You applied for a Job, yet received no reply! 8 Best tips


You just applied for a job. What is the normal term within which you can expect a reply to your cover letter? What should you do if it takes longer than that? Do companies have to confirm receipt of your application? What rights do applicants have anyway? Below some experts have made an attempt to clear these matters up.applied for job, no reply

You will find the 8 best tips on what to do if you do not (yet) receive a response to your application, and number 8 is the one I highly recommend.

Not an easy task

Applying for a job asks a lot of a person. First, you are expected to motivate in your letter why you would like to fill the position. And to do that well, you have to make yourself acquainted with the job. At the risk of becoming wildly enthusiastic about your new job. But then the waiting begins.

How long can that take, such a period before you get to hear what’s going on? And if it takes a long time, is that always a bad sign? If you pick up the phone to inquire, does that immediately blow your chances? The dos and don’ts of patiently waiting, according to three experienced recruiters.

1. Check if your application has been received

your application receivedWhat should you do if you do not receive a confirmation of receipt? It will not be the case everywhere that a confirmation will be sent, says an HR executive. In that case, I would recommend asking after a few days whether the application has been received. I would say that if you don’t hear within two weeks, then you won’t in the next few days either. Forget about that application!

2. You should hear something within two weeks

What is a normal period within which you can expect a potential employer to let you know whether or not you are allowed for an interview? Usually, you can expect a response within two weeks unless a different term is clearly stated in advance. Let’s be clear here: most applicants will not hear anything back. How many advertisements have I read that said: Only selected candidates will receive notice. It is just a front, giving them the option to do absolutely nothing.

3. Send an email first

And if there is no term stated at all? Then you can always contact the contact person or the recruiter. Do this a weeksend email first after your application and not immediately after sending your documents.

Make sure you don’t smash your own windows. You would like to come for an interview, so inquire about the progress in a polite manner. By the way, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show that you’re surprised that you haven’t heard anything yet.

4. Don’t Call Too Soon

What should you not do? If it takes longer than indicated, you can of course call or email the recruiter for an update. But I would advise you not to keep calling. It happens that candidates call several times a day without leaving a voicemail. Also, some candidates pick up the phone every day to ask if there is already an update.

Try not to appear impatient. Approach the company calmly, deliberately, and with specific questions. Also, try to look at your application procedure from the employer’s perspective. There are plenty of reasons why procedures take a little longer, although you can always ask about that. In the end, you also put time into your application and it is very understandable, especially if you are also looking for a new job in the short term, that you want to switch quickly.

5. Don’t Despair

HR on holidaysIs it always a bad sign if it takes a long time to hear? No, there can be all kinds of reasons why it takes longer. Sometimes it just takes a little longer, for example, because the recruiter just can’t get hold of the hiring manager, for example when he is abroad or on vacation.

That has nothing to do with the quality of your application. In addition, it is also possible that the recruiter leaves a vacancy online for a certain period, only to consider all candidates at once after that period. If you happen to be one of the first to respond at an early stage, you will have to wait a relatively long time for a response.

6. It’s not always you

It may even be the case that the vacancy is withdrawn for whatever reason, for example, because of budgets, organizational changes, or the loss of a customer. But it is also possible that a potentially suitable internal candidate has applied at a later stage or that someone else from the team will take over the tasks. These kinds of organizational reasons can ensure that external recruitment is put “on hold” without you being notified about it.

7. Running another job application?

What should you do if you are really in a hurry, for example, because you have already been invited to another company? If you have another job application for which you are a bit further in the procedure, it is wise to contact them a little earlier. Then the company can try to take this into account if they also want to see you. That is very handy, for all parties involved. When your applications run more simultaneously, you can manage them more easily, which gives you more peace of mind.

My personal thoughtsnot impressed by companies

Yes, everything the experts say above rings true and professional, but why am I not impressed? All they say is be nice, polite, well prepared, have patience, and all will be well, but what about the other side? Should they not be happy with your interest in their firm and your reaction and immediately confirm receipt and tell you about the application procedure and the time it will take?

What if you are 66 as I am? Will your document automatically go into the wastebasket? What if you are 41, but the ad discriminates and asks for people between 25-40? The same? The fact is, applicants for a job virtually have no rights and are fully dependent on the quirks of the company asking for staff.

And what to think of a company that does not react at all to your messages? How good will they be led and organized? If they fail in this respect, would they not fail at many other issues as well? For my part, I would not want to work for them at all. This is where I come up with tip number 8, the one that really counts.

8. Your very own Escape Route

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Affiliate Marketing

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