How to control Frustration at work – 7 Steps that will help you


frustrated at workWe can all suffer from it from time to time: frustrations at work. Where do they originate from? The obvious ones: stress, schedules that are too tight and annoying bosses and/or colleagues. Here are some more in the form of questions.

Do you think that your colleagues sometimes work downright inefficiently? Do you have a manager who constantly messes up? While you are already seeing how that can be improved? Does this consume your energy? And does that increasing fatigue only make you more irritated?

If you are annoyed every day by colleagues/bosses and their hopeless way of working, then you should learn how to control your frustrations. And if you are very annoyed check out my perfect escape route at the end of this article.

Lack of insight

Read all about frustrations here: When you get frustrated, you probably feel angry. To others. You get angry for their lack of insight to do it differently. But hey! There is only one person here who lacks insight. And that’s probably you. And I am going to help you with that lack of insight that keeps you feeling frustrated. First of all, there is this.

Frustration doesn’t really exist

Because frustration only exists in your head. Not in real life. You are the one who creates your frustration. By how you think about colleagues or events at work. Because of your vision on those matters. You can only get rid of feeling frustratedfrustration if you first examine your thoughts about the situation. The problem is not with your colleagues but with your beliefs, your thinking about those colleagues.

Suppose your colleague or manager forgets to pass on something or to do something. You may then think: “That colleague should have his work in order” or “That supervisor must do things differently”.

What is happening here? You create an expectation for yourself about that other person and that expectation is also compelling because it “must”. And if that colleague or manager does not do what you expect time and time again, your expectation will not come true. And then frustration arises.

Get rid of your frustration in these 7 steps

Fortunately, things can be done differently, although it’s not easy and for everybody, but if you really want to address your frustration, it is important to get started. You can do so by looking at the following steps.

1. Change your mindset

There is something wrong. For example, you need to stop in front of an open bridge on your way to work. Think about yourself and find out how you would react to it. It does not matter to you and you will accept it as fact. Or, acceptwould you think, “I shouldn’t be stuck here, they shouldn’t open that rotten bridge at this time?”

In the latter case, your negative thoughts are about to trigger anger and or frustration. Whilst you can’t change it. The bridge will not close faster if you worry. So you are only getting yourself worked up with it.

So, you better change your mindset to: “Okay, the bridge is open. I would have preferred to continue driving and I still do not accept that I am standing here now. But I will use these minutes to get some fresh air. Will I be late for work? Too bad, that’s not the end of the world either. “Sing along and have a chat with others on the bridge.

2. Just count to ten

Getting rid of anger is mainly about when that anger is greatest. And that is exactly what is so difficult about it: when you are angry, it seems so difficult to calm down. What you can try? Count to ten! Doing this literally – maybe in your head, not out loud – really calms you down. It can help you to put things into perspective in the moment itself. This way you can immediately get rid of the worst anger, and then think more rationally again. And that is of course very important at work!

3. Take a break for yourselftake a break

Does your anger persist? Then take a break for yourself to get rid of your frustration. This could be during the lunch break, for example – if your mind is off for a while, you don’t necessarily have to spend it with your colleagues. Prefer to take a moment for yourself in a quiet place.

But it can also help to insert a time out right away. If you work from home, this is easy to realize: nobody sees you taking a 15-minute rest. But this should also be possible at your workplace!

4. Some exercise helps with frustration at work

It can certainly help to get moving if you want to deal with anger and frustration. Time to take a walk! Go for a nice walk alone or do that together with a colleague you like. This way you can immediately discuss the problem. By the way, doing some yoga exercises also helps, just like meditation. This way you can regain your senses when frustrated at work.

5. Dare to raise the issue

raise issues at workDo you notice that getting rid of anger does not work well? Then it is probably part of a bigger problem. This is the case, for example, if you have an annoying colleague or customer. You can experience this for a long time. My tip: dare to raise the issue.

Especially if you think your frustration is justified – you have the right to say something about it. But even if you have doubts about that, it is good to just say it. Confide in a colleague, your boss or another manager. Talking about matters really helps, especially when dealing with frustration!

6. Time for a new job?

If getting rid of frustration doesn’t work out in the long run, it might be wise to see if it’s not better for you to change jobs or places of work. After all, it comes from somewhere. Especially if you’ve really tried to get rid of it with the above tips, change is sometimes the best option. This way you can make a fresh start again. And that also contributes to your state of mind! Always dare to choose for yourself. You deserve it. And what about the next step?

7. Time to leave the corporate jungle

Would it not be very nice if you would have a fallback option? In fact, I believe that everyone working for a boss become your own bossshould take care of an escape route. Prepare for it whilst still employed, using your spare time to build up a business, your own business. The aim is to make money on the side

Who knows, in the end, you might be able to leave all these frustrations behind. Of course, the question is: how do I do that? Very simple: through the internet. Yes, you will start your own internet business and anybody can do this!

Your escape route and way out!

You are going to create and build your own website and become your own boss in the process. Affiliate marketing is the operative word here. Based on one of your passions, hobbies or interests, you will start your own site dedicated to helping a certain group of people, your niche. Then you build out with content (blogs), promote relevant products from a merchant, and when sold, get a commission. Affiliate marketing in a nutshell. You do not need to buy, hold stock or deliver, just sell.

How does this work?

You will need professional, 24/7 help, scam-free, and at a reasonable cost. I am part of the world’s best and most popular internet business support program since 2014, Wealthy Affiliate. I have described in detail how this unique opportunity works in my full review, which you can access by clicking here. It will give you all ins and outs, the pros and cons, and hopefully answer a lot of your questions.

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2 thoughts on “How to control Frustration at work – 7 Steps that will help you”

  1. Such an interesting article! I never knew that many people experience frustration at work as well. I have come to realize that, like you said, frustration comes from my own point of view about the things that are happening. Thus it is important to find a better way to look at things. As soon as I understood that I can change the way I choose to look at a situation, I felt a sense of being empowered. I even saw a part of myself that tend to have a tunnel vision on the smallest issues, and then my mind and emotions would start to blow it out of proportion. Counting to ten helps to simmer down the triggered anger. There’s another way that I found works for me. I often get triggered by text messages and emails from work demanding that I get this and that done without any consideration whether I might be busy with something else. What I do is set the email aside for 30 minutes. It’s never a good idea to email or text back when you are in a triggered or angry state. That timeframe lets me cool down and I can find a better or more diplomatic way to resolve the time conflicts. Thanks for this eye-opening article. Keep them coming!

    • Frustrations can hit you at any time and everywhere you are, you we better learn to deal with them. Hence this article. It is therefore good to see that you found a way to handle your e-mail frustrations. And you are so right, replying to an e-mail when being emotional about it is never a good idea.


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