The 16 essential causes of Frustration at work


frustration at workFrustrations at work, you will have encountered these on many occasions. Little ones and big ones. Your colleagues, your workplace, your boss, the working environment, all can be big sources of frustration. And, if lasting or repeating themselves frequently, they will affect your good mood and even your health. You should not let this happen.

This is why I have already described how to best deal with them and you can access this by clicking here.

But if you are curious about the things that we find annoying, then please check out the 16 most essential causes for frustrations at work below!

1. Malfunctioning tools/internet

Nothing generates more annoyances, frustrations and moans than things that do not work properly, like old programs and software. The internet doesn’t work or is too slow? A copying machine that is constantly out of order? Scanners that take too long. Very frustrating, especially for the serious people who want to do their job well. Here lies a big challenge for understanding employers.

2. Thinking for yourself only

Some people only think of themselves and sometimes forget that they are working with 10, 15, 20 or even more colleagues in the same building. And share the same kitchen, printer and other accessories.being selfish

Have you just poured the last coffee in your cup? Think about your colleagues and start a new one. Did you use the last hot water from the kettle? Refill the jug and let the water boil so that the next one does not have to wait long for a tea or Last Minute soup. 

Drained the water bottle? Be nice and put in a new one immediately instead of quickly walking away and pretending your nose is bleeding. Out of paper in the printer? Whether the toner needs to be replaced? Just do it yourself quickly! I don’t have time, is a bad excuse. 

3. Dirty lunches and snacks/bad canteen?

Big fan of blue cheese on your sandwich? Keep that pleasure to yourself, in the morning or at night, but not at work. The smell of cheese makes some people gag. And don’t put your stinky cheese in the fridge! After 5 minutes you won’t smell anything else when you open the fridge door. An unpleasant surprise for those who do not like this.

Do not bring strong-smelling, bad-smelling and dirty food to work. Your colleagues also want to enjoy their lunch. Are you someone who is always hungry and does not see any problem in eating someone’s lunch or snack yourself? That is not done, period. Here is how to do it right.

4. Bad toilet manners

bad toilet mannersA clean toilet for everyone. And enough toilet paper. Very important! But sometimes it’s the little things that get to us. Such as, for example, leaving an empty toilet roll hanging and not being replaced by a new one. Little effort for you and less frustration for the person after you. Or worse.

After your big dump, you leave the toilet without flushing. Please also think about your colleagues. Not everyone wants to be greeted by the visual and smelly results of others visiting the toilet.

5. Colleagues who cannot be trusted

In many companies, you work in a team with different colleagues. Everyone has his or her duties. And sometimes you are also dependent on each other and you have to work very closely together. Then it is very frustrating when some colleagues walk away from it all, are lazy and just don’t do their job. They come up with the most creative excuses or just tell you straight out that they didn’t feel like it and therefore didn’t do that task.

Especially when you have to meet a deadline together, you have to be able to trust your colleagues. One bad apple, and that weighs on the entire team. Another thing, colleagues who will immediately report your dissatisfaction to your manager or boss.

6. Making mistakes, not giving inadmit being wrong

Making mistakes is human. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, including at work. A little absent-minded, miscommunications; there could be several reasons. But once the mistake has been made, you better admit it. And don’t blame someone else or just lie about it. 

Admit you made a mistake and learn from it. Covering your mistakes up doesn’t help anyone.

7. Leave rubbish everywhere

Are you a real sloppy one? Time to work on yourself, because nobody appreciates a mess around them. Put your dirty dishes in the dishwasher, throw your rubbish in the trash can, don’t wipe crumbs on the floor … These are all small things, actually, things that you normally do at home. So do them at work as well and keep it pleasant for everyone.

8. Poor personal hygiene

poor personal hygieneGood personal hygiene is important. Not only for yourself, but also for the people who have to sit next to you all day long. A penetrating odor of sweat or bad breath is not pleasant for anyone.

Are you a smoker? Please keep smoking during working hours to the absolute minimum. A non-smoker can smell it from afar. 

