5 Important things to do when Work stress becomes too High


work stress too muchFortunately, a lot of people in this world, when going to work,  like to roll up their sleeves. They work hard every day and do so with some pleasure, satisfied that they have achieved something. However, there are limits for every one of us.

If you have to do more than you can handle on a permanent basis, it will become important to intervene – before you have burnout. In this article, I will talk to you about what to do if you experience too much work pressure and give you 5 tips.

Feeling always stressed out? Then you are maybe not fit for the corporate jungle and need to change. Check out my escape plan for you at the end of this article.

When is work stress a problem?

Too high a workload arises if you cannot meet the requirements in your work over a long period of time. For example, if you do not have enough time to do your work at a normal pace. Or the planning in your company is not in order. Also, you may have difficult customers to deal with. Or the atmosphere at work is bad (due to bullying or a bad manager). When more colleagues suffer from high work pressure, absenteeism increases. And the chance of industrial accidents increases. This obviously is a problem.

Causes of work pressurecauses of work stress

Here are some causes of work stress, also click here. All too often, employers want you to “not have a 9 to 5 mindset.” Understandably, continuing a little longer so that a project is even better dealt with, or a customer just that little bit more satisfied, that makes both you and your boss happier. But it shouldn’t become a habit.

If you regularly work evenings, weekends, or during your lunch break to get things done, then there is clearly something wrong. So, here are 5 important things you can do to relieve work stress.

1. Recognize and acknowledge

It is one thing to feel that you are constantly working harder than you would like, it is another to recognize that this is a problem. Because that feels like admitting that you can’t handle something, like a failure. Nevertheless, it is important never to stop an excessive workload. Take your feelings seriously and do something about them. For instance, ask your colleagues if they also suffer from high work pressure. You are stronger together. 

Otherwise, you will no longer be able to cope with work and you will end up with stress symptoms or even burnout at home.

2. Read to become wiser

readYou are of course not the only one who feels too much work pressure, that alone should make you feel better. Even better is that many books and articles have been written on the subject.

This not only teaches you to analyze yourself (perhaps you are one of those people who can never say no) but also how you can seek support from a counselor within the organization and – very important – what your rights are.

The internet contains loads of information that you can learn from as well, you can also search for contact groups.

3. Dividing energy

If you regularly run out of time to complete your tasks, you tend to think that there are too few hours in a day. But you may just be getting too much work on your plate. Working longer or harder seems to be the solution, but not always and certainly not over a prolonged period of time. But you can also investigate how you could better distribute your energy over the week because there is often more profit to be made there. A person only has so much energy, you have to take care of it.

I can confirm that this energy thing is for real and my point of view is to spend it wisely and on positive matters only.

4. Go and talk to your boss

It might be a bigger barrier than admitting it to yourself: tell your boss you’re struggling with the workload. Will ittalk to boss soon have consequences for your evaluation interview? Will you be passed over for that promotion? Either way, raise the issue because if you continue with it, it will come to light in a negative way. Then you will perform less, make mistakes, report sick, and your manager will ask why.

Better to be ahead of that. Prepare your conversation well first, substantiate your complaints and consider in advance how you can solve the problem together, for example by transferring tasks or by rearranging your schedule.

Try to put yourself in the shoes of your employer. What objections can he have? Remember that too much work pressure is also his problem. You will not get your work done and it will eventually make you sick. Your employer is legally obliged to solve problems with work pressure. Make it clear that you are looking for a solution that is good for both of you.

Your employer is even obliged to prevent too much work pressure.

5. Restore the balance

You have read everything, talked about it with friends and colleagues, but you still walk around with a rushed feeling, heart palpitations, or you sleep badly. So, you still have stress. This could be the gateway to burnout and therefore it decides the moment to tackle your workload problem even more thoroughly.

A psychologist or stress coach can not only understand your problem better but also help make a plan of action. In this way, you restore the balance between stress and relaxation in your life, and you can get back to work better.

Final thoughts

Do not influence your health adversely by having stress, no boss is worth it!

avoid work stressI would strongly recommend you to do everything in your power to avoid stress at work or any form of stress. The best way to do so is to be aware of it coming. Pay some attention to the stress factors given or the ones that give you stress. Do not put your head in the sand!

You did not see it coming? The above 5 tips may help you to deal with too much pressure. Take action and when you might have an understanding boss, chances are that you will successfully deal with it. He might even apologize that he did not see it before.

But what if you find out that you do not like bosses anyway or a 9-5 job or have annoying colleagues all the time? In that case, my following escape route is just for you.

Your very own Escape Route

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Affiliate Marketing

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2 thoughts on “5 Important things to do when Work stress becomes too High”

  1. Recognizing that one thing that’s making you so overwhelmed is key towards a steady recovery. Often times, we push away what our body’s are telling us about how we’re managing certain situations but we’re so invested in our work that we ignore the signs; that only leads to more stress and potential panic attacks. Finding balance is really challenging and even more in times like the ones we’re currently living, it’s hard but not impossible. 

    • That is correct, it is our awareness that counts. Your body will always tell you that something is amiss, we just have to listen to those messages. Yoga and meditation will also help reducing stress and get to know yourself better. We need to help ourselves first!


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