When your Job is killing you! – Handy tips for a way out.


Lots of employees look, seem or indeed are emotionally exhausted, experiencing a lot of stress and feel unable to perform to their capacity, which might possibly result in short term sickness a even a log term burnout. So what should employers and employees do about it? What if you are the sufferer of these burnout symptoms? job too heavy


Oh, then you just follow a course in dealing with stress or participate in a time management course. Believe it or not, but that is roughly how many employers think about burnouts, as concluded by some experts: the cause is sought at the employee, not (also) at the employer.

This is an over simplification and very easy for the boss, although long term he may suffer. So, what really to do when your job is killing you? Below I will give some handy tips for your way out, plus the ultimate escape route for everyone. By becoming your own boss as an Affiliate Marketer!

Why so much stress?

The most important risk factors for enhanced stress are an increasing number of tasks on the plate of employees and disrupted relationships with their managers or colleagues, according to expert’s research. A disturbed working relationship manifests itself, for example, in bullying behavior or intimidation by employers or superiors. They should indeed not be offering a time stress at workmanagement course. In an individual case that may help, but if someone has a disturbed relationship with their supervisor at the same time, you are carrying water to the sea.


It should also be recognized that due to increasing competition from home and abroad, employers are under pressure to do more work with less labor. The competitive relationships have become sharper. We can find that annoying, but it is a fact. This translates into a higher workload and often more work stress for the remaining employees.

Ideal situation

I would like to suggest that someone who works full-time should have a job that is not too heavy a burden. You cannot hold a position that is actually too heavy and certainly not for too long. You must enter into a discussion with the manager to discuss the options.

Something will break

No one is able to work several days a week in a position that is actually killing him or her. This must have an influence on the pleasure you have in your work. You can reluctantly go to work for weeks or perhaps months, but eventually something has to change. In addition, the manager will also not be satisfiedideal job with the performance that is achieved. Someone who finds his job too hard will probably not perform well at work.

Extreme cases

Research was conducted into people with a murderous job as an occupational hazard. In fact, a huge number of such cases were investigated. The employees in question had filed a claim for damages against their employer because they believe their boss has breached his duty of care. They are extreme cases, but they shed light on how burnouts can be encouraged by the working environment.

Symptom control

Expert’s general conclusion: employers often combat symptoms with their burn-out prevention measures. After all, the measures are aimed at the individual, not at the work environment, the role of the manager and the work organization, in their current form. The emphasis on the individual falls short, because the way in which companies are organized, the number of tasks and the atmosphere in the workplace often play a much greater role in burn-outs.

Organize your time

Learning to better organize your time or dealing with stress only reduces the effects of work stress and burnout, instead of actually making improvements to combat the causes.

An individual approach is only a small part of the solution. Maybe managers know that too, but they cannot do anything else. It is easier and cheaper to lay the cause with the employee than to tackle the organization of a company.

So here is what you can and should do.

Healthy balance work/private

healthy balance work lifeApart from high work demands, there is also something else that plays a role in stress situations: we also set increasingly higher demands ourselves, both on our environment and ourselves. We also want a lot. Employees not only experience pressure and stress at work, but sometimes also with care duties in the private sphere. The trade unions do point to employers, and they must certainly take their responsibility, but that also applies to employees themselves. Employees must ensure a healthy balance between work and private life. 

The income needed as a reason to continue

You must also earn an income with a family to live on. An employee in a job that is actually too heavy will first go to the extreme to keep the job. An alternative is to choose a different job, but with that a bit of financial security is also put at stake. This certainly applies in the case of a permanent job. When transferring to another employer, a temporary contract will generally be offered first.

Performing below par

Performance interviews must be held between managers and employees a few times a year. In these conversations, agreements are made for the future cannot do joband the way of performance is examined. If you do not meet the requirements set within your position, you will be assessed poorly at the end of the year. You need to prevent this, also to safeguard your future with the employer.

By having an open conversation with the manager, you can look together at the possibilities to improve the situation. You must once again enjoy your work, and the employer must have the right people in the right positions.

Stuck in a job

As said before, not everyone goes to work with pleasure. The reluctance will be much greater among employees who feel they cannot take on the position. However, you cannot just change jobs, so first try to eliminate the problems in your work. This could be achieved through additional courses and training. By gaining more knowledge, things might fall into place and you can still continue to perform the function, otherwise you just have to look for something else.