9. Busy people who give unsolicited advice

Everyone knows them, the busybodies who squeeze into every conversation and talk, or worse, give advice without you asking. These colleagues listen and talk incessantly. Also during personal conversations. Moreover, they always know everything better than you. This is certainly due to their many years of experience as a busybody, but no excuse at all.

10. Mr. e-mail is my middle name

We send dozens of e-mails per day. Very often with dozens of colleagues in CC. To make sure your e-mail is read, your question is dealt with, or to cover yourself when something goes wrong. Unfortunately, many emails are unnecessary. Calling your colleague or drop by is faster and your problem is solved immediately. Sending an e-mail and then immediately saying that you have sent an e-mail is completely absurd. Typical cover your ass mentality.

11. Too loud or too quiet colleaguestoo loud

One person works better with some music and buzz in the background, for the other person it should be quiet to concentrate. Do you know that your closest colleagues do not like loud telephone conversations or are you tormented by the radio? Be social and take this into account.

12. Bad coffee, tea, …

Coffee is your diesel in the morning. It gets you going and keeps you talking throughout the day. Just a dip? A cup of good coffee (or tea) brings relief and helps you a little further. But what if you can’t drink coffee at work? It may seem like a banal annoyance, but in reality it is a nightmare for coffee lovers!
Does your boss not want to listen to your suggestions for better coffee? Then take matters into your own hands and place your own coffee machine on your desk. 

13. Incompetent colleagues

Do you sometimes wonder how that one colleague got the job? Do you sometimes think there was some favoritism involved? Unfortunately, shit happens, leaving you with a colleague who doesn’t belong there at all.

Very frustrating when someone is not doing his or her job as they should. Something that can weigh on the entire team, because you have the feeling that you will have to do a certain task yourself. You can start voicing your dissatisfaction with the HR manager, but there’s only so much you can do.

14. Too cold or too warm a workplace

too coldA very difficult one, because one person is always too cold and another is too hot. Also, think of your colleagues and do not lower the heating by 3 degrees when you are too hot. Take off your sweater and who knows, maybe the temperature will be perfect for you.

Are you too cold and is it too hot for the majority of your colleagues? Then you might be the one who has to put on an extra sweater. Make good agreements, so that it is pleasant for everyone to work.

15. Managing your personal life at work

Have long private conversations with your loved one, friends or parents at home, after work. Your colleagues don’t always want to know what you’re going to do this weekend, when you’ll be home tonight, or if you’re going to have dinner with your mother. Loud, enthusiastic phone calls disturb others.

Sometimes you have to make a call to get your private affairs back in order. The bank, the civil service of your municipality and many other companies and offices are only accessible during office hours. But don’t stay away for hours, your colleagues are counting on you. Seeing someone kill time while there is a huge amount of work is not fun to watch.

16. Bad bossesbad bosses

Last but surely not least your bad, annoying, jerk, psychopath, control freak, nepotistic, you name it all boss. In fact all of these types and more are subject to my scrutiny somewhere on this website. Unfortunately across the board only some 15% of managers are real good leaders, so the chance of meeting a bad apple is very great.

My final thoughts

Good colleagues are of vital importance, so keep them happy! After all, you never know when you will need their help. Again, look at my suggestions on how to really deal with frustrations as mentioned in the first chapter. Would you like to add to our list of annoyances at work? You can! Comment below on what irritates you the most at work.

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2 thoughts on “The 16 essential causes of Frustration at work”

  1. Thank you very much for detailing the causes of frustration at work. It’s interesting that some of them deal with hygiene. Also, I personally think that a bad boss is the main source of my frustration (based on my experience), along with bad colleagues. Even if your work is busy or the office is not sanitized perfectly, a friendly and cooperative boss and colleagues can make you ‘survive’ quite well in the work.

    • Bad bosses and colleagues are the main sources of frustrations at the work place. However, the seemingly smaller ones mentioned become a real nuisance if repeating or lasting a long time, even to the point where they become unbearable.


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