

The title of a manager on your business card does not automatically mean that you are also seen as a leading figure within the office walls. Anyone who wants to go higher will have to show that leadership especially in the workplace. By always setting a good example, taking the lead in the battle and taking your responsibilities, you create support within your own organization. And if you would apply a coaching style of leadership, you will certainly have the backing of your staff and organization.

The application committee responsible for appointing a new director will logically bring up your name earlier.

2. Be self-critical

be self criticalThe old-fashioned model of the almighty manager in his ivory tower is – if you have missed the last thirty years – definitely over. Modern managers dare to regularly look in the mirror. They are no longer deaf to criticism. Self-reflection on his own performance is therefore indispensable for the manager who likes to accelerate his career. Know what you can do, but especially what you cannot. And for the latter applies training or even outsourcing!

This may sound rather logical and obvious, however, you would be amazed to discover how many managers are lacking this ability. Simply because they are thinking they are good enough already or by being arrogant. These bosses will never know what they are missing out on.

3. Use politics

Political business is not only destined for our politicians. Also for those who want to move higher up in business, these political ingredients will have to be applied every now and then. What does that mean in practice? That you know what you are saying when you do it and to whom exactly. There are no ready-made rules that the crowd adheres to. Business politics is more a matter of feeling, with timing being an essential link. 

In any case, you will definitely need it in order to progress. Compare it to the appointment of a new mayor. In doing so, the confidential committee not only looks at talent, experience and expertise but also wonders about the candidate ‘feeling a bit comfortable’ within the city council. 

This is not different in a company. So feel where the political fields of power lie in the workplace and adjust your statements and activities accordingly. And if you do not feel comfortable with politics, then you are not alone!

4. Be enterprising

Entrepreneurship is increasingly valued in the management layers of business. In addition to managerial impulses, ideas and initiatives are also expected of you. Naturally in a responsible manner, so that the continuity of business be enterprisingoperations is guaranteed. Bring this proactive attitude firmly across the stage and demand the same from your employees. This provides a portion of power in the department that average management feasts on. Your name is therefore permanently established in the boardroom.

This one is also easier said than done, but you should give it a try and you will soon find out whether your management is on your side or not.

5. Formulate a vision

Every organization or department needs a compass. A direction indicator that directs employees towards a clearly formulated vision. As a manager it is important that you know how to formulate and communicate that vision. Your employees will greatly benefit from a clear way ahead, where everybody has their part.

One of the most common complaints addressed to managers is a lack of those specific capabilities. The consequence? Growing mistrust in the department head. Managers whose managerial capabilities are questioned in the workplace are usually in the back when promotional posts are offered.

6. Do not approach everyone equally

be selectiveYou also create support for your own position by not approaching everyone within the organization in exactly the same way. Different people, different wishes. Spend more time with colleagues who are important to achieving your goals than with those with whom you have little to nothing business-related, no matter how nice they may be. So let yourself be surrounded by the top people within the club, the people who really want to go for it.

This may look harsh to you, but it is really the way to go. Again, not everybody is up to this, so if that is the case, then accept the consequences.

7. Share your successes

You yourself think that you are very well on your way. The big question is: do they see that in the boardroom or in management? I think this is one of the big mistakes I made in my career!

Performing well is one thing, presenting well is the next step. Throw that rug of modesty off your shoulders and share your and your department’s successes with the rest of the company. This can be done very easily via the intranet, the internal newsletter or using the bulletin board in the company canteen.

Furthermore: treat your hard-working employees every now and then to cake when, for example, the targets have been amply met. By inserting such a party moment you will reflect on the successes achieved. Something that is also noticed within other layers of the company.

8. Start your own business

You have seen above a number of ways to achieve ultimate leadership, none of which are easy and some of which are completely unattainable for people. This is why I now would like to talk about an opportunity that will be achievablebecome own boss and can be done by anyone. Why is that? Because the internet gives you so many options.

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4 thoughts on “How you can Become the boss! 8 Tips”

  1. Hello there, Thanks for sharing this awesome tips I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. Become a Boss is harder that it seems as it take a lot espeicially when you are to lead people…and tips you have given would do just fine.

    • Very good that you could take something from this article. Becoming a boss certainly is hard, as suddenly you will need to lead other people. Not many people can be a good leader. Therefore, becoming your own boss, can be a very good alternative, especially with the option I am offering.

  2. Wonderful insights. I’ve learned a lot, and I resonate with most points especially the vision. All great people (top execs for example) have a great vision but are left unshared with the rest of the employees. Hence, not everybody would be as passionate as the visionary–not on the same page, if that would sound more apt. Even some execs are high up on their horses they don’t bother talking to the rank and file employees about how they can actually be supported. But of course, the best part would be no. 8! I am in the same stage of exploration, and I love that it was saved for last! Thank you for these reminders. Cheers to success! – A

    • Thanks you very much. You make a good point saying that some leaders do have a good vision, but fail to have it trickle down to the work floor. You would wonder why, as when everybody is on the same page, the results would be getting better all the time.

      I did save the best for last, point 8. Why would you have to go through all these efforts in order to be where you want. Agreed, for some this will work. For others it will be much better to go straight to creating their own businesses with the aid of the internet. Hence to strong, life changing suggestion in the last paragraphs.


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