Men want to have a career, Women want content


Women and men care about several things regarding the employer image. With that knowledge, employers can get to work in a much more targeted way.
What employer image do you appeal to? An employer with fantastic primary and secondary employment conditions and wonderful career opportunities? Or an employer for which you do not have to travel too far, where the work iswomen want content varied and the balance between work and private life is good?

If you’re a man, chances are you’ll choose the former. Are you a woman? Then you probably go for the latter. A recent survey shows that there are considerable differences between men and women and the employer image that they feel more comfortable with.

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The difference

On average, women attach more importance to so-called soft aspects such as varied work, the balance between work and private life, the possibility to work from home, and a short travel distance, according to the research. In addition, pleasant colleagues, the possibility to work part-time, and challenging work content are important considerations for women whether or not to remain loyal to their employer.

Men find other things more important: good primary and secondary employment conditions, good career opportunities, and working in a financially healthy organization. Whether they stay is also dependent on the company car and compensation for overtime.

Masculine and white

Many of you will confirm that this is not really a surprise outcome of the survey. Men tend to be more vertically oriented and are more than happy to accept a position in which they are unhappy, as long as it is good for their diversity at workplacecareer. Women are much more principled: they want a substantive position that makes them happy.

If you want to promote diversity at the top of the business community and, the aforementioned differences clearly show why this is necessary. Without being judgmental: in most organizations, the norm is masculine and white. Culture change (diversity) is needed to ensure that women also feel at home in those organizations. Knowledge about the aforementioned differences is important in this respect.

Take an average partner organization in the legal profession, accountancy, or consultancy, in which you have to work really hard to reach the top. Part of this is often also that you are available 24/7 for the customer and that is something that some women feel less comfortable with. If you are willing to adjust this, for example by making a team responsible for that customer, you make yourself more interesting for women as an organization. And you will see that in the end men also find this more pleasant.

Other selection procedure

You can even make a difference in vacancy texts, says an expert in resource management. By paying attention to those soft aspects, for example by stating that a good work-life balance is important to you as a company. Then women also feel the space to discuss this.

Approaching women personally also helps. Women are never done with the work they are doing: they want totarget women for job complete a project or take their team even further. That’s why you have to talk to them about the content of the work you have to offer. That personal approach also worked well when this expert was working at a big bank. “We sometimes approached specific groups of women with a vacancy and as a result, got a lot more responses. This gave them confirmation that they could respond.”

Here he would like to emphasize one thing. Just because most women value those softer aspects doesn’t mean they’re less ambitious. Women are just as ambitious as men, but often also feel responsible for things outside of work: that things are going well at home, for example, and they are also more often carers. They are therefore looking for substantive challenging work with which they can combine this. If there isn’t, they don’t apply, or they leave.


Knowing the above, employers should be looking much more for competent women. But what is happening in practice? 

Men are approached more often by recruiters than women. They are also more likely to accept offers. This is apparent from the same survey among more than 4,000 highly educated people.

41 percent of women never receive a job offer from a recruiter, compared to 20 percent for men. Many recruiters are active, especially in scarce professions in IT and technology. These are mainly male professions as they explain the big difference based on gender. Nearly 30 percent of men say they are approached once a month or more, compared to 18 percent of women.

There are many employers in technology and IT who are willing to invest and use recruiters. There are also many recruitment agencies because this is the sector where you can get something. That is a difference with, for example, healthcare, where there is often not enough money to set up extensive recruitment campaigns, although there is also a diligent search for new people.

Inventive and cheeky

inventive and cheeky at jobThe research also shows that men are slightly more likely to respond to offers from recruiters. Men bluff through it more easily and take the step more easily to do something else. Women are more reserved and modest and are more likely to doubt whether they are suitable. The difference here is a lot closer: 29 percent of the men say that they sometimes accept an offer compared to 27 percent of the women.

So, there you have it. There is work to be done both by employers and the ladies themselves. There are chances though.

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  1. Hi Jerry. Thank you for very interesting article and important topic. I worked in several large organizations and I must admit there is still lot to do in area of diversity. Not enough women are getting their chances to develop careers and most of senior executives are white males. That’s why I decided to open my own affiliate business and wealthy affiliate is best place to start. With tons of trainings, supportive community and webhostig it offers all tools needed to achieve success.

    • Correct, this is an important issue and you can see that there still is a lot of work to be done. I have also indicated that the ladies also have the possibility to do something about their situation. But if you have tried all that and still find it impossible to get rewarded, then the way out is preferable. I know of many ladies who started their own internet business and Wealthy Affiliate is a world-class organization.


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