Another position with the same employer

A safe option is to choose another position with the same employer. The advantage is that you can keep the permanent contract and the trusted environment. However, this will often not be easy. You could also get a negative note printed in your name at the employer.

Continuing in a position that is killing you

burnoutYou can keep working, and you can probably keep it up for months. Eventually you will have to do something with it, unless you are only shortly before retirement. After all, you cannot continue to work for decades in a position that does not suit you. Eventually such a job will “kill” you in one way or another. You could become frequently sick, have a personality change for the worse, have a real and complete burnout. Believe me, this should be prevented at all times.

Your ideal escape route

What I have not mentioned so far is the perfect escape route for all of you. For various reasons many of us in above described circumstances, do not have the possibility to just take another job. For them the ideal solution might be to start your own internet business and still be on the same job. How do you do that? By learning how to be an internet Affiliate Marketer in your own time and at your own pace. The beauty is that anyone of you can do this, provided you have the right training and support. And of course it should be scam free and for the lowest price possible.

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12 thoughts on “When your Job is killing you! – Handy tips for a way out.”

  1. Wow, this is very lovely to see how you have explained here what to do when ones work is turning into a health issue for one. I agree with you that at many occasions, people can become very tired of their works and this can be for different reasons. I am also looking to quit because i want to make money in freedom. This is not something i get from my bosses so i will check your recommendation here. Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for this interesting topic. you have explained very well the employer and employees relationship and the challenges that both have specially the ones for the employees.

    I found myself one time in that position that I’m going to my work like someone is pushing me. And it was going on for sometimes until I found something interesting that I’m doing now and it is making me going to work comfortably without pressure because I know one day that I will be my own employer and that how I’m not under pressure anymore.

    Thank you again for your topic and your advices. 

    • Yes and this is exactly what I would advise everybody to do: create an alternative or an escape route in case things go south. I would recommend everybody in a job to pursue this, just to be prepared for worse times. The option I propose will do just that and you could have less things to worry about.

  3. Many of the jobs we have out there are like energy draining machines that are there to get you use you till you are not useful to yourself, which is not a good thing, a good job should give a breathing space for it’s employees to fix their own lives. These tips will be of great help, it’ll show people the importance of striking a balanced work life and personal life. I’ll share it to some other groups because so many People would need it. I’ve gained a lot form it.

    • Thanks for sharing this article with other people. As a matter of fact I am working on a next article focusing on the work/private balance and the importance of it being level within your personal circumstances.

  4. Thanksfoe this wonderful and sensible article, this topic is one that is becoming more and more rampant in the society and it seems not to be having any potential solve. Before i started working full time, I was in this same shoe, frustrated and stressed out at all times, this started to affect my health so I thought of focusing on my self for now. The tips you gave are very useful, it’s really true that some people forget their personal life because their work, it’s meant to be on a balance in order to ensure that one does not affect the other. This is of great use,thanks.

    • Yes, everybody should be aware that there always is a way out, even under the worst circumstances. We should bear in mind that inaction will worsen your situation until you really start to suffer. No boss or company is worth this. Your personal health should be your prime target.

  5. Great article. I’ve had more than one job which I could feel killing me and it’s an awful position to be in, especially when you feel there is no way out because others are dependent on you. Once you’ve recognised that it’s doing that, you really need to make changes because no amount of money is worth dying for. Thought provoking article, thanks for sharing.

    • That is the message I am trying to get across to everybody in a job. Your health is the most important thing and you better lose a job than your health, as you might never fully recover. Preparing for a way out is a pretty good option and might be life saving for people.

  6. When i was working a day job, as you have said here, i was not happy with my job. I grumbled very constantly because i wasn’t happy with the kind of work that i was doing. My boss also made it very frustrating for me and i knew i had to do something about it, along the line, i got a better option and everything became easier. I would still very much like to see your recommendation here.

    • You did right to look for a better option, if the situation with the current boss did not get any better. I would advise everybody never to stay in a job that does not satisfy you or makes you unhappy. You will only be more miserable in time. Better to prepare for an alternative like the one I mentioned.


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