The 16 essential causes of Frustration at work

causes of frustration at work

Introduction Frustrations at work, you will have encountered these on many occasions. Little ones and big ones. Your colleagues, your workplace, your boss, the working environment, all can be big sources of frustration. And, if lasting or repeating themselves frequently, they will affect your good mood and even your health. You should not let this … Read more

How to Deal with a Toxic Boss?

toxic bosses

Introduction Every one of us can change as an individual. We can make an effort to improve those sides of ourselves that we do not want to keep. This is something we really should not forget when dealing with toxic bosses.  Many people prefer to walk away from toxic people, which is probably most advisable. … Read more

What are the warning Signs of a Toxic Boss?

signs of a toxic boss

Introduction A toxic boss is someone who misuses his position and the power that this position provides him. Psychological studies focused on work situations indicate that good relationships between colleagues lead to better productivity and more progress. Despite these studies, however, there are still enough bosses who use methods and behavior that are detrimental to … Read more

What do you Do when your Boss is a Nightmare

my boss is a nightmare

Introduction Ruthless, unpredictable, mean and craving for power. Thousands of employees are being harassed by a disastrous boss. I would suggest that anyone with a career in companies will sooner or later encounter a terrible supervisor. What can you do about it? Some labor experts performed a survey among employees to find out the opinion … Read more

Is adding your Boss on Facebook ok?

boss on Facebook

Introduction Social media play an important part in everybody’s life nowadays. It is you who decides how much information to reveal about yourself. You also choose how much of your personal life you want to show with your colleagues and bosses at work. Whether you call him or her your boss, supervisor, manager, line manager … Read more