The 6 most Effective Strategies on How to Build a Niche


Becoming your own boss by operating your own website is many people’s wish. Building your website is one thing, but choosing the right niche is another, which is vital to building your business.

Like a soldier

Every entrepreneur without focus is like a soldier armed with a shotgun in the front line. You just keep shooting pellets hoping to hit something. That this strategy is not the most effective will be clear. The same goes for marketing.

You can aim for the masses and just hope to reach a few, but it will not have the desired results. Therefore there is a thing called a niche, its marketing and its advantages, which I am going to explain below as well as give you 6  effective ways to build your niche.

Who will teach you how to be successful? Check out my last paragraph.

What does a niche mean?

A niche market often referred to as just the word niche, is a specific, often small, defined and editable part of a market. Niche markets have less competition than the main market; some niche markets even have only one provider (you would hold a monopoly).

There are many niche markets to think of. The deeper you go, the more specific and smaller your audience, which is what you really want. One of my websites is wine>white>chardonnay> best-producing countries.

The advantages of niche marketing

Here are some of the big advantages of niche marketing:

You will be able to spend a great deal of time on your customers, thus increasing their loyalty.

You will have fewer competitors, and you can check on Google for every niche and see how many pages of competitors are listed.

As you dedicate your efforts to a specific number of customers and not to the masses, your marketing cost will be lower.

It is easier to define exactly who your customers are.

It is no problem if you have chosen your niche already Just use the knowledge below to start blogging and write SEO texts for your effective internet marketing strategies! Here we go:

1. Choose a niche in an existing market

You can try to sell your product in an entirely new market, which is a possibility. This can even turn out to be very successful when there is a demand for your product or service. But why don’t you look for an existing market with sure demands first?

It is a good idea to find a niche in a market that has already proven its success. For example, a product such as “losing weight by stopping to drink beer”. Losing weight is a successful niche, but with a lot of competition. By reducing your target group to beer drinkers you have just narrowed down and determined your niche market.

2. Choose your niche products

A market will only become successful if you can sell multiple products to thechoose niche products same customers. If you have a specific niche product, for example, “losing weight after pregnancy” your sales will be limited. You can not sell the same product or a related product to the “new mother” several times. Therefore always choose a niche where you can sell multiple products to the same customers so e.g the beer drinkers segment.

3. Study your niche market 

Your niche market must be a market for which people are willing to pay. If you focus on “how to paint my house”, chances are that people will not buy your product. Why not? The need for a solution is not such that people want to pay for it. If you focus on “how do I get my ex back” you will realize faster sales as the need is greater.

This step is more important than you think. In practice, we see that the determination of the need is often skipped. We entrepreneurs tend to think that our customers need our products and not the result that these products deliver. 

4. Finding the right phrase for your niche market

Every (online) consumer goes through several phases before he buys something. There are questions at each stage. The further in the process, the more specific the questions and the greater the opportunity.

Phase 1 Problem recognition

Most companies join this phase, where the consumer has just determined that he has a question or need. Think for example of someone who is no longer satisfied with his boat. Since he does not yet know whether he wants to sell, rent or trade the car, he looks for the search term “boat”. 

With more than 300 thousand searches per month, you will find every company that deals with boats on this keyword! Not very feasible when the customer is still far from buying.

Also do not forget that the broader your keyword, the broader your audience. Make sure you’re smarter with keywords to outsmart your competitors.

Phase 2 Collecting Information

The consumer who was eagerly looking for information about his boat is gathering more and more information and is gradually preparing to go to the next phase. He has collected the information, now knows where his needs lie and is ready to make a choice.

Phase 3 Compare and Make Choice

At this stage, the consumer determines whether he needs a new boat and then either goes to the next phase or abandons without buying anything.

Phase 4 Finding Providers

The previous phase has given our customers so much clarity. He now knows what he wants and goes looking for a particular boat. The broad keywords, with the most searches per month, have changed into long-tail keywords. The boat has become a 2-engine speed boat for a particular price and a 3-year guarantee.

Phase 5 Buy or Do not Buy

Every consumer seems to fall back to phase 3 after phase 4. The advantages and disadvantages are compared and it is again determined whether the product or service really serves the needs. In this phase, you as a provider are compared with other providers. This is your last chance to convince the consumer that he or she needs your product or service.

5. Dominate your niche market

What many people forget is that almost every form of marketing (if you do it right) is a form of niche marketing. If you focus on a specific target group with your marketing, you effectively use a niche (market). What the majority of companies do, however, is to focus on the widest possible audience. If you are limited in your marketing budget or the resources that you can use, why do you like to reach them all?


The lowest threshold for choosing a consumer is the price, if there is nothing else to enter into the comparison, the majority will go for the cheapest dominate your nichealternative. Fighting against the cutthroat competition does not make any sense, certainly not if you do it for the price!

Being smart

Smart niche marketing increases your rates! The more unique and focused your company is, the lower your competition. The lower your competition, the more specific and unique you become. And the more unique you are, the less important the price becomes.

Your niche market may have competition. If you do not have competitors, chances are there is no demand in that market, or I have to congratulate you on finding a gap in the market. 

6. Choose your niche customer instead of your target group

The hardest part of niche marketing is the beginning. Of course, you are afraid that you will miss out on customers, your target group will eventually become smaller. Where you used to have the whole market to the storm, you now only have a small part. Focusing on a niche market means specifying the needs in your market. It means the difference between customer and target group. And however annoying, not everyone is your customer. Get to know your customer, know which people buy your product, know what your niche is!

Final thoughts

I hope I have now clarified sufficiently to you the importance of choosing the right niche, its advantages and the ways to do so effectively. The thing is, if you start in the right niche, you have solved/prevented a lot of your issues already and you will make the best start of your successful internet business.

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2 thoughts on “The 6 most Effective Strategies on How to Build a Niche”

  1. Yeah, choosing the correct niche is one of the most important things to do before you build your own website, because it will determine if you’re going to waste a lot of time or not. For example, choosing a huge niche that is not very targeted will take a lot of hard work and possibly even quite some money to actually get good rankings. Plus, since the audience is not very targeted, it’s harder to sell anything.

    • I fully agree. Following the path that I have indicated will prevent newbies from running into trouble. If your niche is ok and your website is fine, you will have a sound basis for later success.


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